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"Storm Warning: Hurricane Tala to Hit Toronto Tomorrow Night!"
09-12-2017, 11:29 AM
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The scene opens on the main two-lane highway. Zooming up in a brand new 2018 cherry red BMW 2-series convertible is a very sexy nicely tanned female. She has her right hand gripping the top of the steering wheel, her left-hand just loosely sat on top of the bottom portion, and she’s leaned back in the driver’s seat. She has a cap on sideways with the wind blowing through the hair hanging down her back. She has a pair of expensive tinted Gucci glasses shielding her eyes from the sun. The woman reaches her fingers up to the middle part of the glasses and pulls them off as she reveals herself to the camera being Tala Sugay. Tala Sugay licks her lips and reaches down to the volume turner. She lowers the music down.

“Just call me hurricane Tala because I’m about to devastate your entire worlds!”

“It’s so fucking hilarious how Robbie Bourbon needs some bitch who is absolutely irrelevant to speak for him. What’s the matter Robbie, don’t have a mind of your own? Or is the lease she has you on just too short? That’s what we call a damn choker!”

“Your little skank can say whatever she wants about me because she doesn’t know me from Lilith to Eve! If she thinks trying to demote me from badass to just plain bitch is going to make me cry, she has another thing coming. The only thing coming to her is a sock between the eyes! She’ll be lucky if that’s the only thing she gets! Bitches who talk shit get stitches from where I come from. I don’t really care what street corner you picked her ass up or what homeless shelter she strutted out from because I’m not sending her to either locations.”

“I’m sending her to the god damn morgue!”

She licks her lips and stares intently.

“Blue, is it? Short for blue balls?”

“Yeah, well, I’ll be that bitch! I’ll be that badass bitch from the hood who just completely rains on your parade! So, poo-poo on you!”

“You think hiding behind your big daddy bear is going to protect you, but let me show you how I turn shit up. When I’m in the ring and it’s all eyes on Hurricane Tala, your man is going to look like a lost puppy! Your man is going to look like he’s in a cage at the local animal shelter! He’s going to be shook with a capital ‘S!’”

“Try not to get all excited sis cause you have nothing I’m scared of and you cannot do anything with this hurricane! I came through last week in Hollywood and swooped up Jenny in it like she was a piece of plastic. That bitch still hasn’t come out from where I dropped her! Take that as a little note to self, bitch and stop being just an extra! Call the storm watchers, I’m trending world-wide, bitch!”

She raises her hand up from the steering wheel and turns it as she cocks her head to the side. She grabs the stick shift and shifts into another gear as she presses down the gas pedal, speeding up. She tosses her hat down on the floor in front of the passenger’s seat while the wind just breezes through her long weave.

“Robbie, your team of Motherfuckers have me SCREAMING! Where the hell are Jackie Chan Cain and Travis McFool McCoy? It looks like they have no problems selling your ass up river and making you hold the fort down... alone. I guess that’s the problem recruiting for a group because you never really know what the fuck you’re getting yourself into, isn’t that so Robbie?”

“Robbie, you might be able to have handled anybody else, Mr. Universal Champion’s number one contender, but you have never had an opponent quite like me. You have never had a bitch who runs in like a freaking hurricane! Robbie, the aftermath isn’t going to be anything like Texas or Florida, it’s going to be worst!”

“So, you better have your old hag prepare sandbags and start building them up because there’s no stopping me when I come through like a true gangsta bitch!”

She starts to maintain the steering wheels with her knees as she brushes her hair back behind her shoulders. She pulls her hair band down to her right palm and starts to put her hair up in a ponytail. As she’s adjusting her hair, she’s still driving with her wheels as she’s steadily swerving in between the lanes.

“I’ve taken some heat from comments I said about you, Jackie and guess what?”

“I still don’t give a rat’s ass!”

“I said what I said and I mean what I said! I’m not ashamed of anything I have done in my life and people who live with regrets are just pathetic! Jackie, I don’t care how bad you have your post-traumatic stress disorder or how much of a loose cannon you are. I wish you were so unpredictable, you would just shoot your damn brains out in front of me Wednesday! I know, it’s asking for too much, now isn’t it?”

“When I found out you were from Queens, I started choking on my own tongue! What the hell does a little skinny white boy know about Queens? No wonder why you went into the service because you were so tired of having your ass kicked by the neighborhood black and Puerto Rican kids!”

“Welcome back to your childhood!”

“Cause this Filipino-Rican Princess is about to kick your ass like the good days!”

Tala looks straight ahead through the windshield while pursing her lips out and smirking deviously. She licks her lips and bats her eyelashes.

“Why am I so mean is what I have heard for the past several weeks. People didn’t like how I exposed Jenny Myst for being a major retard. People didn’t like how I exposed Chris Chaos as a liar and cheat. People didn’t like how I hooked up with Jim Caedus. Now, people don’t like how I am trying to expose the Motherfuckers as the biggest jokes in all XwF!”

“I wasn’t the only one who helped with that exposure though. Peter forced Travis to tuck his tail between his legs and kicked his little ass two weeks ago! Travis hasn’t been the same since. The guy probably thought he was a shoe in for the Hart’s Championship, but what happened? He walked away barefooted and pregnant with Peter Gilmour’s baby!”

“And you!? You, Jackie!? Yeah, need I keep bringing up your loss against Ravenhill bro?!

She lets out a huge sigh and rolls her eyes.

“I thought my partner was extra, but she’s nothing compared to the two of you! If Robbie’s little bitch didn’t speak to me like she was in the God damn match, then I would have felt a little empathy for him.”

“Yes, I said empathy bitch! I’m not an ice queen like Jenny. There’s not a black hole in place of my heart. I can still feel emotions. I just try not to because emotions can make girls like me look weak in this business. I’ve learned to leave my emotions at the door!”

“The point I was trying to make is you and Travis just sold Robbie’s ass up river! What’s the matter, mad because he had an opportunity for the Universal Championship and you didn’t? Don’t worry because it’s not like he's ever going to win the championship! A title shot and winning the title are two entirely different concepts, which Robbie doesn’t have the mental capacity to be Universal Champion!”

“But, neither do you or Travis… Jackie!”

She tilts her head to the side and smirks as she briefly closes her eyes. She reopens her eyes as she turns her head back to the road. She then suddenly starts braking as she approaches a stop sign at a three-way turn. She pauses at the sigh and luckily, she did because in across from her is a highway patrol officer’s car. He drives first because has had the right away as he’s staring at her while passing her. She keeps her eyes ahead of her tightening her hand around the top of the steering wheel. She glances back at him in the rear-view mirror before stepping on the gas and turning left.

“Travis and Jackie, you two thought you were safe from Hurricane Harvey an Irma, but you never imagined Hurricane Tala would be preparing to knock on your door. The way I’m speeding right now on the open road, I should be in Toronto by tomorrow night! I’m bringing winds and gusts at a speed of 140 miles per hour! I’m bringing tidal waves bigger than your homes! There are going to be a lot of causalities, but I’m leaving my mess in that ring! The ring is going to be flooded, but it’s not going to be water flooded.”

“It’s going to be flooded with your urine, blood, sweat, and tears! I’m going to have you shaking in your god damn boots every time you think about the damage of Hurricane Tala!”

“Ask yourselves this, are you really ready to buckle up and go toe to toe with this hurricane? That question is to the both of you! Are you really expecting to waltz into the Air Canada Centre and beat our asses then walk out with redemption?”

“Uh… no!”

“That shit isn’t happening on my watch or my sis’ watch. I don’t have any little pretty pieces of asses to sacrifice to you two or friendly gestures. I just have two fists ready to be crammed down your pretty little throats! You two… or should I say three? You three might be bigger than my little ass, but I still hit harder than you three combined!”

“The bigger the motherfuckers are; the harder those motherfuckers fall!”

As she gets passes the last three-way interaction, she presses down on the gas and accelerates as she speeds through the highway. She shifts gears and licks her lips.

“So, I ask again boys are you ready for Hurricane Tala?”

“I’m a category five, bitches and I’m just getting started!”

She laughs as she reaches her hand up to her hair. She pulls her hair down as she flows in the wind as she picks up speed. The camera faded to black as her cherry red convertible disappeared up ahead.

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