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15 Minutes of Fame
09-12-2017, 08:33 PM
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"Come on in, kid. Sit down."

The old house in Thonotosassa wasn't anything special by Tampa Bay standards, but it had that lived-in-for-40-years charm to it. The yard was well trimmed and the house was shining as if it were power washed everyday. Do you know how hard it is to make brick shine?

[Image: xBOv3oZ.jpg]

The interior was the same way. Everything seemed dated, but like it hadn't been anything but cleaned since the 1960's. It had that same charm a grandparents house had. Or an old Italian family. Even the couch was hard. It was one of those old couches, with a depression where the occupant often sat but the rest felt like sitting on hardwood.

The old man had a small glass cup that he was filling, swirling the ice cubes around as they cracked under the heat of the room temperature beverage. By the smell, Chris assumed it was whiskey.

Walking over in his track suit and sitting down, bottle in hand, he offered some to Chris. He declined.

"So tell me, kid, why do you want to fight?"

The man had called him all the way out to Thonotosassa to ask him that?! They couldn't have met somewhere in Tampa?

Bruce Kehn was supposed to be the best boxing coach and "young man mentor" on the Gulf Coast. The old man took a slirping sip of his drink .

"You dragged me all the way out here to ask me that?" Chris asked.

"Yes, and be glad I did. It is not everyday I allow someone into my home. I am kind of a secluded guy, you know? I like my privacy. But I am also someone who doesn't like asking things twice. So, consider this a mulligan. Why do you want to fight?"

His voice was deadly serious. He took another swirling sip of his drink and lit a cigar that he pulled out of the vanity next to him.

"I don't know."

Mid light, he stopped. Taking the cigar out of his mout he stared at the teenager in front of him.

"You. Don't. Know.."

The kid shrugged.

"Just want to fight, huh? Just want to tussle. You think this is all a tussle."

"I think its--"

"You don't know what the fuck it is, you just showed that."

The kid was taken aback.

"I like to fight."

"But why." Puffing his cigar.

"It makes me feel good."

"But why."

"What is this, 20 questions? I just like fighting."

"Then I am of no use to you."

The kids eyes went wide. He drove out here for this? This guy was a total dick. If he really wanted to see, he could show him why he wanted to fight.

The kid went to stand up.

"Oh, sit down. You aren't giving up on this too."

Too? What the hell did he mean?

"I am going to tell you why you want to fight."

Who the hell was this guy? Chris pondered knocking his old ass teeth out.

After a few puffs of the cigar he begn to speak in that same serious tone.

"That girl. The one with the dirty blonde hair.....I have seen the way you look at her. I have seen the way you get worked up over her."


"I was in the mall the other day when you started that rumble.....remember.....when the guy touched her ass and you lost your mind?"

He was there? Jesus, how long had he been watching him?!

"This girl, she yelled at you after, did she not?"

Yes. She had been mad, and embarrassed, that he had started all of this because of her. She yelled at him, slapped him, but she was safe. That was all he cared about.

She called him many names. But at the end of it all, she left with Jason. So what was he really fighting for.

"You don't know anything about her old man!"

"I know enough."

Chris went to stand up again.

"I know you love her."

He sat back down.

"I know that you want to fight because you want her to notice you. You want to impress her. You want her to think you are something."

"It's not that---"

"Then what is it?"

"I...I just...."

"It is your hesitation that will get you beat. In the time it took you to make a decision, your law is broken and your lying broken on the floor. You are too indecisive. You know how you feel. Go with that."

Who was this? The human Yoda? But he was right. Damnit.

"I just want to find a way to bring all of this pain out. I want to find a way to show her that I will be the one to defend her, protect her, to make her never feel anything but happy. Every time I fight, I am thinking I am fighting to her. I am figting because of the way she makes me feel. I am fighting in hopes that one day she will come back to me and I can give her the life she truly deserves."

The man took a long drag of his cigar.

"I knew that, kid. But all that is, 15 minutes of fame."


"People come and go, but you stay true to yourself. Stop living in the past for 15 minutes of glory in the future. Nothing lasts forever kid."

What was he saying?

"Strength is how well you hide the pain kid. Keep her on your back burner. Keep her in the picture. Let her linger, but fight for you. Fight to make something of you. Fight to be the best. Forget what someone else wants. Forget impressing someone else. Fight to be the best in the world at what you do........"

Puff. Puff.

"Because you have the potential. I have never seen someone with right and left combinations like you have. Why do you think I bailed you out and talked to the judges. I agreed to mentor you because I see a rising star in you."

Chris was too overwhelmed to smile.

"Fight to be the best there is because if you fight for revenge, if you fight to get back at someone, you will have nothing left when you do. Fight to make sure that those you put down can't get back up, and if they do, put them down again."If anyone wants a shot at you, show them why they shouldn't. Show them why no matter how twisted they can be, nobody can be more fucked up than you. The time will come kid when you have to make a decision on her, and the time will come to let her go. Be the best, and don't let anyone keep you down."

Little did Chris know that these would be words he would keep with him over the next 12 years. As he stood in the hospital bed, and finally pulled the plug on the "love of his life", he thought of Bruce's words.

Little did he know that he would be the one to kill his 15 minutes of fame......only to bury someone else's.

[Image: ZSbqQMg.jpg]

"Danny...poor, ignorant Danny. You have it all wrong. Your view of the XWF world is entertaining to me, because it is a view from the sidelines. I should have expected someone who has been away from the fire for so long to be cold. You seem to think the world stopped while you were gone, like everything is the same when you return. It isn't. The fact that you seem to think you've been paying attention to anything that has went on here is laughable. This place is a clusterfuck now, with the Kings running it like 1940's Germany and the roster being nothing but a revolving door. Hell, I may be the one of only a palm-full of names on this roster you recognize by the time Christmas comes.

You claim, well, one of you claims, that I am predictable? If I am so predictable, how did I know you were going to say that? Talk about calling the kettle black. Ask John Holliday how predictable I am, or Reno, or Kim Anderson.....anyone I have made victim recently. Who is the predictable one, Danny? Its been an entire summer and you are STILL talking to yourself. You would think maybe during that time off you would have sought some medical attention. But no, you just love being "different", don't you? You aren't different, Danny, you're special. And I don't mean special like one of a kind, I mean special like those kids who go to the zoo and pet the animals too hard.

I am not entirely convinced that your two "sides" even communicate. One says one thing, one says the other. One wears face paint, one doesn't. One is brooding and deep with the persona of a college English professor, the other is brash and rude, basking in a aura of undeserved confidence. Wanna know what they both have in common?

Neither one could beat Chris Chaos.

Because neither one of them can. You can say all you want about me, Danny, but facts are facts. Until you knock me off, you're always going to be below me. You can't get out of your own head, that is evident by my promo you quoted. You referenced a promo a cut four months ago......have you been sitting on that for this long? Have you been letting it at you for this long? Are you sitting there huffing and puffing about the past? You will never move forward in the future if that is your mentality. I would know. I let the past consume me for far too long. I let what happened at Lethal Lottery burn a hole in me and it brought my in ring quality down. It brought my promo quality down. I couldn't get ahead because I couldn't get out from behind. So Danny, keep letting the past eat you alive. Keep letting old matches and old injuries determine your future, and I am going to run over you like a steamroller.

You've come to remind the world of your place? Remind the roster? Danny, your place is gone, your spot has been filled. Your audition was good but we have decided to go in a different direction. You had your chance. You had your 15 minutes of fame, and now the lights have been turned off.

For even the fastest man alive finished his last race in second place.

True, Danny, he did. But did you do any lick of research before you opened your mouth? He got hurt. He tweaked a hamstring. He wasn't 100 percent. That is the only way you are going to take me out, Danny, by injuring me. Because one on one, at one hundred percent, you can't hold a candle to me and you know it.

You think just because Trump fires everyone who’s spoken to Putin he’s suddenly not his bitch? You think just because Clinton fired Monica, he no longer had her suck his little soldier? Just because Vinny cleared his porn history doesn’t mean he wasn’t just stroking off to beautiful videos of himself he’d drunkenly uploaded to pornhub?

Just because Danny Imperial talked more shit than a drunk black girl at a night club and then lost to Chris Chaos, getting hurt and put on the shelf for four months in the process, that he can beat Chris Chaos? Just like the answer to all your "examples", the answer is no.

You are so quick to think that none of us know who you or your imaginary friend are......but I think it is safe to say that is correct. We have forgotten about you, Danny. You don't matter to us anymore. As we gear up for War Games, you and your split personality disorder are nothing more then Gameboy, Pogs, Yo-Yos, JNCO jeans.......a fad that has long since passed.

Danny, I am going to hurt you. I am going to hurt you badly. The "dark side" of Imperial wants to talk like he is the biggest dog in the yard, well the "light side" is all anyone has ever seen. The only dark side we have seen is when you get on camera in cheap face paint and pretend. Where has it been in the ring? You brought your dark side against me once, and I left it brighter than the rings around the eclipse. What I think your "dark side" is, Danny, is a front for your insecurities. Notice how he only comes out sometimes? When you know you are in way over your head, suddenly he appears. He is a mask for your failures. An image you created. Just because he barks like a Mastiff doesn't mean he doesn't bite like a Dachshund. Personality can't hide lack of skill. When you look in the mirror every day Danny, you see a failure. You see a flash in the pan. You see someone who was supposed to be something until he decided to mess with the best in the world.

What are you now?

Have you ever wondered that?

You see someone who is afraid of Chris Chaos. You see someone who knows that their debut match back is about to be spoiled. You see a man who basically bathes in the stench of perpetual failure. You have become nothing but an after thought. You see someone who has blown their once chance to be worth something. All you see if a waste of time. I see right through your charade. That's all it is, a charade.

But I am the sick one? I liken opponents to school yard victims of bullying because that is all they are. It is called a metaphor, Mr. Imperial, and just because your brain is so caught up on who is going to claim the dick attached to your loose skin, I am busy "schooling" my competition both inside and outside of the ring. But how did I know you were going to attact my mental accumen? Attack my looks, my chaotic nature, my morals. You're more predictable than the Bachelor, Danny.

And that is why you're 15 minutes of fame has long since passed you by.

Call yourself what you wish, but as long as your career lasts, you will be known as nothing more than the man who can't beat Chris Chaos. Yes, Danny, I thought you were gone. We all did.

And somewhere, deep down, I even think you did.

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