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Savage Saturday Night 09/30/2017
10-01-2017, 12:43 AM
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Xtreme Wrestling Federation Presents:

Cadryn "Jester" Tiberius
- vs -
Liddle J
Standard Rules
No Word Limits

John Samuels
- vs -
Luca Arzegotti

Standard Rules
2500 Word Limit

The Disintigrators
- vs -
Dem Niggaz
- vs -
The Sugay Sisters
Legal combatants can tag anyone in, not just their own partner. Even both members of the same team could be tagged in against each other!
2500 Word Limit


The Big Kahuna
- vs -
Neville Sinclair
15 Minute Time Limit
2500 Word Limit

Welcome to another edition of SAVAGE! Saturday Night! I'm Jim Ross, and with me tonight is my friend and broadcast partner, Huey D. Louie!

I don't know if I would go so far as to call us friends JR. I believe colleagues is the word that you're looking for.

Never the less, we have an action-packed show ahead of us tonight! Neville Sinclair will be defending the Television Championship against a hot new star, The Big Kahuna! Luca Arzegotti is set to take on John Samuels in what can only be described as a dream match, and three teams will battle it out in a "Tag Team Trepidation" match!

Things sure did get heated between The Sugay Sisters and Dem Niggaz over the last week.

They sure did Huey. The Sugay Sisters have worked hard at building their reputations here in the XWF. They see Tag Team Gold in their future, but Dem Niggaz are looking to make their mark in their debut match and had a lot of disparaging things to say about the Sugay Sisters.

One team that nobody was really talking about all week is The Disintigrators and who can blame them? These men made a big deal out of the fact that they were coming out of retirement, and the only thing we heard from them all week was about them getting thrown out of a bar.

While I'll admit that The Disintigrators haven't made much of an impression, it may be a case of deception. We'll find out later tonight, but first we have Cadryn Tiberius facing off against Liddle J!

The camera cuts to ringside where Tig O'Bitties is standing by.

Cadryn "Jester" Tiberius
- vs -
Liddle J
Standard Rules
No Word Limits

Tig O’ Bitties
Introducing first hailing from Morgantown, WV weighing in at 200lbs “The Essence Of Excellence” Cadryn Tiberius!

The overhead lights in the arena go dim as strobe lights begin to flash in rhythm to the sound of thunder crashing in the distance. The crowd goes wild as the fog rolls thickly from the top of the ramp as Cadryn Tiberius slowly makes his way out of the back. He stands tall in the midst of the fog as a storm rumbles behind him. Cadryn begins walking down the ramp, slapping the hands of fans on the way down. Cadryn climbs the apron and enters the ring, pausing for a moment in the middle before tossing his white Stetson cowboy hat into the crowd.

Tig O’ Bitties
And his opponent hailing from New Castle, England, weighing in at 186lbs Liddle J!

Energetic. LiddleJ comes running to the top of the stage with California love blasting over the speakers. Trying to get the fans going to the entrance of his self to the fans. He dressed in his black wrestling boots and short skin tight MMA type shorts on with a LiddleJ hoody and makes his way to the ring and either stares down opponent on his way to ring or if first in to the ring and short run and slide up the bottom rope with some casual warm up exercises getting ready for his opponent to enter the stage.

The bell sounds and away we go!

Liddle J rushes Cadryn but Cadryn POOFS away!

Suddenly Cadryn reappears behind Liddle J!

Cadryn spins him around..


Cadryn nails his patented superkick on Liddle J!

Cadryn covers!




Winner: Cadryn Tiberius

John Samuels
- vs -
Luca Arzegotti
Standard Rules
2500 Word Limit

Coming to the ring at this time, weighing in at 205 and Fighting out of Oakland, California, LUUUUCA ARZEGOTTI!!!

The lights in the arena begin to spazz the fuck out as the opening of "5AM in Toronto" plays and the X-Tron is graced by the pre-made vignette of the #MemeQueen's greatest moments. As the hardest rapper in the history of music begins his verse, Luca Arzegotti and Social Media God & Manager Extraordinaire Zane Kingsley III step out from behind the curtain to a thunderous mixed reaction: half the crowd about to ready to hop the barricade and murder the dynamic duo while the other half collectively loses their shit in excitement. Luca throws a few punches on the stage to loosen himself up before the pair make their way to the ring, Zane showing off dat motherfuckin' Jesus piece as usual.

Coming to the ring at this time, weighing in at 228, from Dallas Texas, THE SENATOR JOHN SAAAAAAAMUELS!!!

Samuels makes his way down to the ring as his music plays, whether the fans cheer or boo him he pays absolutely no attention to them. He climbs up the stairs and hops over the top rope and immediately crouches next the turnbuckle, swaying back and forth waiting for his opponent

The referee calls for the bell!

Luca and Samuels lock up as the bell rings, but the MemeQueen is able to get the early advantage by looping around and grabbing him by the waist, running with him into the turnbuckle before tossing him back with a suplex. Keeping the pressure on he stomps on Samuels a few times before coming off the ropes and dropping an elbow.

"I have gotten to know Luca over time, and he has a very profound mean streak. The way this is starting, it doesn't look good for Samuels".

"Yeah, Luca is an asshole. We all knew that. Aren't ya glad you have me every week instead?"

"Do I have to answer that?"

Luca picks Samuels up by the head, but Samuels rakes the eye to create some separation. Luca, blinded temporarily in one eye, kicks him in the gut and brings and elbow down on the top of his head....bringing Samuels to one knee. Bouncing off the ropes Luca knees him in the face and takes him to his back.

Luca, showing that mean streak, then puts a knee down across the throat of Samuels. He breaks on the 5 count, only to do it again. And Again. And again.

When he finally breaks the hold, Samuels is rolling around holding his neck. Luca grins and comes off the ropes again, dropping a knee on the upper chest and neck.

"He is just punishing Samuels right now."

"I like this Luca."

He picks up Samuels and signals for his finisher but Samuels shoves him off and runs with a clothesline, taking Luca over the ropes. He then backs up, catching his break and seems to be thankful for the break from the assault. Luca hits the mat and shoots daggers up at Samuels, but when he stands up he doesn't enter the ring right away. He gives the fuck this hand gesture and begins to walk away. The ref has no choice but to count.



Samuels throws his arms up, still bent over and exhausted.



Samuels, who should just take the apparent count out win, slides out of the ring and follows Luca up the ramp.



Just as he gets to Luca, Luca turns and whips Samuels into the barricade. He runs and slides into the ring, breaking the count.

Then, rolling back out, he begins to go after Samuels on the outside.

"Luca just outsmarted Samuels there. Veteran move."

"He's still an asshole."

"You're just jealous that he's better at your job than you!"

"What?.. I... screw you!

Luca whips Samuels back first into the steel steps, inciting an "ooohhhh" from the crowd. He has a crazed look in his eye as if he wants to kill his opponent.

Going under the ring, Luca grabs a chair. He holds it above his head as though he is about to strike Samuels, but the ref grabs it. Luca turns around, and Samuels uses the rest of his energy to charge. Luca turns back just at the last moment and side steps. Samuels goes shoulder first into the ring post. Luca grins and rolls him into the ring.

Picking Samuels up by the head Luca hits an Impaler DDT and hooks the leg.




"Samuel's isn't ready for the fork just yet!"

"Why can't you just say that he isn't done?"

Luca hops to his feet and lays a few well-placed stomps into Samuel's. He then grabs Sammy by the head and pulls him up to his feet. They tie up but Samuel's manages to shove Luca off of him. Luca steps back in with a right hand, but Samuel's blocks it and fires back with a right of his own causing Luca to stumble back. Sammy rushes in and takes Luca off his feet with a clothesline! Samuel's paces around the ring with his hands on his hips and shaking his head "no".

"I can't help but get the impression that John Samuels head isn't in the game tonight."

"Then you're an idiot! Samuels is just upset with himself for allowing that pit stain Luca to get the upper hand earlier, that's all!"

Luca gets back to his feet. Luca and Sammy lock eyes. Luca looks to be gearing up to try something big, when suddenly Samuels waves Luca off and hops through the ropes. Samuels walks up the ramp as the ref begins the count.


Luca begins to rally the crowd against Sammy.





The boos from the crowd grow louder as Sammy stands at the top of the stage and turns, looking down to Luca who is still in the ring.


Luca motions for Sammy to come back to the ring and finish their fight.


Sammy shakes his head "no" and turns, disappering behind the curtain.




The referee raises Luca's hand in victory momentarily before Luca pulls away from him.

"I don't know what got into John Samuels tonight, but he just ruined what should have been a dream match.

Tig O Bitties: The Winner of the match, by count out, Luca Arzegotti!

Winner: Luca Arzegotti

"Samuels sucks."

"What the hell is this?"

"What the hell is what?"

"You know what, nevermind!"

The lights in the arena go dark before an array of pink and white strobelights encompass the landscape of the arena. The opening riff of Sex Metal Barbie begins.

Jenny Myst walks out onto the ramp way, wearing tight leggings and a white rhinestone tee shirt, with a pair of cute boots. She has a smile on her face as she poses with her finger crush pose at the top of the ramp.

[Image: WMETJFN.jpg]

"What the hell is she doing out here? She isn't on the card tonight....what could she possibly have to say?

"I am not sure but I am anxious to hear it, Jim!

"You would be."

Jenny makes her way down the ramp and up the steps. Several fans reach out for acknowledgement, but she ignores them on her journey to the ring, flipping her hair with an eye roll and a grin. Walking to the far side of the ring, she signals for Tigs to give her a microphone, then snatches it from her and shoos her away.

[b]"Take a good look at what you see in front of you.....soak it in, hell, even take a picture! Instagram this. Because the next time you see me on Savage, I will have the Bombshell title draped across my perfect waist!"

The crowd boos at this.

"I have done what I needed to do. I have battled my way back from the bottom to become the number one contender for the title that was created for me! I finally got my one on one match, and I am going to make the most of it. No more losing matches by dominating the entire contest only to have someone else take the pin fall. No more excuses. I am going to be the Bombshell Champion and be it for a long time. Perhaps forever. The empress of XWF will sit on her throne and this company will finally have a champion they can be proud of!"

The crowd begins to boo a little more, other than the cult-like Myst fans who are cheering.

She rolls her eyes.

"Now I know Miss Michelle isn't here tonight. Her appearances have been rather sporadic since she's become champion. One may say shes......afraid?"

The crowd scoffs at this.

"Well I don't think she's afraid. I think she's overly confident. I think she's home with Marky Mark, tongue punching the fart box and burning brownies to celebrate her "man" winning a match. Oh yippee, one match. What did he win? A chance to lose to Peter Gilmour? Greeeattt."

She claps to herself before bringing the mic back to her mouth.

"Tonight, however, isn't about our temporary is about someone whose head is also the size of Siberia and whose attitude is just as cold. A woman I used to call a friend. A woman I used to look up to.....a woman who turned her back on me."

The crowd begins to buzz more.

"That's right.....I am talking about Madison Dyson. Madison...... I looked up to you. You were like an idol to me and then I beat you. I earned your respect but you showed your true colors at the Pay-Per-View when you thought a loss that I clearly didn't suffer became a waste of time for you. You haven't talked to me since well it's okay because I'm about to be the bombshell champion and you will have no choice but to respect me and look up to me. So what I want is I want you to saunter your old ass down to the ring at leap of faith and I want you to sit right here."

Jenny climbs out of the ring and walk over to the announce table motioning for Huey to get up. He does and she sits next to Jim Ross.

She brings the mic back to her mouth.

"I want you to sit right here in this seat next to Jim Ross and that creature they call Luca and call this match. I want you to watch through your alt-right eyes me hoist the title that is rightfully mine. I want you to say that I won the belt, that you can't believe it. All while Jim over here is having a heart attack. Say it Jim....say the line."

He shrugs at her, shaking his head as if he doesn't know what she is talking about.

She rolls her eyes.

"Ugh.....looks like I have to do everything myself."

She leans into Jim and puts on an over-empthasized southern accent.

"Buh gawd! Oh lordie lordie! Jenny did it! Holy barbecue sauce Luca, Jenny did it! Jenny is the Bombshell Champion! Jenny Myst! Jenny Myst! Buuuuuuhhhhh ggaaaaaaawwwddddddd"

She laughs as she leans away, and the crowd that is anti-Myst boos at her making fun of her favorite announcer.

"Then, Madison, I want you to get up, just as I am doing....."

She gets up out of the chair and walks up the steps, climbing back through the ropes.

"Then, Madison I want you to take your wrinkled skeleton hand, and I want you to hold mine up in victory. I will hold the belt in the other. It will be quite the sight. Once in a lifetime. A must see......and then, Madison.....and then I am going to hit Pink Perfection on you in the center of this ring......because I am the true First Lady of XWF........and you WILL show me respect."

She smiles, and blows a kiss to the crowd before dropping the mic, causing a static sound. She laughs again as she exits the ring.

"What the hell are you doing?"

Huey is sniffing the seat. He gets up quick.

"Nothing. You saw nothing. Harsh words from Jenny there, JR!

"She is out of control. She may not be with Chris Chaos anymore, but he has created a monster!"

"That monster is about to be a champion!"

The Disintigrators
- vs -
Dem Niggaz
- vs -
The Sugay Sisters
Legal combatants can tag anyone in, not just their own partner. Even both members of the same team could be tagged in against each other!
2500 Word Limit

“The following contest is a triple threat tag team match and it is for one falls. Here how the rules go: there are only two people allowed in the ring at one time and they may tag anybody else in. Introducing first…”

“Billed from New York City, New York, they are the resident sisters of XwF, and weighing 247 pounds… they are Tala and Jaslene Sugay… THE SUGAY SISTERS!”

To a huge pop from the audience, the sisters emerge from behind the black entrance curtains. They strut out to the top of the ramp and Tala with her baseball cap slid to the side, bobs her head to the music while Jaslene poses with her hands on her hips as she smiles at the cheering crowd. Tala takes off the cap and swings it through the crowd before the sisters continue down the ramp. They look over at each other and high-fives before turning their attention to the fans. They start petting a few fans’ heads and shaking their hands as they make their way down the ramp way. After making their way to the bottom, Tala walks alongside the front while Jaslene makes her way up the steel stairs. She hustles up them and walks along the apron as Tala hops on the apron. She kneels up and Jaslene steps under the second rope. She waves her arms as she walks across the ring. Tala kicks her feet up and faces the crowd while taunting them to “bring it!” Jaslene climbs the first turnbuckle and poses seductively. Their theme starts to end as Tala steps inside the ring. Jaslene steps off the turnbuckle and they start to stretch while staring up at the ramp.

Jim Ross: “The Sugay’s and Dem Niggaz have not made friends since Dem Niggaz signed a contract. I wonder how these two teams will collide when they meet for the very first time this week.”

Huey D. Louie: “I can tell you this match is going to be just vicious.”

“Introducing their first set of opponents…”

“Coming to the ring at a combined weight of 545 pounds… they are Dave Mustang and Johnny Steele… THE DISINTIGRATORS!”

As Megadeth shrieks through the arena, "Dangerous" Dave Mustang and Johnny "Twisted" Steele roar down the entrance ramp on their twin Harleys. They circle the ring once and then park their bikes on either side of the ramp and strut to the ring, giving each other a massive high ten once they are on the apron together. Mustang gets in the ring first and waits for the match to start.

Jim Ross: “Making their return and you have to expect them to be one of the leading teams in this division, let alone in the match.”

Huey D. Louie: “At least I’m sure they are hoping for those results.”

“And now introducing, the final participants…”

“And introducing their opponents, representing Dem Niggaz… SAMUEL MADISON AND LOUIS MAXWELL PRYCE!”

Jim Ross: “Very little is known about these two, but one thing is for certain Huey is they have a lot of charisma.”

Huey D. Louie: “Yeah, but they started wars with both Sugay’s Sisters and even Jim Caedus. So, I have no idea how long they will last.”

(ding, ding, ding)

Jim Ross: “It looks like Tala and Louis want a piece of each other!”

Louis and Tala start arguing across at each other while Jaslene and Samuel attempt to hold back their respective partner. Dave and Johnny look at each other in disbelief as they step out onto the apron. The referee is waiting for two people to start and that’s when Tala and Louis immediately start things off. Tala races across at Louis as Louis doesn’t back down. Tala spears him down to the canvas and begins to open up with forearms to the face. She’s repeatedly following it up with blow after blow, as Louis attempts to cover his face from her. The referee leans down to grab as he tugs her away from Louis.

Jim Ross: “Tala is like a relentless little pit bull who is hungry for Louis Maxwell Pryce’s blood!”

Huey D. Louie: “She should be more careful because she could end up having this match thrown out.”

Louis backs up on his ass as he gets to the ropes. He gets up to his feet while Tala fights loose of the referee. Tala runs over at him, but Louis with the upper hand now as he takes her down with a clothesline! Tala rolls down to the mat as Louis adjusts his jaw while staring down at Tala in disgust. He lifts her up by the hair. The referee yells, “Watch the hair!” Louis whips her into the ropes, but Tala stops herself. Louis runs at her, but she gets a back elbow to the face. He staggers away and Tala runs up behind him with a jumping rear naked chokehold. She’s trying to lock in the hold better, but Louis runs her back first into the corner.

Jim Ross: “She was trying to do what she did against Drezdin, but it didn’t work quite to her advantage!”

Huey D. Louie: “Tala should make a tag and so should Maxwell!”

Jaslene wants the tag, but Louis walks over to Samuel and tags him in. Samuel attempts to whip Louis into the corner, but Louis reverses it. Tala rolls out of the way and Samuel collides chest first in the corner! Tala runs off the ropes as Samuel staggers backwards and she catches Samuel with a spinning heel kick! Samuel is down and so is Tala, but Tala crawls and tags Dave Mustang in! As Samuel gets up to his feet, Dave races in and nearly beheads him with a running big boot! Samuel hits the mat and Dave goes for the cover: 1 – 2 – Louis with a running forearm to the back of Dave to break the hold.

Jim Ross: “Thank goodness Louis was there to make the save, but what shape will Samuel be in?”

Huey D. Louie: “I heard the impact way over here!”

Dave turns to Louis, but Louis catches him with a jumping forearm to the face. He stumbles back and he hooks the leg, DDT! He helps Samuel up to his feet and whispers something in his ear. Samuel can barely crawl as he makes his way over to Johnny Steele. Louis steps out on the apron and Sammy tags in Johnny Steele! The fans can’t believe it!

Jim Ross: “Johnny looks surprised by what Dem Niggaz have just done, Huey!”

Huey D. Louie: “It’s genius!”

Johnny and Dave circle each other in the ring. They make motions of locking up in the middle of the ring and Johnny whips him into the Sugay’s corner. Johnny runs to the Dem Niggaz corner. Johnny turns around and tags in Jaslene! Louis is tagged back in!

Jim Ross: “It looks like they managed to outsmart the other two teams though!”

Jaslene is first in the ring and runs at Louis, but Louis catches her with a flapjack! Jaslene’s face ricochets off the canvas and she holds her mouth as she gets up to her feet. He whips her into the corner and runs behind her with a cornered clothesline! She grips the head with a bulldog and runs out from the corner with a bulldog, drilling her face into the mat. Louis rolls Jaslene over and hooks the leg: 1 – 2 – Jaslene gets a shoulder up. She continues to hold her face in pain while Louis kneels up to his feet. Tala tries to get inside the ring and distracts the referee while Louis attempts to lift Jaslene up to her feet. As Jaslene kneels up, she uppercuts Louis between the legs: LOW BLOW! Louis starts to clutch his groin and Jaslene grabs him by the hair and drops him down with a facebuster! Jaslene rolls over on her back as Tala steps back onto the apron. Jaslene rolls over to Johnny and tags Steele back in! Jaslene rolls out under the bottom rope.

Jim Ross: “Smart move on the part of Jasene. Let the other teams beat each other to death, then pick the scraps."

Johnny Steele races inside the ring and as Louis is barely standing, still holding his jewels, Steele meets him with a thunderous clothesline. Louis stumbles back into the corner and Steele grabs his wrist as he whips Louis across into the ropes. As he bounces off the ropes, Steele leans down and lifts him up with a high-elevated back body drop! Louis’ back arches off the mat and he wobbles up to his feet. Steele runs at him with a big boot, but Louis moves and Steele gets caught up on the top rope! Louis grabs him while hung up on the ropes: neckbreaker!

Jim Ross: “Impressive shift of momentium by Louis Pryce!

Huey D. Louie: “Dem Niggaz be thuggin'!

Jim Ross: “Don't do that...

As Samuel starts to climb up to the top rope. He’s yelling for the tag as Louis stumbles over to him. Steele holds his neck in pain while Louis stumbles to tag in Samuel in! Everybody watches Samuel on the top rope and Steele starts to climb up to his feet. As he turns around, Madison leaps off the top rope with a cannonball!

Jim Ross: “Samuel Madison hit all of the Nagasaki Nigga!

Huey D. Louie: “I thought I would never see the day that the fat boy would actually fly.”

Samuel Madison makes the cover, 1 – 2 – Tala runs in with a running leg drop to the back of Madison’s neck! As Madison rolls over onto his back, he arches it off the mat and Tala gets caught by a spear! Louis gets on top of Tala and starts choking her while she’s reaching her hands up to his throat: choking him. The two roll around the ring: CATFIGHTING! Samuel crawls over to the ropes and tries to lift himself up to his feet. Mustang gets in the ring and Samuel stumbles up to his feet. He backs up and Dave stands behind him. He looks horrified as he turns around. Mustang lifts him up with a stump pull piledriver! Jaslene is on the top rope and she’s taunting Mustang. Mustang turns around and she catches him with a top rope crossbody! Mustang rolls out of the ring as Jaslene kneels up off the mat. By this time, Steele is up to his feet… he grabs Jaslene’s wrist and whips her into the ropes, but races over to her as he lays her over the top rope with a CLOTHESLINE!

Jim Ross: “Who the hell is the legal man or woman now!? All hell has broken loose between these superstars!”

Huey D. Louie: “I have no idea, but action is intense!”

Tala is in the ring and Steele stumbles around: SUPERKICK TO THE JAW!

Jim Ross: “Just the ENDING!”

Louis kneels up and taunts Tala. Tala stumbles around and he connects with a kick to the stomach. He hooks her head between his legs and lifts her up on his shoulders: POWERBOMB! Tala’s back arches off the mat and a newly standing Mustang gets up to his feet. Mustang runs at Louis with a running shoulder block, sending Louis through the second rope!

Huey D. Louie: “Samuel Madison is down! Johnny Steele is down! Tala Sugay is down! Jaslene is coming to it on the outside. Dave Mustang is standing tall in the middle of the ring!”

Samuel Madison somehow manages to get up to his feet and Jaslene jumps on the apron. She reaches her hand over the top rope and blind tags herself in!

Jim Ross: “Jaslene just tagged herself into the match!"

Jaslene steps through the ropes and is met with a big boot from Dave Mustang, but she manages to duck it and Mustang catches himself on the top tope! Jaslene grabs Sammy and throws him through the ropes to the floor below. She then grabs the top rope and shakes it with all of her might, causing Mustang to yell out in pain before falling back into the ring. Jaslene gets into position, and as Mustang starts to get up, she hits him with Downgrade! Jaslene runs to the corner and perches on the top rope. Just as she leaps off with a moonsault, Louis Pryce manages to tag her leg making him the legal man. Jaslene connects with the moonsault and tries to get back to her feet as quick as possible, but before she can, she is jumped by Sammy and Louis! They lay into her with a flurry of stomps and punches before rolling her out of the ring.

Jim Ross: “We need to restore some order back to this match, this is ridiculous!"

Huey D. Louie: “What are you talking about, this is the most fun I've had in some time JR!"

Louis and Sammy cover Dave Mustang at the same time as the ref drops to count the pin.



Jaslene and Tala both slide into the ring to break the pin!

But they're too late - THREE!!!

The Sugay Sisters drop their heads in disappointment as the refs hand hits the mat for the final time.

Jim Ross: “I can't believe it! Dem Niggaz have just stolen the victory from The Sugay Sisters!"

Huey D. Louie: “They STOLE the victory JR, REALLY? Just because they're black, you're going to word it like that to try and take away from their accomplishment?"

Jim Ross: “It has nothing to do with race Huey! One of them is white for crying out loud, and the other one might as well be!"

Huey D. Louie: “That's just offensive!"

Winners - Dem Niggaz!


The Big Kahuna
- vs -
Neville Sinclair
15 Minute Time Limit
2500 Word Limit

“The following is the main event of the evening and it’s for the Xtreme Wrestling Federation Television Championship! Introducing the challenger…”

“Hailing from Monterey, California—he stands in at 6 feet, 2 inches and weighs 175 pounds…. THE BIG KAHUNA!”

The Big Kahuna dashes out from behind the black entrance curtains with a mixed reaction from the crowd. He poses at the top of the ramp and flexes his biceps while angling them to the side. He grins as women in the crowd begin whistling. He brings his arms down to his side and he starts to hustle down the ramp. He makes his way to the apron and slides under the ropes. He props up to his feet and walks to the far corner. He climbs to the second turnbuckle and starts flexing while women roar at his six-pack abs. His music get interrupted and Kahuna turns to the entrance ramp, before hopping off the turnbuckle.

Jim Ross: “The Big Kahuna has a lot to prove, especially after being slightly cheated last Wednesday night.”

Huey D. Louie: “Cheated? The way I see it JR, he lost fair and squared to the better man!”

“And introducing the opponent… he is the XwF Television Champion hailing from Oxford, England—he stands at 6 feet 2 inches, and weighs 225 pounds… NEVILLE SINCLAIR!”

Neville Sinclair paces himself out from behind the black entrance curtains with a glass of scotch in his right hand. He has his Television Championship draped down his shoulder. He pauses on the ramp with a smug arrogant expression on his face. He turns to the booing crowd and sips his scotch. He holds the title on his shoulder and continues to carry himself dignified down the ramp. As he makes his way over to the steel stairs, he sets his glass down in the corner before climbing the steps. He slides his title down off his shoulder and walks along the apron. He steps his leg over the second rope and raises the title high in the air, once in the ring. Kahuna bounces back and forth as he stares at the belt. Neville hands the title over to the referee as he starts to walk back to his corner.

Jim Ross: “I wonder if he will see a new champion tonight in Kahuna and the title match at Leap of Faith will have to be slightly twerked.”

Huey D. Louie: “There’s no way Neville Sinclair can lose tonight because he’s scheduled to defend his belt at Leap of Faith.”

(ding, ding, ding)


Kahuna is first to start his way to the middle of the ring. Neville hesitantly makes his way to the middle of the ring, but as Kahuna lunges for a front grapple hold—Neville with a thumb to the eyes. Kahuna is momentarily blinded by the vicious poke and Neville with a hard kick to the back of Kahuna’s legs, taking them out from beneath him. Neville starts taunting the crowd, dusting himself off. Kahuna is back to his feet and as Neville turns around—he is met with a jab to the face. He stumbles back and Kahuna whips him across the ring. He bounces off the ropes and Kahuna with a snap powerslam! Neville arches his back off the mat in pain.

Jim Ross: “Neville is showing his true colors in this match, Huey. I don’t think he should take Kahuna so lightly.”

Huey D. Louie: “Well, I would normally agree with you on that JR, but Kahuna is way over his head in this one.”


Kahuna is first up to his feet while Neville holds his lower back. Kahuna attempts to lift Neville up off his feet, but Neville with a back elbow to Kahuna’s neck. He breaks the hold and Neville with a smug look on his face, followed by a hard slap across Kahuna’s cheek. Kahuna clutches his face and Neville with a kick to the midsection. He hooks the head beside him and drops Kahuna on his skull with a snap DDT. He hooks the leg: 1 – 2 – Kahuna kicks out! Neville sits up and smugly looks at the referee with disgust.

Jim Ross: “Neville has been carrying himself with such arrogance as he’s become one of the longest reigning TV Champions in the company history. I’m starting to despise him even more.”

Huey D. Louie: “That’s talent, JR. He deserves to carry himself any way he chooses because he’s earned it.”


Neville gets up to his feet with a handful of Kahuna’s hair. He walks him over to the corner and throws him face first into the top turnbuckle. He turns him around and leans back against the ropes as he places his foot beneath his throat. He starts to choke him with the cornered foot choke and the referee is trying to get Neville to break the hold, but he pulls harder on the ropes for leverage. The referee starts to count him out: 1 – 2 – 3 – 4 – Neville breaks the hold and starts to walk away from Kahuna.

Jim Ross: “Neville is about to get himself disqualified, if he doesn’t start listening to the referee’s order.”

Huey D. Louie: “Disqualified? Why not? If Peter Gilmour can do it, why can’t Neville?”


Neville dusts his chest off and races at a cornered Kahuna, but Kahuna with a double boot to the face! Neville stumbles back and nearly falls to the mat. As he’s kneeled, Kahuna sprints out of the corner with a swinging neckbreaker! He hooks both legs:



Neville kicks out!


Kahuna sits up and rubs his neck before getting up to his feet. He leans down to pick Neville up off the mat, but Neville with a sneaky leg trip of the ankle! He drills his shoulder into Kahuna’s chest, but Kahuna rolls out of the way! Neville holds his elbow as he staggers to his feet. Kahuna hooks the arm and delivers a snap suplex!

Jim Ross: “Kahuna has really stepped up his game as of late and I’m liking this new determined Big Kahuna.”

Huey D. Louie: “He’s a tool, JR. It’s all a front, trust me. He’s not ready to be a champion.”

After arching his back off the mat, Kahuna lifts him up by the arm and whips him into the ropes, but Neville reverses it. Kahuna bounces off the ropes with a kick to the chest. Neville flings upholding his pectoral girdle and Kahuna dashes at him with a running clothesline. Neville rolls u pto his feet and Kahuna with another clothesline to the champion! A dazed Neville gets up to his feet and Kahuna grabs him from behind: a bridging German suplex! The referee slides down to the mat: 1 – 2 – Neville kicks out!

Jim Ross: “Some nice combination moves shown by the Big Kahuna and getting a near fall on Neville.”

Huey D. Louie: “Eh, he got lucky JR!”

Neville holds his lower back and sits up as Kahuna kneels behind him. He locks in a seated rear naked chokehold! He falls backward on the mat and keeps the hold implemented as Neville has nowhere to go. He’s in the middle of the ring as Kahuna has the hold perfectly locked in. The referee kneels beside Neville is asking him if he gives up, but Neville is trying to fight through the chokehold. Kahuna cocks the hold and stiffens it even more as Kahuna is yelling for Neville to start tapping.

Jim Ross: “Could we see a new TV Champion right here and now? Neville looks like he may be fading!”

Huey D. Louie: “Come on Neville, you can’t lose right now; not like this!”

Neville uses his strength over Kahuna to start loosening the hold as he unravels Kahuna’s hands. Kahuna’s facial expression changes to surprise while Neville breaks out of the hold. Neville manages to get out of the hold and he starts to crawl toward the ropes. Kahuna gets up to his feet and as he attempts grabbing Neville’s ankle, Neville rolls out of the ring. He faces the crowd and taunts them as Kahuna grabs him from behind. He starts to pull him up through the second rope and Neville grabs him from around the head: guillotine drop on the second rope!

Jim Ross: “Oh come on Neville, what kind of crap is that!?”

Huey D. Louie: “Master of technical is what I like to call it.”

He grabs the ankles of Kahuna who’s laid out in the ring and drops him on his head after pulling his body out. He leans down and lifts him up, but Kahuna fights back with jabs to the face. He stumbles back and Kahuna attempts to whip him into the steel post, but Neville reverses it and Kahuna crashes into the steel steps!

Jim Ross: “The Big Kahuna may have just dislocated his shoulder!”

Huey D. Louie: “Those steps are unforgiving steel, JR!”

Neville grabs a hurt Kahuna by the hair and slams his face against the canvas. Kahuna is rolled inside the ring and Neville proceeds to reenter after him. He rolls Kahuna over and hooks the leg: 1 – Neville lifts his legs up on the second rope for leverage – 2 – THRRR – but no, the referee breaks the hold and tells Neville he’s not allowed to have his feet on the ropes! Neville is livid!

Jim Ross: “Neville tried to cheat and the referee called him out on it.”

Huey D. Louie: “I bet Kahuna is happy the referee was paying attention.”

Neville gets up to his feet and starts to back the referee up to the corner. He holds three fingers out toward him and starts arguing that it was three. The referee argues back, saying his feet were on the ropes and that’s an illegal pinning variation. Meanwhile, Kahuna who is still feeling the effects of the steel stairs has stumbled over to the ropes. Still aiding his shoulder though, gets up to his feet. He walks over to Neville and the fans erupt, but before Neville could turn around—Kahuna plans him with the REVERSE DDT! He hooks the leg:



THRR. – Neville kicks out!


Jim Ross: “Neville just barely kicked out of Kahuna’s signature and finishing move!”

Huey D. Louie: “I think it’s time Kahuna rethinks that move because it’s hardly very effective.”

Kahuna looks pleasantly surprised as he sits up and grips both sides of his hair. His jaw slightly dropped open and he stares at the referee in total awe. He holds his shoulder and gets up to his feet while Neville rolls over to the ropes. Neville uses the ropes to try and get up to his feet, but Kahuna attempts to grab him from behind. After he brings Neville up about halfway, Neville with a few elbows to the sternum. Kahuna stumbles back and Kahuna sprints at him: drop toe hold on the second rope. Neville, dazed, runs across the ring and jumps on Kahuna’s back with a leg lariat!

Jim Ross: “Neville just forces his body weight on the mid-back of Kahuna.”

Huey D. Louie: “Neville is in control now and Kahuna might as well just start throwing in the towel.”


Kahuna stumbles backwards as Neville grabs him from behind with a headlock hold. He drops him down with an inverted backbreaker, twisting his body like a pretzel! Holding his back in pain, Neville sits up and attempts to compose himself, who has been taken to the cleaners here tonight. He holds his head and starts to shake it while pushing himself up to his feet. Kahuna remains lying on the ring and Neville with a falling knee to the forehead! Kahuna wobbles around on the mat before Neville goes for a cover: 1 – 2 – Kahuna kicks out!

Jim Ross: “Close call for Kahuna!”

Huey D. Louie: “It looks like Neville has had enough of Kahuna and the referee. I think he’s about to finish him off!”

Neville kneels up and snarls down at Kahuna. He grabs him by his wrists and lifts him up to his feet. He locks him up behind him and attempts the killswitch, but Kahuna pushes him off into the ropes! Neville bounces off the ropes with a kick to the stomach. As Kahuna leans forward, Neville grabs the head and goes for the Fame-ASS-er, but Kahuna transitions into a modified side powerbomb! He plants Neville on the mat and just barely covers his chest:




Jim Ross: “I don’t even know how he managed to turn the Bookend and Education around. He almost beat the champion too!”

Huey D. Louie: “Blah!”


The crowd begin chanting, “this is awesome!” “this is awesome!” and “this is awesome!” throughout the arena. Kahuna looks in disbelief as the referee is saying it was only a two count. Neville holds his neck while Kahuna is still aiding his shoulder as he stumbles up to his feet. While on his feet, he staggers back in the corner and rests his back against the turnbuckle. He massages his biceps while staring at Neville who is slowly making his way up to his feet. Kahuna sprints out of the corner with a clothesline, but Neville ducks. Kahuna spins around and Neville catches him with a European uppercut! He stumbles back. Neville with a vicious eye gouge: temporarily blinding Kahuna!

Jim Ross: “The referee doesn’t look too pleased with that eye gouge and neither do these fans.”

Huey D. Louie: “Stop playing with him Neville and put him away!”

As Kahuna is trying to walk away and rubbing his eyes. Neville grabs him from behind and delivers a releasing German suplex!

Neville is quick to get back to his feet. He couches down, eyes locked on Kahuna, waiting for his moment to strike. Kahuna gets to his feet and Neville leaps in.


Neville stands up and walks a circle around the ring dusting himself off while looking very proud of himself. Kahuna seems to be digging deep as he pushes himself up from the mat.

Jim Ross: “The Big Kahuna is showing a lot of heart right now!”

Neville hits the ropes and drops Kahuna with The Education before he could get to his feet! Neville smirks as he brushes himself off before rolling Kahuna over and making the cover.




Winner - Neville Sinclair!

Can you believe it, Huey? Once again Neville shocks the world and holds onto the XWF TV Title for another week!

Of course I can believe it, Kahuna sucks!

I wouldn't quite say that. Anyways, that's it for this edition of Savage Saturday Night. I'm Jim Ross, along side Huey D. Louie, and we'll see ya next time, folks!

Special Thank you to
The Sugay Sisters
Chris Chaos

[Image: iBdMi9p.jpg]

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OOC: Another fantastic show, thoroughly entertaining to read. Keep it up guys!

The Unchained Prince

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Dem Niggaz© tried to tell y'all we was gonna win this thing, but you bitches heads be huge! Maybe not so much anymore doh!

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Tried to warn mothafuckas, y'all ain't listen. Sugay Sisters, see what happen when you step to us? End up smellin like chicken grease and nigga dick. Dem tag titles? We bout it. Wait and see, my niggas. We just gettin warmed up.

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