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ignore this
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CRIMSON DONG uu===D ~ ~ ~ O^= Offline

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06-04-2017 11:37 AM

CRIMSON DONG emerges from the bathroom looking and smelling clean and fresh, wearing a beautiful pink and gray suit. Upon closer inspection it's obvious he's holding a shit filled covfefe in his hand.

DONG: Don't know the meaning of the game until you get dat puss. Need dat puss. Gimme dat puss.

Next thing you know, the farming and the wanking start up despite the constant negative press pin. Shit goes everywhere!

can not lose, former God, 12 time MLB champ, Olympina gold medalist here now gimme dat puss
[Image: 2e217jm.png]
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Vincent Lane (06-04-2017)
"Dark Warrior" Micheal Graves

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Post: #2
06-04-2017 11:48 AM

Maybe it's because he's crazy, maybe it's because the Crimson Dong didn't make much sense. Either way, Micheal still knows that there is shit and a pin attempt.

Micheal kicks out of the pin before anyone can count to three.

Micheal kicks Crimson in his dong causing his shit filled coffee to fly out of his hand and high into the air. Graves manages to catch the cup without spilling so much as a drop. Micheal smiles to Crimson before taking a sip of the coffee. A look of disgust comes across Micheal's face as he swallows.

This coffee taste like shit!

Micheal kicks Crimson in the dong once more, causing him to fall over in pain. Graves takes another sip of the coffee before turning to leave.
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JackCain (06-04-2017), Theo Pryce (06-05-2017), Vincent Lane (06-04-2017)
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