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08-18-2017, 11:01 PM
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The last couple of weeks have been quite eventful for the KINGS™ of the XWF. While preparing to defend their long-reigned Tag Team gold and set plans for welcoming a new King, they got tangled up into a mess that almost cost them more than even they could not afford to lose. Trouble was following them, not them, but Theo Pryce in particular. He had a plan, but needed help in pulling it off. He looked to Doc, but without asking he seen that Doc's head was in a different place. Cadryn would have probably screwed it up. And Madison would have probably killed someone. So, he looked to the one other available option.

Theo traveled across the world to a monk monastery to bring John Samuels, who was on some kind of soul search, back to reality and back to the XWF. The plan was to simply wait for the cat and mouse game to begin and corner the fellow that's acting as Theo's shadow. It worked flawlessly and the man was detained.

After extensive interrogation, Theo discovered that the man following him was a Russian assassin sent to kill him because of the information he could withold regarding the Russian Government after the KINGS™ action before High Stakes. After negotiations with Vladimir Putin himself, it seemed things were resolved and the KINGS™ could relax and go back to concentrating on the task at hand. The King of the Ring Tournament....


Episode VII - Party of Five


Samuels slams his cards down on the table and laughs as he chews with one side of his mouth on a cigar. Doc and Theo each throw their cards down and sigh as Samuels pulls the chips away with a gring from ear to ear. The KINGS™, Doctor D'Ville, Theo Pryce, John Samuels, and John Madison all sit around a table in a luxury suite, high on an upper floor, playing poker.

How the FUCK do you keep winning, Samuels?

It's in my blood, Theo.

Doc flips his few cards over towards the pile in the center of the table. Samuels looks up at him with a wink.

You know I hardly think this is a time to celebrate, my friends.

Theo looks up.

Well, why not, Doc?

There are more important matters at hand.

Theo and Samuels look to each other. Samuels prepares another deck while Theo sighs.

My life is intact, isn't that the least bit important?

Well, but of course! I would hate to have to scrounge up another tag team partner or have either one of these two subsitute for you.

Samuels looks up mid-shuffle.

Well, fuck you, too, Doc!

In all honesty, I know where everyone's heads are at this point.

Cadryn walks into the room carrying a tray of glasses of iced tea and sets it down on the table. He's wearing an apron that reads across the front: "KINGS™ of my <3". He takes each glass and places it in front of each of the KINGS™ and stands waiting for approval. Doc takes a sip and spits it out all over his cards and looks up to the Jester™.

And just what the fuck is this?

Um, iced tea?

Doc looks at the glass, up to Cadryn, then back to the glass before he hurls it at the Jester™.

Where are we? AA? Bring me some alcohol for fuck's sake.

Doc said calmly but his voice boomed across the suite and probably out onto the street. Theo then stands up and looks out to his fellow KINGS™. Samuels is stacking his chips in neat piles, Doc is searching for a cigar in his jacket pockets, and Madison is barely concious from the drugs he's been abusing after his injury. Theo sighs, which gets at least two of the men's attention.

Look, we've come a long way this time around boys. We came in here empty handed and took over where Doc needed us and succeeded every step of the way. We've defended the titles, we've taken down Lane, Sammy won the X-Treme Title for a minute. I think we're on the right track for some really great things here in the XWF.

Could you sound any gayer?

Fuck off. I'm serious. There isn't a single team or faction out there that can touch us right now. If there was, I think they would be in for a hell of a fight....

He pauses waiting for Cadryn to return with the drinks, which he does a few short moments later. He sets them in place like he was doing with the iced tea and scurries back off into the kitchen to continue preparing whatever it was he was preparing. Theo takes the glass of whiskey and raises it up in the air and smiles to his fellow KINGS™.

To the KINGS™! And our forever stranglehold!

Doc, Theo, and Samuels..... And Cadryn sneaks in there too with a dismissed glass of iced tea.... all meet their glasses in the middle for a toast. Cadryn poofs away back to the kitchen before one of the KINGS™ could yell at him.

As this week winds down, I worry that this could be the end of anticipating any type of challenge in this division.

I worried about that when we came in, Doc.

After this tournament, what is left to be thrown at us? Who could possibly step up and stand opposed to what could be the most poweful faction to ever reign in this FINE federation? Who?

Does it matter? Just get it done this weekend and we'll be able to take another vacation until the next pair of faggots come along. Are we still playing this or what?

Samuels points down to the cards on the table and shrugs his shoulders. A loud beeping comes from inside the kitchen and Cadryn rushes out in a panic....


Theo jumps out of his seat which causes Madison to fall and injure himself out of the chair. Sammy and Doc just stare at Cadryn who had a "boy who cried wolf" on his face the entire time....

Jesus Christ.... ANOTHER FIRE?!

Cadryn reaches behind him and pulls a roasted turkey out a on a platter and holds it.

Just kidding!

Madison perks up from his comotos and smiles....


The gang laughs as the screen freezes and the end credits come on.

- End Credits -

Theo Pryce
Brianna Pryce
John Samuels
John Madison
Cadryn Tiberius
Joe Pesci
Ken Watanabe
Kevin Nealon
Chris Pratt
Alexa Bliss
Peter Storemare
Unknown Soldier
Luca Arzegotti
Donald Trump
Jared Kusnher
Vladmir Putin


Doctor Louis D'Ville

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