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WARFARE 11/8/2017
11-10-2017, 01:14 AM
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The five non-title matches will be subject to card restructuring! They will be presented in order of participation/effort given! The match with the LEAST participation from RPs will be bumped to DARK MATCH STATUS, with summary results and NO PAYOUT!

Butch Holliday
- vs -
Jamie Shapiro

Finn Kühn
- vs -
Bearded War Pig
X-Treme Rules!

D. A. James
- vs -
Grande Ricardo

Micheal Graves
- vs -
X-Treme Deathmatch!

Equinox (w/ Zane Kingsley III)
- vs -
- vs -
Drezdin (As a Giant Retard)
Double Elimination 3-Way!
Competitor must lose TWO falls to be eliminated!

FOUR singles titles on the line! INCREDIBLE!!!

Hart Championship Match
Cadryn Tiberius
- vs -
Danny Imperial
Ladder Match!

Bombshell Championship Match
Jenny Myst
- vs -
Isabella Ravenwolf

X-Treme Championship Match
The Engineer
- vs -
Robert Main
Falls Count Anywhere!


Universal Championship Match
Robbie Bourbon
- vs -
Peter Gilmour
Flag Match!
Robbie will have an American Flag at the top of the ramp, and Gilly will have a DIFFERENT kind of flag (which h will reveal in his FIRST RP) next to it! Whoever captures the opponent's flag wins!

Butch Holliday
- vs -
Jamie Shapiro

”Welcome to Wednesday Warfare! The action is already underway as we join you from Hanoi Vietnam!”

Exiting his corner, Butch slowly walks towards the center of the ring with his eyes locked on Shapiro. He comes to a stop in the center before rubbing his beard. A smile comes to Butch’s face as he raises his hands and motions for Sharpio to come get some. Bursting from the corner, Shapiro charges towards Butch in a blur. As he closes in, Butch steps forward and goes for a clothesline but Shapiro slides to the canvas, popping back up to his feet feet behind him.

Whipping around, Butch leaves his midsection exposed and Shapiro quickly takes advantage, kicking his right foot up and driving it right between his legs! Butch doubles over with tears forming in his eyes as Chaz Bobo looks on in ignorance of what just happened.

”Oh Come on! Even I would have saw that blatant low blow!”

”Well Chaz Bobo didn’t, so this match continues!”

Sharpio spins around and connects with a discus back elbow to Butch’s mouth, standing him straight up. Shapiro lifts Butch off his feet and flips him over to his back with a fireman’s carry. Butch begins kicking his legs and trying to fight out of Sharpio’s grip. Butch slides down the back of Sharpio and gives him a big shove. Sharpio staggers forward and slips between the top and middle rope, falling to the outside! Butch stomps across the ring and drops to the mat, rolling under the bottom rope. Butch grabs a fist full of Shapio’s hair and pulls him up to his feet. He then whips him towards the steel stairs. Sharpio hits the stairs knee first and flips over them.


”Butch Holliday needs to be more careful, this contest isn’t NoDq!”

”I don’t think he cares!”


Butch stalks after Sharpio who is struggling to get to his feet.



Butch grabs Sharpio and lifts him up over his shoulder before turning his attention to a group of fans sitting in the front row and wearing Butch Holiday T-shirts.


Butch carries Sharpio towards that group of fans and points at them, asking if they want to see Sharpio get his ass busted up close. The group of fans go nuts and beg for Butch to do whatever he is teasing.



Butch pushes Sharpio up off of his shoulder and drops him face first across the barricade with a snake eyes! Sharpio falls to the floor half conscious. Butch then drags him into a sitting position, leaning him against the barricade.


”Is Butch Holiday even paying attention to the official’s count? He needs to get back into the ring!”

”I don’t think he is, Butch is on that 187 shit right now!”

Butch grabs the barricade for balance and unleashes a flurry of stomps to the face and chest of Sharpio.


Butch backs away from Sharpio who is leaning against the barricade, seemingly out cold. Butch walks past the steps and about halfway down the side of the ring. Butch looks up to the official in the ring and quickly slides under the bottom rope just as;


The official calls for the bell.

Winner - Butch Holliday!

Jenny Myst can be seen in her locker room, rearranging her clothes as she gets set to defend her Bombshell Championship against Isabella Ravenwolf. Slamming the locker, she turns around... only to see Finn Kühn standing right in her way.

"Ummm... can I help you?"

"You know why I'm here. Start talking."

"See, I don't. And I have a match to prepare for, so..."

Jenny tried to sidestep Finn, however he blocks her path.

"Try again. A woman interfered in my match against Cadryn and costed me the Hart Championship. Don't think I'm unaware of the history between the two of them. Thinking it'd be great to appease Daddy Chaos, you'd come out in your weird hood, distract Cadryn and I'd pin him, costing him the championship. Only, you fucked up. Costing ME the championship instead."

Finn starts pacing in circles around Jenny, which makes her uncomfortable slightly.

"It's interesting to note honestly, that again it was a woman who came out and interfered. A woman coming out in a federation that had most of it's other female wrestlers, like Michelle and the Sugays, ran out."

Jenny can't take this anymore, as she pushes Finn aside and walks out of the locker room. As soon as she reaches the door, she turns on her heel and tells Finn, "I had nothing to do with that. I was with Chris that night. You can ask him."

Obvious sarcasm from her, as nobody had seen or heard from Chris since he was carried off by Druids. Finn snorts a bit of out anger and stares daggers at Jenny as she walks out the door. Cracking his neck, Finn decides that perhaps it'd be best to get ready for his match as well.

Finn Kühn
- vs -
Bearded War Pig
X-Treme Rules!

”The following match is an X-Treme rules match! Introducing first, hailing from New York City, New York, and weighing in at 200 pounds… FINNNNN KUUUUUUUHN!!!”

No Mercy begins it's slow beginning, with all lights in the arena going out sans a lone spotlight at the stage. After a few seconds, Finn comes out with his head bowed, hands behind his back and a black hooded jacket being worn. Finn begins to slowly walk his way to the ring, the spotlight following him. As the song begins to say, "No Mercy..." for the first time, Finn kneels on one knee, hands going to the metal grate, and as the song revs up, Finn shoots up, removing his hood and runs into the ring. From there, Finn poses on the turnbuckle for the fans, and bounces on his feet as he prepares for the match.

[pink”]And his opponent, from Lake Station, Michigan and weighing in at 224 pounds…. BEARDED WAAAAAR PIIIIIIIIG!!!”[/pink]

The arena is moderately quiet when suddenly birds chirping the Star Spangled Banner begin to pierce the ears of everyone in attendance from the rafters above. This goes on for about fifteen to twenty seconds, then a brief moment of silence...




A crashing commotion startles some of the fans before the instrumentals to "B.M.F" by Upon a Burning Body erupts from the arena's surround sound system. Simultaneously Red, White, and Blue flames erupt down and then back up the rampway. The flames die down and "The Wild" Motherfucker, Bearded War Pig stands proud and invincible. His Boomstick resting on the right shoulder strap of his flak jacket that's covering his bare chest. Repetitively his weight shifts to the left and right his balls swing freely under his American Flag patterned silkies. Pig's thousand yard stare becomes a fierce warrior like grin as he points the barbwire buttstock end of his Boomstick toward the ring. Exploding like a well-stacked IED, BWP begins bouncing down the rampway with a shit-eating grin to the beat of his theme music. Sliding into the ring under the bottom ropes Pig quickly and powerfully charges to the nearest turnbuckle, hopping into the air both his ranger laced combat boots land firmly on the second turnbuckle. Pig's left foot rises to the top turnbuckle as he raises his Boomstick in the air with his right hand and his 'Boom' knuckles with his left!

"Bearded! War! Pig!"

Begins to erupt from the majority of the people in attendance. Pig begins making harsh and violently disturbing remarks about his opponent(s), something similar to Stone Cold Steve Austin before climbing down off the turnbuckle. BWP then struts around the whole squared circle like a predator circling his prey. Stopping in his corner after making one complete lap Pig tosses his Boomstick outside the ring and begins stretching and cracking bones while waiting for the match to begin...


Both men exit their corners and slowly approach each other in the center of the ring. With their eyes locked on one another, the two then take their stance as they begin to slowly circle each other. Making the first move, Finn shoots in and wraps up BWP’ leg with both arms. He then lifts him up into the air before slamming him back first to the canvas. Finn then mounts himself on top of Pig but before he can do anything, Pig clocks him upside the head with a right hand, knocking Finn off of him and over to his side. The two then scramble to get to their feet, both popping up at the same time.

”Bearded War Pig with them heavy hands, Finn Kuhn needs to try and avoid blows like that!”

Locking eyes once more, the two circle again. Taking charge, Pig then lunges forward and the two lock up. Wasting no time, Pig hooks his arm into Finn’s and then delivers a stiff knee to the gut. Pig then locks Finn’s arm behind his back but before be can do anything further, Finn throws an elbow back with his free arm and hits BWP’s temple, breaking the hold. Quickly turning around, Finn goes on the attack while Pig shakes off the blow to the head. Kicking Pig in the side of the thigh, Finn then follows up with a punch to the chest, knocking Pig back a step. Still on the attack, Finn continues the combination with a left jab and finishes up with a powerful spinning kick to the stomach.

With Pig lunged over from the kick, Finn takes a few steps to the side and then runs forward, jumping into the air and hitting Pig in the side of the head with a single leg dropkick, knocking him down to the canvas. Pushing himself up instantly, Finn doesn’t let up as he draws his attention to Pig’s nearby leg. Finn raises his foot up from the mat as high as he can before slamming it down and stomping on Pig’s ankle. Pig rolls over to his side and quickly grabs his ankle. Finn then squats down, rolls Pig over to his stomach, and wraps his arms around his waist. Using all of his strength, Finn lifts Pig up from the mat, over his head and drives him into the ring with a deadlift German suplex.

”Finn may not look like a powerhouse but he just put his strength on display with that German suplex.”

”Lifting BWP up from the mat like that and turning it into a German suplex is quite impressive. That isn’t an easy task for anyone and Finn just executed it perfectly.”

Walking to the side of Pig, Finn then drops down to one knee, planting it into Pig’s shoulder and putting all of his weight onto it. Pushing himself up, Finn then stands over Pig for a moment before reaching down and grabbing his head with both hands. Rolling Pig to his stomach, Finn then slowly pulls him up to his feet. With Pig’s head held down and close to his body, Finn quickly applies a side headlock and cranks down with force. Struggling to pull himself away, Pig plants his right hand into Finn back and then drives his feet, pushing Finn forward before breaking the headlock and sending him to the ropes.

Bouncing off the ropes and coming back with momentum, Finn takes a swing for the fences as he closes in on Pig. Ducking underneath the clothesline, Pig avoids having his head taken off as Finn continues racing to the opposite ropes. With Finn rebounding off and coming back again, Pig bends over to flips him over his back but as he does, Finn stops in his tracks and kicks Pig in the mouth, popping his head straight up as spit flies from his mouth. After shaking it off, Pig locks his sights onto Finn and charges towards him. Quick on his feet, Finn lifts Pig into the air and drives him into the canvas with a powerslam.

Back on his feet, Finn doesn’t let up as he jumps into the air and comes down with a stomp across Pig’s shin. He then grabs ahold of him by the arm and pulls him up from the mat. Pulling Pig in closely, Finn wraps his arms around him and then lifts him up from his feet with ease before throwing him over his head with an overhead belly to belly suplex.

”There's another display of strength with that belly to belly suplex. He just tossed him over his head as if he were weightless.”

”He might have to do more than that to keep BWP down because he’s getting back up.”

Back on his feet, Finn drops an elbow into the back of the head of Pig before pulling him up to both feet. Holding him in place with one hand, Finn then draws back with the others before swinging forward and connecting with a hard right to the forehead, knocking Pig back a step. Finn then swings again, this time landing an even harder punch than the one before. He then locks onto Pig’s wrist and goes to throw him to the ropes behind him. Just as Finn goes to release his firm grip of Pig’s wrist, Pig reverses and whips Finn to the ropes instead.

With his eyes locked on Finn, Pig patiently awaits as he rebounds off the ropes and comes back with momentum. Attempting to catch Pig off guard, Finn goes for a running clothesline but misses as Pig drops to his stomach. With Finn charging towards the opposite ropes, Pig quickly pushes himself back to his feet and just as he completely stands, Finn rebounds off the ropes once more and charges directly towards him. As Finn approaches, Pig plants both feet into the mat, standing his ground. Once Finn draws near, Pig then lifts him into the air with both hands, tossing him upwards. He then catches him on the decent and spikes Finn into the mat with a massive powerslam! Pig hooks the leg!





”Finn Kuhn kicked out just a millisecond too late!”

Suddenly the lights go out.

Oh jesus, not this again!

A hooded figure, obviously the same woman as before steps out onto the ramp way. She is illuminated only with a dim blue light. She points at Finn, who is still down. She runs her hand across her throat. Only her chin can be seen in the dim lighting.

Someone check Jenny Myst's locker room! I will put a stop to this right now! Check her locker room! It HAS to be her!

But what would her motivation be? Why is she doing this? What is the message?

Finn sees the strange woman. Pig, too. Pig rubs his dick and invites her to the ring, spitting chew in a puddle.

She just continues to stand there. When Finn gets up, he locks eyes with her. It was this split second hesitation that costs him. He turns around and Pig grabs him.

Devildog Drop!!!!!!!!!!

Pig yells and makes a "Bang Bang!" gun symbol in the air and hooks the leg.




Winner: Beared War Pig

Tig O' Bitties: Here is your winner, Beared War Pig!

My god, Pig took advantage of the distraction and got the W!

I wonder if she's hot under that hood

Pig rolls out of the ring as Finn comes to. He punches the mat repeatedly in obvious frustration. The woman turns slow and walks back through the curtain as Finn is left in the ring like a bull seeing red.

Finn looks like he is about to have a heart attack

I am just curious the purpose of all of this! Who is that woman?!

Some Asian commercial airs in Vietnamese.

D. A. James
- vs -
Grande Ricardo

Tig O Bitties: This match is set for onefall to the finish…making his way to the ring, here is Grande RICARDO!

As My Dragon Pal and me plays, an Timothy Omundson's sweet voice drifts through the arena, Grande Ricardo walks down to the ring, calmly, and slides under the ropes.

This guy surrre do get the ladies with his dragon...*wink wink*

What are you---oh I see what you did there.

Tig O Bitties: His opponent, who hails from Oakland, Califorina… D.A. JAMES!

"La~ la~ la la, wait 'til I get my money right."

"Can't Tell Me Nothing" by Kanye West EXPLODES over the speakers to a mixed reaction. The lights in the arena shine with a blast of bright colors as D.A. James emerges from the back, shit-eating grin plastered on his face. He steps out onto the center of the stage, arms wide like Christ on the cross, and stands dead still for a couple seconds, basking in the crowd's response. He then leans forward and throws his arms to his sides before sauntering down the ramp, jaw-jacking with the fans in the front row on the way. At ringside, the Boy Wonder stops in front of the ring steps and turns to the crowd, getting one last look at them before turning around and ascending the steps. With no theatrics, he steps inbetween the ropes and falls backwards into the nearest corner.

We see Ricardo looking at the newcomer James with disgust, as James taunts to the audience. When he finally faces Ricardo, James gets shooked by his presents. He backs himself into the corner, but simply eye gouges Ricardo. Then James attempts to hit a Discus Lariat, but Ricardo chops James head in. Ricardo then Irish Whips James to the ropes, but he reserves into ANOTHER Discus Lariat.

Wow this new kid on the XWF scene is dominating the future hall of famer of XWF.

Bruhh… James need to do more than just one move.

Ricardo then taunts to the fans some more, but it ended up with Grande rolling him up for a one count. Both men are on their feet, but James then strangles Ricardo’s throat near ropes and the ref counted to three as James breaks the hold. A pele kick on Grande’s head that causes him to land to the floor. James then runs to the ropes and misses a plancha on the barircades, as the ref was counting…




Grande then lifts James to his feet, and he smashes his head in the barricades. Grande even lets a five year old knock James out with a punch to the skull. Grande then rolls him back into the ring, Grande goes to the top rope, and hits a double stomp on James. He then lifts James to his feet, in a powebomb postion..

This might be the end of the match here folks!


Grande attempt an BRAHMIN BOMB, but James counters it with a Hurricanrana pin combo…ref counts…



Grande kickouts at the 1, and James uses his momentum by stomping on his head. James then attempted to do a Fuji Armbar, but Grande locked his fingers together. James struggled to break his free arm, and Grande then rolls to his legs and does a leg lock to the left knee…

James reached...


REACHED to the ropes to break it off, but Grande wouldn’t let go until the fourth count. Grande then drags him to the post, and goes outside, smashes his left knee on the post. He does it about three times until the ref told him to stop, then he gets into the ring. He then pulls out some white substance and snorts it off the top turnbuckle….

Wait a minute, I thought that stuff is illegal to bring thorugh customs.

Well in this case it’s not…

Isn’t time for him to…

Luca goes silent.

Ricardo, with a powdered nose, taunts the broken left leg James. As soon James got to his feet and hobbled to the middle of the ring…. Ricardo charges up from the corner to hit…


That lands James on the mat with Ricardo hooking his leg for the three count…




Winner: Grande Ricardo

Micheal Graves
- vs -
X-Treme Deathmatch!

"Llllllladies aaaaand's time for an X! W! F! DEATHMATCH!!"

The fans ovate.

"Psh, yeah, I'm sure it'll really end in one of these poor fuckers' deaths. Horseshit."

"What're you saying, Luca? You want Gravy and/or Chasm to die?"

"Oh come the fuck on, Old Man. My boy Gravy? Perish the thought. Chasm however, YAAAAAAAAS. Though that death wish extends to everyone else too, I'm equal opportunity. Except Gravy remember. And 'Nox and Cady. Everyone else though? Burn in hell."

"Even me?"


Made Of Scars starts playing on the pa system as smoke fills the entrance way. Chasm walks out and looks around the area. He smiles and starts to walk down to the ring ignoring the fans who are mixed between boos and cheers.

"Making his way to the ring, from Ottawa, Canadaaaa...weighing in at 225 pooounds...he IS...CHAAAAAASMMMM!!"

"Psh. Chasm. Such a gay name. Whole lotta NOTHIN' this guy's done with his maaaaaaany opportunities since returning to the XWF."

"I LIKE Chasm. The guy was great back in the day, I saw it. He COULD be great again, you never know."

"I always know, Old Man. Don't tell me what I know and don't know."

"Egads you're in a mood tonight!"

"Sorry bruh, I'm just stewing over the decision to cast Jason Momoa as Aquaman. It's like Hollywood has an ongoing vendetta against established blonde haired characters, just ask Captain America, The Human Torch, The Flash-"

"What the- How OLD is that casting news?? Ya never thought to say anything about that before!?"

"The show must go on and I'm a professional...but one can hold it in only so long, Old Man. Excuse me for bein' human you total sack 'a cocksucker!"

Chasm slides under the bottom barbed wire rope and quickly gets to his feet. He starts to stretch as he awaits Gravy's arrival.

"And his opponent..."

Lime green and purple laser lights flash across the entrance ramp.

"From Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania...weighing in at 255 poooounds, "Psychopedia Brotannica"...GRAAAAAAVYYYYYYY!!"

Gravy jogs out to the stage pumped and full of energy. He looks out to the mostly cheering crowd, The Gravesiders, with a grin on his face, seemingly awestruck by the reaction.

"There's. My. NUGGAH! KILL this muthafucka, Gravy, KILL 'IM!"

Gravy hops down and smacks the ground with both hands before springing up with his arms raised above his head. He takes off down the ramp with a brisk pace looking out to the fans still. Halfway down the ramp he takes off full steam ahead and dashes towards the ring, sliding in beneath the barbed wire and springing back to his feet. He jogs over to the hard camera side of the ring and jumps up on the bottom rope, raising his right arm into the air. Micheal leans up against the turnbuckle, nodding to Chasm who nods back, as he waits for the action to get underway.

Suddenly, Luca's voice booms over the pa system.

"Ok, ok...hold up a sec people. Now that our two contenders are in the ring, it's time we kick this "deathmatch" up a notch from frying pan into the fire!"

"What the hell are you talking about, Luca?"

MỸ ĐÌNH National Stadium begins to rumble...

"Whoa, what the HELL is going on!?"

The buzz of the Vietnamese fans is inaudible over the roar. Gravy, Chasm and Mika are trying to stay on their feet... the ringside area suddenly slightly lowers in four paneled sections to slide beneath the ring itself, revealing a deep trench, or a chasm if you will, about the ring boiling with hot lava down at its base!!

The ring's occupants are none too happy, most notably referee Mika Hunt. The fans explode with excitement.

Luca is switched back over off the pa system. He catches Gravy's eye from the ring, Gravy's arms up as if to say "WTF!?".

"Bruh, it's CHASM, you'll be FINE!"

Gravy adopts a look of, "Oh yeah, it IS Chasm" and laughs, nodding with a thumbs up.

"How's this for a Deathmatch Old Man?"

"How do you have the pull to make that call!? How is this even POSSIBLE!?"

Four trashcans are then lowered from the rafters to each of the four corners, all teeming with weapons.


Mika, Chasm and Gravy all exchange looks of worry.

Gravy looks to the trashcan fulla weapons nearest Chasm, then over his shoulder to his own corner can. Chasm catches this, backing up nervously and spinning to his own cache of weaponry.

The two hop to simultaneously, Gravy producing a shovel, Chasm pulling a shovel-length three-tined cultivator fork. They spin and charge at one another!!

They SWING!!

Both gardening tools connect mid-handle and snap in half, the spade and the fork shooting off into the stands. The fork embeds tines-first into an unlucky fan's forehead, the spade into another's chest, bisecting his heart!!

Gravy and Chasm both react with an awkward "ooooooo, ow, sorry", Mika pulls at her collar uncomfortably.

"Oh my Lord...that's two lawsuits right there."

"It's Vietnam, Old Man, who gives a shit about a couple 'a panheads?"

Gravy and Chasm return their attention back to eachother and EXPLODE IN A FLURRY OF PUNCHES!!

"Off the top of my head, the "panheads" themselves?"

"Naaaaah, you have any idea what the exchange rate for the US dollar is here? Something like 22 thousand Vietnamese dongs (that's right people, DONGS, that's the name of their dollar)! Vinnie'll write 'em checks for a grand each and they'll be living like kings in this tropical shithole."

"Luca...they're dead."

"So he'll pay the families then, fuck off. They'll forget all about their lost loved ones once all those dongs are in their hands."

Gravy, as he tends to do against shorter, lighter opponents, gains the upper-hand in the fisticuffs after about 20 seconds of raining down and absorbing blows, stunning Chasm with a hard right that connects cleanly. He whips Chasm to the barbed wire ropes, Chasm hits, bowing-up in pain as the wire tears at his back. Gravy charges in!!

Chasm darts aside and Gravy hits the brakes, flapping his arms, coming THIS close to taking barbed wire to the chest and gut and perhaps toppling over into the lava trench beyond!! He turns to Chasm-

-who NAILS him in the breadbasket with a swung 24 inch double-ended dildo he pulled only moments ago from a trashcan!! Gravy doubles over and receives a knock over the back of the head!! He drops to the mat, out cold!!

Chasm unloads with about a dozen lashings with the dildo then pauses, forces Gravy to his feet, struggling awkwardly with the size of him while he does so, holds Gravy up in place with his left hand by the chin and cocks back with his right holding the 2 foot dildo. He SWINGS-

-and Gravy takes it across the face!! He drops like a sack of bricks!! Chasm then discards the dildo, javelining it into the audience where it impossibly spears a cheering female fan in the mouth, a foot of it disappearing down her throat. She rises, grasping at her throat in a panic, then drops, dead.

"Oh goddammit!!"

"This Deathmatch is actually delivering pretty damn well so far, huh Old Man? I mean, CHASM SHOULD ALREADY BE DEAD, GRAVY, WHAT THE FUCK...but not bad."

Chasm covers and hooks the leg!!

"Hey! HEY!!"


"Gravy, KICK OUT!!"


Gravy kicks out immediately after the two count!! Chasm shrugs and rises as Gravy rolls over, slowly attempting to rise as well, and stalks over to a trashcan...

...producing a...rack of buck antlers???

"Uh oh, looks like Chasm's getting horny here!"

"Laaaaaaaame. You suck, Old Man."

Gravy stands in time to see Chasm barreling down upon him clutching the rack and he takes it HARD TO THE RIBS!! Chasm backs him against the barbed wire. Gravy hollers, the jagged points from both wire and antlers drawing blood from his torso as they, rip, penetrate, through his thin-material costume!! Chasm has him teetering back over the ropes towards the lava filled trench!!

Gravy roars in pained rage and bullies AGAINST the rack of antlers, PUSHING CHASM BACK to the CENTER of the ring!! He then powers his arms up, knocking the rack from Chasm's grip and sending it spiraling into the audience!!


The antlers smack into the faces of a Vietnamese couple, sticking in place as they both shriek in agony!!

Meanwhile, back in the ring, Gravy shoots both hands forward to wrap around Chasm's throat. He squeezes, powers Chasm back further.

Chasm first fights back trying to physcially break Gravy's grip and fails, then he, in a panic, unloads with hooks to the torso, blindly aiming for Gravy's wounds and connecting, breaking the choke!

That doesn't stop Gravy who angrily smacks Chasm with a left, eye pokes with his right, kicks to Chasm's gut, shoves his shaved head between his legs, lifts, spins...

...and charges towards the turnbuckle with Chasm up for a RUNNING POWERBOMB!!



"Jesus CHRIST that had to kill Chasm!!"






"I don't believe it!"

"Psh, I'm not surprised...Chasm takes a whole lotta abuse around here. Fucking nipplehead is used to it. Still...GRAVY WOULD YOU KILL THAT PIECE OF SHIT ALREADY!?"

Gravy rises to stomp at Chasm now, the smaller man rocking from each impact. Gravy forces him to his feet and whips him across the ring into another trashcan! Chasm half crushes the can and drops to his knees as it's sent shooting out from the side, spilling it's contents onto the mat before him. Gravy charges, Chasm reaches for the nearest item and pitches it as best he can from his knees...

...the bottle of Kings TM cologne DONKS!! against Gravy's forehead!! This only slows Gravy down though as he halts to wince and shout "FUCKER!". This gives Chasm ample time to snatch up another weapon however...

...and when Gravy continues by darting forward, Chasm is already swinging






Gravy slams the brakes for the second time in the match JUST as the spiked ball on the end of the chain arcs by mere inches away!!

"What the HELL kind of weapon to include is THAT!?"

"An awesome one, Old Man, an awesome one. Or stupid, since Chasm has it, I can't decide."

The momentum behind the hefty weapon has Chasm off balance and Gravy takes the opportunity to snatch at it and toss it away...

...where of course it digs into the back of a fan walking up the steps headed for either the bathroom or the concession stand and sends him tumbling down the concrete, breaking his neck many times along the way to smacking into the padded partition at the ringside seats.

"Hay-oooooh!! How many is that, Old Man? What's the bodycount?"

"You're disgusting, Luca"

"Oh, despicable me."

Back in the ring-

Chasm spies many a weapon to grab but they're all out of range as Gravy closes in, fuming. He launches forward with a right punch, Gravy takes it and shoves him back into the corner!! He the zips over and lays into Chasm with a boot to the throat, actually clutching the barbed wire top rope for leverage!! Gravy puts on the pressure, snarling.....THEN SUDDENLY BACKS UP, ROARS-




Chasm yelps and doubles over as Gravy dis...uh...disknucks him! The two struggle over the knucks as Gravy attempts to slip them on!!!




"OH......MY......GOD!! CHASM!!"

"SWEET!! You da MAN Gravy!!"



Like the titular plumber himself, Chasm rockets up out of the trench like Mario in Super Mario 64, his ass smoking!!

Overjoyed. "CHASM!!"

"Aw shut the fuck up, Old Man."

Chasm lands perfectly in the ring to run smoking circles around the center, Gravy and Mika both watching in fascination!

As the smoking subsides, Chasm looks to Gravy and growls in anger. Gravy chuckles and gives him a dismissive "bring it bitch" wave of the hand. Chasm retreats to the first upturned trash can----


"Wait, what!? What the HELL is THAT doing in there!!??"

"No wait! GRAVY was supposed to find that!! Mika, STOP THE MATCH!!"

"Luca you DIDN'T!!"

Gravy jumps at the sight of the hand cannon. "What the FUCK!?" Mika as well looks startled as all hell. Chasm grins maliciously and aims at Gravy who gapes in horror!!

Gravy's eyes begin to glow purple, a green poison mist beginning to exude from every pore!! CHASM FIRES!!!!



"What the fuck??"


Chasm unloads with the weapon as the green mist surrounds Gravy completely and he disappears, the bullets passing harmlessly through, dropping fans in the process!!






F I N A L N A I L ! ! !

"Gravy hit him with his trademark crucifix piledriver!!"




Winner: Micheal Graves!

Equinox (w/ Zane Kingsley III)
- vs -
- vs -
Drezdin (As a Giant Retard)
Double Elimination 3-Way!
Competitor must lose TWO falls to be eliminated!

The following contest is scheduled for one fall and is a triple threat double elimination match, wherein each competitor must lose TWO falls to be eliminated from the contest. Introducing first, he hails from Hells Kitchen New York City and weighs in at 267 pounds......EQUINOX!

Equinox appears on top of the ramp, holding a big bag of Quiznos subs, which he proceeds to hand out to a few lucky front row fans. Zane Kingsley III follows just behind, also handing out subs as he goes.

My boy Nox got this match in the bag right hurr.

Equinox flashes Luca a thumbs up as he gets in the ring.

And the next competitor, he hails from New York City and weighs in at 170 pounds....CALYPSO!

Calypso jogs out from the entrance and poses at the top of the ramp. He attempts high fives to the crowd on his way down, but misses several of them or no one returns the gesture. Nearly falling out of the ring, he pulls himself in from the middle rope, and falls on his face on the ring apron. He uses his "natural" guns with his fingers to point out to the crowd and then holsters them in his imaginary holsters.

Calypso has actually started turning some heads after venturing out from competing just for the 24/7 titles.

Also known as slummin' it. I give it a few weeks before he runs back to his precious ****** titles.

And finally, he hails from Saskatoon and weighs in at 335 pounds....DREZDIN!

Drezdin said he was in as a giant retard this week and he did not disappoint.

Oh stop it! Drezdin may not be one of our most accomplished competitors, but he actually shows up to promo unlike...

Hey, when your THAT good you don't need to say it.

The arena goes completely black for a moment, then the lights start to pulsate as the music starts to blare through the PA system. As soon as the pyro goes off the lights turn on, the people in the arena turn silent, the people are at awe and shock on how massive he is. He starts walking down the ramp, he yells out...IT'S GO TIME!, then he stops at the end of the ramp to take a deep breath. He approaches the ring, then he grabs the rope ring rope gets unto the ring aparon goes over the top rope then walks towards the middle of the ring. He raises his left hand as the pyro goes off.

The bell rings and the match is underway....and Drezdin and Calypso promptly double team Equinox!

Hints of some collusion here perhaps?!

It's the only way they could get it done!

Drezdin levels Equinox with a huge clothesline and Calypso....pretty much cheers him on and boots a few boots to Equinox when he's down. Calypso motions for Drezdin to pick him up and slam him, and the big man does, hefting Equinox up into his arms and hitting him with a big time power slam! Calypso then shoots over and hits an elbow drop, going for the cover!


2...Equinox gets the shoulder up!

Calypso gets up and points for Drezdin to attack him again. Drezdin, now looking slightly annoyed at the little man barking orders, shakes his head “no” and gestures for Calypso to do something. Calypso puffs his chest out and walks over to the downed Equinox, but Nox surprises Calypso with a surprise roll up!


2....Calypso kicks out! He looks shocked! Equinox struggles to his feet, but is promptly cut off by a massive big boot from Drezdin! Drezdin goes for the pix!




Total bullshit.

Drezdin gets up with a smug look on his face as if to say “that's how you do it.” Calypso, spurrned on, grabs Equinox by the hair and forces him to his feet, but he surprises Calypso with a quick kick to his stomach, followed by a side out jawbreaker! Calypso falls into the ropes and Drezdin gets on the Quizno's spokeman, locking up with him. Drezdin quickly gets the advantage and forces Nox into the corner, but Nox ducks under the top rope forcing the ref to break it up. Nox then catches Drezdin off guard by flying out of the corner and hitting a dropkick to his knee. Drezdin sinks down in pain, and Nox looks to follow up when Drezdin catches him in a chokehold. He lifts Equinox up for a big chokeslam but Nox floats out, only to get tagged by a dirty low blow from Calypso! Nox clutches his jewels, giving Drezdin the chance to go on the attack! Drezdin picks Nox up into his Reality Destroyer Jackhammer and drills Nox into the mat!! He pins him, and Calypso then jumps on Drezdin's back to make it a double pin!




This is the biggest travesty of justice I have ever seen! Yes, I said THE BIGGEST!

Looks like your boy just couldn't get it done.

My “boy”? Is that like some kind of orientaphobic slur, Old Man?

Oh for the love of....don't look now Luca but your getting a free sub.

Equinox, hurting, still manages to walk over to the announce position and drop off a free sub to Luca.

You got it next time, bro.

Meanwhile, back in the ring, Calypso is coming face to face with the reality that he is now alone against a man who is over 7 feet tall. Drezdin motions to lock up with Calypso and Calypso shakes his head and says “Nah, I'll pass.” When Drezdin advances on Calypso, Calypso turns tail and rolls out of the ring.

He can't keep this up forever.

The ref starts to count Calypso out and Calypso bites his bottom lip, looking nervous.






Finally, looking despondent, Calypso rolls back in the ring. Drezdin grabs for him but Calypso ducks and hits the ropes. He leaps off for a big flying cross body but Drezdin catches him in mid air and bring him up for a huge military press slam! He drops Calypso right on his stomach and the smaller man cries out in pain. Drezdin stays on the attack, picking Calypso up by his head and whipping him hard into the corner. He runs at him and hits a giant stinger splash, smooshing the multiple time Federweight champion. Drezdin then scoops Calypso up after he stumbles out of the corner and slams him again. Drezdin casually puts a boot up on Calypsos chest for the pin.


2....Calypso shoves Drezdin's big foot of him.

Calypso still showing some fight here, but if he wants to win he needs to get aggressive.

Calypso does a backwards sommersault and scurries to his feet. He forces Drezdin to chase him around the ring a bit before stopping abruptly and kicking him in the same knee Equinox did before! This draws a growl of pain from the big man, so Calypso gets behind him and chop blocks him down to the canvas! Calypso then picks up one of Drezdin's huge legs and synches in a single leg Boston crab!

Looks like he's actually hurting the big man!

Drezdin crawls his way to the bottom rope and finally reaches it, but it looks like some damage has been done as he tenderly gets to his feet. Calypso starting to get bold, rushes at Drezdin, but Drezdin palms his face and shoves him back down to the mat hard! Calypso gets back up and circles around Drezdin, nailing him with another chop block! Drezdin sinks down to one knee. Calypso gets in close, but Drezdin is able to land a shot to Calypso's chest, knocking the wind out of him. With determination, Drezdin rises to a vertical position and grabs Calypso's head in both of his mighty hands, and starts to crush his skull! Calypso kicks his feet out and cries out in panic, tapping out almost instantly!

Calypso just lost a fall!

Laughing, Drezdin tosses Calypso aside casually, making a cut throat sign to the crown that it's all over. But Drezdin is to his feet once again and again he goes after that wounded knee, sliding down next to it and punching it over and over again! Drezdin backs off, nursing his hum leg, but Calypso stays on him hitting it again and again until Drezdin shoves him away. Calypso takes some steps backs and measures Drezdin. Drezdin slowly gets up, but he's hurting. Calypso runs to the ropes and ducks under a big swing from Drezdin, following up on the rebound with a another dropkick to Drezdin's knee! Drezdin goes down now with a big cry of pain. The ref goes to check on him but Calypso shoves the ref out of the way and locks in another single leg Boston Crab!

Who actually taught him how to wrestle?

This time, Drezdin has no where to go and he's forced to tap out! DREZDIN LOSES A FALL! The ref instructs Calypso to release the hold but Calypso shakes his head no and tells the ref he's working on his next fall!

It doesn't work like that, ya gotta release the hold first!

The ref threatens to DQ Calypso and Calypso very reluctantly breaks it up. But no sooner does he break it does he go right back to the same hold! Sensing the end, Drezdin frantically strikes out at Calypso to try to get him to break it up, but Calypso is like a mangy starving dog on a bone! Finally, with no recourse, DREZDIN TAPS AGAIN!


Your winner via submission....CALYPSO!

Oh God we are never going to hear the end of this....

Winner: Calypso!

We see Jenny backstage, sitting on her plush chair that she had custom made. She is on the phone with someone.

Jenny: So I can count on you, right?

Jenny: No, no no no no. That won't work. Look, I have an important match I have to focus on tonight. I have to have my head in the game. Ease my doubts, make me believe I can count on you here-----

There was a knock at the door, she ignored it.

Jenny: Nothing, just someone at the door. Look I----

Another knock, more forceful this time.

Jenny: I swear to god if this is Finn again.....

She gets up and walks to the door. When she opens it, however, nobody is there. The hooded cloak, however, is sitting outside the the door on the floor. She picks it up and looks at it. She closes the door and we see her toss it in the garbage before continuing her conversation.

Jenny: Yeah, so as I was saying..........

What is that all about? Things are getting weird around here.

I want to know who she's talking to. Not one text today, not one! Bitch I am more important than whoever that is!


Taylor Made, the Director of Drug Testing appears on the stage. This is her first public appearance on XWF programming since being hired. She has a nice one piece dress on and a pair of heels. She is holding a manila envelope in her other hand. Walking down the ramp she is all smiles as she waves to the crowd. Walking up the steps and into the ring she hugs Tigs as the ring announcer steps through the ropes and allows Taylor to have her time.

She smiles big again and brings the mic to her mouth

Taylor: How is everyone doing tonight?!!!

The crowd roars.

Taylor: Good! I am doing fantastic also! I hope you are all enjoying the kick off show to the XWF Asian Tour! You have been a great crowd so far and I have some HUGE news I would be honored to break for all of you right now! As you may know, or may not, we have a program here where we honor one particular superstar as our SuperStar of the Month! This individual shows excellent character, provides us with the utmost entertainment, and, of course, always tests clean!

She has a smile on her face when she says this.

Taylor: The poll results are in, and I am honored and privledged to announced that the SuperStar of the Month for the Month of October is.........................

She opens the envelope and reads it with a smile.

Taylor: The SuperStar of the Month for October is...........The current XWF Hart Champion........

The crowd cheers.

Taylor: "The Essence of Excellence"......Cadryn Tiberius!!!!

Cadryn's music plays and the crowd roars. He makes his way out onto the ramp with the title over his shoulder. He is in his full wrestling attire. He holds the title up with a smile as the crowd showers him in their approval.

He walks down to the ring and up the steps. He and Taylor hug quick and he holds the belt up again. Taylor goes to exit the ring and she looks cockeyed up on the ramp, where the hooded woman is standing again. She is clapping slowly and Cadryn holds the belt up again, but she doesn't break her clap. Finn Kuhn then comes out onto the ramp, grabbing her, and trying to remove the hood but she slips out and runs to the back behind the curtain. He looks up and see's Cadryn, and nods his respect to him for his achievement, before running to the back, following behind her.

That woman is becoming a nuisance. But much respect to Mr. Tiberius. He has certainly earned this honor and it is great to see someone of his character being recognized for their achievements!

It was nice to finally see Taylor, too. Damn that one piece looked nice!

Well, Taylor is leaving. We are about to see Cadryn again, though, as he defends that very belt against the strange one, Danny Imperial!


The lights go dim.

"Hail To The King" Blares through the speakers as laser multi-colored lights move haphazardly through the stadium. As the heavy guitar drops, two opposite flares shoot out from the base of the entrance. A crazed, grinning Danny Imperial walks out from behind the curtain. He runs a hand across his face, pulling back his hair.

He strolls down the ramp towards the ring, smugly glancing from side to side, giving Betsys in the crowd a wink as he passes them. He slides smoothly into the ring, crawling up to the announce, Tig O' Bitties. Climbing up one of the turnbuckles. He sticks both hands into the air and licks his lips in anticipation.

He leaps off the turnbuckle, walking to the center of the ring as a blue light shines on him. He simulates a crown on his head, lifting the imaginary crown and placing it at the center of the ring. He then makes the belt symbol around his waist and nods at Cadryn.

Hart Championship Match
Cadryn Tiberius
- vs -
Danny Imperial
Ladder Match!




Cadryn looks ready as the bell rings, a huge grin apparent on his face. Across from him sits the ever-dangerous Danny Imperial, who returns Cad's enthusiastic grin with a sadistic one of his own. Outside the ring, various ladders can be seen, ready for the competitors to use to attempt to climb to victory.

Ohhhhh man, I'm pumped and ready for this action! Are you ready, old man?

You bet your backside I'm ready, Luca! Both these men look primed and ready for action, and these good people are going to see a real treat tonight on Warfare!

The two competitors lock up in the middle of the ring, however almost immediately Imperial shoves Cad away, licking his lips in anticipation as Cadryn almost looks surprised.


Cadryn's grin gets larger and larger by the second as the two lock up again, however this time Cadryn blocks Imperial's attempt to shove him away, instead delivering to him a solid kick to the gut. Imperial doubles over, to which Cad takes advantage up by punching Imperial's back, sending him down to one knee. Cadryn runs off the ropes, looking to continue...

No! Imperial jumps off and almost takes Cadryn's head off with a clothesline! Some audience members wince upon impact as Cadryn checks his jaw.

Good lord! What a clothesline there from Danny Imperial!

What can I say, JR? This guy is young, hungry, and capable! He may just be the favorite tonight!

Some people may think that Luca, but this is Cadryn Tiberius we're talking about. One of the most dominant performers in the XWF currently, and he has faced down some of the biggest and baddest this federation has to offer. Peter Gilmour. Robert Main. Chris Chaos, and more. We'll see just how much Cadryn can perform against Imperial here tonight.

Cadryn rolls back up to his feet, however after a solid knee to the midsection from Imperial, Cad is forced to clutch his ribs. Irish Whip by Imperial-- reversed by Cad! Imperial runs off the ropes-- ANOTHER CLOTHESLINE!

NO! Cad ducks below! Imperial turns around to face Cadryn, only to get knocked upside the head with an enzuigiri! Imperial looks rocky on his feet, knees wobbly... He leans on the ropes for support-- DROPKICK BY CADRYN! Imperial goes over the ropes and onto the floor, crashing into the ladder at ringside!

Imperial is floundering around outside, trying to use the ladder for support, knocking it against the barricade. He turns around, still leaning on the ladder for support--




OH MY GOD! We're not even that long into this match, and already both competitors are feeling the carnage!

HAHAHA! THIS IS GREAT, JR! Where's my popcorn?!

Imperial attempts to catch his breath after the excruciating suicide dive Cadryn just went through. Some of the audience are slack-jawed, in disbelief of the lightning-fast start to this match. Other members of the crowd can be heard chanting, "THIS IS AWESOME! *clap clap clapclapclap* THIS IS AWESOME! *clap clap clapclapclap*" Using the barricade, Imperial pulls himself up and shakes the cobwebs out of his head, while Cadryn lies motionless. Imperial knows this is his chance, as he grabs Cadryn by the hair.

With that sadistic grin still plastered onto his face, Imperial can be heard whispering something unintelligible into Cadryn's ear. Then-- CRACK! Cadryn gets thrown skull-first into the ring post! The beginning of an open cut can be seen on Cadryn's face, which causes Imperial to cackle and step on the injured face of Cadryn, causing the blood to flow. Finding another nearby ladder, Imperial rolls into the ring, but not before throwing the ladder inside.

This Danny Imperial character is a sick man! There's a line you don't cross in a match, and this man has crossed it! What a sickening beatdown on Cadryn Tiberius!

It is like I said it is, JR! This man is hungry! He's confident! Young, capable in the ring... Imperial might just win this thing!

Imperial starts setting up the ladder now, and straightens the bridge. He's now starting to climb, just as Cadryn starts to get up! Cadryn sets up a ladder as a bridge between the ring and the barricade, unbeknownst to Imperial! Imperial is taking a long time, savoring the moment as the fans start to boo! A shit-eating grin can be seen as he's halfway up the ladder now...



These men will stop at absolutely NOTHING to win the Hart Championship! Their bodies are being put on the line here, and they don't seem to mind it one bit! This is almost maddening!

JR, I think we passed the point of maddening long, long ago. These guys want to beat the shit out of each other and win the championship at the same time. But, who's going to be having the cake AND eating too in this case?

Suddenly, Cadryn starts stirring, crawling to the ladder... As his hand touches the first rung, he starts pushing up and trying to climb... The crowd cheering begins to egg Cadryn on, as slowly, as he gets onto his knees, he starts climbing more... The crimson mask on his face begins to drip down onto the pure white canvas of the ring...

Imperial begins to stir as well now, crawling to the opposite side and trying to climb and catch up with Cadryn. Then, it's a race, the two men dragging their bodies to try and get to the top and reach the coveted championship. The crowd is coming alive, showing their support...


As the two men reach the top, their ruined faces stare back at each other, with Imperial's continued sadistic grin and Cadryn's bloody scars. The two men are about to throw down on top of the ladder, with the raucous crowd below showing their support. Imperial throws a forearm, causing Cadryn to stagger a bit, only to be met with another forearm by Cadryn! This time it's Imperial's turn to stagger back while on the ladder, trying to hold on for dear life as the crowd cheers.

Good Lord! Both these men are fighting on top of the ladder! It's like a seesaw up on there! Who the hell is gonna fall?!

*munch munch munch*

Are- are you eating popcorn, Luca?!

Hell yeah, Ross! This is a spectacle for the ages, and I ain't missing one bit!

I don't believe you. One of these men can die up there, and you're going to eat POPCORN?!


Both men now are trading forearms, each waiting for the other to fall and meet their demise! Body blow by Cadryn! Headbutt by Imperial! Kick to the knee by Cadryn! Uppercut by Imperial! Haymaker! Elbow! Back fist! Throat thrust! Suddenly, as Cad winds up for another Haymaker, Imperial ducks! The force behind the blow causes Cadryn to overshoot his target and expose his side to Imperial, which is a huge mistake as--



Ohhhh shit, Ross! It looks like Cadryn is about to take a tumble down the ladder!

What a horrible thing to say, Luca! This excruciating match is about to make it's mark on one Cadryn Tiberius! This is sickening!

Cadryn is trying to struggle out of the hold as Imperial tightens it on! Cadryn's arms are flailing, trying to find a way out! It's now that Imperial spots Cadryn's ladder bridge down below and starts cackling and muttering more unintelligible words in Cadryn's ear!

Cadryn starts fading... his arms start slowing down... the life starts draining out of him...

Then, Imperial turns Cadryn back around towards him, and whispers something unintelligible once more... AND LICKS THE BLOOD OFF OF CADRYN'S FACE?!

This is sickening!

Then, Imperial raises his hands towards the top of Cadryn's head, and start to mimic raising a crown off of the Jester's hands, and throws the imaginary crown to the floor.

W- was that supposed to be a variation of Imperial's Crowning taunt? What message is he trying to send here?

Danny Imperial begins screaming at Cadryn for boring him! “Where was his Hart?” says Danny Imperial! “What happened to the Cadryn from LOF?!” he exclaims. Cadryn and Imperial continue exchanging blows as Danny blocks one and slams Cadryn's head into the ring post. Danny then grabs Cadryn by the back of his belt and slams Cadryn head first into the ring steps!

By Gawd! Did you see that!

That muther fucker out cold, JR! And hey, thanks for filling in for the Old Man while he went and took a piss.

My pleasure, Luca, but this isn't over yet! It looks like Danny Imperial is looking to they sky!

Imperial slides into the ring and sets the ladder up below the belt. He climbs up slowly, Cadryn doesn't move a muscle, reaches up and unhooks the belt from the cord!

Oh shit! We have a new champion, people!

Indeed you do! A hard fought match-up, indeed.


Bombshell Championship Match
Jenny Myst
- vs -
Isabella Ravenwolf

In the ring, Tig O' Bitties has a microphone.

This match is set for one fall and is for the XWF Bombshell Championship! Introducin first, from Salem Massachusetts, Isabella Ravenwolf!

The arena lights go black.

O' Death begin to play over the P.A.The lights go out in the area and all is silent for a few moments before three lighting bolts strike the top of the ramp. Soon afterwards the lights turn back on and there is sitting on top of a large black horse, with eyes red as blood. The horse begins to makes it way down the ramp and soon reaches the ring. Isabella hops off. She pets her mighty Shire before releasing him of his duties. The horse runs off busting into flames and disappears into smoke. Isabella gets into the ring and waits for the match to start.

The crowd seems to love this special entrance. The lights go back off again and they know what is coming.

Here we go!

Jenny enters the arena when the Drums hit for the first time in her entrance music, Around the 20 second mark. She is usually taunting the fans or pretending to give high fives and the pulling away at the last moment with a sarcastic smirk and an eye roll. This time, she walks straight ahead, belt over her shoulder, focused on her first defense.

[Image: 5zfc5LJ.gif]

Tig O' Bitties: And introducing her challenger, from Las Vegas, Nevada.....she is the current XWF Bombshell Champion......Jenny Myssssst!

The bell rings and Jenny is quickly on the offensive. She begins hammering Isabella in the center of the ring and takes her down with a quick clothesline. After the back to back losses Jenny just suffered, she had a look in her eye. She was determined to make a statement. Picking up Isabella she lifted her into a scoop slam and put her on her back. A few stomps to Ravenwolf and the ref pushes her back.

Jenny throws her arms up and smirks at the crowd, who is a mix of boos and cheers. She make the waist belt symbol and walks back over to Isabella, picking her up by the hair, but Izzy gets and elbow to the face of Jenny and stumbles her back. Ravenwolf gets a few punches off, but Jenny is able to use her quickness and slide around behind Isabella, grabbing her around the waist. She goes to throw her back for a suplex, but Ravenwolf blocks it with her leg, so Jenny knees her in the back and brings Izzy to a knee. Pulling back on her arms, with a knee in her back, she yells at the vampiric on to tap. Izzy seems to be handling the pain fine for the moment, as the ref monitors the situation from a safe distance. She continues to pull and Izzy winces a little bit.

Just as Jenny is beginning to look like she might pull Izzy's shoulders out of their sockets, there is a poof of smoke and she disappears. Jenny falls on her ass, and looks totally dumbfounded. She looks around for where the hell Izzy went, and begins yelling at the ref that it should be a count out. He looks just as confused as she is!

She is pulling her hair out with frustration!

Just then another poof of smoke and Izzy appears on the top rope! The crowd cheers as Jenny turns around right into a cross body! Cover!



3----Jenny gets a shoulder up!

Inches away from losing the Bombshell title there!

Mind games here from Ravenwolf! That may be the only chance she has against Myst!

Jenny slaps the mat as Izzy rolls off. They both get up, and Izzy smirks at Myst. Jenny goes to slap her, but Ravenwolf grabs her arm and puts it in a handcuff position behind her, running her front-first into the corner. Jenny, though, uses her athleticism and puts her legs up on the turnbuckle, and turning the move around into a bulldog!

Myst turned that into the Gold Digger! What awareness there from the champion

Myst goes for the cover.



Ravenwolf kicks out.

Jenny has been saying all week she was going to make light work of Ms. Isabella here, but the vet is making her work for it here. Break a sweat.

That's why you gotta love the XWF! You just never know!

Jenny grabs a handfull of Izzy's hair and stands on it, pulling her arms up and arching her back, putting all the pressure on the scalp of Ravenwolf! The ref counts. When he gets to 5, she lets go for a brief moment, only to do it again. After another 5 count she lets go. She seems to be gaining confidence by the moment. She goes to do it a third time when Izzy shows a little flexibility and gets a foot into the face of Myst, knocking her off her hair. Izzy jumps up and bounces off the ropes, going for a clothesline but Myst ducks it and dumps her over the ropes. Ravenwolf lands hard on the outside.

Izzy quickly crawls under the ring, and Jenny again is bewildered, wondering where the hell she went. Jenny then climbs out of the ring herself and walks over to the announce table, reaching underneath it.

It looks like the champion is coming over here. I wonder what the hell this is about?

Looks like she is looking for something under the table here.

Jenny emerges with her pepper spray bottle that she obviously had ready and had planted there.

She rolls back into the ring and is ready for Isabella to reappear somewhere. Finally with a poof of smoke she appears on the top rope again. Jenny is ready but the ref tries to take the spray bottle from her. As she is wrestling with the ref, he ends up getting sprayed! The ref covers his eyes and goes down!

That should be a DQ! Jenny just sprayed the ref! [/red]

Nah....he sprayed himself. Stupid ass. Let it continue!

As Jenny turns from the downed ref towards the turnbuckle, Izzy jumps and connects with a flying drop kick. Jenny drops the bottle and drops back, tumbling into the far corner. Just then, the strobes go red, white and blue and the house lights go off..........

The crowd boos as the American Flag comes up on the screen as a giggle can be heart. Miss Fortune twirls in an American Flag cape and Taylor Swifts hit single 'Bad Blood' blasts over the loudspeaker.

Miss Fortune walks down the ramp with a big smile. Jenny turns her head to look but immediately gets a boot to the face from Izzy. Fortune walks to the other side of the ring, by the announce table.

[white]Now what the hell is Miss Fortune doing out here?!

She is marking her territory, old man! The new Bombshell!

She picks up the Bombshell Title and looks at it with a smile. Jenny begins to freak out but Izzy rolls her up, and Jenny immediately reverses, pops up, and locks in a DDT! She flattens Isabella with it!

Jenny then watches as Miss Fortune walks up the ramp with the Bombshell Belt! She enters the ring. Jenny looks like she is about to take Fortune's head off when the blonde girl smiles, tossing Jenny's belt to her. Isabella is getting to her feet.............



Isabella spins around and gets leveled with the Bombshell Title........Jenny slides the belt of of the ring and covers as Fortune wakes the ref before siding out of the ring.





Winner and STILL XWF Bombshell Champion.....Jenny Myst

Did I just see what I think I just saw?!

You Damn sure did! Madison and Mercy may have a little competition now!

Just as Fortune slides into the ring and holds Jenny's arm up, Tig's can be heard over the mic.

Here is your winner, and STILLLLL XWF Bombshell Champion........JENNY MYST!

Jenny has her belt in one arm and Miss Fortune's in the other as the two smile just as Warfare cuts to the back.

X-Treme Championship Match
The Engineer
- vs -
Robert Main
Falls Count Anywhere!

The next match folks, is not for the faint at heart.

They never are, Old Man!

The Engineer, the Xtreme Champion, has been on a roll as of late. He has his weeks as Xtreme Champion to receive a briefcase, he just needs another defense!

This place is starting to flourish with cases again, no one is fuckin' safe anymore, man.

The following contest is scheduled for one fall and is for the Xtreme Wrestling Federation X-Treme Championship! Introducing first!

As "Broken Dreams" by Shaman's Harvest begins we watch as Robert "The Omega" Main slowly rises up from the depths of the stage, his back turned to the ring as he rolls his shoulders.

From Las Vegas! Weighing 220 pounds! Robert Main!!

Following Tig's introduction, he turns as the music begins to rise, and after the lyrics "I make them for you" hit the speakers, just as the sting hits, he raises his firearm to the sky, pulls the trigger and unleashes an automatic salvo that has his pockets of fans around the arena cheering enthusiastically. He then hops off the small platform, passes his weapon to a crewman and begins to walk to the ring, avoiding the outstretched hands of the fans in disgust along the way. Once Robert reaches the apron, he eyes those in the ring, smirks, then ascends the stairs to his corner and steps between the ropes exuding confidence.

And his opponent..........

The entire arena is washed in sterile white light as the following words are spoken through the sound system:

Is Dexter ill? Is Dexter ill? Is Dexter ill Is Dexter ill today?

On the main screen is a grainy image of an old television test screen. After the initial dialogue the sound slips into “Insect” by Die Warzau. As the offbeat tune picks up, the test screen fades and is instead replaced with a series of Rorschach ink blots. Each panel of ink blots at first looks innocuous, but soon slithers into the shadowy outlines of terrible scenes: a knife going through a head, a body with entrails spilling out before it, a bisected human torso, a figure whose face appears to be slipping off. Interspersed with the morphing inkblot tests are other images of rats flitting about in sewers and pictures of pleasant “whitebread” 1950’s families whose members have no faces. The white lights are now accompanied by small red lights panning all over the arena that look like droplets of blood in contrasts with the white lights.

Weighing 204 pounds. He is the Xtreme Wrestling Federation Xtreme Champion...... The Engineer!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Engineer steps to the top of the ramp, and he takes in the crowd, the ring, everything. Slowly an unsettling smile bisects his face, and some black tar like liquid will spill from his mouth. He'll run his sleeve over it before stalking to the ring, sliding under the bottom rope. He then picks himself up in a neutral corner, remaining there with a dead eyed stare until the match begins.

The referee Mika Hunt holds the Xtreme Championship high above before handing it off to long-time XWF Time Keeper, Nipsey Russel.


And the match begins!

Engy jumps out of his corner as if he was going to rush his opponent, but hangs back and kind-of slithers around the ring.

The past couple of weeks, the Engineer has come across as a bit more calm and calculated, Luca. More dangerous. More deadly.

His reign as Xtreme Champ has been superb, Old Man. It takes a lot to survive all of the pin attempts and now with the new rules attached to the title... It's not an easy job, man.

Main didn't flinch a bit and puffed his chest out to a strong mixed ovation from the crowd. The two go in for a tie-up, but Main pulls up a knee and hits Engy in the gut.

Main has quite a size advantage over the champion here tonight. A good four inches and about fifty pounds... That's enough to swing the momentum at least for a bit.

Yeah, but don't forget the Engy has faced odds greater than his own before, Old Man. This guy is nuts and I'm sure he still has a lot to show us we haven't even seen yet.

Main pushes Engy into the ropes and Irish whips him across. Engy bounces off and catches a shoulder bump from the challenger and meets the mat. He hits hard, but bounces right back up to catch a fistful in the mouth and gets sent right back down. Main helps him up this time and throws him out of the ring. Main leans over the ropes and looks out to Engy who is sprawled out on the mat by the ring steps.

I'm not sure if that was such a good idea on Main's part, Old Man.

Engy begins crawling away as Robert Main slowly leaves the ring through the ropes. He hops off the apron as Engy is halfway to his feet and charges with his boot! Engy rolls out of the way and Main oversteps the ring steps and falls to his back! Engy breathes heavy as he looks down to the fallen Robert Main and heads for the announcer area.

I think I'm seeing what you mean here...[red]

I told you, Old Man! Anything that isn't bolted down is going to get thrown at Robert Main here in a minute...

Engy grabs the ring bell from the table and lugs it over to Main who is leaning over the same ring steps he fell over. Engy holds the bell high above his head and slams it down!!!!


Robert Main moves out of the way just in time before the bell cracks him in HIS bell and makes a loud dinging thud as it bounces off the ring steps! Engy stays on Main as Main tries to get to his feet with the help of the barricade, and slams his head off of it!

As Main bounces off the barricade he continues to march in a daze around the ring, Engy hops up onto the steps with the ring bell and leaps after him!


Main gets laid out!!

Wow!! I don't know if that was the bell or Main's head that made that noise!!

Engy picks up Main and shoves him back under the bottom rope, but then goes under the ring. He pulls out a chair and slides it in, followed, by another chair, followed by a baseball bat....

[red]How many weapons does a guy need here, Luca?

I wanna see this psycho get creative here, Old Man.

Main pulls himself to his feet and goes for a chair. He picks it up as Engy slides into the ring and grabs the bat. Main throws the chair at Engy who sees it coming and it bounces off his shoulder. Main rushes across the ring while Engy regains his composure and spears him!! Engy drops the bat and both men pull themselves out from being tangled in the ropes. Main heads to the corner while Engy rolls away, too. Main pulls himself up and looks across to the champion who has only managed to reach his hands and knees. Engy's hand is rested on the bat and there is a chair sitting right behind him and next to Main. Main reaches down for it and stomps across the ring. Engy reacts quickly and jabs main in the gut with it! Main drops the chair and takes a straight broad shot to the back of the neck and face plants to the mat!

Engy sits down on Main's back and uses the bat to pull Main's head back into a Camel Clutch!

The champion has the challenger locked-in in the center of the ring! Will Main tap?!

We're about to see how tough this guy is, Old Man!

Main struggles in the move, unable to yell out because of the broadside of the bat choking him out. He reaches out, but there's nowhere to reach to. He uses both hands and pushes out on the bat... Slowly releasing the pressure being pulled back on his throat.... He pushes....

Pushes more......

Then finally breaks the hold that Engy had on the bat and Main quickly rolls to his back. Engy stays mounted on him, but Main manages to slug him a few times in the face with closed fists to knock him off. Engy still keeps a strong grip on the bat as he feels his jaw after taking a couple straight shots.

Main feels his throat and uses every ounce of energy to roll himself towards the outside of the ring. Engy begins to follow him over, but before he can reach him Main falls off the apron to the floor.

Sometimes the best plan is an escape plan, man!

Engy paces around the ring, looking out and waiting for his opponent. He takes one of the chairs in the ring and mounts it in the far corner. He then takes the other one and sets it standing up in that same corner with its back to it.

I knew he was up to no good there.

Shits about to get weird, Old Man.

Engy hops out of the ring and circles it to around where Main landed. When he gets there, Main isn't there though. Engy looks around and goes around the other corner and gets met with a steel chair to the side of the face. Engy blinks a few times, but takes the shot like a champ and pulls back on the baseball bat! Main takes another quick shot across Engy's face!! Engy looks a bit more dazed this time, but comes after Main again with the bat! Main takes a quick overhead shot and Engy wears the chair! Engy crumbles to the ground! Main pulls the chair off of Engy's head and lifts all of Engy's dead weight up and tosses it into the ring.

I know our Xtreme Champion is tough, but I'm not sure there's anyone who can take three straight chair shots to the side of the face like that.

Main crawls into the ring and covers the champion....




No!! A kickout from the champion!!

The Engineer ain't going home like that, ladies and gentlemen!

Main picks Engy back up to his feet and pulls him to the center of the ring. He snaps him back with a quck snap suplex, rolls over, and buries a couple quick shots to the dome of the Engineer.

Robert Main needs to look to put the Engineer away here... After those brutal shots, he needs to take advantage of the momentum he has here.

I wouldn't count Engy out either, Old Man. There's a reason the guy's been champ this long.

Main notices the set up that Engy made with the chairs in the corner earlier. He looks down at Engy grins. He lifts Engy to his feet, pulls him over to the corner, and sits him in the chair. Engy sits, propped up enough so the back of his head is resting again the chair mounted in the corner. Main heads to the opposite corner and starts prepping himself up for a charge like a bull.

El toro! El toro!!

This can't be good...

Main rushes the corner and leaps aiming a dropkick right for Engy's face!

Engy rolls off the chair just in time and Main's one foot busts through the one side of the chair and gets wrapped up within it and the corner! Main is trapped and his ankle is probably pretty messed up!

Ouch!! That didn't work out!

Main was getting too creative, Old Man! He should've just helped Engy try on new chairs and ended it!

Engy gets to this feet and admires the position Robert Main is in for a minute.

Uh oh. Robert Main is dangling in the corner.....

That's like a half-assed tree-of-woe, Old Man...

Oh no, but that isn't all...

Engy takes the chair that he was sat on and props it up in front of Main's head. He rushes to the opposite corner... And then back and hits a drop kick on the chair!!!!!!!!!

Ohhhhh!!! Shit!!

Engy rushes back across the ring, then back again hitting another! He's up again!! He rushes across the ring then back and hits another!!! Three drop kicks!!

My God! That chair has to be molded into Robert Main's face by now!

Engy picks up the chair and throws it behind him, he plants himself over Main and pulls back on the one free leg Main has for a cover.

The champ looking to end it!




No!! The challenger is not giving up!!

Main manages to kick out a the very last second, twisting his ankle out of the mess in the corner and escaping the pin!

Engy leaves the ring again and goes under the ring. He dives deeper and begins sliding something out with him....

Table time!!

Engy slides an eight foot wooden table out from under the ring and slides it into the ring. He looks back under the ring and pulls out a chair and slides it in. Then another. Then another. Then another.

How many fuckin' chairs do we keep under there, anyway?

Must be alot. How many are in the ring now?

I think I counted eight?

With atleast eight chairs and a table in the ring now, Engy slides into the ring himself and approaches the challenger, Robert Main, who is still trying to regain some strenght in the corner.

I don't know how these two can have a wrestling match with all of that clutter in the ring, to be honest.

Engy picks up a chair along the way and as Main is reaching his hands and knees Engy smacks him in the back with it! Main is sent back to square and lies flat on his stomach. Engy turns his attention to the table he brought into the ring and begins setting it up. He pushes as many chairs under the table as he can keeping the table standing up. He looks back at Robert Main who is just getting back to his feet again in the corner...

Engy rushes the corner and cracks Main with an elbow! He drags him across the ring and sets him across the table.

Oh man, this is gonna suck.

Engy climbs the top rope......


The double foot stop to the skull!!!! The table only breaks a little bit and Main more so falls off the side of the table than through it. He lies on his stomach beside the leaning half broken table as Engy picks it up furiously and throws it across the ring. He picksup Main who fights back with a couple hard fists to the gut. Engy replies with a couple of knees and pushes Main away. Main comes right back, but Engy dips under a clothesline and hits Main in the chest with a drop kick! Main bounces off the ropes and comes back and nails Engy with a successful clothesline as Engy was quick back to his feet.

These two are hard fought back and forth. One man will walk away the XWF Xtreme Champion

Main grabs half of the table that was thrown across the ring and waits for Engy to look up before smacking him across the head with it! Engy takes the blow like a man and laughs at Main from the mat!

That dude's fucked up, man.

Main cracks him again and gets the job done that time. Engy falls back slowly to his back and Main makes a cover!!

New champion right here!




Engy attempts to roll away but gets caught by Main who traps him in the corner. He throws a few punches to the gut before ending with a kick which settles Engy into the corner. Main takes a step back and sees the pile of chairs behind him and looks back at the champ.

I don't like that look, Old Man!

Me neither.

Main grabs Engy by the back of the neck, pulls him out of the corner, then right back in frontwards! He picks Engy up for an inverted Death Valley Driver..............!!!!!!!!!!

He swings him down!!!!!!

Death Man's Hand on the chairs!!!!!!!!!

WAIT NO!!!!!

How the?!

Oh shit!!

Engy manages to land on his feet!!!!

He kicks Main in the stomach.........


Delirium Tremens on the chairs!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh my God!!!!

Engy turns over Main!!!






Universal Championship Match
Robbie Bourbon
- vs -
Peter Gilmour
Flag Match!
Robbie will have an American Flag at the top of the ramp, and Gilly will have a DIFFERENT kind of flag (which h will reveal in his FIRST RP) next to it! Whoever captures the opponent's flag wins!


Introducing first, from Los Angeles, California! Weighing 260 pounds.... Being accompanied to the ring by Maria Brink...... PETER GILMOUR!!!!!

The lights in the arena dim, then go to full black. We then hear the eerie sounds of a bell being tolled and then an explosion of fire emitting from the entrance ramp. The beginning of COMANCHE by IN THIS MOMENT begins as the heavy guitar riffs kick in and red strobes dance around the stage. As soon as the verse kicks in, we see Peter Gilmour and his wife Maria Brink come out to the ramp. They smile at each other before going down the ramp hand in hand.

Peter looks over to see his flag, Japan's National Flag, and pulls it from its mount and carries it to the ring! The fans boo as Peter shouts he's a real American while flapping around the Japanese flag!

Peter bobs his head to the song. They get in the ring together and Peter gets on the turnbuckle and throws up an "X" sign as pyro goes off above the ring. Peter hops down and kisses Maria as they wait his next victim.

Ohhh.. Old Man. Gilly has to be lickin' his chops at another opportunity to become Universal Champion.

Wouldn't you, Luca? This is the most prestigious title in all of the XWF!

Yeah, but, I think Peter has had more shots at this belt than anybody. It's like your title reign as Uni Champ isn't validated until you face Peter or something.

I'm sure Mr. Gilmour's drive is just as great as it ever was, Luca.

And his opponent!!!

A series of fireworks fire off on the stage and the arena goes dark the following sentence is heard over the PA.

"It was at this moment he knew...

...he fucked up."

From Washington D.C., weighing 290 pounds... He is the Xtreme Wrestling Federation UNIVERSAL CHAMPION.............. ROBBIE BOURBON!!!!

The opening chords to Nobody Speak permeate throughout the air as Robbie's music starts to play throughout the arena. Across the X-Tron, we see the exact same thing as what is traditionally used as Robbie Bourbon's banner on the XWF website as Robbie steps out. He raises his arms to 45 degree angles while the X-Tron shows clips of Robbie standing on top of the Elimination Chamber followed by the massive dive through the top onto Trax, Robbie forcing Vinnie Lane to sign his contract mid-match, Robbie Bourbon scoring a pinfall against Chris Chaos, and Robbie delivering the final blow to Barney Green's career by way of Robbiebomb onto the hood of the car. Robbie Bourbon pinning James Raven and hoisting the XWF Universal Championship belt high with both hands.

Robbie grabs his flag and does the same where it will eventually be mounted in his own corner of the ring to defend against the challenger, Peter Gilmour.

Robbie starts to calmly walk down to the ring, taking his time to get there. He climbs the ring steps, stands on the apron, and turns his back to the ring, and raises his arms at 45 degree angles while jawing to the crowd, which is singing along to Nobody Speak. Robbie then enters the ring and points at the referee, jawing at him. He then spins, hops on the second turnbuckle, and raises his arms at 45 degree angles again.

This should be an intense Main Event as these two men's designated flags fliy high in their designated corners!

The bell rings and the two begin to circle the ring. Peter looks down to Maria and blows her a kiss, looks at the champion Robbie Bourbon and points to his crotch as the rest of the audience chimes in....


Bourbon laughs out loud as he charges ahead, but Gilly quickly side steps and Bourbon resets.

Robbie Bourbon in his first title defense here since defeating James Raven for the championship back at Leap of Faith.

Gilly IS a formidable opponent, Old Man. Bourbon has to remember he's a champ at a dangerous time though... Universal Soldier is back lingering around with his briefcases and Jim Caedus, a former Univeral Champ, himself, is carrying one around, too!

Unions have been broken before because of the title! The Mother Fuckers will truly test their bond!

The two men meet in the middle of the ring and tie-up! Bourbon gains the quick advantage and wraps his arm around GIlly's head.

Tight head-lock by the champ!

It doesn't last long, Gilly with excellent ring-awareness backs into the corner bringing the referee in to break the hold! Bourbon doesn't let up right away and let's go after the referee reaches a count of three.

The champ looking for special treatment there, Old Man.

I don't think he's going to get it tonight, Luca. Chaz Bobo is one of our most experienced referees, now that I've hung up my striped shirt, of course.

Why don't you and yourself get a room, Old Man.

That's mildy inappropriate.

Bourbon backs off only to get a kick to the mid section from the challenger. Gilly rushes in and plants an elbow into the side of Bourbon's head knocking the champ back. Bourbon stays on his feet, but teeters before gaining his balance again. Gilly bounces off the ropes and tries for another, but Bourbon ducks it. Gilly bounces from the opposite ropes and gets sent head over heels over Bourbon's back in a back-body-drop!

Gilly bounces off the mat on his back and holds his back in agony. Bourbon paces around the ring before planting a big elbow down onto the chest of the challenger. He pulls the arm in and signals to Chaz Bobo!

Here's a quick cover from the champion!

Chaz Bobo signals "No" and points to Gilly's corner where his flag flies high! Gilly kicks out anyway!

Gilly ain't giving up THAT easy, Old Man. Robbie lookin' for the easy way or what?

I would imagine as the Universal Champion, your defenses go up and any time walking away as the victor is important.

This is a flag match, meng. No other way around it.

Gilly rolls to the side of the ring where Maria is as she slaps the apron cheering him back to his feet. Bourbon makes his way over and grabs him by the head and throws him into the closest corner. The champ approaches Gilly and starts going to work on the body with lefts and rights. Chaz Bobo intervenes again and counts Bourbon out until he backs away once more. Gilly sinks and falls into the corner. Bourbon sees an opportunity and rushes!! He turns just as Maria taps Gilly on the foot and he rolls out of the ring!! Bourbon slams into the bare corner and stumbles out towards the center of the ring!

Ouch! Bourbon took that hard! Maria saves the day again!

Oh, c'mon, Old Man! It's not like she pulled Gilly out of the way! She was just warning him of the impending danger!

Gilly slides back into the ring and goes onto the attack. He waits for Robbie to turn around and kicks him square in the gut with a hard Yakuza Kick!! Bourbon stumbles backwards, but catches himself on the ropes!

The Universal Champion refuses to go down in this match up, folks!

Yeah, and Peter Gilmour is no small-fry, neither! Don't tell him I said that!

Gilly follows up and attacks Bourbon with a forearm, but Bourbon ducks down and lifts Peter up over his shoulders once more and takes him to the outside!! Peter falls flat on the mat as Bourbon holds the top rope regaining his composure in the ring! He slowly walks around the ring then holds a fist in the air for all of his Bourbon Men out there! He heads for the corner where Gilly's flag is raised and pulls himself up to the middle turnbuckle! He grabs the top and pulls himself up even further!

This could be it! The champ is looking to end this!

Gilly is stirring on the outside now and is pulling himself up with the apron. He slides back into the ring and runs straight into his corner. He goes under Robbie Bourbon, who was just reaching the top, and grabs him around the legs!

Oh my! Is Peter looking to powerbomb Robbie Bourbon?!

This is going to sting, Old Man! Real bad!

Gilly pulls on Robbie, but Robbie holds onto the flagpole and top turnbuckle! He lands a fist on Gilly's skull!

The champion showing some resistence here! This is for the Universal Championship, fans! It is ALL ON THE LINE HERE!

Gilly tries but Bourbon holds on again! Bourbon lands another punch to Peter's head, but Peter remains standing and pulling on the big body of the Universal Champion. Maria climbs up to the apron and goes after the face of Robbie.... Robbie lets go of the turnbuckle and reaches after her but she jumped back down... Bourbon letting go gave Peter another chance to pull off the move.... He pulls Bourbon from the corner.... RUNNING LEIGER BOMB!!!!!!!


Peter used the falling momemtum of Robbie Bourbon's 290 pounds to run and launch him across the ring! Peter lands the sit-down powerbomb at about the center of the ring and the two men lie dead there.

The first time Robbie Bourbon leaves his feet from something other than his own will in this match up and both men are destroyed in the middle of the ring.

Both men begin to stir around the same time and head for opposite ropes. Even after the huge move, Robbie Bourbon appears to be the first one reaching his feet. Gilly is not long after him though. Bourbon looks up at Gilly's flag and back at Gilmour. He rushes over to his opponent and goes for a clothesline, but Gilly ducks and pulls down the top rope! Bourbon falls to the outside now!

Bourbon hits hard on the mat outside of the ring and Gilly doesn't waste any time following up with him. He slides right out of the ring and picks the champ up off the ground and slams his head into the ring steps!

The champ looks to be in trouble now! The Xtreme Icon has him in some unsafe territory!

I'm not saying you're right, Old Man, but Gilly is on a mission here tonight and he may have the champ right where he wants him.

Gilly takes Bourbon and throws him into the ring barrier and follows up with several hard punches to the head! He then grabs Robbie and tosses him back into the ring! Robbie rolls towards the middle as Gilly lifts the ring curtain up and looks under the ring.

What's he after?

Like you said, Old Man, Xtreme Icon!

Gilly pulls a kendo stick out from under the ring and gets a MAD look on his face. He slides back into the ring, but is distracted by Chaz Bobo who tries to talk Peter out of using the weapon. Bourbon is now to his feet as Peter continues to argue with the ref! Bourbon reaches out and steals the Kendo stick, he winds up behind his head, but Maria stands up on the apron and steals it from Robbie! Robbie turns around and sees Maria running away with it, when he turns back around he walks right into a GILLY CUTTER!!!!!!!


Here's your chance you son of a bitch! Climb up and get the flag!!

Gilly catches his breath and stands up. He walks towards the corner where the flag is draped, but looks back at the champion lying there.

What's he doing?


Gilly walks back to Robbie Bourbon and picks him up and sets him up for DEATHSTRIKE!!!

Peter Gilmour looking to put down the champ for sure here! Here comes the DEATHSTRIKE!!!

Don't fuck it up, Gilly!

Peter picks up Robbie, but Robbie pulls his weight back down. Peter tries again, but the same. Robbie drops down to his knees, forcing Peter to back off... Robbie charges in and picks up Peter and drops him with a Samoan Drop! Peter is flattened!

Robby rolls over and looks across the ring to Peter's Japanese flag waving in the air. He reaches his feet and begins walking towards it....

BUT GILLY GRABS HIS FEET!!! He pulls and pulls, tripping up the Universal Champion along the way!

That's it Gilly! Get him!

Bourbon stomps away with his other foot at Gilly's head until he let's go and then picks him up to his feet.

What's the champ up to now?

Fuckin' Robbie Bomb!!

Bourbon sets Peter up for a Robbie Bomb, but Pete let's his weight fall between Robbie Bourbon's legs.

Bourbon lets out a laugh as he reaches down to picks Gilly up again, but Peter cracks him in the ribs with a straight fist! Bourbon hardly reacts from the blast and throws Pete down setting him up for a Robbie Bomb again!

He's got Peter up!!!!

But he slides out of it!!







POP-UP ROBBIE BOMB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Ohhh my... Goodnight, Mr. Gilmour...

Pete falls flat on his back with force brought from a vicious pop-up powerbomb.... Robbie breaths heavy as he looks down at the challenger. He picks him back up.

Hey man! Leave him alone!

What else could he have planned? Just get your damn flag!

Maria jumps up on the apron as Robbie places Gilly in another setup for a Robbie Bomb.... Robbie waves to her just before he lifts GIlly up.... heads for Maria ........ and.....


Maria jumped down and ducked out of the way just in time so nothing broke Gilly's fall on his way down. He landed flat on his back with incredible impact and isn't moving. Maria rushed to his side calling his name much like she does many nights throughout the week.

Robbie looks up to the Japanese flag hanging in Peter's corner and heads over. He climbs up the turnbuckle, looks down at Peter who is still in pieces out on the floor, and grabs the flag from its post.

Well, that's it folks... Robbie Bourbon is STILL your Universal Champion.

What a match, Old Man. I fucking hope GIlly's okay, ya know?

As do I, Luca. As do I.

Robbie steps down off the turnbuckle and marches around the ring with the Japanese flag in hand. The official hands him his Universal Title and he holds them both proudly in the air.....

Until he looks up and sees Old Glory sitting all by herself and looks up to the flag he was holding. He sets it down and marches across the ring to his corner and retrieves the American flag and holds it and the XWF Universal Title high in the air in victory!


WARFARE cuts to the back as the crowd is still buzzing in the arena. Jenny has her bag over her shoulder and is leaving the arena. She has a slight smirk on her face as she exits yet another arena as champion.

She gets to the back door, and pushes it open. She turns her phone on and begins to type when Finn Kuhn appears out from behind one of the cars.

"JENNY!" she seems a bit startled at first, but sees it is him and rolls her eyes.

He gets right up on her, and in her face.

"I KNOW that the hooded woman is you! Who the hell else could it be?! You are the only one who is a big enough bitch to cost me these matches for no reason!"

Jenny smiles at him.

"Everything happens for a reason, Finn......"

"So you are admitting it?!"

"Did I say that?

"You basically----"

She puts a hand up on his mouth.

"No, what I said was that everything that happens happens for a reason. I am Bombshell Champion for a reason. You are not a champion, for a reason. Maybe you should stop your wild goose chase and try to figure out why YOU can't win......stop the excuses."

She smiles at him.

"Now, excuse me, but I am an important person and I have places to be."

She taps him on the shoulder and walks past.

Just then we see Cadryn leaving the building, wincing noticeably from his war with Imperial. He sees Finn, who congratulates him again for his award. Cadryn nods back, showing a sign of respect. Just then, as Cadryn is putting his bags in the trunk of a car, we hear an engine. A car, blacked out with no plates, flies towards the car Cadryn is at. He opens the back door, and doesn't notice the car.

The speeding car comes on screen and Finn just barely moves out of the way. The speeding car takes the door off the car Cadryn was getting into colliding with it and driving away.

Finn gets up and runs after the car but gives up the chase, going to check on Cadryn. He calls for the medical team as EMTs rush onto the scene and the commentators sit quiet as Warfare goes off the air.

[Image: ZPrmNMt.png]

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fuck u robbie! that is all.

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I just want to give kudos to everyone involved with this card. It was pretty epic. A lot of titles on the line, a lot of shit going on. It was cool. You guys put a lot of work in this week and I hope we're giving you back what you work for. Sorry the show was tardee this week, but hopefully we make up for it with the production. We have a lot of fun shit lined up and hope you guys are enjoying and enjoy the ride coming up with War Games and Doc's Rumble. I'm looking forward to it all.

Anyway. Great job again and keep up the great work.

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Congrats to all the winners and special thanks to all the writers who make the results worth it! Much appreciated.

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"Jenny fucking Myst. Can't say I expected this. You've screwed me multiple times, tried to kill me, and you injured Cadryn."

"Let's finish this."

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