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A cut below average!
09-12-2017, 08:19 PM
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The scene cameras start to roll when the scene fades in with Mark Brooks sitting in a red chair. He has his hands folded inside each other while glaring at the cameraman. Miss Michelle sitting in the chair beside him, her legs crossed, and Bombshell’s Championship strapped around her shoulder while looking over at her husband in a tightly fitting sequence silver cocktail dress.

mark BROOKS: The power of words. People have never understood the power behind their words. Sure, we can always rebuttal with sticks and stones may broke our bones, but words will never hurt us line. Honestly, how many people actually believe it? People say hurtful to struck a nerve and those emotions get bottled up until the meeting in the ring. When the meeting take place, there are so many emotions to be shared among the competitors that tensions run high. I’m not saying I have any ill will toward my opponents, but I am driven by one person who isn’t in this match.

Peter Gilmour’s words and lack of respect he has shown for both myself and my wife is unbearable. Peter doesn’t get it: he should have never bought my wife into the mix. My wife has nothing to do with that my potential title shot for his belt. My wife has nothing to do with his title reign. My wife is the current XWF Bombshell’s World Champion and just like he is, she’s representing this company. Peter wants to make this manner between us as personal as he can and all that’s going to result in is one brutal outcome.

I could go tit for tat with guys like Peter Gilmour, but truth is it will only go in skin deep. Guys like Peter Gilmour have hollow heads like two of my opponents in my debut match. Now, Peter attempted to say I needed to win the match prior to make a bold statement such as saying I will be Gilmour’s next title defense. The thing is I know what it takes to make bold statements. I know what it takes to make a first impression. First impressions are vital in this industry, especially when it constitutes to wrestling your first match in a company. I’m not going to blow my chance at making a good first impression Wednesday night.

I rather show Peter what I can do rather argue with him. Peter is in the top fifty and there’s no taking that away. Peter has held six different titles in his XwF’s career and he is the current Hart Champion. I would never take away the accomplishments he has managed to succeed in his career. What Peter needs to understand though is his track record doesn’t exactly correlate with him being unbeatable. He’s not undefeated and every single title he’s held, he also lost. This is one of my biggest motivation for wanting to win my debut. I need to beat these three competitors, so I can help bring Peter down off his high horse!

Peter might have heart, but it’s hidden behind his enormous ego, but Kropotkin is a man nobody can deny that he has a lot of heart for this company. Only being in this company since February, he has been driven to making a name for himself and doing whatever it takes to be at the top of this company’s leaderboard. Along with my wife, he walked out of his Savage match last week with a victory. He’s coming off with some steam under his engine and I must keep my eyes peel to expect the unexpected. The biggest surprise factor in this match is Kropotkin. Kropotkin is the quiet type. The quiet ones are always the ones who people that you have to sometimes be most concerned about because they are unpredictable. While a real superstar never forgets all the components of a match, a true superstar knows how to prioritize from greater to lesser.

Kropotkin, you and I are undoubtedly the two to beat in this match. Little do I care about Michael or Finn because they don’t even have enough heart to show up prior to check the cards. They want so hard to make a name for themselves, but what do they expect? To have things handed to them on a silver platter!? I don’t think so! Kropotkin, I don’t know how you feel about all these douchebags who think they God’s gift to the business and should be worshipped like idols, but I absolutely think it’s shit. I can’t for real say Finn and Michael are this way, but their actions and my first impressions of them isn’t speaking too highly!

Kropotkin, if I come out with the victory I can’t say it’s going to be completely sweet. It will be a little bitter because I would hate to see a guy with so much heart get pushed back ten steps. I used to be in your shoes though and breaking that glass ceiling is freaking hard. It took me years to win the PWF Undisputed Championship and while I waited for my opportunity, I was living in my wife’s shadows who was the prized pupil in PWF. Here in the XWF, it’s not going to be one or the another as the star because our intentions are both standing tall with gold in both our hands. We are going to be the two people, the XWF universe want to see and watch on the television set. It’s going to be the superstars by the name of Mark Brooks and Miss Michelle that go down as XWF’s newest power couple!

Buddy, you must understand, my intentions were not to intimidate you, Kropotkin. I wasn’t trying to come off like an arrogant little bastard because that’s not my nature. I was simply introducing myself to everybody else and sorry you misconstrued that. I have a past in this business and whether people in XWF want to accept it or not is their own decision, but my past is a part of me. Our pasts are a part of us! We can’t rewrite history. Kropotkin, you have taken your opinion and ran with it. You have made yourself believe I am this wretched person and you’re now fighting the good fight against the evil goers in this match. And that’s all perfectly fine with me, Kropotkin, but the fact is I was trying to tell you how much I respected you. I was trying to be a good sport about this match because that’s how I wanted to start off my XwF’s career.

But that’s not how you took things and for that, I’m sorry. I’m sorry, I couldn’t have come off more sportsmanlike to you. Kropotkin, the difference between yourself and I is I can admit when I have made a mistake. I can apologize for making those mistakes. I never once said anything about working class or higher class. I, too, am part of the working class. I am not rich and famous, but I get by comfortably. I do love my life though and everything I have in it. You can also bet your ass Kropotkin that I will be doing everything in my power to add more to it. That means, I will be trying to walk away this match with the opportunity to compete for the Hart’s Championship! I will be doing everything in my power to walk away from this four-way with the victory and arm raised in victory.

Kropotkin, the thought of who is under the mask has crossed my mind because you’re right, I never know who is the man beneath the mask. The only evidence I can go by though is your past matches. How you wrestled in past matches is a pretty good indicator on who wrestled that match and whether there are similarities to the other supposed Kropotkin’s in matches. There are ways to differential between Kropotkin’s like there are ways of differential between people’s writing styles. It doesn’t take rocket science Kropotkin, but speaking to me like a little child is one of your biggest mistakes. You see you want to make things personal like Peter did? You want to go for low blows?

So much of a man to man respectful bout, huh? The only thing I did was comment on my determination and motivation to succeed. You judged me. You underestimated me. I can only speak for myself, Kropotkin. I can only say how badly I want to win and share the spotlight with my lovely wife Miss Michelle as we bask in the glory. I want to move up in the ranks and share the floor with other talented current and former champions. I never did once underestimate you and I have taken into consideration everything you are capable of doing. I don’t use opponent’s strings of losses or wins as an indicator on what they are going to do against me. I use their wrestling style and you’re good. I have said that much!

I’m sorry that I must now show the world that you are just a cut below average!

The scene fades to black.

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