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The Arrival of Chelsea
09-11-2017, 02:54 PM
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Glancing out of the skyscraper window admiring the view below. Taking in all the new surroundings embracing the new chapter of my life. Not a pin drop could be heard from my new apartment but instead the sounds of the city street below bellowed throughout my veins; allowing my body to feel more alive than it has in a long time. The hustle and bustle of the bumper to bumper traffic, crowds on the pavements scurrying along to their daily routines was not an unusual sight for me coming from London, so the transition to Sans Francisco was not a huge one. Yet for the first time I actually listened to the sounds of my habitat, as if it was sending me into a hazy mind state. It was only when the alert of my phone rung aloud shaking me out of the trance like state. 

My grey/blue eyes clocked the screen of phone and scanning the name of the recipient who messaged me sent a shiver down my spine. My eyes started to water, pent up emotions that have been suppressed were starting to rise to the surface...

One week ago

John and I were out of town on a romantic getaway we were childhood sweethearts, we had an explosive relationship at times but it was always full of passion. We down at the track today watching Moto GP, most girls wouldn't find this romantic but we were both bike fanatics. The day was going swimmingly until I got the very phone call that tore it all apart.

I was awaiting a call as to whether I would get my big break and join XFW and move to the states. I have been training for this for years and it has all led to this pinnacle moment. There was just one problem, John didn't support my decision of relocating, instead he wanted to me to become his wife and have his children. Yes wanting these things was important to me to but in years to come first I wanted to achieve my dreams.

"Babe's your phone is ringing".

Snapping me out of my thoughts I glanced at John as he handed me my phone. I did not recognize the number and swiped to accept the call.

Chelsea Smith
"Good afternoon Chelsea Smith speaking".

King Vincent
"Good afternoon Chelsea this is King Vincent from XFW do you have a moment to talk"?

Chelsea Smith
"Yes absolutely".

She walks up further away from the track as the noise of roaring motorbikes could interfere the clarity of the conversation.

King Vincent
"I would just like to inform you that you have been accepted in joining our roster Miss. Smith. Shortly a member of my team will send you further information and further flight tickets. Once you arrive we will have a meeting to sign contracts as well as cover all the official necessities".

Chelsea Smith
"Vince I would just like to say thanks for the opportunity and I will not let you down".

King Vincent
"I'm in no doubt you will. Now good day Miss. Smith we will meet once you arrive".

Vincent hangs up and my body is overwhelmed with joy, I was just ecstatic. Yet then my grin was turned into a frown and a pain straight through my heart as the man I love standing by the fence below was not going to join me on my journey. Pushing the thoughts to one side as I couldn't find in my heart to tell him now and ruin the perfect day. I will wait until we are back home in London and tell him then...

Later that night I was getting ready for bed when banging on the bathroom door started emerging. My heart started racing and I could feel it pounding in my chest. Instinct told me that John has found the email received by XFW; because of our total trust for one another a pass code was not put on my phone. Something now wishing I added but by doing so would of arose suspicion in any case.

"Come out here now Chels"!

His voice bellowing through my veins, ignoring him would only result in the door being kicked down. There was no escaping this, I just had to face the music. Finishing washing my face the banging on the door getting louder with each fist.

"For fucks sake just come out Chels"!

Chelsea Smith
"Babe just calm the fuck down before you get us kicked out of here from people complaining"!

"Just answer me this, when was you going to fucking tell me? Or was you just going to fuck off and do a runner and send me a post card".

Chelsea Smith
"Babe I was going to"....

"You were going to WHAT CHELS"?

Chelsea Smith
"Will you let me finish my poxy sentence! I'm coming out once you sit down calmly so we can discuss this like mature adults".

Slowly Chelsea unlocks the bathroom door knowing John has taken a seat on the sofa after hearing him shuffle along the ground and slumping on the sofa loudly. Once she is in the living room she makes her way to the drinks cabinet she pours them both a gin and tonic, John can barely acknowledge her existence, barely raising his eye contact as she hands him a drink. Chelsea downs her drink down the hatch as her breathing starts to even out, tears start to stream down her face.

"Cut the waterworks Chels! Now please embrace us with your explanation".

Chelsea Smith
"Babe you know I love you, I only got the call earlier when we were down at the track. You was not suppose to find out this way, I was going to tell you everything once we were home. I didn’t want to ruin our perfect holiday".

"You know how I feel how about this babe, I thought I made that perfectly clear about moving to the states".

Chelsea Smith
"John… This is my dream if you love me you would realize what"....

"Enough Chels! I am talking now if you get on that plane me and you are finished".

Chelsea Smith
"Well... then I guess this is goodbye John you are not taking this away from me".

Chelsea slowly takes off her engagement ring and slings at John…. She grabbed her bags and storms out of the log cabin, Chelsea turned back to see if John follows her like on many occasions before. Yet his silhouette between was that of the position he was in just sitting there lifeless. Chelsea knew this was the final goodbye and as tears rolled down her check, pulled out her phone and called a cab.

Present Day

Looking at her left hand where her once beloved engagement ring clasped around her finger perfectly was now a void existence. Bravely she opened up the text message just to realize it was just another pissed up mouthful of abuse, she was not going to take anymore of his bullshit nor did she have the energy to waste her breath on replying to him. All the years she has loved and wasted on him but this week she realized he had controlled her for so long and she was no longer his prisoner. She placed her phone in the back of her jeans pocket. She was due at the arena in a hour next week she would be debuting so she wanted to show her face and familiarize herself around the locker room and meet her new colleagues.

Chelsea looked over her appearance and applied light make up to hide any tears or puffy eyes from sleepless nights, now it was all her time to shine. She unties her long wavy locks allowing it to cascade naturally down her back. She grabs her gym bag and picks up her door keys. Outside she climbs into her British racing green Jenson Healy and sets off for the arena….

At the arena

After her meeting with Vincent finalizing her contract and all the necessity paperwork she was free to go and wander around the arena. The feeing of apprehension was overshadowed now by that of positivity. Chelsea’s eyes were scanning the whole arena as she walked down hallways to familiarize herself with them. Whilst making her way to the locker rooms all of a sudden she nearly went sprawling across the marbled floor; with only her reflex stopping her from doing so. After readjusting herself the cause of this almost fall became apparent and it was due to someone tripping her up. Either someone was already trying to make an enemy out of her or they are just extremely clumsy. Judging by Chelsea she herself was not yet sure which it was.

Chelsea Smith
"Hmmm. Excuse-me do you mind? Or do you have two left feet and cannot see where you are going?"

[Image: BD7OeI3.jpg]
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