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Along came a spider
11-28-2017, 08:40 PM
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Maddy and Engy walk gleefully through a small wooded area. The forest is quiet and the sun peaks through the canopy in the form of several dozen rays of light. A beautiful scene, indeed.

Engy stumbles a bit and looks down to notice his one boot lace has come undone. He stops and studies it for a moment before resting his foot on a stump to tie it. Madddy stops with him, but he ensures her that he will catch up up and in the meantime she can continue through the sticks. She nods and does just that as Engy begins lacing the strings back up through his boots.

A darkness suddenly creeps over the woods and a strong wind begins to blow. Where a moment ago, this breeze could have felt refreshing, it now sends a chill up Engy's spine and leaves a more uncomfortable feeling. Engy, no stranger to danger, pays no mind to the change in environment and continues the work on his boot.

Rustling can be heard from above, he looks up just as a figure drops down from the trees like Spiderman on a web.

It is not Spidey, however and that is no typical string of web....

It is Doctor Louis D'Ville and he descended from the trees on a string of what looks like flesh. Engy pulls hos laces tight and stands strong as he faces the unexpexted visit....

Hello, my friend!

Doc says kindly with his typical grin from ear to ear while hanging upside down facing the Xtreme Champion.

I noticed you and dear, sweet Miss Madison strolling through here and I couldn't help myself but to drop in and say 'Hello'!

Engy says nothing and stays locked on the good doctor.

I also noticed that you have recently exceeded the necessary requirements and got yourself a shiny new briefcase! Congratulations!

Doc flips backwarfs letting go of his 'web' and lands in his feet. Engy takes a step back, anticipating an inevitable attack...

And I ALSO noticed that you just did not seem to have the time to participate in my most glorious rumble... To each his own, I get it, but I would hate for ANYONE here in this FINE federation to miss out on something as epic and exciting as a visit to my most humble abode. So....

Doc binds his hands within one and other behind his back and casually walks away... Engy does not let his guard down, but is suddenly atracked by the same webbing that Doc used to lower himself from above. One string if flesh springs up from the ground and wraps around one arm. Then another around the other. A third strerches up and wraps around Engy's neck and pulls him down and literally into the ground!

As Engy is pulled througj the ground he spits out soil, rocks, and critters that mange into his mouth. It seems like he is being pulled forever until he is pulled through and drops down to solid ground. It takes a moment to catch his bearings and when he opens his eyes he sees that he is no longer in the peaceful forest that he was a moment ago, but a vast, flat, dried up desert which appears to have no end. The sky is red and rumbles like a storm, but with no clouds. He looks around, but is unable to move from the spot he stands.... Then, appearing above him and taking up most of thr sky is the good doctor himself.... Lookong down at Engy grinning and laughing.

Then, the laughing stops and Doc peers through Engy's body and soul like laser beams were shooting feom his eyes. His voice bellows and echoes all around Engy, shaking the veey ground beneath him....

As I made an ultimate sacrifce at my Shove It, giving up the Tag Team Titles which I've held with an unbreakble grasp for nearly 400 days... You too shall make a sacrifice.

Doc's head swirls and quickly forms into a hellish tornado that begins to swirl towards the champion. Engy finally has the power to move and turns to flee from the disasterous cyclone... As he turns, he bumps right into Doc who was standing waiting for him. He points down to thr XWF Xtreme Championship which is wrapped tight around Engy's waist.

Tell me if I am wrong, but I don't think you will be needing THIS anymore, hm?

Doc lifts Engy up and delivers a bone crushing, soul reaping, Earth shattering Lobotomy!!! Doc throws an arm over Engy, pinning him, as a small demon child wearing a striped shirt slides in out of nowhere!!!
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11-28-2017, 09:19 PM
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Engy kicks out with a flourish.

I am almost tempted to feel bad for kicking out of this one. You did something I thought was nigh impossible for the Kings and committed a selfless act. Granted, you tempered it by ambushing me in hell....but still. Good effort.

For the record though, I still don't regret passing on the Rumble, fine as it was. I probably would have ended up being tag champs with Caedus or **shudders** Chris Chaos.

He looks around at the bizarre environs.

Now throw me a bone and tell me which way to Albuquerque.

[Image: 9QBn3eQ.jpg]

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11-28-2017, 11:32 PM
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'Tempted to feel bad?' Don't hit me with that silly nonsense. This 'selfless act', as you have called it, was actually boredom, Mister Engineer. I beat tournament winners, I disintegrated factions, and I destroyed alliances. When you have to beg or draw names out of a hat in order to keep up with the required defenses as a champion.... Shit gets old, am I right? So, if you don't mind, don't pass me ditching those Tag Titles as a rare act of generosity or selflessness because it IS quite the opposite.

Doc takes a step towards Engy and points to the right.

And Albuquerque is that-a-way!

As Engy turns his head Doc slaps him open-handed across the face back to reality where Engy stands with his foot still propped on the stump tying his boot while Maddy stands next to him waiting.

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