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09-09-2017, 09:08 AM
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Still bloodied and pulling thumbtacks from his skin, a somber John Samuels leans against his locker. Noticing the cameraman from the corner of his eyes, Samuels motions for him to come over.

"Funny thing about this business is that it always catches up to you, if not physically then mentally. I've been roaming these halls for quite some time and I've locked up with some of the all time greats. I've been cheered, I've been boo'd, I've won and I've lost. And I have to say there's no place quite like the XWF, it's amazing how this place just constantly is flooded by waves of talent.

Which makes it all the more easy to say that this old dog has had his day, and it's time for the new wave of XWF stars to take their place at the top.

I may not have had a full workload like these rising stars such as Jim Caedus, Chris Chaos or Neville, but seeing the effort and drive of them reminded me of a much younger version of myself, one whose heart was in it 100%. And when I matched up with Barney Green tonight, it dawned on me that the level of effort I could commit to the company was nowhere near where it needed to be. That's a good way to get yourself hurt in the ring, or at least tarnish whatever legacy you hoped to leave.

I feel like I've accomplished everything I have set out to do, and can look back in my career with fond memories. There's only thing left for me to do: Fill the spot I'm vacating in the Kings™. There's only one name that comes to mind:

The King™ of Xtreme Peter Gilmour.

I've already spoken with Theo, and at Warfare he will be formally invited into the group to take my place.

And now that that'a settled, I'm going to take off these boots one last time and go get myself a much overdue drink.

Goodbye, XWF. It's been real."

[Image: NMiQZv3.jpg]

Member of the XWF Top-50
1x Universal Champion.
1x King of the XWF
1x X-Treme Champion.
1x European Champion.
2x Tag Team Champion.
2x Trios Champion.
8x UFO/Ark/HMW/Federweight champion.
1x SOTM. (April'13)
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