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King of the Ring - Segment 8
08-20-2017, 03:39 PM
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The following match-up is a BIG BEN brawl, and the winner will be declared by throwing his opponent into the River Thames!!!

We cut to the top of Big Ben. It chimes it's telltale toll. As it does...

A massive laser light display illuminates the exterior of Big Ben, displaying the words "JIM CAEDUS" in bright blue as nearly the whole of London is entreated to a blasting rendition of Ready Steady Go. Crowds on the streets below, and atop Westminster Bridge, are going crazy. A huge propeller plane is spotted with a light crossing the night sky against the overcast backdrop, and Jim Caedus jumps from it. Within seconds, he deploys a parachute, and circles the crowd. A platform on the side of the towering clock itself hosts a team as Jim lands on it, and the team removes his jump gear. He walks into the tower, and a second camera shows the interior, the face of Big Ben itself in the background, Caedus a dim silhouette.

A new set of lasers are shown on the other side of Big Ben, spelling "MICHEAL GRAVES" in bright red. The crowd starts to boo loudly at the visage and thrum of Domination heard in the background, permeating from a network of speakers throughout the area. Some fans are definitely shown headbanging, pints raised. A massive billow of smoke is shown on the platform on the side of Big Ben, and as it dissipates, we see Micheal Graves. He raises his hands into a pair of devil bombs, then enters the chamber, himself another dim silhouette juxtapose the face of Big Ben.

The bell having already sounded, both men clash. Graves delivers a swift big boot putting Caedus down. Graves stoops to pick Caedus up, but Caedus counters and grabs Graves's leg, standing and holding Graves's left foot. Swift dragon screw leg whip as the lights come alive inside the tower, the face of the clock now illuminated behind them and the chamber bathed in light. Graves swiftly gets back to a knee and faces Caedus, favoring the left knee just twisted. Caedus rubs his jaw where Graves's foot made contact. Caedus charges Graves and throws a diving dropkick, Graves rolls to the side as Caedus corrects himself and lands in super-hero landing pose. Graves is in a three point stance. Caedus pounces, but Graves shoots from the stance with a perfect bull rush of the smaller Caedus! He rushes Caedus to the face of Big Ben!


The men hit the face of Big Ben with enough force that it looks as though there's a fracture in the glass plate! Graves puts his hand around Caedus's throat and administers a choke!

Good God! They've marred a national landmark!

Graves proving size matters in Big Ben!

Not for long!

Jim Caedus swings both legs up and kicks between Graves's arms. He breaks the choke and throws a hurricanrana at the face of Big Ben.


The glass actually spider-webs at this point, Graves's masked head bouncing off of the glass plating. The lights flicker. Jim Caedus swiftly jumps onto Graves's back, putting him in a rear naked choke! Graves stands to his feet, whisking Jim Caedus up into the air! Graves falls backward and crashes into the floor! The room trembles as the lights flicker. Graves has crushed Caedus! Graves looks and sees a stairwell, and points to it. He picks up Caedus, hoists him over his shoulder, and walks towards the stairwell!

[blue0]He's just going to throw him down the tower, now. Perfect sense.[/blue]

That's sadistic! Micheal Graves is going to murder Jim Caedus in London tonight!

No, he's not! Caedus slides down off of Graves and Graves is shocked! Graves spins, and Caedus leaps and delivers a headbutt to Graves! Graves stumbles back towards the staircase! Caedus charges at Graves, his arm cocked back, looking for a home run clothesline! No! Graves catches him, and plants him with mean urunage into the floor! He rolls through and puts the choke on Caedus! He picks Caedus up and looks like he's going to go for a chokeslam! Caedus with a kick to Graves's knee! Graves releases the choke, and Caedus delivers a drop toe hold onto Graves! Graves hits the deck! Caedus stands quickly and delivers a boot to Graves's midsection! Graves grabs the foot!

This is a wild back and forth!

Neither man wants to go down that tower the wrong way, Luca!

Graves sweeps Caedus's legs, and stands, holding both his feet! He starts to do the giant swing! He spins, and spins, and spins, and spins, and then smacks Caedus into the glass face of Big Ben!


Caedus bounces off the face of the clock and onto the floor as Micheal Graves, dizzy, stumbles around for a moment. He stops and raises his hands in double devil bombs, and Jim Caedus dives in with a desperation shoulder tackle to Graves's left knee! Graves falls, leaning against the face of Big Ben! Jim Caedus backs up...

Good God almighty, Luca, that historic face of Big Ben can't take much more abuse!

Don't do it Jim, that's suicide.

Jim Caedus runs at Micheal Graves and delivers a huge dropkick.


The face of the clock shatters, raining down into the Thames! Micheal Graves tumbles out of the wreckages into the moist London air. A gust of wind blows Jim Caedus's hair, and the camera runs to the edge! Micheal Graves is holding on to one of the massive arms of the clock, which is dangling from the broken facade! Jim Caedus looks back, not believing what he is seeing! Micheal Graves begins to glow purple.

What's he doing?

Dark magic as the dark warrior. Duh.

Micheal Graves eyes roll back into his head as we hear a terrific screech from overhead. Jim Caedus's eyes go wide as we see a portal open with dark purple energy, and a purple dragon flies out! Graves drops from the dangling hand as it crashes to the ground below, the dragon catching Graves on it's back. It flies back up to even height where the face of Big Ben was, Graves pointing at Jim Caedus and mouthing something! The area around the mouth of the dragon begins to glow.


The XWF, Ross.

The dragon spews flame into the huge chamber as Jim Caedus dives for cover! The flames subside, and Jim Caedus dives out of the open hole at the top of Big Ben and onto the dragon, facing Graves! Graves grabs a spike protruding from the dragon's back as it twists and glides at roller-coaster speed! Jim Caedus barely grabs onto a spike and stays on the beast! The dragon rights itself, hovering again, as Graves walks to where Caedus is now dangling form the side of the dragon! He stomps at Caedus, who deftly grabs another spike! The dragon bellows in pain! The dragon starts to glide again, picking up a ton of speed as Graves has to grab a spike himself! The dragon lands on Westminster Bridge, and both Graves and Caedus drop to the pavement on their feet! The dragon turns and glares at Caedus while Graves laughs.

Graves with a severe advantage now! This is insane!

A bunch of fans begin to snap pictures of the dragon. The flashing lights distract it, and blind it! Caedus runs at the dragon and throws a shoulder into it's chest! It doubles and clutches the place it was hit, the soft underbelly of the dragon a susceptible place for attack! Graves runs and steps in and throws a right at Caedus! Caedus with a right to Graves! Graves with a right to Caedus! Caedus with a right to Graves! No! Graves blocks, and grabs the arm! Caedus counters by leaping up and throwing a headscissors on Graves! He swings Graves into the soft underbelly of the dragon! The dragon reels backwards! Graves is still standing, and turns! Then grabs Caedus and throws a huge german suplex! It connects, also hitting the dragon! The dragon screeches, and collapses into the river below, and a huge puft of purple smoke appears where it was. Micheal Graves stops glowing purple!

The two men begin to exchange rapid forearms in the streets of London. Caedus begins to take control, he offloads forearm after forearm. Graves stumbles back into the road and just about dodges a huge red London bus. He receives a kick to the mid-section though, and Caedus launches him shoulder first into the bridge’s fencing.

Caedus picks him up…

Not on the concrete! Not on the concrete, damn it!!



Caedus picks up Graves’ motionless body and launches him head first into the Thames!!!!

Here is your winner: Jim Caedus

Graves rushes down the river as Caedus drops to his knees!

What a match! I don't believe what I have just witnessed! Jim Caedus seems to have won the war!!!

I doubt this will be the last we have seen of Michael Graves, who you have to say, has been one of the greatest characters in XWF history.

If you set out to be liked, you would be prepared to compromise on anything at any time, and you would achieve nothing.
Margaret Thatcher

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08-20-2017, 05:00 PM
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ooc: Holy shit! Use of a muthafuckin' DRAGON in a match FTW! Kick. ASS! Bro RB, thank you for writing that Big Ben Brawl, it was PHENOMENAL!


Shocking even me, the rage and hatred within begins to melt away as I watch my former friend float unconsciously down the River Thames. I run through our short though storied history in my head. The recent bad times. ...The good.

_Was_ it all an act? _Was_ it a fool's errand all along to believe Graves was my brother-in-arms and close comrade? Judging from his apparent programming to hunt me down, yes. why am I feeling that ache of regret? Why is it magnifying with each passing second I see his still form carried away by the current? The guy tried to kill me a few minutes ago by conjuring a fucking DRAGON.

An emergency crew halts Dark Weapon's aquatic progress. A stab of relief pierces my heart. I watch as they remove him from the river and begin administering medical care.

Am I an idiot for feeling better that this...creature is being cared for? He had a hand in costing me the Universal Championship for fucksake.

And yet.................

I'm sorry Mikey. Swift recovery friend.

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