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Savage Saturday Night 10/28/2017
10-28-2017, 06:00 PM
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Xtreme Wrestling Federation Presents:

Audrey Dinklage: "Welcome to Saturday Night Savage! We have an action packed show in store tonight that sees Micheal Graves challenge Neville Sinclair for the Television Title, and Barney Green wrestling Jim Caedus in a C4 Deathmatch that is being advertised as Barney's final match in the XWF!"

Huey D. Louie: "Maybe that good will actually stay gone this time!"

Audrey Dinklage: "Wait a minute, I'm getting word that we have exclusive footage from earlier today...

::Earlier Today::

Randoms Locker room


Random jumps to attention and rushes to the door swinging it open so violently that the knob smashes a hole through the drywall. Before him stand Justin Sayn, his tag team partner for this week's edition of Savage. Before Justin can utter a word, Random grabs him by the shirt and forcefully pulls him into the room, slamming him up against the wall as he kicks the door shut.

Justin Sayn: What the fuck?

Random drops to his knees and unbuckles Sayn’s pants. A look of utter horror from Sayn goes ignored as Random rips the fly of Sayn’s jeans open and slides his pants and underwear down to his knees aggressively.

Justin Sayn: Hey get the fuck off me!

Random grabs Sayn’s semi hard member and shoves it into his mouth, sucking, twisting, cupping the balls, the whole works. Sayn balls up his fist, ready to attack, but before he can react, the squishy sound of five distinct blades stabbing through Randoms chest causes Random to stop what he's doing.

[Image: igNd0Qi.jpg]

Random looks to Freddy Kruger seemingly unphased by the razor bladed glove that is stabbed into his chest.

Random: “Excuse me!”

Random grabs Freddy's arm and slides it out of his chest. He immediately drops to his knees and tries to once again go-to work on Sayn, but Sayn decks him hard upside the head, pulls up his jeans, and storms out of the locker room. Random then turns his attention to Freddy, figuring one cock is as good as another, but before Random can make a move on Freddy, he slices clear through Randoms neck. Randoms head flies across the room and hits the wall, landing in a trash can just under the point of impact. Randoms decapitated body crawls over to the trashcan and fumbles around for a bit searching for his head. Finally finding it, he places it back onto his shoulders where it seems to reconnect effortlessly.

Random: “I’ll just take my leave now.”

Random scurries out of the room as Freddy removes his mask.

[Image: btbCaqD.jpg]

Joshua Reno: “Run bitch!”

Josh Reno grabs the dead carcass of Gabriel Reno that was apparently lying on the floor of the entire time by the arm and pulls him up to his side.

Joshua Reno: "Hey faggot, my bro's looking for some action!

Joshua suddenly remembers that he stuffed Gabe's cock in his in mouth after chopping it off at Warfare. Josh uses his fingers to pry open Gabe's mouth and make sure the miniscule man meat is still in there... It is...

Joshua Reno: "Nevermind, he's all taken care of!


Audrey Dinklage: “Well that was certainly some interesting footage from earlier today…”

Huey D. Louie: “How does content like that even make it on the air!?!”

Mark Brooks and Butch Holiday
- vs -
Justin Sayn and RANDOM
Standard Rules
2500 Word Limit

Butch Holiday and Mark brooks make their way down to the ring to little fanfare.

Next up, Random makes his way doing to the ring. The fans don't seem very invested in him either.

Finally Justin Sayn comes down to the ring to a small pop.

::Ding Ding Ding::

Sayn and Holiday start the match. Sayn climbs the turnbuckle and poses for the fans.

[Image: HtjiZWZ.jpg]

All of a sudden Niggerdeer manifest in the center of the ring. Everyone except for Justin Sayn seems to be awestruck by the app
Allance of Niggerdeer. Sayn is too focused playing up to the crowd. Suddenly Brooks, Holliday, and Random drop to the ground in pain. It seems that their balls have just exploded out their assholes! As quickly as he appeared, Niggerdeer is gone! Sayn climbs off the turnbuckle to see everyone down and in agonizing pain.

Mika Hunt calls for the bell

Winner: Justin Sayn and Random

Louis Maxwell Pryce
- vs -
Jenny Myst
- vs -
Triple Threat Match
2500 Word Limit

Here we go! My favorite match of the night! Triple Threat! Titties! Myst!

Keep it in your pants, Huey.

Tig O' Bitties: This match is a Triple Threat, set for one fall! Introducing first, he is part of Dem Niggaz, Louis Maxwell Pryce!

Pryce comes out through the curtain and bounces up the ramp, being very flamboyant. He slides into the ring and throws his arms up.

The lights in the arena go dim.

Tig O Bitties: Introducing next, from New York City, New York...........Callllllyyypppssooooo

Calypso walks out through the curtain, making the belt symbol around his waist as he walks down the ramp, slapping five to fans and posing for selfies. Calypso jogs out from the entrance and poses at the top of the ramp. He attempts high fives to the crowd on his way down, but misses several of them or no one returns the gesture. Nearly falling out of the ring, he pulls himself in from the middle rope, and falls on his face on the ring apron. He uses his "natural" guns with his fingers to point out to the crowd and then holsters them in his imaginary holsters.

Once he gets into the ring....the lights go off again, and pink and white strobes encompase the arena.

Here we go! Here is my vote to win this match!

Lets not be so sure now, she has a lot of variables in play here!

Tig O' Bitties: And introducing next.....she is the XWF Bombshell Champion........from Las Vegas, Nevada........Jenny Myssssssttt!

Jenny enters the arena when the Drums hit for the first time in her entrance music. She has the Bombshell Title around her waist. Walking down the isle she looks extra salty, taunting the fans or pretending to give high fives and the pulling away at the last moment with a sarcastic smirk and an eye roll. When she gets to the ring:
[Image: RUlZaSV.gif]

Jenny holds the belt behind her head to the right, Alexa Biss style and winks to the camera as she does. After handing it off to the ref, she walks to the corner.


The bell rings and Jenny immdiately charges Calypso, but gets cut off by Maxwell, who clubs her in the side of the head. She goes down to one knee and the strang one goes to work on Calypso with a series of shots. It isn't long before Jenny is back up and wraps her arms around his waist, suplexing him backwards. When she sits up, however, she gets a big boot to the face from Calypso.

Huey D. Louie: That's cheating! She wasn't ready! DQ HIM!

Come on Huey.....she has to be alert in that ring. It is her responsibility to see that coming.

Calypso picks her up by the hair but Jenny is able to get a thumb to the eye. Calypso stumbles back and just then Maxwell comes out of nowhere and goes for a clothesline. She ducks and he takes Calypso over the ropes and to the mat below. He turns around and Jenny knees him in the gut. Throwing and arm up with a smile she uses the top rope to twist and run, as she spins and hits a big bull dog.


Jenny looks at the downed Maxwell, and she could pin him easily. Instead, she grins at Calypso. She looks to the top rope. She has a big grin on her face.

What is Jenny thinking here! She has the win! PIN HIM!

She is farrrrr to arrogant for that win. These two shared words all week, now shes gonna get hers!

She climbs the top rope, and blows a kiss as she comes off the top for a 450 splash attempt.......

At the last moment Calypso moves, grabbing her head and sending her face first off the announce table!

"OOOOOOHHHHHHHHH" from the crowd as Jenny is laying flat across the announce table. Calypso stumbles back to the ring and slides in just as Maxwell gets to his feet.

My god! Jenny! Someone check on her!

She brought this on herself, Huey!

There is a static on the broadcast as Huey takes his mic off and goes to Jenny's side.

Meanwhile, in the ring, Calypso comes off the ropes and hits a dropkick on Maxwell. He pops right back up and Calypso hits a standing drop kick. Bouncing off the ropes on the other side he hits a moonsault and goes for the pin.



Maxwell gets a shoulder up. Calypso holds up three fingers towards the ref. He then stands up and signals for the belt.

Calypso still thinks this match is for the Bombshell title.......

He picks up Maxwell and hits a scoop slam. Coming off the ropes he hits a leg drop. On the outside, Jenny is starting to stir as Huey seems to be almost coaching her back to conciousness.

In the ring, Calypso tosses Maxwell into the corner, where he slumps down. Calypso gets the crowd going with a couple fist pumps, then runs and hits a big bronco buster as he rides the face and chest of Maxwell.

Jenny comes to and holds onto the apron as she slides under the ropes and into the ring. More static, then Huey can be heard.

What did I miss?

Calypso is looking pretty darn dominant here


Jenny grabs Calypso by the back of the head as he is finishing the Bronco buster and slams the back of his head on the mat. She yells out in frustration as she does this. She then begins to stomp on the hands of Calypso. The ref tells her to back off.

"SHUT UP!" she yells, and brushes him off. She stomps on his hand again and he yells out as the ref gets between the two. She tries to get but the ref keeps her back, as Calypso sneaks in a cheap shot punch which causes her to become enraged. She shoves the ref, and he warns her of a DQ if she does it again.

Maxwell is pulling himself up using the turnbuckle. Calypso puts a boot on his neck and presses in. The ref doesn't see it because he is busy with her tempter tantrum. She points to what he is doing and yells. He turns around and begins the five count. At 5, he breaks the hold. Jenny charges and grabs him around the waist, tossing him back but he is immediately back to his feet. She rushes again, he goes for a punch, she ducks. Knee to the gut........



She hooks the leg.




Now Jenny is really livid. She begins to throw a tantrum in the middle of the ring.

[Image: XcvOpGX.gif]

Oh look at this.....our Bombshell Champion is having another tantrum....shocker.

That was three! This ref is blind!

Calypso begins to stir and she picks him up by the head. She signals for another Pink Perfection, and when she his half way through the twist of fate maneuver, he shoves her off and she flies half run/half fall into the turnbuckle. She bounces off and stumbles towards him, where he his a big spine buster. Jenny is out flat as Maxwell begins to stir and Calypso goes to one knee to get his bearings.

Jenny already had a bad back! That was mean!

That was like 3 months ago, Huey.......

Jenny rolls over holding her back. Maxwell is back up to his feet and charges Calypso, who drop toe holds him. He locks Maxwell in a Boston Crab and sits down into it. Maxwell writhes, reaching for the ropes. Calypso is yelling for him to tap. Maxwell is grimmacing, looking like he is about to tap. Just as it looks like he is about to tap, Jenny breaks the hold. She grabs Calypso by the head and bull dogs him in the center of the ring. She then locks in an ankle lock, the same one that made Kim Anderson tap.

Calypso is reaching for the ropes, but Jenny lays down, pulling on the hold and screaming for him to tap. He refuses and continue to crawl towards the ropes.

Maxwell is back up......but still a bit wobbly.

Finally Calypso uses a final surge to grab the ropes, but Jenny doesn't break the hold!

Yeah! Pull his leg off! Break his ankle!

The ref begins the five count.

But you wanted him DQ'd earlier.........

The ref gets to four and Jenny has no signs of breaking it. Finally at the 5 she lets go for a breief second. After about a second and a half, she re-applies the hold. Calypso begins to yell again and grabs the ropes. The ref starts counting again.

This time on the 5 count Maxwell clubs her in the back of the head. She breaks the hold and Calypso rolls out of the ring. She turns around and her and Maxwell exhange blows. She over powers him and hits a DDT. Just as she is getting prepared to cover for the win she happens to glance outside the ring. Calypso has the Bombshell Title! He is limping, but still has a smile on his face as he straps it around his waist. Jenny shakes her head and rolls out of the ring. She confronts Calypso and starts to berrade him. He shakes his head and points to himself, saying "MINE". She hauls off and slaps him.

The crowd goes "OOOOOHHHHHH". He grins, before grabbing her by the hair and whipping her back first into the ring post. Maxwell is leaning over the ropes, saying something to Calypso. Calypso takes him by the neck and drives his neck over the top rope. He drops back holding his throat. He drops the belt off his waist and looks at Myst.......then slides into the ring. She is slumped in the corner outside, holding her back.

Calypso sizes him up, asking for him to get up. Jenny sees the belt laying there, and snatches it. She limps around the outside, wincing, as she begins to walk up the ramp with her belt.

Where does she think she is going?

She has put up with these injustices for too long! She probably is going to have the belt sterilized! Who knows where Calypso's pelvis has been!

She turns and looks at the ring, holding her belt up as the crowd boos. Calypso is bent over the ropes, yelling at her that the belt is hers and still not understanding that this match isn't for the belt. Just then, Maxwell grabs him from behind and rolls him up!



Calpyso rolls out. Both men pop out, and up. Kick to the gut..............


Calypso looks right at Jenny as he hooks the leg.




Winner: Calypso

My god, Calypso did it!


Tig O' Bitties: Here is your winner..........Calypso!

Jenny waves it off with an obivous "fuck this gesture" and holds her belt up over her head before retreating to the back leaving Calypso in the ring, arguing with the ref and making the belt symbol around his waist.

Calypso is really trying to make his case here!

He's an idiot

[Image: hueynews1_20171023203830993_20171024094617797.jpg]

Good evening, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to another edition of Huge News W/Huey. I'm your host, Huey D Louie.

Our top story tonight: Chris Chaos: Excessively Egomaniacal or Aggressively Autistic?

Let's look at the evidence, shall we?

First we have a man who was once the biggest name in the XWF. A remarkable record at the time, only made more impressive by the fact that he practically refused to lose. You couldn't buy a win off this guy. Quite the impressive specimen.

But then..

He started racking up losses like his girlfriend Jenny Myst racks up pregnancy tests. For a while it's been easier to beat Chris Chaos than it has been to beat off.

It's okay, though. Losses happen. It isn't the end of the world. But it's kind of a big deal when you pretty much ignore them and continue to act like you're God's gift to Vincent Lane. I remember a time when Vinnie seemed to be more interested in licking your snatch after a victory than anything else. Though, Vinnie then seemed to find out about the Twitter hype and since then the only snatch he's after are all the ones that aren't his.

Poor Coxy Rotten.

So Chaos, loss stricken and in denial, continued to ride the loss bus, getting off at each and every stop to..

You guessed it.



Along came a Reno who was more terrible than you, though. And your bus ride had come to an end. Finally, after weeks of scraping the bottom of the barrel in terms of relevancy, Gabe Reno came along and put you back on track to be the ridiculously idiotic superstar you once were.

But wait!




In his epic quest for, well, whatever it is autistic people search for, he managed to lose another one.

But this is a special loss, you see. He managed to lose to none other than “Dark Rapist” Micheal “Nobody gives a shit how you spell your name ya fuckin’ kiddie diddler” Graves. So once upon a time, Pudpullin’ Mikey had a Universal Title shot while Chaos was still on his high horse. So the two go at it, and Graves almost beats him that time! Lucky for Chaos, Getfuct Marshmallow Man didn't actually pull out the victory. So, time passes and Graves is off laying pipe to little Kelly. All while Chaos is getting mangled by every name on the roster. Cadryn almost beat him (before he was even kinda good) if that tells you anything.

So Chaos gets booked against a mystery man, who turned out to be Graves. Which by the way, Chaos, I the writing was on the friggin’ wall, pal. He practically said look at my Graves T-shirt, Headband, and Fleshlight. And then he handed them to you said “I'm Micheal Graves" and you STILL thought it was Cadryn or Caedus.

And for that, my friend, we're gonna go ahead and make our vote for “Excessively Autistic”.

That wasn't a choice?

Well, it should have been.

Anyways, it's time for that special moment in the show where we crown this week's Louie's Loser.

[Image: louieloserdef.jpg]

And once again this week, the chosen one pulled double duty.

This week's Louie's Loser is none other than:

[Image: chaosplaque.png]

Because fairy tale endings only happen when you're not retarded.

That's all the time we have for this week folks. I'm Huey D Louie, and we'll see you next week!

Back to you, Audrey.

Barney Greens final XWF match!
Jim Caedus
- vs -
Barney Green
C-4 Deathmatch
2500 Word Limit

Audrey Dinklage: “This match is being advertised as Barney Greens retirement match Huey, what are your thoughts on witnessing this end of an era?”

Huey D. Louie: “Well first of all Audrey, This is Barney Greens what? twenty -Millionth retirement match? The guys like a cockroach, no matter what we do, he just keeps coming back. The only reason that this one might stick, is because once Jim Caedus is through with him, he may not be able to walk walk anymore… Or eat without a straw.”

Audrey Dinklage: “Well this match is being contested under Deathmatch rules, and C4 explosives have been planted at various points around the ring, but that’s not the only horrors that will be faced in this type of match is it?”

Huey D. Louie: “No it’s not Audrey. On top of the C4, the ropes have been wrapped with barbed wire and various weapons have been lined up around ringside. Most of which you wouldn’t typically see in a wrestling match.”

Audrey Dinklage: “Okay, well it’s time that we take it ringside with Tig O’Bitties!”

The camera cuts ringside to Tig O’Bitties who is standing in the ring.

Tig O’Bitties: “The following contest is a C4 Deathmatch! Introducing first, from Boston, Massachusetts and weighing in at 320 pounds…. BARNEY GREEN!!!”

The lights go out throughout the arena as "Rock You Like A Hurricane" by Scorpions plays throughout the arena. The fans go nuts as we see Barney Green appear on the titantron. The lights come back on and we see Barney Green standing at the top of the ramp with half his face painted in honor of his fallen mentor. Green, dressed in his trademark black shorts with the gold stripe down the sides and the initials FA on the waistband with a black t-shirt that says BG Studios on it in gold lettering, starts walking down to the ring waving the Irish Flag. Accompanying him is Jeff Night, who is dressed in a plaid overcoat with tan khakis and John Laurinaitis, dressed in a navy blue suit with a red tie. The three of them walk towards the ring as Green high fives a few fans. Green enters the ring and hands the flag off to John Laurinaitis, who stays outside with Jeff Night. Green stands in the corner and does one last taunt as the music fades.

Audrey Dinklage: “Jim Caedus playing up the anticipation.”

Huey D. Louie: “I’m beginning to think that something may have happened backstage. Production, does anyone have eyes on Jim Caedus?”

Huey presses his headset into his ear trying to better hear whoever is on the other end.

Huey D. Louie: “HE’S WHAT!?!


Tig O’Bitties: “And her opponent, Naples Island, Long Beach, California and weighing in at 230 pounds… JIM CAEEEEDUUUUS!!!”

The now familiar opening notes to "Ready Steady Go" by Paul Oakenfold begin to blast from the PA moments before the ring announcer plugs. The fans erupt. As the spiel is unloaded the lights cut, plunging the arena in darkness before silver strobes begin to flash and silver spotlights begin to continuously wave from along the length of the entrance walkway to the crowd and back.

Obviously practiced and well-timed, the moment the announcer finishes, "ready, steady, g-g-go!" is let fly by the song's vocalist and silver pyro erupts from the egress. Before the cloud of smoke dissipates, the former XWF Universal Champion Jim Caedus, steps out pushing a shopping cart full of fluorescent light bulbs as the house lights come up.

Audrey Dinklage: “What in the world? I don’t think that we need anymore weapons in this match, do you Huey?”

Huey D. Louie: “Meh, whatever helps them kill each other quicker.

His hair hangs freely, emotion absent in his eyes. He glances around at the majority population of fans who now know exactly who he is. The small pockets of his smarks seem less enthused to be a part of the crowd but remain cheering nonetheless.

As the music continues he turns his attention to the ring and Barney Green then starts an unconcerned slow walk, carefully gathering his long blonde hair into a secured samurai-style bun along the way. At ringside he removes his Dickies jacket, folds it carefully beside his corner's steps and grabs a couple of light tubes before he ascends to the apron, stepping through the ropes and into battle. Jim twirls the light tubes in his hands like swords before offering to pass one off to Barney Green. Barney is hesitant to accept, but with both Jim and the fans encouragement, Barney reluctantly reaches out and takes one. Jim seems happy as he walks back to his corner with an unusual spring in his step.

Huey D. Louie: “Why in the world would you give your opponent a weapon!?!”

Audrey Dinklage: “With this being Barney Green’s final match, I think Jim’s both honored that Barney chose him as his final opponent and just wants to give the fans and Barney a hell of a match tonight.”

Huey D. Louie: “That’s stupid! Just give him the hellish beating he deserves and let's get this over with!”


The two men slowly was out from their corners as the bell rings. With a smile on his face, Jim points at Barney Green with his light tube and challenges him to a light saber fight. Barney seems to agree as he readies his light tube for a big swing. Jim moves in, looking for an opportunity to take a big swing. Barney has his feet planted and his guard up. Jim fakes a swing, but Barney doesn’t fall for it. Jim smiles and walks back some as he looks out to the cheering crowd who is waiting to see some hardcore action. Jim readies himself and approaches Barney again. Jim lowers his light tube and reaches out to shake Barney’s hand. Suddenly Barney crashes his light tube over the head of Jim Caedus.

Audrey Dinklage: “Oh my god! Barney Green just cheap shotted Jim Caedus!”

Huey D. Louie: “I don’t like either of these guys, but Jim deserved it! These guys aren’t out here to play around or try and show everyone how much they respect each other.l They’re out here to FIGHT!”

Jim staggers back more or less from being caught off guard by the blow. Barney rushes in with the attack before Jim can recover. Barney takes the broken piece of glass from his light tube and begins jabbing it into the skull of Caedus. Blood begins to pour down Jim's face as the glass rips through his skin. The crowd erupts into cheers, not because they hate Jim or even love Barney, but because they are brought to life by the sheer brutality that they are witnessing. Jim drops back first to the mat as a way to try and escape to attack from Barney Green. Barney continues to stalk, but Jim uses his legs to trip Barney and causes him to fall chest first over the top rope. As Barney struggles to free his flesh from the barbed wire, Jim is able to recover and get back to his feet. Jim comes up behind Barney and yanks him off of the ropes, causing the barbed wire to tear the skin as it plucks out of his chest. Jim whips Barney into the ropes, but he reverses and sends Jim running instead. Jim hits the ropes and lets out a whelp as he rebounds towards Barney. Barney uses his size and weight to his advantage and levels Jim with a big clothesline.

Audrey Dinklage: “Huey, are you surprised to see Barney Green in control of this match early on?”

Huey D. Louie: “I’m surprised anytime I see Barney Green in control of anything that’s not an all you can eat buffet!”

Pushing himself up from the mat, Caedus looks up as Barney charges straight for him. Hitting Caedus in the chest with a running knee, Barney knocks Caedus off his feet and flying into the corner with a thud. Two more times, Barney slaps Caedus across the chest with open hand chops. As he goes for a third, Caedus bursts forward, locking onto Barney’s arm and spinning the two around before slamming Barney into the corner. With rights and lefts, Caedus connects to the sides of Barney’s head with rapid punches. Carefully grabbing onto the top rope to his right, Caedus uses it for leverage as he begins kicking Barney in the stomach over and over until forcing him down into a seated position. With Barney’s back against the corner, Caedus then transitions his kicks into stomps as he continues to drive his foot downward onto Barney. Pulling Barney up to his feet, Caedus holds him in place with his left hand before drawing back and hammering him in the face with a right. Pulling his left hand away, Caedus then draws back and swings forward with it, connecting with a vicious punch to the ribs. Caedus then begins throwing lefts and rights, backing Barney up across the ring as he connects with each and every one of them. Barney’s back then presses against the ropes as his movement comes to a stop. With nowhere to go, he covers his head as Caedus continues laying into him with punches. Turning the attack to Barney’s body, Caedus pounds at his mid-section over and over with repeated lefts and rights. Easing up on the attack, Caedus drapes both of Barney’s arms over the top ropes, using them to hold him up in place. Backing up to the center of the ring, Caedus then pounds his chest before roaring straight into the air. He then charges forward, extending his arms as he jumps with a finishing blow, but Barney grabs the top rope and drops to the mat, causing Jim to fly to the outside!


Audrey Dinklage: “Oh my God! Jim Caedus just hit C4!”

Huey D. Louie: “More importantly, did you see Barney Green grab that barbed wire like it wasn’t even there? I may not like him, but I never said that he wasn’t a tough son of a bitch!”

Caedus continues to wallow in pain on the outside. Barney gets up to one knee and looks at the palm of his hand. It’s shBarneyed and bloody. Barney reaches down and grabs the bottom of his shirt. He tears away at it, ripping off a long piece of material. He proceeds to wrap the cloth around his hand and cover the wound. Jim is beginning to show signs of life, but still hasn’t managed to get up. Barney slides under the bottom rope and ignores Jim, instead heading straight for a piece of plywood that is wrapped in razorwire. Barney sets the plywood up against the ring and turns his attention to Jim. Barney grabs Jim and pulls him to his feet. Jim winces in pain as he gets up. Barney shoves Jim's head between his legs and raises an arm as he lets out a war cry. Barney then lifts Jim up into a powerbomb and turns to slam him into the razor wire covered plywood, but Barney’s knee gives out before he can complete the move and both men topple to the mat.

Huey D. Louie: “If that knee could tell stories… It’d probably tell us to put it out of it’s misery!”

Barney grabs his knee and tries to massage it and work out the kinks. Jim climbs up to his hands and knees, but pauses to suck in some air as he tries to ignore the pain that he’s in from the C4 spot. Barney tries to get up, but the knee is still giving him problems. Barney looks at Jim, who is now up to one knee. Desperate, Barney begins punching the knee in an effort to hype himself up enough to ignore the pain. Jim makes it to his feet first, but Barney manages to get to a knee. Jim searches under the ring and pulls out a steel chair. He turns to Barney who is now standing. Jim begins to stalk. Barney knows that he can’t out maneuver Jim with his knee acting up, so instead he braces for impact.


Barney absorbs the shot from the chair and quickly shakes the cobwebs loose. Jim is stunned by the fact that Barney nearly no sold a chair shot like that. This gives Barney an opening that he needs. Barney reaches out and grabs the chair yanking it out of Jim’s hands. Caeuds instinctively throws his hands up to block the incoming shot, but Barney smashes the top of the chair into Jim’s ribs instead. Jim doubles over as Barney crashes the chair down across his back. Jim drops to the mat again. Barney tosses the chair to the side and takes a moment to try and work the pain out of his knee once more. Eventually Barney begins to limp over to the plywood. With his back turned, Barney doesn’t see Jim grab the barricade and pull himself back to his feet. Barney reaches out to grab the razor wire covered plywood that is leaning on the ring apron, but no sooner than he grabs it, he is hit from behind with a modified Wrexus Plexus that sends him crashing into the razor wire! Jim then grabs Barney by his shirt collar and pulls him backwards onto the ground. Jim climbs up to the apron and takes a running start before leaping off with a back splash across the plywood, driving the razor wire deeper into Barneys skin! That last move seems to take a little something out of Jim as well as he lays on the ground gulping down big breaths of air as Barney struggles to free himself of the barbed wire.

Audrey Dinklage: “This match is quickly taking a lot of out both men.”

Huey D. Louie: “Well duh! You know, you might just be worse than Jim Ross… Maybe.”

Barney pushes the razor wire covered plywood off of him, but continues to lay on the mat, bloody, pained, and out of breath. Jim grabs ahold of the ring apron and pulls himself up to his feet. Jim wipes his eyes, trying to wipe away the blood so that he can see. Jim slowly walks over to Barney, using the apron to help keep himself balanced. Caedus grabs Green and pulls him to his feet. Barney surprises Jim with a big uppercut! Jim staggers back, but then shoots back with a big right of his own! Barney manages to block it and lifts Jim up over his head and throws him! Jim crashes down into the shopping cart full of light tubes that he brought down to the ring! White powder explodes out of the cart as Jim crashes into the bulbs. The broken glass tears into his skin with every movement, making it hard for him to try and climb out.

Huey D. Louie: “That’s what he gets for bringing that crap out here to begin with!”

Barney grabs the shopping cart by the handle and takes off running. Barney releases the cart as it continues to roll with Jim in it, before finally crashing into the steel steps and toppling over. A very bloody Jim Caedus rolls out of the cart. He has cuts all over his back and up and down his arms. Barney walks over and kicks Jim forcing him to roll over on his back. Barney grabs Jim and throws him back into the ring. Barney slides in right behind him. On his feet, Barney reaches down and locks onto Jim’s arm before pulling him up from the mat. With a tight grip on his wrist, Barney then pulls Jim into a short-arm lariat, dropping down to his knees in the process as he levels Jim. Standing back up, Barney lifts Jim up from the canvas before spinning him around and delivering a brutal club to the back of his neck. Stumbling forward, Barney manages to get in front of him and connect with White Lightning Attack! Barney is slow to hook the leg.




Growing a bit frustrated, Barney pushes himself up before taking a moment to pace the ring and collect himself. He then turns back to Jim and steps in between him and the official. Reaching down and pulling Jim up from the mat. Jim breaks Barney’s grip with a quick thumb to the eye! Barney quickly pulls a hand up to cover his eye and backs away from Jim. Slowly, Jim pulls himself up to his feet, using Barney for leverage. As he stands, Jim presses both hands against Barney’s chest, pushing him backwards across the ring and into the corner. Jim fies off with a few big right hands to keep Barney stunned. He then uses all of his might to lift the big man up to the top rope. Jim takes a couple of quick deep breaths, then ascends to the second rope himself. Barney hits a couple of quick shots to the side of Jim’s head, but Jim fires back with a quick flurry of punches of his own that stuns Barney once more. Jim then hooks Barney’s head under his arm and pushes off the ropes with a big superplex!


The ring explodes as Barney hits the mat! Barney takes most of the blow, but it seems that Jim wasn’t spared from its destructive power either. Both men lay on the mat motionless.

Audrey Dinklage: “Both men were caught in that blast huey. The official may have to call this one.”

Huey D. Louie: “You don’t call a deathmatch Audrey! One of these assholes needs to man up and win this thing!”

Jim shows signs of life as he lifts his arm up and places it over Barney’s chest.




Winner - Jim Caedus!

Audrey Dinklage: “What an amazing match! Both of these men were able to dig deep and continue on when most would have quit long ago!”

Huey D. Louie: “Meh, they didn’t do anything that special.”

Audrey Dinklage: “Would you continue a match after getting blown up or having your flesh torn from the bone via razor wire?”

Huey D. Louie: “I’d never sign up for a match where that could happen in the first place!”

Audrey Dinklage: “Well there you go!”

Jim is helped to his feet by the official who then raises Jim’s arm as the victor. Jim can’t pull his attention away from Barney Green though. Jim pulls away from the referee and limps over to Barney. Jim kneels down and says something to the hardcore legend. Barney nods. Jim stands back up and extends his hand to Barney. Barney takes it, and slowly pulls himself up to his feet. Jim raises Barney’s hand high in the air as the crowd pops and begins chanting “Barney Green” signifying that even in defeat, tonight Barney Green is a winner. Jim then turns to Barney and the two men shake hands, but Jim takes it a step further than that as he pulls Barney in and hugs him.

Audrey Dinklage: “What a show of respect for a retiring legend! These two men left it all in that ring tonight, and in turn they now have the utmost respect for each other.”

Huey D. Louie: “Oh bullshit, they were basically butt buddies before the match!”

Jim raises Barney’s hand again as the crowd showers him with love, Savage cuts to a commercial break.CAD]

The Xtron suddenly goes blank, but comes straight back up with static.... Then the music starts....

Across the X-tron appears none other than Doctor Louis D'Ville. His face shines as a bright light shine upon him but leaving the background pitch dark... He looks up and smiles.

Hello, my friends!

The crowd chimes in....

My name is Doctor Louis D'Ville.

The crowd cheers over the volume of his voice forcing him to wait a few moments before they calm down.

As you all may know, there have been hints of a certain VERY special event approaching in just a few short weeks. That's right. Oh, yes. It's the Shove It: Where the Sun Don't Shine!

The crowd is estatic!!!!

Oh snap!

Last year, fans, we seen a new Xtreme Champion crowned at this same event! What does Doc have planned for THIS one?

I'm not sure, Audrey, but it should be good!

November 25, 2017, nearly one month to THIS day, I will be hosting my SECOND Shove It.


Indeed! My Shove-It will be just the same as last year! Within my most precious domain surrounded by the lake of fire! A rumble that will truly bring the best of the competition of the XWF together and........

The crowd waits in anticipation....


The crowd freaks out a bit more....


The noise is unbearable.


Doc chuckles to himself.

You'll just have to wait and see.

The arena floods with boo's.

Well, it's the same gamble you've all taken before, no? Random entries, why not a random prize? It could be Xbux. It could be a title shot. It could be a match of your choice.... Who knows?! What I do know is...... Opportunity is in ANYONE's hand that steps forward.... And no one will be disappointed. The 25th of November will be memorable just like my former Shove It! So, as I stand her before the XWF Universe. As I stand here, a man with a plan.... A glorious plan... I ask you to stand beside me and join me on this most glorious day.... And rumble with some of the best competitors in this FINE organization. I will be waiting. And watching. Anticipating.... And I expect EVERYONE to attend.

[Image: BvMQO7A.jpg?4]

Doc drifts off through the smoke and darkness, disappearing as if he was never there.... As the X-tron goes blank.


Micheal Graves
- vs -
Neville Sinclair
15 Minute Time Limit
2500 Word Limit

Tig O' Bitties: The following contest is scheduled for ONE FAAAAALL with a FIFTEEN MINUTE TIME LIMIT...and is for the X! W! F! TELEVISION CHAMPIONSHIP!!

The fans explode.

Huey D. Louie: Whooooooa nelly! Listen to that fan reaction, Audrey! HIGHLY anticipated main event tonight!

Audrey Dinklage: "Not hard to believe, Hue'. The XWF's higher-educator Neville Sinclair has proven to be an unquestionably dominant force on the TV Title scene unlike any in this current era beyond the undefeated Jim Caedus, and he's shooting for the record books with the longest reign in our promotion's history! As for Micheal Graves, in my opinion he's been testing the teacher this week like no other has before.

Huey D. Louie: How right you are, Audrey. The guy truly has 9 lives; every time it looks as if he may be on his way to retirement, he bounces back revitalized and ready, better than ever before. Hell, last week he defeated none other than former XWF Universal Champion Chris Chaos!

Audrey Dinklage: Indeed he did. This should definitely be one heck of a -ahem- "barn burner".

Huey sniffles a bit at the homage to Jim Ross.

Huey D. Louie: Oh JR...why did you have to turn to the dark side of the flush?

Audrey Dinklage: The "dark side of the flush"?

Huey D. Louie: Slanging clean piss.

Audrey Dinklage: Oh I got it, it's people here with your puns.

Huey D. Louie: Hey now, what do you mean "you people"?

Audrey Dinklage: Yeah, the clichés too.

Huey D. Louie: See here little missy who bears the surname of the greatest dwarven actor since Warwick Davis, it's not too late to find some other broad to replace Ross. I hear a Christina Applegate looking chick auditioned and, well, it WOULD make more sense, aesthetically speaking.

He preens into the lens, fixing his Burgundy cut.

Audrey Dinklage: I'll be good.

Huey D. Louie: You have a LOT to learn, "young lady".

Tig O' Bitties: Introducing first, the challenger...

Lime green and purple laser lights flash across the entrance ramp.

Tig O' Bitties: Hailing from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania...he stands 6 foot 4 and weighs in at 255 pooooounds..."PSYCHOPEDIA BROTANNICA"...MICHEAAAAAAAL GRAAAAAAAAVES!!

Huey D. Louie: You gonna tell me Psychopedia Brotannica isn't like PUN gold?? See what I did there? Played off a top notch pun with a pun of my own. Spun gold? Pun gold?

Audrey Dinklage: I admit, those weren't half bad.

Micheal Graves jogs out to the stage pumped and full of energy. He looks out to the mostly cheering crowd (the Gravesiders) with a grin on his face, seemingly awestruck by the reaction. Micheal hops down and smacks the ground with both hands before springing up with his arms raised above his head. He then takes off down the ramp with a brisk pace looking out to the fans still. Halfway down the ramp Micheal takes off full steam ahead and dashes towards the ring, sliding in and springing back to his feet. He jogs over to the hard camera side of the ring and jumps up on the bottom rope, raising his right arm into the air. Micheal leans up against the turnbuckle as he waits for the action to get underway.

Tig O' Bitties: And his opponent...

Huey D. Louie: Just listen to the difference in entrances. From electronica to classical. Polar opposites, these two.

Tig O' Bitties: From Oxford, England...standing 6 foot 2 and weighing in at 225 poooooounds...the X! W! F! TELEVISION CHAMPIOOOOOOOON...NEVIIIIIIIIIILLE SIIIINCLAAAAAAAAAAIR!!

Neville steps out from the egress, soaking in both the majority boos from the marks and the cheers from his pockets of U.S. smarks who've taken to calling themselves the Sinclairicans. TV strap around his waist, glass of scotch in his hand, Neville slowly makes his way down the ramp taking sips as he does so. By the time he reaches the ring he tosses back the remaining half of his drink then looks to the ringside fans, locates a lucky of-age Sinclairican, and underhand lobs the empty glass to him. He then ascends the steps to the apron and steps through the ropes, undergoing a few light stretching swings of the arms as he keeps an eye on a confidently grinning Graves.

Tig removes the TV Title from around his waist and holds it up before handing it off to an official outside the ring.







Graves and Neville circle one another and both pause for a moment as the more loyal of their fans cheer-off before returning their attention to each other, Graves winking, Neville narrowing his eyes.

Huey D. Louie: And they lock up!

Graves taking the lead here with his height, weight and strength advantage as he swiftly kicks to the gut, smacks away the Champ's arms and snatches the left, twisting it behind Neville's back with a simple wristlock. Neville responds quickly with a back elbow strike to Micheal's head, breaking the hold.

He spins, lands two punches, grabs Graves's left arm in turn, whipping him-

No! Graves reverses the whi-

NO! NEVILLE taps the brakes and HE reverses, successfully whipping Graves across the ring and drawing back into his own!

Graves on the rebound-

DUCKS a clothesline attempt by a charging Neville and hits the opposite ropes as Neville does the same! Off the rebound-

Neville baseball slides beneath a BIG BOOT attempt by Graves! Graves spins as Neville pops up-

Graves with a ROUNDHOUSE KICK-






Huey D. Louie: Good LORD what a start!

Audrey Dinklage: Just over a minute in, neither man has gotten one over on the other and they're already tearing the roof off!


Both Graves and Neville circle once more, Graves smiling, Neville sneering...they lock up-

Graves AGAIN taking control quickly as he pulls Neville in for a simple side headlock. Sinclair powers Micheal forward, freeing himself from the headlock by shoving Graves with all his might to the ropes. He charges forward and leaps with a dropkick!

Graves holds fast to the ropes to avoid it! As Neville rises, Graves backs into and bounces off-

Neville throws his arms up in an X, absorbing GRAVES'S dropkick as he bounces back against the ropes behind him and runs forward with a YAKUZA KICK to a rising Graves-





The fans again erupt, Neville and Graves both looking out to them and playing into it with the ol' "THIS fuckin' guy" expression.


Huey D. Louie: Jesus! I haven't seen such a struggle just to gain the OPENING upper-hand in a TV Title bout since Neville was crowned! Maybe never!

Audrey Dinklage: Nearly 3 minutes in and STILL neither man has definitively landed more than a punch or a kick!

Huey D. Louie: Graves and Sinclair are both at the TOP of their game tonight!


Graves throws his palms up in exaggerated fashion, signaling to Neville to go ahead and reenter the ring. Neville eyes him dubiously for a moment then steps between the ropes-

Graves rushes in with a double axe handle blow to Neville's back! He grabs him by the hair and pulls him fully into the ri-



Audrey Dinklage: Hey!

Huey D. Louie: Neville may be looking to get this one thrown out!

Mika warns Neville, who responds with, "You can always call a DQ, love."

"Fuck that!"

Graves stands upright, wincing from the ball busting.

"Mika, no DQ! No matter WHAT happens!"

Mika raises her eyebrows, incredulous, retorting, "I'll be the referee here if you don't mind."

Angrily, Graves strides over to Neville, glaring slightly down into the Educator's eyes. Neville returns the glare fearlessly with his own cocky half-smile.


Graves slaps then shoves Neville HARD. Neville stumbles back, chuckles, then casually begins walking forward-

-and suddenly charges in! The two erupt into an angry exchange of furious fists!!

Audrey Dinklage: Frustrations are reaching a boiling point now!

The two continue to batter one another...

...and Graves for the third time gains the upper hand, rocking Neville with a hard right then a one-two combo that staggers him-

-capitalizing with an Irish whip on Sinclair into Graves's own raised thrown knee to the gut before spinning and whipping Neville fully into the opposite ropes! Off the rebound-

Graves snatches Neville around the waist, allowing the Educator's forward momentum to carry them both back, LIFTS HIM at the last moment and-



Neville drops face-front neck-first onto the top rope, bouncing off and landing, grasping at his throat with both hands and coughing, slowly turning-

Graves KICKS hard to the gut, doubles Sinclair over!! He positions him!!

S I T O U T P O W E R B O M B ! ! !

Mika slides to the mat!



Audrey Dinklage: Neville kicks out RIGHT after the two count!!


Huey D. Louie: Man oh man, it's heating up now! The first successful connecting maneuvers and first pinfall go to Graves!


Graves continues the pressure, forcing Neville to his feet. He executes a snap suplex and a float over into another pin.


Neville kicks out before the two this time! Still winded however, Graves immediately transitions from the kick out and positions the TV champ into a dragon sleeper!!

Huey D. Louie: Now there's the sign of a wily vet. He hit a string of strong moves for a pin, he hit a snap suplex into a second pin to test the fuel level of his opponent then seeing more work needing to be done, settles into an energy sapping submission!


Neville struggles in the hold, facing up at the ceiling high above. He strikes at Graves's head with a fist. Graves merely takes the hits and cinches in tighter, Neville ceasing the striking and instead grabbing at Micheal's arms, attempting to loosen his grip and perhaps slip his head free. Micheal refuses to relent, cinching in even TIGHTER. Neville's struggles begin to lose their spark...


Mika watches closely as Neville's eyes clo-

-Neville jerks to life and struggles even HARDER this time!! Graves makes a show of locking the dragon sleeper in as TIGHTLY as he can!! Neville struggles...

...and slowly he again loses his spark......his eyes close......


Mika grabs Neville's right arm and raises it...


She repeats...


She raises it a third time...


Graves curses and stands, lifting Neville along with him...

I N V E R T E D S U P L E X ! ! !





"Audrey Dinklage: Unbelievable turnaround!

Huey D. Louie: IT'S GOTTA BE OVER!!!

Neville stands, dusts himself off, then drops and hooks the leg!!






Neville, still weary and aching from Graves's onslaught and that dragon sleeper, despite a quick counter finisher, rolls onto his back, cursing, chest heaving.

Graves, freshly knocked silly despite kick out, remains on the mat gazing up but seeing only stars.

Huey D. Louis: Neville's catching some much needed recuperation time and Graves looks out of it!

Audrey Dinklage: It comes down to whomever recovers first!

Huey D. Louis: Nice one on the "whomever" there, Neville would appreciate that.

Mika begins her count!





Neville sits up, rising slowly to his feet and Mika stops the count!


Huey D. Louis: Uh oh...Graves is in trouble now.

Audrey Dinklage: Still out on the mat, Hue'.

Neville grabs a double handful of long hair and pulls Graves up to a wobbly standing position. He lands a STIFF European uppercut that sends Graves backpedaling into the ropes with a rebound-


Neville is quick to roll to his feet and pull Graves up again. This time he wraps both hands behind Micheal's head and launches two STIFF knees to the larger man's gut! The Educator then transitions, taking the proper amount of time for....

T H E B O O K E N D !!!!

DRIVING Graves skull-first to the mat with his full weight behind his trademark maneuver!!

Huey D. Louis: HE STILL ISN'T DONE!!






Suddenly, a thick green mist begins to seep forth from the form of Micheal Graves!! Neville immediately relinquishes the pin and leans back on his knees in confusion, waving at the mist with his hands and coughing. Graves's eyes...are glowing purple!!

Huey D. Louis: Oh my Gooooood!

Audrey Dinklage: What the Hell's going on??

Huey D. Louie: Did you miss King of the Ring?? The Big Ben Brawl?? The DRAGON!??

Audrey Dinklage: The WHAT!?

Mika doesn't know what to make of this and shrugs to Neville who stands and stalks over to her gesturing angrily at Graves. "Do something, you twat," the champ spits with British venom and accent.

Mika makes her way cautiously over to Graves, waving at the noxious poison mist, and begins a count.


"Well don't count, disqualify the man!!"

Mika shouts "CAN-IT!!" over her shoulder and continues the count.


Audrey Dinklage: An obvious call I'd say. It isn't as if Graves has done anything illegal, he just kicked out in an unorthodox manner and now he's lying prone.

Huey D. Louie: Ohhhh you just watch...


The lights extinguish, plunging all in darkness save for the purple glow of Graves's eyes...


The lights snap back on--

Huey D. Louie: Holy SHIT!!

Audrey Dinklage: AAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!

Z O M B I E H I G H S C H O O L C H E E R L E A D E R S !!!!

are emerging from beneath the ring!!!!

Neville starts in fright at the sight of the first to begin crawling into the ring near him. He cocks back his right arm in a defensive motion and NAILS MIKA IN THE FACE!! SHE DROPS LIKE A SACK OF SHANE'S BELOVED POTATOES!!

Neville spins to acknowledge the fallen ref then spins back to see the first zombie cheerleader already in the ring and two more rising to the apron behind her!! He looks to Graves, still on his back exuding that green mist, eyes glowing purple. Three more zombie high school cheerleaders begin to ascend to the apron from behind Neville and on both the hard and soft camera ends of the ring, encircling him!!!

A secondary referee explodes from the egress, runs down the ramp-

-then screeches to a halt at the sight of zombie cheerleader jailbait, turns and hightails it back the fuck on outta there!!!

At the commentary table, Audrey is nowhere to be seen, most likely beneath it, hiding, while Huey gapes, speechless at the horrific action unfolding before his eyes. The fans are in an uproar.

Back in the ring, the first zombie high school cheerleader extends her rotting hands to Neville, a hungry snarl across her lips-



Neville wipes away the gore angrily, looks to the entrance ramp-

- the fans erupt at the sight of TOMMY GUNN, BRANDISHING A COLT M16!!



The two zombie cheerleaders about to enter the ring behind the first both drop, their maggoty heads bursting!!



Both zombie high school cheerleaders on hard and soft camera aprons drop in a shower of their own skull and brain matter!! Tommy gives a salute into a middle finger to Neville, raises his arms to a raucous ovation, then makes his exit.

Neville turns to Graves-


Neville stands his ground bravely this time, resolute, heroic even. He snatches the gruesome girl by the throat, halting her approach...grabs her by the died-blue back ponytail...


Neville then turns to Graves-

-he's GONE!!!!



- to see Mika, shaking the cobwebs from her head and asking what happened!!!







Neville hooks the leg.




Neville did it again! The greatest Television Champion in history does it again against a grizzled veteran!!

we are looking at history right now ladies and gentlemen and it doesn't seem like Neville is ever going to lose!

Both men are laid out and exhausted.


The crowd is still buzzing about the great match they just saw.

Tig O Bitties: Here is your winner and STILL XWF TV CHAMPION......NEVILLE!!

Both men get to their feet, and Neville snatches the belt from the ref. Just as he is about to leave the ring he stops and turns around. Micheal Graves is standing there panting and wincing but has his hand extended. Neville seems cautious at first but eventually he reaches out and shakes his hand as the crowd goes nuts the two men nod at each other and Neville leaves with his belt.

Unbelievable sportsmanship between two unbelievable athletes!

I'd actually agree with you Audrey, but I'm addicted to winning and this entire show put me in withdrawal. I'm Huey D’ Louie, she's ugly. Good night, and God’s speed XWF Universe!

[Image: iBdMi9p.jpg]

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"Hah! And everyone bet two grand on Graves, bet they're reconsidering their decision now."

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I questioned his fortitude all week, but Neville Sinclair has proven himself to be the real deal. Carry on my dude, carry on...

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A camera follows Neville to the back, where he books it to the bathroom area to wash all of the shit off of himself. Muttering to himself, it's clear that Neville still is in a bit of shock.

Take it all as a learning experience... Take it all as a learning experience...

As he finds a chunk of rotting bone stuck to his head, he notices the camera.

I know many of you didn't think I could get through this, while countless others are wondering what the fuck just happened. The truth be told, I still don't know all that's happened. I was fighting Graves, then the lights went out, and there were zombie cheerleaders... Everything defies logic right now, and I'll have lots of time to watch replays and figure out all that went on.

But this was a learning experience for me. I've learned more this past week about being a champion, than in many of the weeks previous. Everything is preparing me to be the most dominant champion this federation has ever seen. This match moves me a bit closer to ready, and who knows, maybe I'll have a big announcement soon.

But I was watching betting lines, and seeing the money go against me, so allow me to teach you all a lesson as well...

Never bet against Neville Sinclair

OOC: Serious Graves, thanks for this match. Fighting someone of your caliber raised my game a ton, and this will be a match that I will define myself on for a long time. Rematch some day?

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(10-28-2017 06:28 PM)Neville Sinclair Said:  A camera follows Neville to the back, where he books it to the bathroom area to wash all of the shit off of himself. Muttering to himself, it's clear that Neville still is in a bit of shock.

Take it all as a learning experience... Take it all as a learning experience...

As he finds a chunk of rotting bone stuck to his head, he notices the camera.

I know many of you didn't think I could get through this, while countless others are wondering what the fuck just happened. The truth be told, I still don't know all that's happened. I was fighting Graves, then the lights went out, and there were zombie cheerleaders... Everything defies logic right now, and I'll have lots of time to watch replays and figure out all that went on.

But this was a learning experience for me. I've learned more this past week about being a champion, than in many of the weeks previous. Everything is preparing me to be the most dominant champion this federation has ever seen. This match moves me a bit closer to ready, and who knows, maybe I'll have a big announcement soon.

But I was watching betting lines, and seeing the money go against me, so allow me to teach you all a lesson as well...

Never bet against Neville Sinclair

OOC: Serious Graves, thanks for this match. Fighting someone of your caliber raised my game a ton, and this will be a match that I will define myself on for a long time. Rematch some day?

OOC: You'd better believe it! This match was the most fun that I've had in some time with Graves, and I walked out of it catching some flaws that I didn't realize that I had. Definitely a learning experience for myself as well.

Spoiler :


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[Image: yhH1zIt.png]

Proved wrong.



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(10-28-2017 06:17 PM)Micheal Graves Said:  I questioned his fortitude all week, but Neville Sinclair has proven himself to be the real deal. Carry on my dude, carry on...

Hey man, I just wanted to say I'm proud of you.

You saddled up and you weathered the storm, and you showed an amount of fortitude you ain't shown in quite sometime.

Though you should probably buy a compass.

Winnersville is north of Failsville, not south.

Come on by, I'll pour you a drink.


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The scene opens up backstage where we see a heavily bandaged Barney Green being tended to by the medics. Next to him stands John Laurinaitis and Jeff Night. Jeff goes to speak first.

Jeff: That was a great showing, man. I know Foley Anderson would be proud of you.

John speaks next.

John: You have nothing to be ashamed of, Champ. You had a really tough challenge ahead in Jim Caedus.

Barney goes to speak.

Barney: Thank you both for coming with me to this match. I knew I could count on the both of you. Even though it is my final match, I knew I wanted to go out with a bang and couldn't have asked for a better opponent than Jim Caedus. The guy is a future legend and a beast.

[Image: Xo5FQJZ.jpg]
"Straight Outta Boston"

Props to Cadryn Tiberius for this banner.
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I stop the EMS suture tech from inserting the wickedly curved needle into the first of my many open lacerations earned from a torturous, hard fought match with The Green Machine.

"Nah, leave 'em. Clean them up, yeah, bandage 'em...but let 'em scar over. Those are badges."

"Jim, either way it'll scar. Pass on the stitching and you'll be walking around with a torso looking like Dusty Rhodes's forehead."

"Don't contradict me, Floyd. I want these scars as trophies...the night I went head to head with XWF Legend Barney Green and survived." I look to the lens. "Barn', that was the single most painful in-ring experience of my 21 years thus far in the business. You've no idea how honored I am to have been chosen for your final match, even if I wish it wasn't that. Much respect Mr. Green and thank you. Good luck in all your future endeavors."

As the scene FADES we hear Jim say, "Fuck you think you're doing? I was being theatrical! Sexy, neat scars are fine, I don't need a body covered in ragged little blown out vaginas! Sew me up dickhe-"


ooc: Fuckin' dope card, 4 matches or not! Opening seg had me lmao XD Amazing match writing on the Caedus/Green match, thank you to the writer!!

Barney, thank you brother. Like Caedus said I'm honored af that I could be your final opponent. You the man, Mr. Green!

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Shout out to Gravy for these kick ass banners

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~XWF September 2017 RP of the Month!! - "Lions and Tigers and Caedus, Oh Shit"
~Proud final opponent of XWF Legend Barney Green

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OOC: Good show, really enjoyed the TV match, Barney's final match, and Huey's segment, that shit was funny. Congratulations to all the victors and well better luck next time to the losers. [/color]

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