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Peter and Drake
09-12-2017, 06:42 PM
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We are just hours away from another edition of the WARFARE World Tour as this Wednesday night, the XWF invades Toronto, Canada. There are a ton of great matches on the card. But the match everyone is dying to see is the match pitting XWF Hart Title Champion Peter F'n Gilmour going against Drake. Peter has held the belt for almost 4 weeks now and has beaten Travis McCoy and Chasm already. Now he faces Drake who wants nothing else but to derail Peter's momentum going into Toronto. Can Drake do the unthinkable and beat Peter for the title? Or will Peter once again show the world why he is the greatest Hart Champion in XWF and wrestling history. We'll see this Wednesday night.

The scene shifts now to the Air Canada Centre in beautiful Toronto, Canada. It is early in the evening as we see some of the production crew beginning to set up the lights and eventually the ring crew will come in to put up the ring. It's a few days early but the XWF wants to get things ready for Wednesday night before they head off to another part of Canada. The seats are being put in so everything looks to be ready to go for the show this Wednesday night.

We go into the backstage area where more production crew are unloading the trucks filled with lights and other shit. We see a black backdrop being put in with the XWF logo adorning it. Nobody is there until we see a shadowy figure coming into the scene. We then see that it is none other than the KING of Xtreme Peter mother fuckin' Gilmour with the XWF Hart Title around his sexy waist. Peter is in a black shirt and pants with his hair still perfectly spiked. A little beard is beginning to form on his face. Guess age is catching up to our fearless champion.

[Image: tumblr_m8exswUCaq1qdts22o1_r1_500.jpg]

Peter looks around and sees people looking at him. He flips them off then sees the camera crew which so happens to be right with him at every turn. Give the man some privacy! But we digress. Peter begins to speak to us.

Peter: Welp, another Warfare, another successful title defense for the greatest Hart Champion in wrestling history. I stand here STILL your XWF Hart Champion. But last show, I really had to work to get that win. Travis McCoy gave me a run for my money. I thought he had me when he hit his lame finisher. But I somehow found the guts to kick out. I can hear the crowd cheering for me to get up and beat McCoy. And all it took was a DEATHSTRIKE and it was all she wrote. But Travis my friend, I tip my hat to you. Once again you took me to the limit. But in the end, I beat you. I know we may do this again but I will be ready for you. You have earned my respect.

Now before I get to my title defense against Drake the rapper, oh it's not that moron? Well I hope he's in the crowd so I can break his face. He's the worst rapper ever. Well all the rap music out now SUCKS! I remember when Notorious BIG, 2PAC, Dr. Dre, Snoop Dog, Eminem, Jay Z were KINGS, no pun intended. Rap music back in the 90s was the shit. Too bad its filled with no name jackoffs who can't rap and you can't make out what they are saying or bimbos like Nikki Minaj making diss tracks. But I digress. FUCK RAP! Metal is the way to go people.

Anyways, I want to take a minute to address some people. Let's start off with Mark Brooks. Marky Mark and his dumb bitch Melissa. Nice to not meet you. Well I did meet you in your last promo and Mark, you're lucky I didn't beat your ass to a pulp right in front of your woman. I could tell she wanted the super D. She couldn't stop staring at it. Come on Melissa, take a ride on my Super Dick. You won't want to get off. But you will all over my dick. But I digress.

Mark, you talk about becoming the #1 contender for my title. Well that's bold but you first have to WIN the match. I'm assuming you will but after I dispose of Drake, I got John Holliday on deck. So the only way you're going to get a shot at this belt is when I beat Holiday on the next show. And maybe I will take a look at your match. I'll study all your moves and pinpoint your weaknesses. And maybe I'll get closer than you think. If we do dance Mark, you're going to find out just like the others that I am the greatest Hart Champion in history and you will just another victim of the DEATHSTRIKE or the greatest finisher in history the GILMOUR CUTTER! So good luck on Wednesday night. But be warned, I'll be watching. You'll never know where I'll be so try to keep your eyes peeled.

Now, onto one of the KINGS John Samuels. Well, seems you're hanging them up eh John? I respect that. You've done a lot here in the XWF. Been here since I've been here way back when. I heard what you had to say in your little announcement. You said that you will step away and in your place will be ME! The KING of Xtreme Peter oh for the love of god suck my dick Gilmour. Well, I'm flattered for giving me your spot in the KINGS, but I'm having a little bit of deja vu. Most of the groups or stables I've been in, I've been screwed and attacked from behind. Homicide: TNA, being teamed with MORBID ANGEL, and I can't seem to remember the rest. But everytime I've joined, I've gotton my ass kick so I know almost for sure Theo, Maddy and Doc will try to fuck with me and eventually kick me out or beat me to a pulp. I guess I'll go with it for now.

But remember John, if your friends try to fuck with me, I won't hesitate to beat the shit out of them. I know Theo and Doc got my number but I've had wins of Maddy before. He may be my "friend" but I still hate his fuckin guts. So to Theo, Doc and especially Maddy, you better welcome me into the KINGS with open arms. All of us will be champions and with me in the group, I don't think anyone in the XWF can touch us. Not James Raven, not Robbie Bourbon, not even that blonde haired prick Vincent Lane. The KINGS will be unstoppable and we will rule the XWF with a iron fist. I guess we'll see how things go on Wednesday night.

Peter begins to ponder joining the KINGS. He rubs his chin and then shakes his head. This is going to be a tough decision for Peter. He looks up, then takes off his Hart Title and slings it over his shoulder. He paces back and forth a bit still thinking about it. He breathes heavily then lets out a gigantic sigh. He then turns back to the camera and speaks again.

Peter: Now to my opponent this week, DRAKE. Oh great I'm fighting the loser from that stupid Canadian Show. What was the name of it? Hmm.. I know James Raven was on it I think. Ah, Degrassi. That show was so lame. He didn't even play a good character. Didn't he get shot and then was in a wheelchair? Jesus Christ man. His TV career is as bad as his rap career. I mean I see him at Raptors games acting like a complete asshole. Wait, what?

A member of the camera crew gives Peter a piece of paper. Peter opens it up and sees it's not Drake the rapper. Peter facepalms and then blushes a bit knowing he fucked up. Peter looks up at the ceiling then begins to speak.
Peter: Well, I got egg on my face. So it's the wrestler known as Drake. Thank God it's not E.. LI.. DRAKE.. I would really like to meet that dude. Most underrated guy in the business. He would do great here in the XWF. Me and him could be tag champs. But I digress.

So Drake, you actually think you can beat me and take this belt? That's like saying Vinnie Lane can be in WARRANT. It's not gonna happen dude. And I hear rumors you may not even show up. I hope you don't because I don't want to waste my energy on a scrub like you. I got better things to do like fucking my wife. You are nothing to me. I'm gonna beat you so bad they won't even recognize you anymore. I will go in, hit the DEATHSTRIKE and walk out. I won't even break a sweat. Then I'll get into my best suit and go into the ring with the KINGS. Now, I don't trust them. Never have, never will. I do respect Theo and Doc however. Maddy, I'm still on the fence with. Yeah, he managed me and Dim to the tag titles. But he's fucked me over more times than this stupid company has. And Equinox, I don't got much to say about him. I'm going to be very cautious about all of this. I just hope things go well and if not, heads will roll.

Drake, don't bother showing up tomorrow night because if you do, I'm ending your career faster than the CAVS beat the Raptors in the NBA Playoffs. So get ready to get your ass handed to you. I'm gonna walk in and out of that ring and still be YOUR XWF Hart Champion! I'm out of here assholes!

Peter storms off the set and walks down the hallway with a purpose. He turns a corner and disappears as we slowly begin to FADE TO BLACK!!


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