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BADASS workhorse: Book me ANYTIME on ANY show! 'The Element of Perfection' - Justin 'The Perfectionist' Courage
11-17-2017, 01:51 PM
Post: #1

In-Ring Name: Justin 'The Perfectionist' Courage

Wrestler's Real Name: Jayce Justin

New to XWF or a returning roster member?: NEW

Wrestler Date of Birth: 27, May, 1983 (34)

Height: 5 ft 9 inches (175.25cm)

Weight: 13 stone (82.55 kg)

Hometown: Tauranga Bay, New Zealand

Personality: Craft, Cunning, "Pull the wool over your eyes" type of guy with a big, positive attitude.

Alignment (heel/face/tweener): Tweener, flips on and off

Looks Description:
* Dark brown hair, medium length to eyes and combed back but curtains at the front.
* Bright blue eyes, always with a squinting look at opponents.
* Normal nose, regular size, ears barely ever on show but normal size and shape. * Always a guy with a smile but raises left side of top lip when in eye contact with opponent..
* Black shorts with a YingYang symbol in black and white, each half has a letter, one 'J', one 'C'. The word Perfection circling the YingYang.
* Long to knee length knee pads that overlap his boots.
* Black boots to meet knee pads.
* White T-shirt with a black and blood red YingYang symbol the same seen on his shorts apart from the colours. He removes his T-shirt for the match and throws it to the crowd.
* Black wrist and finger wrapping on right wrist and hand, the left is red.
* Six pack chest, very tight muscles all round but clearly athletic and flexible.

Ethnicity: White, Caucasian but lightly tanned.

Pic Base:


Strengths: Great at bringing opponents to the floor and keeping them there. Also at instant drop kicks, double foot drop kicks from the spot and elbows to separate him from his opponent.

Weaknesses: Lock up's, heavy opponents and submissions.

Entrance Theme Music: 'Beer' by "Reel big fish"

Entrance Description: A huge plume of red smoke covers the stage. The music of 'Beer' by 'Reel Big Fish' begins to play with a solo trumpet to kick it off. There is a 20 second delay before JC steps out from the smoke to face the crowd. He raises his right arm in the air, raises his head and sprays green liquid from his mouth into the air. The smoke clears and JC runs towards the ring, he practically dives through the first and second and comes to a stop in the middle of the ring on one knee with this arms held straight out either side of him, his head lowered to the floor where he stays for around 15 seconds. From this point he ignores the crowds and zones in to this opponent from his corner.

5 or More Commonly Used, Standard Moves:

Trademark Move(s): 'JC=MC2'

Description(s): He drags his opponent to the floor by their right arm whilst running across the ring, this brings them down into a full speed face plant and arm breaker where he holds them for as long as possible.

Other Trademark Move: 'Big Bang Theory'

Description(s): From a standing position he faces his opponent and without warning double foot drop kicks them to the chest and flips back to his feet, (he can do repeat this as many times as needed).

Finishing Move(s): 'Total Perfection'

Description(s): Standing side by side to his opponent (JC being on the left) he places his right arm over the front chest and shoulder of his opponent. JC then throws himself into a front roll causing his opponent to dive into a rear headed DDT landing on their head and flipping over by force. JC comes out of the roll, landing on his knee with his head faced down and arm extended.

Favourite Hardcore Attacks:
* Flying elbow from in ring or off top rope.
* Knee to chest.
* Drop kicks of various kinds.
* Cheap, powerful blows to the opponents stomach and ribs.

Additional notes:

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