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Miami, Florida
Thursday, Partly Cloudy, 10am

Scully was walking down the road, no he wasn't, that wouldn't be very safe would it? Why do they say, I was walking down the road? I know it's not IN the road but still. Scully walked on the pavement with little Aston perched on his shoulders. Aston had his little Thomas the engine bag on his shoulders which had his clothes, juice, teddy, blankie, nappies and wet wipes, the usual toddler essentials. Aston was in his element way up high and was laughing every time his dad did a little jump, Astons little head bobbled around. Scully was taking little Aston home to his mother. They cut through a large park, Aston claps with excitement and points to the play area, "Daddy park?" Scully responds with regret, "Sorry mate, we can't. We gotta get you home to your mum."Tears welled from Aston's eyes now, his lower lip quivering... He then simply said, "Peas?" What Aston meant, was "please?" Skull looks up and begins to feel bad.

Scully sighs, he couldn't help himself, he gives in already. "Yes, okay but we gotta be quick." A cute smile emerges on Astons little face. Skull couldn't help but return the smile as he lifts his son from his shoulders and places him on to the floor. Skull takes Astons bag off him and carries it. Aston runs as fast as small legs would take him, they reach the gate to play area and Scully opens the gate for him. Aston runs straight to small framed ladder and attempts to get up, he looks at his dad for assistance. Scully simply places his son firmly on to the apparatus. Aston sits at the top of the slide and pushes himself down as he grins from ear to ear, Scullys phone rings. He takes his Samsung Galaxy S8 Edge out of his pocket and answers immediately when he sees Natalies name.


"Where are you?"

"Just at the park by you..."

Whilst on the phone, Scully multitasked. He continued to lift Aston up so he could carry on going down the slide. Natalie heard him giggling

"Thought you had to get ready to go to Vancouver?"

"I DO but I couldn't say no to my little man. Actually did you and Aston want to come with me?"

"Erm... That sounds like an idea. Let me think about it... I'll let you know when you get here. Is that Okay?"

"Yeah sure. I won't be long."

"Okay, see you soon."


With that the phone call ends. Scully places his phone back into his pocket, he smiled and he seemed chuffed at the thought of Natalie and Aston taking the trip to Vancouver with him. Scully took Aston by the hand and took him over to the toddler swings. The park was quiet at this time and Aston got a swing pretty easily. Scully places his little mate into the swing and begins to push his son who is overjoyed as he laughs with excitement. Skull pushes Aston higher and higher...

20 Minutes Later.....

Scully walks hand in hand up the drive of his old house, the home he shared with Natalie and his son, that they still occupy. Scully technically owned the house but because of his betrayal, he had to do the honoury thing and leave. Scully went to ring the bell but Natalie opens the door before he could. She looked stunning as ever and Scully stared in awe, he isn't shy to also look at her cleavage. Aston runs into the arms of his mum, she cuddles him tightly, kissing him on the forehead. Natalie says exactly the same thing Scully said to Alfie.

"Why didn't you just open the front door and come in?"

"Just being polite."

"You're silly! Come in then."

Scully follows after Natalie and Aston. Scully noticed a small luggage bag on the floor in the hall way, he was smiling inside. Natalie puts Aston in front of his train set and he begins to play. Skull follows Natalie into the kitchen, she turns the kettle on...


"Yeah please.."

Natalie grabs a couple of mugs off the tea tree and places them on to the side, in front of the kettle. She places the tea bags in to the mugs and waits for the kettle to boil...

"So Mike, I've decided to come. I've gotten mine and Astons stuff ready as you probably guessed."

"I hoped you would."

"Don't get any ideas..."

"If you want, you have the bed. I'll sleep on the sofa..."

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

With its scenic views, mild climate, and friendly people, I'm sure they're all friendly yeah, NO dickheads live here. Sure thing, if you say so. Vancouver is known around the world as both a popular tourist attraction and one of the best places to live, apparently. Vancouver is also one of the most ethnically and linguistically diverse cities in Canada with 52 percent of the population speaking a first language other than English. Way to go.
Vancouver has hosted many international conferences and events, including the 2010 Winter Olympics and 2010 Winter Paralympics. Hey maybe Retarded Scully could enter the Paralympics next time? Now we have the Xtreme Wrestling Federation presenting Leap Of Faith number 5, live from the Rogers Arena which is home to the Vancouver Canucks of the National Hockey League and hosted the ice hockey events at the 2010 Winter Olympics. The name of the arena temporarily became Canada Hockey Place during the Olympics. It was previously home to the Vancouver Grizzlies of the National Basketball Association from 1995 to 2001.

Scully, Natalie and Aston had arrived in Vancouver Thursday night after an 8 hour flight. It was a lot colder in comparison to Miami, Florida, that was for sure. Let's put it this way, all three of them wore a coat of some sort as it was cold in comparison to what they were used to. It was 29°C in the City of Miami and only 8°C in Vancouver. Sure it might have not freeeezing but there was still a bit of difference. When they arrived in Vancouver, they went to the hotel straight away to check in and have some rest. Pinnacle Hotel Harbourfront, was a 4-Star hotel and had decent reviews. Scully and Natalie were impressed with the service they had already and the hotel itself was really nice. Aston had been put to bed pretty quickly, he was quite tired. Scully was on the sofa with a blanket as he stared at the ceiling. Natalie was fast asleep, she was k.od as soon as her head hit the pillow. Suddenly Scully here's a grunting noise and the sound is coming from Natalies direction, he looks over to see Nat who begins tossing and turning. She was obviously having a dream of some sort. Scully wanted to comfort her but he wasn't sure of the reaction he would get. Natalies eyes open and she led there, seeming upset, a tear strolled down her face. Skull removed the blanket and walked over to the king size bed Natalie was sleeping in. He wore a T-shirt and lounge pants, something he hardly needed to wear back in Miami. He sat on the end of the bed as Natalie smiled at him.

"Are you okay?"Probably a dumb question considering the fact she was upset. Natalie replied quietly, "I'll be fine, thank you." Scully nods his head and is just about to stand up off the bed until Natalie reaches out and holds his wrist.

"Come in to bed with me?"

"Are you sure?"

Natalie smiles and nods in approval. It sure beat sleeping on that sofa. Scully lifts the duvet and takes a sneak peek at Natalies bare ass who had turned over. Natalie wore a purple, silky nightie and the back of it had risen up a little. Scully got into the bed and led on his back, Natalie turned back to face him and wrapped his arm around her so she could lie on his chest. Scully didn't say a thing, he just smiled inside and closed his eyes.

Friday, Mostly Cloudy, 2pm
Vancouver Aquarium

Scully wouldn't normally have been visiting the aquarium, had he gone to Vancouver by himself. Natalie was quite impressed with the fact Scully had suggested the family going there to visit the different sealife animals. Aston was excited when his mother and father had told him where they were taking him. In addition to being a major tourist attraction for Vancouver, the aquarium is a centre for marine research, conservation and marine animal rehabilitation.

The family took selfies, photos of each other and the sealife of course, as they took their time to see the frogs, dolphins, sharks, and the cute penguins! Natalie loved Dolphins and it was difficult to get her away fron them. When they were looking at the penguins, Scully made one his poor jokes which he actually read of a back of a penguin chocolate bar wrapper.

"What DO penguins wear when they visit the beach?"

"Here he goes... What is that?"


Natalie slightly chuckled as Scully grinned, "Sad..." Natalie took the hand of Scully as they smiled at one another. It seemed they were getting on very well indeed. The addition of the "Discover Ray" exhibition lets you get really up-close with the sting rays. This place is both fun and educational for all ages! One thing I like is that all of the featured sea creatures (such as the False Killer Whale) on display is that they were rescued and being taken care of as they are determined to be non-releasable. That makes it more reasonable to keep them and providing a home for them. Natalie loved these Whales and felt quite bad for them when someone explained to them exactly that. After they had looked around the whole aquarium, Scully and Natalie took Aston into the gift shop to let him have a treat or 2. They always put these gift shops at the end of the attraction just so you had to walk through them to the exit. They were clever like that. So far Scully and Natalie had grown closer, they were smiling at one another and enjoying each other's company. Whether it meant they would re-unite would remain to be seen.......

"I need to speak to Vinnie Lane immediately. I mean of cause I want to be in this match, I want to win the 24/7 briefcase and I'm going to win it. But I thought this was a fight on top of the rafters? You know the same rafters, Sting would fly down with his baseball bat in hand, to take out certain enemies and save foes. The same rafters the late, great, the best Hart in Owen Hart fell to his unfortunate death. Not literally the same rafters by the way but similar none of the less. But what the fuck are opponents doing? I mean hey, Robert Main I found your nose, it was up Danny Imperials ass! Like previously stated Chris Chaos has been found guilty of sucking up to Jim Caedus.Now I think about it, although it won't be good to be up there with these sexually keen men and it certainly won't be good viewing. But I say let them have their orgy and I'll just toss them off... No. NOOOO.... Not like that, I'm not part of that. I meant throw them off! Had to re-word it there.

Did you guys hear what Danny Imperial said about me? He called me irrelevant? Where's the tissues? I'm going to cry, to be called irrelevant by some snot nosed kid is... Is ludacris. He's boasting he beat me, making out he used to be a rookie? You still are a rookie! There was nothing fresh about you before and there certainly isn't now. Just because you beat me with the help of Paul Heyman doesn't mean you're amazing. Just because you captured the shittest CHAMPIONSHIP the XWF has to offer in the TV title, doesn't make you some sort of God. Please tune in at LOF to see Danny Imperial as Superman..

Chaos claims he called me out when I was the Uni champ. I don't recall this, if you did, then you just wasn't worth my time, at the time. Hey I give you 1 star for the shocking puppet show you put on. What the fuck was that? It wasn't exactly Sooty and co or The Muppet Show was it? Oh wait it was cuz a Muppet was hosting it, in you, Chris Chaos. Another one that hates me.. Wahooooo... I fuckin love it!

Have you and Main been talking about me? Oh I hate this guy so much. I hate Scully. I'd hate me too if I looked like you two fannies! Dont hate the Scully, hate the game. "

"Da End, Scully Has Spoken"
Former XWF Universal Champion
Former XWF Xtreme Champion
Former 3 x XWF Tag-Team Champion ~
1 x w/Robbie Bourbon & 1 x w/Chris Macbeth &
1 x w/Maverick
Former 2 x XWF HMW Champion

July 2016 Superstar of the Month

Everyone in the list below has lost to Scully or just been Scullanated and never returned to the XWF!☠

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