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Only One Can be on Top!
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10-10-2017 11:36 PM

The World of Wrestling: the land of alleged opportunity. The place where men and women can be equals, but equality in professional wrestling is still a very scarce objective. Women are continuously being looked at as mere sex symbols and pieces of eye candies for male viewers entertainments. The Xtreme Wrestling Federation tried to claim they were different. They tried to maintain they were starting the bombshell’s division for the equality to give women their own platform to showcase real and raw talent, but, come one of the biggest pay-per views of the year—the bombshell’s championship is to be decided in a gimmick match. Not just any gimmick match, but a degrading gimmick match. A match that exposes both the champion and contender: leaving one vulnerable and the other with just half of her pride. What woman signs up for a revolutionary division and finds she has to partake in a bra and panties match? What woman who signed up to be a real female wrestler to only get shafted as a piece of ass? Many, if not all, the women on the bombshell’s roster did not only sign up to be a part of the bombshell’s division for an opportunity at the Bombshell’s Championship, but to also showcase their T&A: talent and abilities, instead they get to show the other T&A: tits and ass. What is going to happen in the title defense at Leap of Faith when two of the biggest names in the XwF’s bombshell division collide for the place on top of the division in a bra and panties match?

More so, this is Miss Michelle and Jenny Myst’s second opportunity of meeting in a match with just a draw between them. In what was the closet title defense in the history of the company, Jenny Myst and Miss Michelle equally had Kim Anderson tapping to respectable submission moves simultaneously. It was in fact, the general manager’s sole decision to reverse one of the referee’s decisions and handed the title back over to Miss Michelle as the match was technically a draw. Like Jenny Myst claimed, what the hell was Kim Anderson even doing in the match? She had no place in a title match, let alone any wrestling match at that! She’s more of a liability than a wrestler as she’s proven repeatedly. Miss Michelle signed up to be in Xtreme Wrestling Federation for an opportunity to once again do what she has always done: prove why she is one of the greatest female athletes of all-time. She’s been ridiculed, judged, belittled, degraded, and attacked throughout her time in this business. In just a short few weeks, Miss Michelle has managed to experience all the above. All these factors only combine to make her a stronger athlete because she continues to prevail and she who has the last laugh—laughs the loudest!

Stay tune as the Xtreme Wrestling Federation’s Canadian tour comes to a close as Leap of Faith is the show when many male and female superstars take a leap of faith, hoping for the result to be in their favor. Who will walk away with the Leap of Faith’s briefcase? Who will be champions? How many titles will change hands? Will be the XwF’s newbie Miss Michelle manage to show the world just why she’s the alleged Queen of the Reich and continue her Bombshell’s Championship reign as she strips Jenny Myst to her bra and panties? Or will it be Jenny Myst, who claims to have the upper hand, finally get the championship she has wanted for months now? Everything is going to come to a head on October 14, 2017. Order Leap of Faith now, if you haven’t done so because this is one XwF’s pay-per view you do not want to miss!


The scene opens and the cameras start filming in a studio apartment. There is the granddaddy titles of them all: well, in the bombshell’s division that is. The XwF Bombshell’s Championship sitting upright on the table with a case of makeup opened beside it. In a stylist chair beside the table is Miss Michelle who is sliding her hands through her hair while she cocks her head over to the television set. Playing on cable tonight is the new episode of Dynasty. She has forearms resting on the sides of the chair while pursing her lips together, licking them seductively. She cocks her head to the side and glances over as a heavyset woman with a rack of ladies’ garments wheels them into the room. She sets the rack beside Miss Michelle as Michelle takes her eyes off Dynasty to admit some of the garments hanging on the bar.

miss MICHELLE: “Very nice Jan. Are these all the ones XwF chose for me to pick from?”

She slides her hand to the top of her head and tilts it backwards while widening her eyes at the selection.

JAN: “Why yes, Miss Michelle. Jenny has her own selection for the match. I have a feeling you both will pick out some flawless pieces.”

Jan says joyfully while Michelle sighs and rolls her eyes.

miss MICHELLE: “You know Jan, this might be a joyous time for preteen boys and immature men, but quite frankly, I’m a little appalled they are making me defend my title in this match. What happened to wrestling? I thought we were trying to make wrestling great again!?”

She looks over at her title and arches her eyebrow up, shaking her head.

JAN: “I’m sure they had good reason for it. Who’s to say you two couldn’t elevate the bra and panties match to a great match?”

Michelle continues to shake her head while she looks over at Jan with a smirk.

miss MICHELLE: “Jan, stop trying sweetie. There’s no way you can elevate a bra and panties match. The stipulation is just degrading to women’s rights and equality. Is this what Susan B. Anthony fought for?”

Jan sets her hand on her forehead and lets out a slight chuckle.

JAN: “Oh my God Miss Michelle! I don’t think it has anything to do with equality and women’s rights at all. This is just how XwF operates. I have been with the company’s design team for a very long time and they do these sorts of stipulation ALL the time! They even make men wrestle in silly stipulations. It just appears to be your turn this time around.”

She raises her hands through the side of her hair and grips a handful of her red hair.

miss MICHELLE: “Oh Jan, Jan, Jan, I have been at this business for an extremely long time and believe me, this isn’t the first organization I have been a part of. In fact, I have been in many organizations that thought humiliation was the key. I also must admit, I was usually one of the few pulling the pranks and embarrassing my foes, but it’s a new era. I’m the new girl in town.”

She pauses as she lowers her hands back to the sides of her chair.

miss MICHELLE: “God, saying the new girl just feels weird because I have been in this business for nearly 17 years! I hope after this match, the administration starts to realize the importance that this title represents. I’m still going to be the champion after I take a big Leap of Faith and strip Jenny’s little ass down to her bra and panties!”

She props herself up off the chair and walks over to the rack of garments.

miss MICHELLE: “Now, let’s find me something sexy and seductive!”

She starts to slide her hands through the garments while Jan maneuvers around her arms.

JAN: “You’ve always looked good in golds, greens, and even baby blues. So, I thought one of these…”

She pulled off a gold, green off the bar and holds them out toward her. Michelle grabs the gold and holds it up so Jan can see it for herself.

miss MICHELLE: “Uh Jan, this is thong underwear. I don’t like the feel of dental floss up my crack, so this is out of the question.”

Michelle tosses it over her shoulder. She brushes the green set out of Jan’s hand to the floor.

miss MICHELLE: “And no to the green, but look…”

She says excitably as she grabs a cute set of black bra and panties with rhinestones covered in them. She holds them up as she looks at them off from the side.

miss MICHELLE: “Now, this is gorgeous Jan. It will be perfect with my red hair. Sadly, the fans won’t get to see much of these garments on the 14th. Hehe.”

Jan looks over at them and nods with a sweet smile on her face.

JAN: “They are pretty flashy. If you like that sort of thing Michelle, I’m sure you will look breathtaking in it.”

She holds it up to her body as she starts to do stiff poses for Jan while Jan steps back to get a farther look of the attire on her. She nods and then Michelle starts to walk off from Jan, but Jan follows her into another room. The scene faded to static when the two women disappeared to the back.


When the scene returns from commercial break, Miss Michelle is standing in front of a strew of photographers snapping photographs of her while she’s posing in what she picked out with Jan earlier. She has added a set of pearls to her attire and the gorgeous red head is sliding her hands through her locks while basking in the spotlight of the photographers.

[Image: UnluckyShockedHumpbackwhale.gif]

miss MICHELLE: I’m sure you all thought you had seen the last of moi, especially with the brutal attack on me, To be honest, I’ve been hit harder by bigger opponents. Mercy is just an oversized Barbie doll who needs a master to feel like she belongs. Madison needs somebody to do her bidding because she can hardly pick up a toothpick without breaking her back! I will say, I almost forfeited this championship. I wasn’t going to forfeit it out of fear, but anger. I was pissed off and it wasn’t at who you think it would be toward. I was mad at the general managers for allowing an attack like that to happen. It’s like, do you guys have any control over your shows? The point is, I’m still here and better than ever!

You will all see me at Leap of Faith defending my precious and prestigious Bombshell’s Championship against Jenny Myst in a rematch bra and panties match: winner takes all… literally! While I’m sure most of you are going to bummed over the fact you won’t get to see little old me in her beautiful undergarments on October 14th, I thought I would give you all a brief preview on what you’re going to miss out on! Quite frankly, it’s not going to be me you see in her bra and panties: it’s going to be little Miss Jenny Myst! And, do you know what retired wrestlers, fans, and even my enemies all ask me? They ask me, if I like facing Jenny Myst.

Do I like facing Jenny Myst? Hm…

Of course, I do! The girl is talented and she pushes me to limits I haven’t been pushed in a very long time, especially now. I don’t like everything she stands for, but she was raised much different than me and many of you. She was a poor trailer park trash girl in Vegas and her mother sold Jenny’s body to any man who would get her mom a line of crack. That’s how Jenny learned to abuse drugs and along came her lifestyle of stripping on the pole. It wasn’t her fault because she was a victim of environmental circumstances. Her mother had no aspiration and neither did Jenny Myst. Jenny Myst was probably close to suicide throughout her entire life and can you blame her? Who wants to be looked at as trash all through elementary and high school?

I feel a sense of sadness for Jenny Myst and the past she had to endure. I feel like she had no choice, but to go out there and be a cracked-out whore. She had to slide down the pole for dinner and rent money because no respectable job would hire a cracked-out whore to represent them. The important thing though is Jenny got clean and she found herself a real job. Isn't NA and AA great!? Look what they have done for Jenny Myst! Jenny Myst is the poster child for NA! Now, all we need to do is clean up her mouth and attitude, then we will have a grand slam winner! The one thing that makes it incredibly hard to respect and like Jenny is how she looks at her competition. She needs to respect the women who have paved the way before her. I was one of those women who paved the way before her. Let’s put the name calling aside and yes, I know I started it by calling you a carbon copy of Kandi Washington, but you must admit it was pretty hilarious: not to mention, very fitting!

Truth is, Jenny without the likes of me in this business you wouldn’t exist. None of these women would exist. Women’s wrestling wouldn’t even exist. This Bombshell’s Championship you want so badly wouldn’t exist. I helped revolutionize women’s wrestling and professional wrestling, so women can stand beside their male counterparts and be more than pieces of eye candies. How do you repay me, Jenny? How do you show your gratitude? By disrespecting me! Do you honestly think I would share my spotlight with a disrespectful little brat who’s a former crackhead? Honey, it’s time that you just stop while you’re ahead because you don’t have a clue what you’re even rambling about. You’re just shooting off at the mouth because it’s all you know how to do. You’re just like your ex-boyfriend, all talk and no bark.

For Christ sake Jenny, will you please shut up already? You sound like a broken freaking record! We know, we know, you think you’re the best; you’re the greatest thing since slice bread; you’re not a whore; you’re this and you’re that! You should have been the Bombshell’s Champion back at the King of the Ring because the XwF’s bombshell division is Jenny Myst! I’m sure you want to leave Vancouver with the title. Who wouldn’t want to leave a pay-per view as a champion? I’m sure every other challenger is thinking the same thing. They think the odds are in their favor and they are stacked against the champions. Odds are always stacked against champions Jenny because after all, that’s what being a champion is. Everybody wants a piece of them. The champion is the headliner and I’m the headliner of the bombshell’s division. I’m a marked woman. You talk about how everybody wants a piece of you? How we all hate you? Despise you? Since when Jenny? There you go again, living in that fairytale dream of yours again. I wish just for a split-second I could see inside that head of yours, but then again, I might get lost in the confusion. Jenny, there can only be one of us that leaves Vancouver, Canada with the championship and it’s not going to be you.

Jenny, ever since I signed with this company, I have been trying to get your attention and it wasn’t until I won this championship that I managed to do so. You thought I was just another signee. You thought I was just a little old rookie who was trying to make a name for herself. You never thought I was a real legend in the squared circle. Ever since I signed with this company, the only thing I have ever heard come out of your mouth is how you should be the champion. How the championship was made solely for you. Yet, you have nothing to back it up Jenny. There is no evidence to support those claims. So, why are you going to keep telling us something that obviously is as fake as your lips? It’s time to seal those injected lips and open your ears because people are trying to give you friendly advice before you wind up in a very compromising position.

We know, you’ve crammed it down our throats: for how long has it been now, Jenny? Weeks? Months? I would say years, but you haven’t been wrestling that long! Jenny when you must keep saying it repeatedly, it loses validation. I’m sorry to ruffle your feathers, but until you pry this title from my cold dead fingers, there is no way I am going to give up this championship to you or anybody else in the women’s locker room. Haven’t you noticed Jenny, people are getting tired of you. They aren’t getting tired of the talent you possess in the ring. They are getting tired of your attitude. They are getting tired of that mouth attached to your face. That’s why people don’t like you. It has nothing to do with talent, sweetie because honestly, you’re exceptionally talented when it comes to wrestling. If you knew when or even how to shut up, I could probably even respect you just a little bit more! You mouth taints your talent and that’s why sweet cheeks, you will never earn my respect. You should feel saddened by it because I’m a wrestling legend.

Winning this championship in my first XwF match only proves that. Unlike you, I don’t need to promote my legend status until I’m blue in the face. People recognize talent and they recognize me as the most talented bombshell in XwF. I’m sorry, but where does that leave you now? It leaves you in a spot you constantly find yourself, doesn’t it Jenny? Yes, you know it very well. I believe it’s called, second best, hm? How does it feel always being second best and never number one? How does it feel to know Abigail was the first champion, I’m the second, and god knows who else is going to be the third? I know after my successful defense against you, I go on to battle for Mercy and Madison Dyson for this championship. Two women I have a vendetta to settle and I will get even with them. You couldn’t handle the monstrous woman Madison Dyson has brought in to destroy this division. Do you even care Jenny? Mercy could destroy this division. Everything you “allegedly” work for could be tarnished by the monster Mercy. This championship could seize to exist, but what do you do? You focus on your hatred for me. You focus on yourself. Therefore you are one of the worse things for this division, Jenny. You are so egotistical you can’t even take your head out of your own ass long enough to realize this division could be in shambles!

I know Mercy and Madison attacked me. They attacked me, they didn’t attack you. And do you know why? They want what I have. They see the glory in trying to replace Miss Michelle. There is no use for you in their eyes, but what would you have done if the shoe was on the other foot? What would you have done against Madison and Mercy? Nothing. That’s what. Jenny, you’re afraid of Madison and Mercy. You constantly blame Madison for costing you this championship back at King of the Ring, but yet, you never really followed up with anything. You just swept it under the rug because you knew you couldn’t cut it with her. Just like you can’t cut it with me. You couldn’t beat me in our first match together and you’re not going to beat me now. The only difference is Jenny, you won’t have poor Kim Anderson to attack. It’s just you and me. You won’t have anywhere to run and hide from the beating I have in store for you. At the end of our match at Leap of Faith, you are going to realize the best possible choice the XwF’s general managers could have made was keeping me as the Bombshell’s Champion. Keeping me as the champion means the division is still very much alive and well!

I’m sure you probably thought management had it out to get you after they reversed the decision and handed me back the championship, right? Jenny, you didn’t win in our last bout. You were making Kim tap out just as I was. It was a double submission move and who would have thought, “Jenny Myst and Miss Michelle worked wonderfully together.” If we were a team, we could probably win the Tag Team Championships. Kim Anderson was overwhelmed by our dominance over her. I can admit the truth, can you? Probably not.

Back to the point though, you weren’t cheated. They weren’t trying to keep you away from being champion. They were only doing the fair thing and it was only fair to see me walk into Leap of Faith as the defending champion. However, we both already knew how Kim Anderson was going to royally screw up the match. It didn’t take rocket science to know she was a fish out of water. It wasn’t by some miraculous chance she found herself in a title match. Kim Anderson was only in the match for one reason: she slept her way into the match. She’s an opportunist and any woman who preys on opportunities like that deserves no respect from real talent. This championship deserves a better ending than the one we saw on Savage. It deserves a better match than that pitiful triple threat on Savage. We should have it one-on-one. Woman to woman Jenny and that way, there would have been no misunderstandings or confusing facts about who rightfully won the title. You can’t go blaming a third party for losing the match. Just like you won't be able to blame anybody come Leap of Faith. The only individual who will be responsible for losing her third chance at the title is you… that’s right, you, Jenny Myst.

Jenny, I would recommend you just stay home. Stay home and lick the wounds of our last encounter. Replay the footage repeatedly when for a split second of your pitiful XwF career you had the Bombshell’s Championship. That moment in time that has been erased from the history books is the only piece of evidence you had that you got to hold my precious Bombshell’s Championship. I’m sure it felt good, but it won’t feel good at Leap of Faith. Not only will you not be holding this championship when it’s all said and done with Jenny, but you will be standing there in the middle of my ring vulnerable and half-naked.

Jenny, for me to win and successfully retain my title, I must strip you of your clothes and pride. That pride you so foolishly hang onto because you can’t admit you’re not the best in women’s wrestling. The pride that has you so convinced that the bombshell’s division here in XwF is all about you. The pride that has prevented you from realizing you are no longer the face of this division: neither now, nor ever to be quite honest with you. This division belongs to me. I hold myself to a very high standard and this championship is where it belongs. This championship belongs to a woman who can elevate it. Jenny seeing how you’ve never even held a title in your career, I highly doubt you know what it takes to do just that. I mean, the hot air you spew is just that… hot air.

While I have no problems slipping into a sexy bikini or pair of bra and panties, these fans will unfortunately not be seeing me half-naked at Leap of Faith. It would be a win win for everybody otherwise, but then I wouldn’t be your champion after it’s been all said and done. So, anyway Jenny—best of luck in this match because sweetheart… you are going to need all the luck you can get!

Oh and sweetie, before I let the crew finish snapping shots of me: let's see what you have to offer. That is, if you're not "camera shy." Then again, you should have no problems taking off your clothes and baring it all for the cameras. The decision is all yours though, since obviously, you're going to be in front of thousands upon thousands of fans half-naked come Leap of Faith.


Michelle giggles.

miss MICHELLE: Tata for now, sweetie. Xoxo!

The scene faded to black.

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