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This is a Faction/Stable (3+ members) #Memes&Monies
09-11-2017, 06:35 PM
Post: #1
Team Name: #Memes&Monies

Leader(if any) and/or Members: #MemequeenLucaTorchwick, Equinox, Michael Graves, ZKIII

If members each have distinctive roles, list them: Luca plans while Equinox caters

Manager(if any): Zane Kingsley III and the ghost of Johnathan Brandis

Type of Team(Stable, Tag or Trio): Extra Most Besties

Date of Formation: originally 2016, enacted September 2017

Alignment(Heel, Face, Neutral, etc): Face

Theme Music: Warfare=Dick Dale "Miserlou"
Savage=Yes "Roundabout"
PPV=P.E.P.E. "Shadilay"

Signature Moves: Each superstar uses their own moves

Finishing Moves: see above

The angle, storyline or swerve (if any) that brought them together: They we're brought together over their appreciation of Quiznos yo. Their mothers also play bridge on Tuesday nights.

Additional Info:We also do taxes, sometimes referred to as Da Qlub.

[Image: q9xELSp.png?1]
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