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Savage Saturday Night 09/09/2017
09-09-2017, 09:28 AM
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Xtreme Wrestling Federation Presents:

The Sugay Sisters
- vs -
Chris Chaos & Jenny Myst
MAX 3 RP per team

- vs -
Phantom Panzer
- vs -
Tyler Cross

- vs -
Jack Cain
X-Treme Rules!

- vs -
Miss Michelle

"Motherfucking" Barney "Motherfucking" Green
- vs -
John Samuels

Thumbtack match! The match starts with the ring and ringside area covered in thousands of tacks!

If Barney wins he gets Samuels spot in the Top 50
If Samuels wins he decides the stipulation post match.


Jody Madrox
- vs -
Neville Sinclair

The Sugay Sisters
- vs -
Chris Chaos & Jenny Myst
Standard Tag Team Rules!

"Queen of the World" - Ida Maria hits over the P.A. system while Chris Chaos and Jenny Myst are already in the ring. Pink spotlights begin to radiate the arena while the fans roar; obviously, the sisters are representing the faces tonight against the team of Chaotic Myst. Tala Sugay struts out beside her sister and both raise their arms in the air. Tala with a Dodgers baseball cap on, tight black leather short shorts, a silver metallic thin spaghetti strapped top with a pair of flat bottomed boots. Jaslene in a pair of long black wrestling tights with slices throughout the legs. A white off the shoulder halter top, and a pair of chunks on her feet. They pause at top of the ramp as their theme begins to fade. They slouch down to their sides and make motion they are going to race down the ramp, but then…

Jim Ross: “Oh my God, Huey can you believe your ears?”

Huey D. Louie: “No I can’t! That sounds like J-J-JIM CAEDUS THEME!”

"Ready Steady Go" by Paul Oakenfold begin to blast over the P.A. system and the fans’ mouths just drop in anticipation for the next entry. Chris Chaos is livid as he’s pacing anxiously in the ring. Jim Caedus walks in a rugged pair of holey blue jeans, black steel-toe boots, a dirty wife beater tank top, and topped with his black dickie jacket. His hair waving in the breeze as he walks out onto the ramp. He steps between the sister and Tala Sugay leans up as he wraps his arm around her lower back. They look up to the “power couple,” before kissing. Jaslene arches her eyebrow down toward the ring while smirks. Tala and Jaslene grab each other’s hands and dash down the ramp. Jim Caedus follows the sisters down as he begins cracking his knuckles. He is quietly mumbling down at Chris Chaos, who is in the ring complaining to the referee. The sisters pause down by the apron while Jim continues right through them—stepping onto the apron. He leans his hand down and literally lifts both sisters up beside him. He steps over the second rope, but both Tala and Jaslene climb the outer turnbuckles. They scale the cheering crowd.

Jim Ross: “The sister did say they reached out to many of Chris and Jenny’s rivals for a little support in this match. Could this be the night Chris and Jenny bite off more than they can chew?”

Huey D. Louie: “I don’t know JR, but Chris is livid at the thought of Jim being at ringside for this match!”

They both hop down off the top turnbuckle and Tala Sugay eyeing Jenny Myst. Jaslene adjusts her weave and starts putting it up in a bun. Tala takes off her cap and swings it across the crowd. Jim pauses in the middle with his arms crossed and Tala leans her hand on his shoulder while both are looking at the alleged “power couple” of XwF.

Jim Ross: “I think their title as power couple is in jeopardy concerning Tala and Jim don’t look too fearful of them.”

Huey D. Louie: “What title? Don’t you have to actually be a couple to considered a power couple? Haha!”

Jim walks over to the ropes and both sisters follow him. As he steps over the second rope, he leans down and kisses Tala’s lips. He tells them both something while looking over at Chris. They glance back at Chris who is still furiously pacing. He steps out the apron and onto the floor as Tala and Jaslene look at each other. They high-five and smirk while deciding who will start things off.

The odd chimes of Sex Metal Barbie begin to play.


The guitar rages as Jenny Myst begins her walk out to the ring. She is especially abusive to the fans tonight as she pulls back her hand as if to wind up and hit them. A few men are still cheering for her though, hoping she'll get close enough to touch. She instead continues down to the ring, focusing her gaze on The Sugay Sisters.

[Image: GxtWwo6.gif]

On the apron now, she slowly enters the ring between the middle and top ropes.

Tala Sugay: Where's your man, bitch?

Jaslene Sugay: Sis, she got curbed!

[align=center]Jenny Myst is finishing up looking out over the crowd as she presses her body up against the ropes, standing on the bottom rope. She jumps back and walks halfway into the ring in the Sugay's direction.

Jenny: Whose dick have you two been suckin on to get another shot at me, huh? I'll put you two dogs down again just you --.

Just then, the words FOLLOW ME appear on the X-Tron. Smoke billows all around the entrance. All three women in the ring now looking on. The flow of the trenchcoat appears first, followed by the man, Chris Chaos. Blue and white lights flicker across the flow of smoke. He takes a moment, just outside the smoke, to look out to both sides of the crowd. Now walking slowly to the ring, he breaks into a job close to the ring, sliding in. Jenny Myst now seems especially intent on gaining his attention.

[Image: r1rsqvE.jpg]

But Chris doesn't acknowledge her before jumping onto the 2nd turnbuckle, throwing his arms up into the air. He begins his climb down, now walking towards his corner with Jenny.

Chris Chaos: Just try and stay out of the way this time. You still've got a lot to learn.

DING. DING. DING. Jenny Myst and Tala Sugay begin in the ring. Jenny runs at Tala and they are now locked up. Tala moves a free hand and hits Jenny right in the face with an eye gouge! Jenny is bent over, her hands covering her face. Tala runs into the ropes and performs a cartwheel on her way back to a huge leg drop across the kneck of Jenny. Tala bends down to flip Jenny on to her back. Tala moves to grab Jenny's leg for a submission move but Jenny kicks up hard and hits Tala betwen the legs!

Ross: There's no ding dong there, but that's still gotta hurt!

Lewis: The famous camel toe kick!

Jenny is up on one knee in front of Tala, who is doubled over. Jenny reaches back and grabs two handfuls of hair and hits a snapmare on Tala! Tala is dazed, reaching up for her sister in the opposite corner. Jenny pulls Tala by her hair, to a standing position now. Jenny quickly hugs Tala tightly and flips in a suplex. On the ground now, Jenny moves to pin down Tala's shoulders but is bucked off by Tala. Tala moves to her feet. Jenny and Tala are now circling. Tala runs in and hits Jenny with a forewarm smash across the chest. Jenny is slow to react. Jaslene Sugay moves between turnbuckles, now on the ropes. Tala runs at the ropes, tags Jaslene, and the two run at Jenny, hitting her with a double running shoulder block.

Ross: Double Trouble! Taking some liberties there with the rules of a tag-team match. That can't sit well with Chaos!

Lewis: Someone needs to take control in the ring before this gets out of hand.

Chris Chaos jumps in the ring as the referee chides Tala for staying in after the tag. Jaslene moves to hit Jenny with a leg drop but Chaos hits Jaslene with a clothesline! Jenny gets on her feet while Chaos picks up Jaslene. Chaos hits Jaslene with an elbow drop across the neck. He moves back to the corner. Jenny now climbs to the top rope and hits Jaslene with a gigantic body splash! Jenny rolls up Jaslene for the pin as the referee finally turns around from talking to Tala...



Jaslene kicks out. but is still down. Jenny picks up Jaslene off the mat, leading Jaslene by her hair to Chaos. Jenny makes the tag to Chaos. Jenny hits Jaslene with an elbow. Jaslene is still dazed on her feet, bent over. Jenny makes her way out of the ring. Chaos grabs Jaslene by the neck, lifting her up and smashing her down with a vertical suplex. Jaslene clutches at her back. Jaslene moves to one knee. Chaos moves to pick up Jaslene. Jaslene hits Chaos with a low-blow! Jaslene hits Chaos in the face with a huge flying knee. Chaos is knocked back, still on his feet. Jaslene runs into the ropes, now running at Chaos. Jaslene hits Chaos with a Lou Thesz Press. Jaslene begins to beat on the face of Chaos with both fists. Chaos blocks a right hand and forces Jaslene off. Jaslene gets up while Chaos is still on a knee. Jaslene digs her nails into Chaos's skin with a back rake!

Ross: At least Jenny knows where those marks came from!

Lewis: I don't think that will make her feel any better.

Chaos moves to grab Jaslene's leg. Jaslene kicks Chaos several times in the gut. Chaos is now flat on the ground. Jaslene rolls over and covers Chaos to make the pin...


Chaos quickly kicks out. Chaos gets up and walks to make a tag with Jenny. Jenny enters the ring. Jaslene comes bouncing off the ropes at Jenny and hits a flying forearm smash. Jenny's fall is caught by the ropes. Jaslene catches Jenny with a clothesline, bouncing back from the ropes. Jenny is on the ground now. Jaslene moves to drop a knee onto Jenny, but Jenny rolls out of the way at the last minute! Jenny is quickly on her feet. Jenny and Jaslene lock up in the center of the ring.

Lewis: This is something I normally have to pay $9.95 a minute for!

Ross: Someone's payin you too much if you can afford that!

Jenny grabs the back of Jaslene's neck, pulling down. Jenny hits Jaslene in the face with a high knee. Jaslene is doubled over. Jenny hits Jaslene with a toe stomp. Jenny hooks her right and left hand under Jaslene's arms and executes a double-armed DDT! Jaslene hits the canvas hard! Jenny rolls over Jaslene and grabs a leg...



Jaslene kicks out at the last second! Both Jenny and Jaslene are on their hands and knees, crawling to get up. Jaslene crawls to the nearest corner, her head just between the bottom and middle turnbuckles. Jenny has already gotten up and now begins to run full steam at Jaslene. Jenny launches herself, ass-first directly into Jaslene's upper-body. Jaslene manages to roll out of the way, causing Jenny to land on the bottom bar that connects the turnbuckle! Jaslene grabs Jenny by the hair and pulls her off of the turnbuckle and across her knee back first. Jaslene covers Myst.

Chaos jumps through the ropes!


Chaos rushes across the ring to break the pin!


Tala launches herself off the top rope!

Tala crashes into Chaos with a flying crossbody!


Winner: The Sugay Sisters!

As soon as the match was over, the Sugay sisters were attacking Jenny, Chaos saw this and went to help, but someone was coming from the crowd, the person hopped over the barricade and slid into the ring, just as Chaos had his hands on one of the sisters, he was struck in the back of the head with a nightstick.

"Oh shit, it's John Holliday!"

"Getting revenge no doubt. Can't say I blame him."

John looked down at Chris Chaos as he was holding the back of his head from the pain. The twins had Jenny in the corner beating the holy Hell out of the blonde. John gave Chris a few more hits with the nightstick before getting out of the ring, he walked over to the timekeeper's table and grabbed a mic that was laying on it, he also took Nipsey Russell's steel chair, folded it up before getting back into the ring. John looked down at Chris like a hungry wolf.

"Chris, you one stupid sumbitch. You know that? Did you really think that you were going to get away with attacking me? You have shit for brains Chris. So for now on, I'm going to make your life a living Hell, then you will know the true definition of the word chaos. Your world is about to be filled with pain and agony. Starting now."

John dropped the mic and before it even hit the mat below, John was delivering chair shots to Chris Chaos's body.








Once John was done unleashing on Chris, he handed the chair over to Tala. John forced Chris to look at the twins and his lady. She was laying face down on the mat.

"I told you do not fuck with me Chris, I warned your ass. This is what happens when you don't fucking listen."

Tala started to wack Jenny across her back over and over again with the chair, while her sister stomped away at her.

"F-fuck you."

"Sorry, I'm not a whore like Jenny."

John slammed Chris's head to the mat and walked over to the sisters, he shook their hands as the three laughed, and of course, seeing that John was a gentlemen, he held the ropes for the twins so they could leave.

"Holy shit, that was brutal as fuck."

"Maybe a little too brutal Luca?"

"Nah, fuck that. It was perfect."

- vs -
Phantom Panzer
- vs -
Tyler Cross
Standard Match

Jim Ross: “This match is going to be one for the ages. We have Phantom Panzer and Kropotkin who are established here taking on the newly signed Tyler Cross who appears to be a complete wrestler rookie!”

Huey D. Louie: “I don’t know how I feel about this Tyler kid yet. I want to see how he performs in the ring and can hang with some of the best in XwF.”

Jim Ross: “He seems to have a lot of heart, but heart is only one of the components to make it big out there, Huey. You also need skill and talent to take you to the next level.”

Huey D. Louie: “We just saw Kropotkin go toe to toe with James Raven last week and really did some damage. James Raven was close to losing that gauntlet he ran!”

Jim Ross: “Anybody who can battle James Raven: win or lose is somebody to look out for in the future.”

Huey D. Louie: “Well, let’s see how this triple threat unfolds!”

The following contest is a triple threat contest and it is for one falls! Introducing first…

The arena grows completely quiet and lights completely go off. Some fans through the crowd light up their cell phones or lighters. Smoke starts to fill the entrance ramp area and then BOOM hits the P.A. system, followed by bright white lights radiating over the ringside area. "Timebomb" by Godsmack hits over the P.A. system and there's a mixed reaction from the crowd. A figure is slouched over on the top of the ramp and hidden behind the smoke. As the smoke starts to clear, the figure lifts himself up and removes the hood from over his head. He starts jolting down the ramp, removing the leather vest as he makes his way down the ramp. He hands over to a nearby fan and rallies the crowd up as he dashes sideways to the ring. He leaps up on the entrance ramp and runs over to the corner: climbing up on the outside of the turnbuckles. He bangs the sides of his fists together and throws his arms up in the air. The crowd roars. He climbs to the top rope and jumps off inside the ring. He kneels down and turns to the entrance. He grins. He arches his eyebrow and props up as he walks to the far corner. He grabs the top rope and starts pulling on it as he stretches. The theme song ends while lights flicker back on.

[color=pinkRING ANNOUNCER: "Billed from Toronto, Ontario, Canada; he stands at 6 feet, 1 inch, weighs 190 pounds.... he is the Cross Inked Sensation... TYLER CROSS!"[/color]

He releases the grip off the ropes and flings himself backwards as he points up to the ramp. As he's pointing, he holds his forefinger and thumb out like a gun, squinting his eyes. He raises his right hand up and slides it through his hair and leans down as he taunts for his opponent to come out.

And introducing one of his opponents…

He slowly walks out as the lights dim. Then they light up on the ramp only, and he walks out and as he walks along the lit ramp, blood seemingly follows his every step, coating the ramp.

Hailing from the Psyche of a Broken Mind, weighing 242 pounds, and standing at 6 foot even… PHANTOM PANZER!!”

As he reaches the ring, the ring is lit up and before he enters, and as he steps foot inside the squared circle, the effect rushes from all four corners. After a minute, he throws his arms out fast upwards, and the lights brighten as bloodied confetti shoots out and into the crowd.

“…And the final participant!”

I Ain't Got No Home In This World Anymore - Woody Guthrie begins to play over the P.A. system.

“Hailing from the unknown, weighing 228 pounds, and standing 6 feet, 4 inches… Kropotkin!!”

The lights dim as Kropotkin walks to the ring slowly. After all three men have entered the ring. The referee looks over at the three participants who are eyeing each other. Tyler Cross is bouncing sideways and stretching his arms. Phantom Panzer is glaring at the new meet and Kropotkin sits on the top rope while he’s gawking at the other two opponents. The referee signals for the bell.

(ding, ding, ding)

Tyler Cross looks to move toward the middle, but Phantom rushes him off to the side with a devastating running avalanche, which nearly takes him out! Tyler flops to the mat and Kropotkin jumps off the top rope. He runs to the ropes and leaps on the second rope as he springboard catching Panzer who spins around with a dropkick to the chest. Tyler is to his feet and he locks up with Kropotkin, but Kropotkin with a quick arm drag into an armlock. Panzer is to his feet and he runs at Kropotkin with a shoot kick to the side of his head.

Jim Ross: “It looks like Panzer is focusing on the rookie, but Kropotkin just wants to win the match.”

Huey D. Louie: “Panzer better consider all scenarios in this match or Kropotkin might clean house.”

Panzer lifts Tyler up like a rag doll and throws him into the corner. He backs up and charges at him, but Cross flings up with a big boot to the face. Cross runs out of the corner with a running bulldog on Panzer. He hooks the leg: 1 – Panzer kicks out without any problems! Kropotkin bounces off the front ropes and as Tyler gets up to his feet, Kropotkin with a running leg lariat across the chest! Kropotkin gets up to his feet, but is spun around by Panzer who lifts him above his head with a gorilla press hold. He drops Kropotkin down on his knee with a gut buster!

Jim Ross: “What a long way down for Kropotkin. I hope he’s not too afraid of heights.”

Huey D. Louie: “Tyler Cross is trying to get back in his match.”

Kropotkin clutches his hands around his stomach as Tyler gets up to his feet. Panzer grabs his head and tucks his head between the legs. He lifts him up onto his shoulders, but Tyler with a standing head scissors takedown! Panzer is taken down, but he kneels up against the ropes. Tyler follows it up with a running Enzuigiri to a kneeled Panzer. Panzer collapses against the mat! Cross goes to look for Kropotkin, but Kropotkin catches him with a flying forearm right between the eyes!

Jim Ross: “It looks like the triple threat stipulation just got the best of Tyler Cross.”

Huey D. Louie: “Tyler’s all work may just pay off for Kropotkin.”

Kropotkin goes for the cover on Panzer: 1 – 2 – Panzer powers out. Cross runs behind Panzer as he stands up and jumps on his back with a rear naked chokehold! Kropotkin is up to his feet now and he starts executing kicks ot the midsection of Panzer while Cross has the hold is still intact. Panzer though reaches over his shoulder and grabs the tattoo superstar. He swings him over and throws him into Kropotkin! Kropotkin pushes Cross out of the way and charges Panzer, but he lifts him up with a bearhug!

Jim Ross: “Oh my GAWD! Look at the grip of Panzer holding Kropotkin like a newborn baby!”

Huey D. Louie: “I think he’s going to tap out!”

He starts to squeeze the life out of him while the fans boo. Cross runs off the ropes as Kropotkin is being squeezed to death by the clown. Cross rebounds off the ropes and slides low with a knife edge chop to the back of Panzer’s knee. This is enough to break the hold and Kropotkin transitions it into a tornado DDT! Panzer rolls out of the ring and Cross goes on the offense with Kropotkin. Kropotkin turns around and Cross lifts him up off the mat, but Kropotkin slides down the back. He grabs Cross with a back grapple and lifts him up with a back suplex

Jim Ross: “Another big mistake from Tyler Cross, Huey and this time it might have cost him!”

Huey D. Louie: “What is Kropotkin planning next?”

He holds his neck and Kropotkin runs off the ropes, but right before he goes to bounce off the ropes—Panzer grabs his ankles and drops him flat on his face. Cross climbs up to his feet and Panzer races in the ring. As Cross turns, around, Panzer lifts him up and plants him in the middle of the ring with a spinebuster. He hooks the leg, 1 – 2 – Kropotkin runs over and stomps on Panzer’s back breaking the hold.

Jim Ross: “The impact might have broken Kropotkin’s back!”

Huey D. Louie: “Holy SHIT, did you see how Kropotkin’s head ricocheted off of the canvas!?”

Panzer eyes the referee sternly while he gets up to his feet. Kropotkin waits across the ring and as Panzer turns around—he sprints out of the corner and takes Panzer down with a spear! He hooks both legs: 1 – 2 – Panzer powers out. Kropotkin pulls Panzer up by the arm and attempts to whip him into the ropes, but Panzer reverses it. Kropotkin rebounds off the ropes and Panzer lifts him up with a back body drop. Kropotkin holds his lower back and Cross is up to his feet. Cross runs at Panzer, but Panzer charges at both opponents and nearly beheads them with a thunderous double clothesline!

Jim Ross: “Phantom Panzer using his strength and takes down both of his opponents!”

Huey D. Louie: “You can’t count out the wicked clown!”

Panzer focuses on Cross and lifts him up as he shoves him inside the corner. Kropotkin climbs up to his feet and runs at Panzer and executes a dropkick to his back: forcing Panzer into Cross. He grips onto Panzer, but Panzer overtakes him with elbows to the face, forcing him to the break hold. Panzer grabs his arm and whips him over the arm with a hip toss. As Kropotkin kneels up, Tyler sprints and leaps, but being caught by Panzer. Kropotkin quickly hops on the second rope and scores a second rope missile dropkick into Cross, knocking Panzer down! The referee slides down to the mat: 1 – 2 – Kropotkin pulls Cross’ leg off Panzer.

Kropotkin has Cross up to his feet and he holds his head. He starts to nod while the fans roar. He dips down to the canvas and hits the sister Abigail!

Jim Ross: “Tyler Cross has just been hit with the Red Rosa!”

But before Kropotkin can go for the cover, Panzer runs over with a high knee to the side of Kropotkin’s face. He falls over and Panzer slouches down as he starts to taunt him to get up. Kropotkin uses the ropes to get up to his feet and Panzer grabs him from behind and drops him on the back of his neck with a German suplex! While Kropotkin is on the canvas, Panzer grabs his head and pulls him to his feet. Panzer looks around the crowd laughing when he is caught off guard by Kropotkin slipping his grip. Kropotkin takes advantage of Panzer's confusion and wastes no time connecting with a Red Rosa!

Huey D. Louie: “This is going to be over here in a second!”

Jim Ross: Kropotkin is going for the cover on Phantom Panzer!

Winner: Kropotkin

- vs -
Jack Cain
X-Treme Rules!

Our next match is another newcomer here in the XWF, about to have his mettle tested by a monster. Ravenhill, who’s been disturbing a lot of people here with his antics, goes head-to-head with Jack Cain, who says he’s determined to take him down. This one is being fought under X-Treme rules, so it won't be for the faint hearted. Let’s get to ringside.

The following contest is scheduled for one fall, and is an X-Treme rules contest.

Introducing first, from parts unknown, Raaaaaaavenhiiiiiillllll!

A debut here for the new man, not much is known about him, but by the looks of him he is a very, very scary individual.

Ravenhill moves slowly to the ring, looking intently ahead of him with piercing eyes. He slowly enters the ring, removes an overcoat and hat, then perches silently on his haunches facing the entranceway on the far side of the mat.

And his opponent, from Queen’s, New York, weighing 328 lbs, Jack Caaaaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

Whatever Ravenhill thinks he knows about the XWF, he’s in for a test tonight. Cain is a tough bastard and if Ravenhill thinks he’s going to outfight him, then he’s dead wrong.

But Cain isn’t the brightest Ross, you know that, and I know that. He’s violent, and brutal, but he can be outsmarted - if Ravenhill is smarter - he has a chance.

Cain strides down to the ring, and removes his coat at ringside. He climbs over the top rope, but as he does so, Ravenhill attacks, kicking the rope so it impacts on his groin.

Cheap shot from the newcomer!

Oh come on Ross, Cain would have done the same!

Cain steps over the top rope, as Ravenhill kicks at his knees and thighs, sending the big man down to one knee as he carries on battering him. The newcomer doesn't break stride as he rebounds off the ropes and dropkicks the side of Cain’s left knee, making him roll over on his side. He’s quick to the punch again, rolling Cain onto his stomach, grabbing his ankle and planting his boot on the inside of his knee, before stomping again and again on the stricken limb.

This is nasty Ross, Ravenhill looks a brutal customer.

Well he’s been smart here Huey, he’s seen he can’t match power with Cain, so he’s taking him off his feet and working over the leg. He’s scouted out his opponent and he’s got a strategy.

Ravenhill rolls Cain onto his back and drags him over to the ring post. Sliding out of the ring, he pulls Cian out so he straddles the post, then slams his knee against the post, making the downed Cain roar in agony. Ravenhill follows up with another, smiling all the time as he victimises the bigger man. He then hooks the ankle of Cain, and stretches his knee around the post, pulling on the ligaments and tendons. Cain winces in pain, and has the wherewithal to reach down and try and push Ravenhill off, but the aggressor has the leverage advantage, and continues to stretch Cain.

Eventually he releases the hold. Cain curls his legs up back into the ring and grabs hold of his knee, fighting the pain. Ravenhill goes to the announce desk, and grabs the cord for the TV monitors. He slides back into the ring and once against drags Cain over to the ring post.

Jack Cain is being taken to school here Ross, I like this Ravenhill guy, he’s got a taste for the vicious.

Don’t count Cain out yet Huey. This is a man that can absorb a ton of punishment and can come back fighting. There’s plenty of mileage in this.

Ravenhill pulls Cain over to the other corner. He ties up Cain’s ankles, and climbs through the ropes. He drops down to the floor, and hauls Cain’s legs up the turnbuckles until he’s upside down in a Tree-of-Woe in the corner. The smaller man ducks back into the ring and now has Cain at his mercy. He gets down on his knees and stares into his opponent’s face. Stony face, he breaks out into a sadistic grin - only for Cain to return one.

I don't think Cain is finished yet Huey.

They’re both nuts JR! Cain is enjoying this!

Ravenhill drops the smile and gets back to his feet, then unleashes a volley of kicks to Cain’s face, while the bigger man attempts to block them with his forearms. Ravenhill then turns to the stomach, driving punches and kicks into the bigger man’s midsection. He rebounds off the ropes and drives his knee into Cain’s gut. He then goes back to the outside and retrieves a steel chair. Cain is trying to unhook his legs from the tangle at the top of the ringpost but isn't having any luck. Ravenhill gets back inside and flashes Cain another smile. He then levels the chair across Cains knees, slamming it down on top of them and crushing them between it and the top turnbuckles.

That is absolutely brutal from Ravenhill!

But you have to give him credit Ross, he has taken it to Cain and he’s put himself in a great position to win this.

Cain cries out again, but the impact has loosened the cable. He manages to use his good leg to work the cord free. Ravenhill goes to tighten it again, but Cain shoves a knee in his direction, catching him on the bridge of his nose and sending him staggering back into the centre of the ring, dazed. Cain collapses in a heap as his leg comes free, and for the first time, is able to catch his bearings. He struggles to his feet and is favouring the left leg after Ravenhill's assault on his knee. He wears a look of determination on his face now, and moves towards Ravenhill. The smaller man realises his opponent is back to a vertical base, and tries to move away, but Cain catches him. He pounds him with hard punches to the face, and then then an uppercut sends Ravenhill crashing to the floor.

I think the tide may have turned Huey.

I don’t like this, Cain when he’s going toe-to-toe with someone is a massively dangerous man. The power behind those blows will test Ravenhill’s resilience.

Cain straddles his opponent, using his knees and feet to hold Ravenhill's arms down. He then rains punches down on Ravenhill’s face continually, bludgeoning him until his nose streams blood. One blow sends a tooth flying across the ring. When Cain pauses, Ravenhill looks right back up at him and spits blood in his face, causing the bigger man to drive an elbow down into the bridge of his nose with an audible crack

Jesus Christ Huey! I think he just broke his nose.

Cain is a nasty bastard Ross - a very nasty bastard. For all the punishment Ravenhill can dish out, Cain will revel in something like this.

Cain gets back to his feet and limps over to the discarded steel chair. Ravenhill is stirring, holding his nose while it gushes blood. Cain, opens up the chair and plants it in the middle of the ring. He then grabs the smaller man and bashes his head against it. Laying Ravenhill's head against the chair, he comes off the rope and demolishes both the chair itself and his opponent with a huge elbow drop.

My God Huey! What a damned elbow drop - he damned near killed him!

That just looked… disgusting Ross. Ravenhill got bent in half.

Cain goes for the cover - the first one in the match. Mika Hunt starts the count.



But Ravenhill gets a shoulder up!

Cain slaps the mat and argues with Mika, before returning his attention to his downed opponent. As he bends down to pick him up, Ravenhill reaches up and pulls him into a small package!



But Cain manages to power out. Ravenhill is up quicker, but dazed. He is trying to keep his distance as Cain starts to gain some power back in his leg. Ravenhill wipes the blood away from his face as Cain starts to move more freely. The two leye one another for a moment, then lock up. Cain clearly has the power advantage and hurls his smaller opponent across the ring. Ravenhill hits the turnbuckles with a sickening thump, and Cain picks up a leg from the ruined chair.

What the Hell is he going to do with that?

I don't think you want to know Huey.

Hefting the leg like a spear, Cain hurls it at Ravenhill, who ducks at the last second, only for the chair leg to impale itself into the turnbuckle pad. Ravenhill scoots out of the ring, but Cain follows, not giving up on his prey. Ravenhill punches him square in the face to buy himself some time, but Cain shrugs it off and keeps on coming. Suddenly Ravenhill picks up the pace and manages to put some distance between Cain and himself. He scoots back into the ring quickly, still moving somewhat groggily after the blow to his face. As Cain crawls back into the ring, Ravenhill has enough sense to drop an elbow onto the back of Cain’s neck, stunning him. Seeing an opportunity, he against stomps on the back of the knee.

Opportunistic move there by Ravenhill…

But it may just pay off Ross…

Cain struggles with the blow to his neck, and Ravenhill uses that to lock Cain into a scorpion deathlock, right in the center of the ring. The referee quickly slides in to check if Cain submits. Cain screams out "NO!!!" in both pain and frustration. Ravenhill wrenches back, applying more pressure. Cain buries his faces into his arm as he fights off the urge to quit. The referee can be heard asking Cain again if he would like to submit. Suddenly Cain pushes his body up from the mat and yells out a desperate warcry as he uses every remaining ounce of energy in an attempt to power his way out of the move. Ravenhill doesn't have much trouble keeping it locked in, and after a moment Cain passes out and collapses back to the mat. The referee jumps up and calls for the bell!

Winner: Ravenhill

- vs -
Miss Michelle
Standard Match

Just before the bell rings, Jenny Myst's music hits as she walks out onto the ramp in a pair of yoga pants and a tight tee.

"Miss want to call me out? You want a piece. Fine. But, I am a busy woman, so it needs to be worth it to me. So here is how this is gonna go beat Abigail tonight.....I accept your challenge, but it is for a shot at the Bombshell Title.....if you lose....well, then I'm not gonna waste my time.......

So......good luck. I guess.

She blows a kiss and waves, walking to the back at the bell rings

Jim Ross: “I can’t believe we are going to witness Abigail’s first title defense against XwF’s self-proclaimed first lady and wrestling elite Miss Michelle. This match is going to be absolutely explosive Huey!”

Huey D. Louie “I bet Jenny is somewhere throwing a tantrum about Miss Michelle getting his title shot before her. It wasn’t very long that Jenny lost her opportunity at the title.”

Jim Ross: “Indeed it wasn’t and if everything goes right for Miss Michelle, XwF could be seeing a new Bombshell’s Champion. Can you imagine winning the title in your debut, Huey?”

Huey D. Louie “No, I can’t, but it could propel to stardom instantly!

“Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is a XwF Bombshell’s Championship match and it is for one falls. Introducing first, the challenger…”

In a very preppy and upbeat tone, "Don't Hate Me Because I'm Beautiful" is shouted over the p.a. system before the infamous "Queen of the Reich" by Queensryche plays over the sound system. The fans immediately stand to their feet and begin cheering as Miss Michelle's newly designed entrance video plays on the big screen.

“Hailing from Miami, Florida and standing in at 5 feet 7 inches: she is the self-proclaimed First Lady of XwF… MISSSSS MIIICCCHHHEEEELLLLLEEEE!”

Miss Michelle walks out from the back and she kicks her right leg up as she slides her hands through her dark reddish hair. She shakes her head and starts strutting down the ramp as she's saying, "it’s time to get back what is my." Miss Michelle makes her way over to the ring apron and lifts herself up using the ropes. She kicks her feet against the apron and flips her hair back before diving under the third rope entering the ring, but pausing over the second. She wiggles her ass as she briefly closes her eyes and licks her lips. She steps over the second rope and jots over to the far corner, climbing to the second rope, and blowing a kiss to the cheering crowd before hopping off the second rope. She turns around and stares up at the entrance ramp as she glares at the curtains. Her theme comes to an end as the fans continue to cheer, but Miss Michelle is slightly stretching her arms against the ropes as she waits for her opponent.

Jim Ross: “Michelle looks great tonight, Huey and definitely ready to push Abby to her maximum.”

Huey D. Louie “I just hope Michelle isn’t being too overconfident going into this match because with Abby’s unique style she can very easily beat Miss Michelle.”

“And introducing the inaugural Xtreme Wrestling Federation Bombshell’s Champion…”

The slow opera music plays as Abigail, her title fastened around her waist, walks out to the stage.

“Hailing from Hollywood, California and standing in at 5 feet, 4 inches… Abigail!”

She doesn't stop, she continues to walk slowly with the music down the ramp and into the ring completely focused on her opponent the entire time. She unfastens her belt and holds it up in the middle of the ring while Miss Michelle glares up at it. She brings it back down as she stares at it before passing it over to the referee.

Jim Ross: “That could be very last time she holds the title, Huey.”

Huey D. Louie “It just might be.”

The referee holds it up in between the ladies as the crowd roars. He walks it over and hands it off to ringside crew members. He dashes back to the ring and signals for the bell.

(ding, ding, ding)

Jim Ross: “It looks like these ladies are wasting no time on starting things off!”

Michelle and Abby hook up in the middle of the ring with a rough front grapple. Abigail with champion’s advantage takes Michelle down to a single knee with a side headlock hold. She tightens it as she twists her head a bit. Michelle arches her back and swings with kidney blows to Abigail’s side. Abby with a slight moan of pain and loosening the hold before Michelle pushes her off into the ropes. Abigail holds herself back against the ropes as Michelle dashes toward her. Abigail comes off the ropes with abdominal martial art kicks to the ribs. Michelle holds her stomach as she stumbles backwards. Abby leaps forward with a clothesline.

Jim Ross: “These women are trying to set a bar and they doing just that with this high impact start right off the bat!”

Huey D. Louie: “I wonder what Michelle is going to have to do in order to get in the champion’s head, JR?”

Michelle rolls up to her feet and Abby meets her with a standing dropkick. She pushes her back to the mat and hooks the leg: 1 – Michelle powers out after a one count. Abby is first to her feet and she lifts Michelle up by the wrist. She whips Michelle to the corner and runs closely behind her, but Michelle with a back elbow to the nose. Abby holds her nose and runs at her again, but Michelle ducks out of the way and rolls her up from behind with a schoolgirl: 1 – 2 – Abby kicks out!

Jim Ross: “Michelle with a close call on the champion, but it’s going to take a lot more than that to keep the champion down.”

Huey D. Louie: “No doubt there JR, Abby has a lot of heart and passion for this business.”

Abby is to her feet and she sprints at Michelle with a clothesline, but Michelle ducks. Abby turns around into a kick to the midsection. Michelle grabs the hair and takes Abby down with a hair-pull backbreaker! Arching her back as she hits the mat, Abby feels the effects of the backbreaker. Michelle leans down and grabs Abby her hair. She whips her into the ropes, but upon rebound she catches Michelle with a kick to the chest. As Michelle aids her chest, she jumps up and takes Michelle off her feet with a standing hurricanrana! Michelle holds her lower back as she staggers up to her feet.

Jim Ross: “Look at Abby with that standing Michelle and Michelle looks like she’s never had an opponent with Abby’s style before.”

Huey D. Louie: “Michelle is in her woman’s territory right now!”

She leans back in the corner and Abby runs at her with a high shining wizard! Michelle staggers out from the corner and falls face first on the mat. Abigail quickly rolls her over and goes for another cover: 1 – 2 – Michelle gets a shoulder up and Abby slaps her hands against the mat.

Jim Ross: “Wow, I thought sure that was it after Abby hit the shining wizard. Abby nearly beheaded poor Miss Michelle!”

Huey D. Louie: “Abby is showing us a style she hasn’t showed us in the past that’s for sure!”

Abby stands back from Michelle and slouches down as she starts to taunt her to get up. Michelle staggers up to her feet and Abby with a roundhouse kic—but no, Michelle grabs her leg in midair! She transitions it into a STO! Abby holds the back of her head while she lets out an agonizing scream. She starts to crawl up to all fours, but Michelle grabs the hair of her and she slams her face first on the mat with a hair-pull facebuster. She holds her face as the referee warns Michelle about hair-pulling. Michelle lifts Abby up the wrist and whips her off into the ropes once again, but Abby bounces off the ropes, surprising her with a running crossbody! She hooks the legs: 1 – 2 – Michelle kicks out again!

Jim Ross: “Michelle has a temper on her it looks like Huey, but Abigail remains one step ahead of her.”

Huey D. Louie: “I think Michelle still has a little ring rust she hasn’t completely worked off.”

Michelle staggers up to her feet and Abby with a leg sweep, taking her feet out from beneath her. Michelle hits her head on the canvas and Abby is first to her feet. Michelle stumbles up and Abby grabs her from behind, scoring with a reverse Russian leg sweep! She rolls her over and hooks the leg: 1 – 2 – Michelle kicks out!

Jim Ross: “It looks like Abigail is trying any high impact move to put Michelle away and walk away with her first title defense a successful one!”

Huey D. Louie: “It’s a good strategy, but it doesn’t appear to be working to Abby’s liking too much.”

Abby looks to be getting frustrated as she looks over at the referee. She leans down and yanks Michelle up to her feet. She goes to lift Michelle up on the shoulders, but Michelle starts to fight out of it with elbows to the side of her head. She slips down her back and runs backwards off the ropes. Abby turns around and Michelle catches her in the jaw with a massive bicycle kick! Abby stumbles down to the mat and Michelle quickly goes for the cover: 1 – 2 – Abby gets a shoulder up!

Jim Ross: I don’t think Abby was expecting Michelle to use one of her own moves against her!”

Huey D. Louie: “I heard the impact from Michelle’s boot to Abigail’s jaw. She might want to get that checked out later.”

Michelle struggles to get up to her feet while Abby is still on the mat. Michelle backs up from Abby and she performs a cartwheel in the ring, transitioning it into a leg drop across the throat of the champion! She holds the leg across Abby and the referee slides back down to the mat: 1 – 2 – Abby gets another shoulder up.

Jim Ross: “Michelle showing her off agility right there.”

Huey D. Louie: “She’s really pushing Abigail to the max!”

Michelle stumbles up to her feet and backs up as she starts taunting the cheering crowd who is taking quite well to this explosive match! Abby uses the ropes to get up to her feet and she goes to turn around, Michelle with a chick kic, but no Abby ducks and pushes Michelle away. Michelle stumbles around and Abigail lifts her onto the shoulders. Abigail with a huge fireman carry slam!

Huey D. Louie “TKO! TKO!”

Jim Ross: “It looks like Michelle might not be able to get back up from that move!”

Michelle lies motionless for a second and Abigail rolls her over as she goes for the cover: 1 – 2 – Michelle gets a shoulder up! Abigail is beside herself as she’s staring blankly as the crowd is in awe. Abigail pushes herself off the mat and starts to walk toward the corner. She steps out from the ring and starts to climb up to the top rope. Suddenly, Michelle runs over to her in the corner and she leaps up with a single-legged dropkick! Abigail falls on the top turnbuckle [in the seated position] and Michelle starts to climb up there. She hooks the arm and grabs a handful of her tights. She stands up with Abby and she suplexes her off the top rope!

Jim Ross: “What an superPLEX!? I don’t think Abby was expecting this much defense and offense against the champion this week.”

Huey D. Louie “But it looks like both ladies are down, JR. I wonder which lady is going to get the advantage and up to her feet first.”

Both ladies should make it to their knees and crawl to the opposite direction. They use the ropes to get up to their feet. They stagger around and charge each other in the middle of the ring. Michelle with a jab to the champion, but Abby blocks it with a kick to her ribs. Michelle staggers back and Abby with a series of punches to her midsection. After having the wind knock out of her, she rests on the ropes before Abby sprints toward her with a bicycle kick of her own, but Michelle moves!

Jim Ross: “Abigail has just been caught on the top rope!”

Huey D. Louie “Abigail better come up with plan B or else her title reign might not survive tonight’s match!”

Michelle runs at Abigail with a leaping clothesline! Abby stumbles up to her feet and Michelle lifts her off the mat with a flapjack! Abby’s face ricochets off the mat as she staggers up to her feet again, but about halfway up-Michelle grabs the head and delivers a swinging neckbreaker! Abigail holds her neck in pain while the referee goes to ask the champion a question, but Michelle wastes no time with a handstand elbow drop, drilling her elbow into Abigail’s chest! She hooks the leg: 1 – 2 – Abigail gets a shoulder up!

Jim Ross: “What a slobberknocker!”

Huey D. Louie: “I have taken elbow drops to the chest before and let me tell you, JR—they are nothing nice!”

She rubs her hand across her chest in pain while Michelle kneels up. She brushes her hands through her hair and sighs as she looks up at the ceiling. She gets up to her feet and stands reverse beside Abigail. She starts booty popping over Abigail! She flips backwards with a moonsault, but Abigail gets her knees up! Michelle clutches her midsection as Abigail uses this time to get up to her feet. She uses the corner ropes to get up as she starts to climb up to the top rope. She gets up as Michelle stumbles up, quite dazed.

Huey D. Louie “It looks like Abigail is going to fly!”

Jim Ross: “This might be the end of the Michelle’s opportunity at the title.”

Abigail flies off the top rope, but Michelle jumps up off the mat. Michelle with a dropkick to the midsection!

Jim Ross: “Abigail just crashed and burned!”

Michelle falls to her right knee and trying to composer herself. She holds her hand to her forehead while looking over at the fallen champion.

Jim Ross: “I hope the other bombshells are taking notes because these ladies are definitely raising the bar!”

Huey D. Louie: “JR, I don’t know about you, but this crowd is absolutely loving this match right now! These ladies are leaving everything out in that ring!”

The crowd start to chant, “this is awesome!” “this is awesome!” “this is awesome!”

Michelle holds her head as she starts to get up to her feet. She is still quite dazed while Abigail is very slowly crawling to the ropes. She pulls herself up to her feet and stumbles around, but as she stumbles up to her feet—Michelle with a spinning roundhouse kick to the forehead of Abigail. Abigail falls to the mat.

Jim Ross: “And that is what Michelle calls the Singing Chel-legram! Hello and goodnight Abigail!”

Huey D. Louie: Michelle is quickly going for the cover!”

Michelle hooks both legs as the referee hustles around, sliding to the mat. He slaps the mat: 1 – 2 – 3! The referee calls for the bell.

Huey D. Louie: “We have a new champion! WE HAVE A NEW CHAMPION JR!”

The referee quickly gets up to his feet and runs over to the ropes. He grabs the title being handed to him as he walks over to Michelle. He helps Miss Michelle up to her feet. She’s wobbling in the ring while he hands her the title.

“Here is your winner and NNNNEEEWWWW XwF Bombshell’s Champion… MIISSSS MICHELLE!!”


The lights go out.

Oh, not this again!

Once more, that eerie haunting voice intones the phrase....

They only want you when you're 17, when you're 21, you're no fun.

The main screen comes alive again, but this time it's a different image. It passes by in a flash, a fleeting glimpse of someone wearing a doll's face type of mask.

Then, the lights come back on and the ring is drenched with blood once again! Abigail and Miss Michelle are soaked to the bone in gore and neither of them look happy!

Folks, this is the third time we've seen this happen, and I have to imagine that whoever this is has got to be planning to show their face soon! I mean, enough is enough!

Except this is the first time we've seen the Bombshell champion herself targeted.

Given the deeply unsettling nature of these events, and I'm not sure I even want to know who's behind these spectacles. Folks, we have more clean up to do. We'll be back.

"Motherfucking" Barney "Motherfucking" Green
- vs -
John Samuels
Thumbtack match! The match starts with the ring and ringside area covered in thousands of tacks!

If Barney wins he gets Samuels spot in the Top 50
If Samuels wins he decides the stipulation post match.

”The following match is a Thumbtack match! Thumbtacks will be spread both in and around the ringside area. You must win via pinfall or submission!”

”Introducing first, from Dallas Texas, JOOOOHN SAAAAAAMUELLLLLS!!!”

Samuels makes his way down to the ring as his music plays, whether the fans cheer or boo him he pays absolutely no attention to them. He climbs up the stairs and hops over the top rope and immediately crouches next the turnbuckle, swaying back and forth waiting his opponent

”And his opponent, from Boston Massachusetts, BARNEY GREEN!!!!

"Like A Prayer" by Madonna starts to play through out the arena as fans start to cheer slightly. A black Jeep, driven by John Lauriniaits, appears at the top of the ramp slowly driving forward as we see Barney Green standing in the back waving the Irish Flag. The jeep stops and Green leaps out of it. He waves the flag one last time and places it back into the Jeep. He walks down the ramp and high fives a couple fans. He enters the ring and waits in the corner as the music fades.

Samuels starts off the match with a series of right hands to Green. Green eats them, and fires back with a few of his own! Samuels slips a jap to the throat that stuns Barney. Samuels then hits the ropes and clotheslines Green, sending him back first into the tacks.

Barney Green is the first man to feel the bite of those thumbtacks tonight Huey!

Samuels pulls Barney to his feet by the waist. Barney with a back elbow to break free of Samuels. Barney ascends to the top rope.

What in the hell is Barney Green thinking!?![//red]

Samuels holds onto Barney’s leg.

Whatever it is, John Samuels doesn’t want any part of it!

Barney kicks Samuels off of him then leaps off of the ropes with an impressive flying crossbody for a guy his size. Samuels manages to sidestep it and pushes Barney’s face down in mid air. Barney crashes into the thumbtacks face first, then rolls around the ring in pain.

That didn’t work out so well for Barney Green!

[red]Nothing good ever comes from a man that large trying to fly JR!

Samuels grabs Barney and guides him to his feet. Samuels launches Barney over the top rope, where he lands in even more thumbtacks.

Barney Green looks like a human pin cushion right now!

Samuels hops out of the ring and looks under the apron. He contemplates which weapon he should go after. Samuels reaches under the ring, but Barney grabs him from behind and throws him back first into the tacks! Samuels eyes bug out of his head as he sits up and reacts to the hundreds of tacks now embedded into his back and legs. Barney grabs a 2X4 wrapped with Barbed Wire. Barney turns to Samuels. Samuels is quick to get to his feet. Barney begins to stalk Samuels as he walks backwards around the ring. Barney rushes in and takes a wild swing at Samuels head. Samuels ducks it and runs behind Barney before rolling into the ring. Barney climbs into the ring and is met with a dropkick. Barney drops the 2X4 and falls into the ropes. Samuels is slow to get up from the pile of thumbtacks that he fell into.

I don’t think John Samuels quite knew what he was signing up for tonight.

Sure he did, he signed up to kick Barney Green’s fat ass, and that’s exactly what he’s going to do!

Barney recovers and grabs Samuels, pulling him up to his feet. Barney then slams him back to the mat and tacks with a Russian Legsweep.

Green just sent them both into those thumbtacks, what an idiot!

Barney Green has always been a man who is willing to sacrifice his own well being to get the job done Huey.

Barney drapes an arm over Samuels for the pin.




I’m surprised that Samuels had the heart to kick out of that!

Surprised? He’s a King for a reason, you idiot!

Samuels and Barney both slowly return to their feet. The two men meet up in the middle of the ring and begin exchanging shots. A right from Samuels, a right from Barney. Neither man is willing to back off as they continue to fire off punches back and forth. Barney spins around and connects with a disqus punch that causes Samuels to stagger back. Samuels recovers and hits Barney with a kick to the balls!

Samuels connects with an unexpected low blow!

Barney grabs his nuts and drops to his knees.

There’s nothing wrong with that JR, this is a thumbtack match for Christ sake!

Samuels moves in for the kill, but Barney manages to connect with the Intelligent Diversion (throat punch)! Samuels staggers back gasping for air as Barney returns to his feet. Barney delivers a double arm DDT, and transitions into the Green Dream! Green doesn’t have it locked in too well, and Samuels is able to squirm free. Both men lay on the mat covered in tacks. Each of them trying to summon the will to continue.

Maybe it wasn’t the wisest of ideas to spread out all of these tacks before the match started. These two men already look like they have gone through Hell and back.

Quit being a pussy JR! It’s stuff like this that separates XWF from everyone else!

Barney gets to his feet and leans on the ropes staring at Samuels who manages to pull himself up as well. The two men lock eyes as they both plan, and dread their next moves. Finally, Barney rushes in with a clothesline, but Samuels ducks it. Barney hits the ropes and starts to rebound, but Samuels quickly lays him out with the Cattleprod! Samuels throws his arm over Barney for the cover.




Winner - John Samuels

We see Jody inside his locker room with candles lit in the room. He looks into the camera, with a devilish smile.

[Image: Ab-Soul-Evil-Genius.jpg?w=300&h=200&...t&q=89]

"People who hate me, can hate me... people who fuck with me, can fuck with me on a deeper level. You see XWF fans, I am a man who isn't afraid to take a chance at what I want to do. I am not afraid to simply say that I am no better than the next man in this federation.

What you will notice is an embrace of not giving a fuck about the rules and morals.

Tonight is a shot for me to claim the Television from Neville Sinclair. For fifteen minutes.

Fifteen minutes of pleasure...

Fifteen minutes of pain...

Fifteen minutes of pure antagonist like mind state of the Uncool Bastard.

I know that I won't be a match for Sinclair, he's down with being proper and having prestige. I am down with being improper and fucking prestige in the ass with a .22 pistol in its mouth. I am a VERY violent guy, and I am proud of it.

So for my last thing to say before the fifteen minutes are up Sinclair..


But if you manage to beat me within the five minute marker...


The Scene shifts into a next segment.


Jody Madrox
- vs -
Neville Sinclair

Jim Ross: “The match everybody has been waiting for. We are going to see just how long Neville Sinclair can hold the title and see if Jody Madrox cam stop Neville’s reign in its tracks!”

Huey D. Louie: “You have to believe that Neville is trying to become the longest reigning TV champion. Then, there would be no argument against Neville Sinclair being named the greatest TV champion of all-time!”

Jim Ross: “He still has a little ways to go before he can get that status Huey, but he doesn’t have to be such a jackass to everybody else!”

Huey D. Louie: “Jackass, JR? Really? He’s not being a jackass, he’s simply being confident and you would too if you were as great as he was.”

Jim Ross: “Oh brother! Huey, if you believe that crap then you deserve Neville Sinclair as champion. I hope that son of a bitch gets what’s coming to him here tonight in the main event!”

Huey D. Louie: “Well, then, you better leave now because the title will not be leaving the great and king of the TV title, Neville Sinclair!”

“The next contest is the MAIN EVENT of the evening and it is a Xtreme Wrestling Federation’s Television Championship! Introducing first, he is the challenger…”

The lights go out, X-Tron plays "It's Da Bomb" and the lights comes back on and we see Jody standing in the entrance way.

“He hails in from Detroit, Michigan, weighing 230 pounds, and standing 5 feet, 10 inches… JODY MADROX!”

He nods his head to the beat as he walks down to the ring, he gives out some high fives to the Peeps. Then he rolls into the ring, and he stands in the ring and his theme cuts off. “Oboe Quartet in F Major K. 370” hits over the P.A. system while Neville Sinclair’s video plays on the X-Tron above the ramp.

[color=white]Jim Ross:
“Joey Madrox is trying to prove he is a formable opponent for Neville Sinclair, but can he do something most that have been placed in front Neville cannot?”

Huey D. Louie: “I highly doubt it. No disrespect to Jody Madrox, JR, but Neville is damn good!”

“And introducing the XwF’s Television Champion…”

Neville walks out from behind the black entrance curtains with his XWF Television Championship draped down his right shoulder. He has his fingers tightly gripping the edge of the title. He pauses at the top of the ramp to a mixed reaction while scowling over the crowd.

“He hails from Oxford, England, standing 6 feet, 2 inches, and weighing 225 pounds… he is NEVILLE SINCLAIRE!”

Neville slowly starts to make stride down the ramp while eyeing Jody Madrox in the ring. He pauses down at the bottom of the ramp and starts bad mouthing Jody, “I’m the greatest TV Champion in XwF’s history and this title will still be with me after tonight!” Jody is bouncing side to side in the ring while taunting Neville to get inside the ring. Neville starts up the steel stairs and Jody gets closer as Neville steps onto the apron. Neville motions for Jody to get back as he dusts the soles of his feet. He brings his title off his shoulder when he steps over the second rope. He holds his title up and walks to the front of the ring. Jody is restrained by the referee as he tries to approach the champion. Neville very smugly smirk as he starts to strut around the ring. He has his title draped down his shoulder again while leaning against the ropes. The referee gets the title from him as he walks to the middle of the ring.

Jim Ross: “I can’t believe the persona Neville Sinclair has picked up lately. He’s acting like he’s some sort of god in the TV title division!”

Huey D. Louie: “Are you out of your mind, JR? Neville Sinclair is the TV title division! He’s already the greatest TV Champion in XwF’s history and soon he’ll be the longest reigning champion!”

After the referee checks both men, he raises the title in the air and puts it on display. He lowers it and walks over as he hands it off to the ringside personnel. He dashes back to the middle of the ring and extends his arms out. He signals for the bell and the match starts.

(ding, ding, ding)


When the referee calls for the bell, Jody makes a mad dash toward the champion, but Neville stick leans over the second rope and defensively holds his hands up while the referee stands between the two: backing Jody up. Neville leans back inside the ring and the fans boo as he holds his arms out. “I’m the greatest!” He says while embracing the crowd’s boos and admiration. Jody shoves the referee to the side and surprises Neville with a right forearm to the jaw. Neville staggers back and before he can get any defense, Jody with multiple forearms to the face. Neville is against the ropes and Jody whips him into the ropes. Neville bounces off the ropes, driving his knee into Jody’s midsection. With Jody kneeled before Neville, he lifts his chin up and smugly slaps him to the mat.

Jim Ross: “Disgusting.”

Huey D. Louie: “Disgusting? You mean, the way he’s humiliating the man who thinks he’s on Neville’s level?”

He raises his head and continues wasting time, taunting. Jody gets up to his feet and waits for Neville to turn around toward him. When he does, Jody jumps up and places both feet to his chest. Neville holds his chest and Jody attempts to stomp down on him, but Neville quickly rolls out of the ring. Jody tries to walk over to the ropes, but the referee restrains him inside the ring. Neville rolls back to the ring and as the referee moves out of the way, Jody dashes into a knife edge chop across the chest. Neville grabs his wrist and whips him into the corner, but Jody reverses it. He runs toward Neville in the corner, but he gets his foot up.

Jim Ross: “Neville stopped Jody in his tracks.”

Huey D. Louie: “What’s Neville going to do here!?”

Jody got a foot sole to the face and staggers to the middle of the ring and Neville runs up behind him and rolls him up with an inside cradle! He holds a handful of tights: 1 – 2 – Jody kicks out! Jody is up to his feet and he sprints taking Neville down with a clothesline. Neville stumbles up to his feet and Jody lifts a standing Neville up with a back body drop. Neville holds his lower back and Jody hooks up with him from behind. He attempts a German suplex, but Neville with a kick between the legs! He grabs Jody’s head and drives him skull first to the canvas!

Jim Ross: “Oh that is just awful! What a cheat!”

Huey D. Louie: “The referee didn’t see it, so it is all fair game!”


Neville positions himself on Madrox’s chest and starts connecting with forearms and choking. The referee warns Neville it is against the rules, but he ignores the referee. The referee starts to count: 1 – 2 – 3 – 4 – Neville holds his arms up and lifts himself up off Madrox. He turns to the referee and begin trash talking. Jody holds his jaw while getting up to his feet, he shakes his head and runs up behind with a running forearm to the back of his head. He hooks his arm around Neville and falls back with a Russian legsweep! Jody hooks the leg: 1 – Neville gets a shoulder up!

Jim Ross: “Way too early for Neville to give up.”

Huey D. Louie: “It’s going to take a lot more than that to keep the champion down, JR!”

Jody slaps the mat and pushes himself up. He grabs Neville up by the wrist and whips him into the ropes, but on the rebound Neville with a kick to Jody’s chest. As Jody flings up, Neville dashes at him with a thunderous clothesline! Neville jumps up and lands on his forehead with a knee drop in the middle of the ring. He stands back up and starts waving to the fans after dusting himself off. Jody starts to get up to his feet, but about halfway up Neville grabs him by his head and slams him face first on the mat. Madorx holds his face with his right hand, but Neville starts stepping on the left hand while Madrox is crying in agonizing pain.

Jim Ross: “Ref, ring the damn bell!”

Huey D. Louie: “For what!? There’s nothing illegal about that!”


He raises his arm and steps back while Madrox starts to get up to his feet. Kick to the midsection from Neville and he grabs his wrist. He executes a swinging neckbreaker! Snapping him on the canvas, he hooks the leg: 1 – 2 – Jody Madrox kicks out! Neville kneels up and he holds up three fingers at the referee and cries “that was three my dear man!” The referee disagrees and the match continues, but Neville is up to his feet repeatedly stomping down on a helpless Jody who is covering his head from the blows.

Jim Ross: “Oh come on Neville! Why the cheap tactics?”

Huey D. Louie: “Nevillie is proclaiming his dominance over Madrox, JR! He has to let him know who’s the greatest!”

The referee grabs Neville from around his stomach and backs him up in the corner, giving Jody time to recover. As Jody uses the ropes to pull himself up, Neville walks over to him and relentlessly grabs him by the neck, but Jody with a hard back elbow to his stomach. Jody lifts Neville up off the canvas and slams him down on the knee with a lower backbreaker! Neville arches his back off the mat as he reels in pain. Jody grabs him up by the hair and drags him into the corner. He hooks the head as he climbs to the second rope. He spins out from the turnbuckle: Tornado DDT! Jody Madrox plants him as he goes for the cover: 1 – 2 – Neville gets a shoulder up!

Jim Ross: “Neville almost lost his marbles after that devastating tornado DDT!”

Huey D. Louie: “JR, this one is, how do you phase it, a good old fashion SLOBBERKNOCKER!”


It looks like he’s going to lock in the crossface chickenwing, but Neville quickly rolls out of the hold. He leans over Jody’s body and sucker punches him in the jaw! Jody releases the hold of Neville’s arm and Neville stumbles back as he holds his head. Jody gets up to his feet and both charge at each other. Neville runs under Jody’s arm and then turns around with a sprinting high knee to his back. He staggers to the ropes. He latches onto him from behind and flips him backwards with a gigantic German suplex! Neville kneels up and looks down at Jody who is aiding the back of his neck.

Jim Ross: “This man is back and forth, but who is going to walk away with the victory?”

Huey D. Louie: “Neville is showing us exactly why he’s the greatest champion in XwF to date!”

Neville staggers up to his feet and he goes to lean down to lift Madrox up off the mat, but Madrox grabs him and rolls him up with a quick small package: 1 – 2 – Neville kicks out! Neville is up to his feet and he runs toward Madrox, but Madrox with a quick drop toe hold! He locks in the chickenwing crossface on Neville!

Jim Ross: “Oh my God, Jody Madrox has just locked in the Last Wing!”

Huey D. Louie: “I can’t believe this is how it will end! Neville is going to tap out right here!”

Neville is fighting it back as he’s reaching for the ropes. Jody Madrox has the hold implemented quite tightly while Neville is reaching and slithering toward he ropes. The referee kneels beside him and checks on Neville’s condition, but he refuses to give up. Neville slithers closer and closer to the ropes until pretty soon—he grabs the bottom rope! The referee tells Jody Madrox he must break the hold because Neville is safe.

Jim Ross: “Oh my Gawd! What toll did the Last Wing have on Neville though?”

Huey D. Louie: “I don’t know, but he’s still alive in this match!”


Neville stumbles up to his feet while gripping ropes. He stumbles backwards and Madrox with a kick to the gut. He hooks the arm, but Neville with an eye gouge to his face! Jody breaks the hold and he runs backwards off the ropes. He spears Jody Madrox down to the canvas! As he plants Madrox on the mat, both men are motionless for a moment as they breath heavily. The referee stands between them and after checking on them starts the count!






Jim Ross: “Do these guys have enough left in their tanks to get up to their feet?”


Huey D. Louie: “It doesn’t look like it!”


Just when he calls seven, Jody Madrox rolls over to his stomach. He crawls to the ropes and kneels up as Neville starts to make his way to the ropes now. Madrox staggers over to Neville and pulls him up backwards. He locks up with a back grapple, but he runs at the ropes, holding the top one. He slingshots Madrox off him and Madrox takes a hard tumble. Madrox dashes at Neville, but Neville uses Jody’s speed against him with a back body drop over the top rope. He turns around swinging, but Jody ducks with a shoulder thrust to the midsection. Neville stumbles back and Madrox starts to climb to the top rope. Neville charges and bounces off the ropes!


Jim Ross: “That’s going to hurt for a few days! Jody Madrox’s jewels broke his fall on that top turnbuckle.”

Huey D. Louie: “But can Neville bounce back and win the match?”

Madrox continues to show an expression of pain while Neville grabs his arms and executes a flip slam off the top turnbuckle!

Neville with a quick cover.







Jim Ross: Neville Sinclair scored the pinfall at the last possible second!

Winner: Neville Sinclair!

After the timer went off, we see Jody rolling outside the ring and motions towards the time keeper for the TeLiEvsion Championship. He climbs to the ring with the title, and he taunts the title to Sinclair. Jody then hands it to the ref Bobo, confused as ever in the ring. Jody gets mic from the outside..

Jody: Sinclair, you are the better man. You actually had managed to surpass the time limit as a champion. Even if I won it or not, you are WAY better than the rest of the Savage roster in the company. I told you that I have a present for close your eyes!

Jody then gets tossed a present from the outside, then he gives the present to Sinclair. He then tells the lad to open his eyes.

Jody: Sinclair, this present is for you. It represents the pride and dignity you have as the man of the fifteen minute rank. So open it!

Sinclair opens the present... to revel a decapitated head of Joanna... which he drops on the mat in shock!

Jody then kicks him in the gut and hits a Rotten's Edge!

Jody then leaves the ring devilishly smiling at Sinclair as the show fades off.

Special Thank You To:

John Black
The Big Kahuna
The Sugay Sisters
Chris Chaos
Jack Cain

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Awesome show. Thanks to everyone who's worked on it.

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We see Jody getting handcuffed by the police in the parking lot area, he is getting escorted to the unmarked police car. Before he got in, he looked at the cameraman to signal him to film his "last" remarks.

Jody: I hope you liked the present Sinclair.. I got more where they came from in the near by future for you.

I anit mad that you beat me and kept your title... I hope you keep that belt warm and tight, because in the near by future, you will end up either losing it to someone more of an ass kisser than you are. OR... I will come head huntin for your strap.

Enjoy your fucking time of living Sinclair, and to everyone else...

Enjoy Your Freedom.... when y'all have a chance.

Then he enters the backseat of the police's cruiser and they drive away from the arena.


OOC: Good Results guys, and too whomever made Cain/Ravenhill fleshed out I appreciate you. I hope more Savage's come out like this this day forward.
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Abigail, you utterly worthless piece of shit.

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The scene opens up backstage where we see a bloodied and tack filled Barney Green holding a towel to his still in his ring gear. Next to him is John Laurinaitis, who is dressed in a blue suit with a maroon tie and black dress shoes. Green looks at the camera and goes to speak.

Barney: Maybe I am getting too old for this shit. Maybe The Kings™ are too dominant. Maybe it's time I say goodbye. I don't even know anymore. All I know is I am too old for this shit.

Barney pauses as John goes to speak.

John: Don't worry, champ. We go home and regroup. Figure out a better strategy then come back stronger.

The scene fades to black as Barney and John continue talking.

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Props to Cadryn Tiberius for this banner.
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