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Fight me.
09-12-2017, 09:09 AM
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It seems we do this a lot, so let's simplify it.

You + Me = PPV Match.

You got a title? I'll take it.

You got some xbux? I'll take em.

You got some dignity? I'll take that too.

Bring forth your best trash talk, and I shall allow you to grace the ring with a legend like myself at the PPV.

Let's do this.

[Image: jefferson-street-high-level-bridge-fairm...d300_0.jpg]

The Essence Of Excellence - The Epitome Of Manliness - The Reflection Of Perfection - Jester™

Win - Lose - Draw
14 - 15 - 2

Cadryn's Butthole (Backstage Page)

Honorary King™ For The Day!

October 2017 Star Of The Month
May 2017 Star Of The Month
2017 Lethal Lottery IV Finalist
2x XWF Hart Champion
1x XWF Television Champion
2x XWF Federweight Champion
5x XWF Heavy Metalweight Champion
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