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Wednesday Warfare 5/31
06-01-2017, 01:30 AM
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Wednesday, May 31st, 2017

From the historic J.S. Dorton Arena in Raleigh, North Carolina

[Image: Civic+Center7.jpg]

Xtreme Wrestling Federation Presents:

[Image: baL0LZA.png]

Old Man Johnson: "Welcome Ladies and Gentlemen to the final edition of Wednesday Night Warfare before the High Stakes Pay Per View and boy have we got a good one for you...

That's right, Old Man! Tonight we open up with an XWF Trios Titles Match with AX3 defending against Cadryn Tiberius, Jack Cain, and Gabriel Emrick!

AX3 has looked VERY strong as of late, Luca! They managed to control most of Savage last week, whether the Kings spoiled their party or not!

Yeah, but the XWF OWNER and his formers ruined the Kings party that night too, man! It was a hell of a night for sure!

We also have Thaddeus Duke in action, along with a Universal Title defense in our Main Event pitting Bearded War Pig against Universal Champion and AX3 member, Jim Caedus!

AX3 is already spread across this show with the Kings nowhere to be found, Old Man...

I'm sure they're around here somewhere, Lu---

Luca Arzegotti: "Well what do you know it's former Universal Champion and current Whale Hunter Steve Davids. I wonder what he has to say."

Whale Hunter? You mean King Slayer?


Darkness fills the arena and there is total silence. As the music picks up Steve emerges in the shadows, with one single beam of light shining down on him. He slowly makes his way down the ramp before grasping hold of the middle rope and pulling himself onto the ring apron. He climbs into the ring over the middle rope, gazes around the arena as the fans chant his name before raising the microphone to his lips.

Steve "The King Slayer" Davids: "It seems that the Kings have got their match at High Stakes, and that leaves me... unoccupied. That's fine, I have faith in Vinnie Lane to put the Kings in their place, but this means I am in need of a match. And well, you see... I'm not one who likes to be thrown into a pointless battle royal for the Federweight championship, no. I want something, meaningful. Something, that actually matters... So what I am going to do here, is rather simple. I am putting down an open challenge to anyone in the back and it really does not matter to me if it's for a title or not. I want a match capable of stealing the limelight at High Stakes. So what do you say guys? Who wants to go one on one with the former Universal Champion? . The gauntlet has been laid, and this is an opportunity for any of you to step up. If no one has answered this open challenge in the next couple of days, then I'll just have to pick a fight for myself won't I? This is not a case of the old guard requesting one more match, this is a case of one of the greatest competitors in XWF history proving that he can still go, so young or old, it really does not matter, but know this, I pray that your lord has mercy on you... because I won't"

Davids smirks, and gazes around the arena once more, feeling as though the message is loud and clear.

XWF Trios Championship Match

[Image: SDipzoK.png]

Cadryn Tiberius, Jack Cain and Gabriel Emrick
- vs -
Michael Graves, Robert Main & Chris Chaos
Standard Match

Tig O’Bitties: Coming to the ring at this time, weighing in at 246 pounds and hailing from Anchorage, Alaska, GABRIEL EMERRRRICK!!!

"Evil Has A Name" by Hail The Villain blares over the P.A system as Gabriel Emerick comes out to flashing lights and a chorus of boos from the XWF fans. Gabriel simply stands at the entrance ramp, looking around the arena with disgust, before walking straight to the ring, complete focus on the match. When he gets to the ring he climbs the turnbuckle and spreads his arms out in a fashion similar to his now dead brother's.

Tig O’Bitties: And his partner, weighing in at 328 pounds and hailing from Queens, New York, JACK CAAAAAIIINN!!!!!!

The opening chords to a familiar song begin to play as the lights in the arena dim out. Jack Cain walks out to the stage with his patented knuckle dusters on both fist. Jack walks down to the ramp and rolls in under the bottom rope. He stands in Jack throws a few practice punches while waiting for his next partner to come out.

Tig O’Bitties: And now, the final member of this team, weighing in at 200 pounds and hailing from Morgantown, West Virginia, CAAAADRYNNNN TIBERIUUUUS!!!!!!

The overhead lights in the arena go dim as strobe lights begin to flash in rhythm to the sound of thunder crashing in the distance. The crowd goes wild as the fog rolls thickly from the top of the ramp as Cadryn Tiberius slowly makes his way out of the back. He stands tall in the midst of the fog as a storm rumbles behind him. Cadryn begins walking down the ramp, slapping the hands of fans on the way down. Cadryn climbs the apron and enters the ring, pausing for a moment in the middle before tossing his white Stetson cowboy hat into the crowd.

Old Man Johnson: These three men aren’t exactly a cohesive unit. The pairing of Jack Cain, Cadryn Tiberius, and Gabriel Emerick is strictly a response from management to AX3 demanding to defend the Trios titles here tonight. The XWF isn’t exactly overrun with triple tag teams.

Luca Arzegotti: Which begs the question why we even have Trios titles, but what do I know?

Tig O’Bitties: And coming to the ring at a combined weight of 715 pounds, the current defending Trios Champions, Chris Chaos, Robert Main, and Micheal Graves. Collectively known as A-X-3!!!

Domination plays for about 20 seconds before Main and Graves walk out from the back looking in foul moods. Micheal Graves takes the lead, charging down the ramp at a brisk pace. Robert lags behind a little, jawing with fans as he makes his way down. Graves stops at the end of the ramp and approaches a small boy. Graves says something to the kid before snatching his sign out of his hand. Graves holds it towards the camera to show that it reads “CHAOTIC”. Graves rips the sign in half right as Main walks up to him. Robert looks at the sign on the ground and tries to play peace keeper and calm Graves down. Graves and Main both run towards the ring and slide in through the bottom rope. Each man then runs up opposite turnbuckles. Robert holds up his Hart Title in one hand and the Trios in the other. Graves does the same with the Xtreme and Trios titles.

Old Man Johnson: AX3 doesn’t seem too impressed with the fact that Chris Chaos isn’t out here for their match right now.

Luca Arzegotti: After the way that Savage ended last week, it doesn’t surprise me to see this lack of unity tonight… Not that I actually watch that crap.


To start things off both Jack Cain and Micheal Graves elected themselves to begin the match for their respective teams. The two men circle for a moment before they tie up in the middle of the ring. Instead of the normal test of strength, Graves rakes the eyes of Cain, which gets the crowd booing. Paying the crowd no mind, Graves proceeds to elbow Cain in the back of the head causing him to fall to a knee. He then grabs the length of Cain’s hair and drives his head into his knee several times before tossing him to the mat. Graves stalks Cain as he watches him go towards the ropes. As he reaches up to the ropes to help assist him to get up to his feet, Graves stomps down on him keeping him down on the ground. He then gets him back up to his feet only to Irish Whip him into the nearest turnbuckle. He sprints over and hits a forearm smash. Graves then follows up with a Belly-To-Belly Suplex sending him across the ring. Graves is quick to get back up on his feet and runs over to Cain driving his knee into his skull as he was starting to get back up. The fans boo Graves once again as he hangs over the rope and looks around to the crowd with a sadistic smile on his face.

Old Man Johnson: Graves has no regard for the rules at all. He’s actually taking pleasure in every cheap shot he throws!

Graves walks over to Cain and lifts him up off the mat, but Cain breaks the grapple and fires off a big right uppercut that rocks Graves who falls back into the ropes. Cain charges in and hits a massive clothesline that sends both men toppling over the top rope. Cain and Graves both make it up to their feet. Cain grabs Graves by the back of the head, but Graves thumbs the eye and whips Cain into the barricade! Graves then rushes in with a knee to the face, sandwiching Cain's head against the steel barricade. Graves drags Cain over to the ring and throws him back in before climbing in himself.

Graves drops down an elbow then locks in a Half Nelson Lock. Cain yelps in pain wanting to get out of the submission hold. Graves applies more pressure as well as punch the shoulder is applying pressure to. Mika hunt asks Cain if he wants to submit, but Cain refuses. Seeing that Cain wasn’t going to quit any time soon Graves let’s go of the submission hold and gets Cain back up to his feet. He connects with a few knife edge chops before hitting a Snap DDT. He then wraps his arm around his head locking in a side headlock and claws at Cain’s eye while Mika is out of position. The fans begin to cheer and chant for Cain. Cain hears the fans cheering for him and he begins to get up to a knee. Not wanting to give Cain any type of momentum, Graves tries to hit a neckbreaker once they are up to their feet but no! Cain managed to push off and then hit another big uppercut followed by a sidewalk slam! The crowd pops as Cain begins to crawl over to his corner looking to tag Cadryn in. Cadryn reaches out hoping that his partner can make it to him.

Old Man Johnson: Cain turned things around long enough to tag in the fresh man!

Luca Arzegotti: Looks like Graves has the same idea.

CADRYN tags into the match pointing at Robert who has yet to be tagged into the match. Robert smirks tagging the hand of Graves. Robert slowly steps through the middle rope taunting Cadryn. "It's your funeral" flipping Cadryn the bird. Cadryn rushes Robert but Robert side steps Cadryn sending him into the turnbuckle. Robert gets Mika’s attention as Graves starts pounding on Cadryn in the corner.

Old Man Johnson: Of course Robert Main wouldn’t play fair!

Luca Arzegotti: Didn’t you have a reputation for taking bribes?

Robert rushes Cadryn hitting a huge turnbuckle close line. Cadryn falls into Robert. Robert holds Cadryn up. Robert smiles again kneeing Cadryn in the gut. Robert hits numerous double ax handles to Cadryn back sending him to one knee. Robert again mocks Cadryn lifting him up hitting a turnbuckle bomb. Cadryn bounces off the turnbuckle, falling out towards Robert. Robert hits Cadryn with a super kick sending him to the canvas.

Robert looks over his shoulder and rushes across the ring double clotheslining Cain and Emerick off the apron sending them to the floor. They both rush to get back into the ring but are stopped by Mika Hunt. The two argue with the ref while Graves enters the ring placing Cadryn on his shoulders. Robert quickly mounts the top rope leaping off hitting a huge devastation device sending Cadryn crashing down on his neck awkwardly. Graves slides underneath the bottom rope to the outside as Mika turns around. Robert kicks at Cadryn screaming at him "you wanted me! Here I am"! Robert kneels down beside Cadryn slapping him in the head "you can't beat me" Robert places Cadryn in the Beggers Lock! Robert laughs as Cadryn screams out in pain. Mika checks if Cadryn wants to submit, but he refuses! Cadryn reaches out for the ropes, but they are just out of reach. Main wrenches the hold tighter as Cadryn screams out again. Cain rushes in and kicks Robert in the head forcing him to release the hold! Graves comes to the ring and bolts straight for Cain, hitting him with a clothesline that sends him to the mat. Just then Emerick springboards off the top rope and takes down Graves with a flying forearm!

Old Man Johnson: Mika is quickly losing control of things, it’s pandamonium!

Luca Arzegotti: Who are you, Vince McMahon?

Mika quickly restores order. Cadryn comes flying in hot as he sprints across the ring knocking Graves off the apron with a dropkick! Cadryn then gets up to his feet and meets Main in the middle of the ring as he was already up to his feet. The two begin to trade punches in the middle of the ring. Cadryn ducks under a punch and then hits a bulldog! The crowd pops as he then gets back up to his feet. He pumps up the crowd some more until he is blasted from behind by Micheal Graves. The crowd boos as Mika orders Graves back to his corner. Sprinting from out of his corner, Jack Cain comes booming towards Graves and hits a massive big boot sending them both flying over the ropes!

Cadryn slowly gets back up to his feet but so is Main across from him. Main noticing Cadryn was also getting back up to his feet, sprints over to him and hits a quick Neckbreaker. Main gets back up to his feet and stomps down on Cadryn a few times before picking him back up to his feet. After getting him back up to his feet he hits a few more knife edge chops then hits a Manhattan Drop. The crowd boos as he stomps back down on Cadryn a few more times. Cadryn slowly gets back up to his feet and is met with a knee to the face.

Old Man Johnson: AX3 have been dominating this match since the opening bell. Cadryn desperately needs to tag in Cain or Emerick!

Main hits a leg drop and then hits a few punches. He gets back up to his feet taunting to the crowd. The crowd boos as he sizes Cadryn up waiting for him to get back up to his feet. Cadryn starts to get back up and Main wraps his arms around him going for his Dead Man’s Hand finisher. Before he could lift him up Cadryn began to hit some punches causing him to let go. Cadryn then hits a Step Up Enziguri taking Main down. The crowd pops cheering him on. He slowly gets up to his feet. Cadryn backs towards his corner with his back turned, giving Emerick a nod as his partner slaps him on the back to tag herself into the match. Emerick waits for Main to stagger up and springboards from the top rope to bring Main back down with a flying clothesline. Main turns to try and make the tag to Graves, but he can’t get there in time as Emerick grabs him by the ankle and drags her back towards his corner. Emerick lifts Main to his feet and tries to toss him into his corner, but Main blocks the whip and reverses, throwing Emerick into the corner with Graves. Graves wraps an arm around Emerick's neck and throws a few punches to the top of his head. Robert Main rushes in with a Stinger Splash as Graves releases! Emerick staggers out of the corner and drops face first in the middle of the ring. Main lifts Emerick up and pushes him into the corner before tagging Graves in. Main and Graves surround Emerick in the corner and lay boot to face as they stomp him into the ground. Main exits the ring as Graves taunts Cadryn and Cain.

”Come on heroes, do something!”

Cain and Cadryn look to each other before both step through the ropes. Mika Hunt is quick to rush over and try to stop them. Graves reaches into his tights and slips on a set of brass knuckles. Cain and Cadryn both see this and try to get Mika to turn around, but she refuses and keeps blocking their path. Graves drops to a knee and graves a handful of Emerick's hair, blasting him in the head with the knuckles a few times and busting open his forehead! Graves looks bad to make sure Mika is still distracted then slides the knuckles out to Main.

Old Man Johnson: AX3 is using every dirty trick in the book! I like how they claim to be fighting champions, then resort to cheating in a championship match!
Luca Arzegotti: Well they never said anything about fighting fair.

Graves drags Emerick up to his feet and lifts him up over his shoulders. Graves paces a few feet around the ring before crashing Emerick down with GRAVE CONSEQUENCES!

Graves covers Emerick and Mika drops down to count the pin.




Cadryn with a diving forearm for the save!

Graves and Cadryn both stand up and start trading punches in the center of the ring. Main rushes over and knocks Cain off the apron. Main exits the ring and begins brawling with Cain on the outside.

Graves hits Cadryn with a big right hand that staggers him a bit.

Suddenly Chris Chaos appears out of nowhere and rushes towards Cadryn with a spear! Cadryn moves out of the way and Chaos blast through Graves like a locomotive! Chaos looks at the damage that he has done, but his expression is hard to read.

Old Man Johnson: Chaos just speared Graves! Was it an accident or intentional!?!

Luca Arzegotti: It looked like he was aiming for Cadryn, but who knows.

Cadryn spins Chaos around and begins brawling with him. Cadryn whips Chaos out of the ring and follows suit. Graves is starting to stir. He looks over to Emerick who is only a few feet away. Graves slowly crawl over, getting just close enough to drape his arm over Emerick for a cover. Mika drops down to count the pin.




Winners and STILL XWF Trios Champions - AX3!!!

The action doesn’t stop when the bell rings. Robert Main whips Cain into the steel steps. Cadryn is still trading blows with Chris Chaos. Robert digs under the ring and finds a chair. Cadryn hits Chaos with a superkick that drops him to the ground. Cadryn takes a few steps back then turns to look behind him. When he does he is met with a steel chair shot to the top of the head, courtesy of Robert Main! Robert leans over to the fallen Cadryn.

”I told you that you can’t handle me!”

Robert drops the chair and rolls into the ring to check on Graves. Chaos stands up as well. Chaos peers into the ring at Robert and Graves before slowly backing up the ramp as we cut to commercial.[/code]

We see a sedan pull into the parking lot, and a crew of men in chintzy lucha masks make their way out of it. Each of the three look somewhat out of place at Warfare besides the masks. The driver steps out and closes the door, a confident smile on his face. The man in the passenger seat steps out and pulls out a revolver, opening the cylinder and checking with success that it's fully loaded. The man in the back steps out and pulls his own six gun, doing the same in assuring himself he's got a full round of ammunition for whatever he's planning. The driver speaks up.

Okay, we got the plan down tight. Two bitches are trying to push some stupid agenda down the throats of the people. Tonight we show them that America belongs to white men.

The two gunmen laugh.

Godspeed, men, tonight we...

In the background, we hear a roar of laughter as we see Danny Sex flanked by two hot babes. He walks up.

Mr. Sex: Oh, hey, sweet masks guys! You here for the sex?

The masked men all look at each other confusedly. The man from the back seat raises his revolver and points it Mr. Sex, like one would normally point a penis at a hot babe's vagina before entering her and thrusting. The driver speaks.

Fuck off, we're here to do our thing.

Mr. Sex: Oh my!

Mr. Sex and the hot babes run off.

- vs -
- vs -
Marcus Chambers
- vs -
Tommy Righteous
Fatal Four Way

Luca Arzegotti: So whats next on the agenda Johnson?

Old Man Johnson: It's a Fatal Four Way of newcomers.

Tig O 'Bitties: Our next match is a Fatal Four Way. Introducing first weighing in at 204lbs at 5'10", From Parts Unknown...EEEEENNNGGGGGYYYYYY

The entire arena is washed in a sterile white light as the following wordsare spoken through the sound system:

"Is Dexter ill? Is Dexter ill? Is Dexter ill Is Dexter ill today?

I'm afraid he's not, Miss Fishbourne. Dexter's truancy problem is way out of hand. The Baltimore County school board have decided to expel Dexter from the entire public school system.

Oh Mr. Kirk, I'm as upset as you to learn of Dexter's truancy.But surely, expulsion is not the answer!

I'm afraid expulsion is the only answer.

It's the opinion of the entire staff that Dexter is criminally

On the main screen is a grainy image of an old television test screen. After the initial dialogue, the sound slips into “Frontier Psychiatrist” by The Avalanches. As the offbeat tune picks up, the test screen fades and is instead replaced with a series of Rorschach ink blots. Each panel of ink blots at first looks innocuous but soon slithers into the shadowy outlines of terrible scenes: a knife going through a head, a body with entrails spilling out before it, a bisected human torso, a figure whose face appears to be slipping off. Interspersed with the morphing inkblot tests are other images of rats flitting about in sewers and pictures of pleasant “whitebread” 1950’s families whose members have no faces. The white lights are now accompanied by small red lights panning all over the arena that looks like droplets of blood in contrasts with the white lights.

The Engineer steps to the top of the ramp, his head ticking back and forth as he shoots the crowd paranoid, nervous glares and mutters to himself. He stalks to the ring and rolls under the bottom rope, whereupon he paces back and forth like a caged animal, still talking to himself, while he waits for the bell.

Luca Arzegotti: What in the hell was that? this guy maybe crazier than Graves or that Mezian guy.

Old Man Johnson: Oh Shut up Luca, This is cool it takes me back to the seventies when I dropped acid.

Tig O 'Bitties: Our Next contender Hailing from Brooklyn, New York 5'9' weighing in at 188 Pounds. Your Neighborhood Problem solver LLLLUUUUUIIIIIGGGGGI

Luigi comes out in a money green whip with a white circle wth an L and a fireball on the front of it. He walks down to the ramp and hops into the ring.

Luca Arzegotti: I remember playing with him on my NES.

Old Man Johnson: Whats an NES?

Luca Arzegotti: Nevermind Johnson.

Tig O' Bitties: Making his way to the ring next fromSpringdale, Utah standing at 7'1" and weighing in at 250lbs. Marcus Chambers.

Marcus Chambers makes his way down to the ring. Walks up the steps and steps over the ropes while he stares down the other two.

Old Man Johnson: He is a big as a tree. This maybe be a tall order for the men in the ring tonight.

Luca Arzegotti: Really? Johnson.All trees fall when you chop them at trunk.

Tig O 'Bitties: Our next wrestler hails from St.Louis, Missouri,standing at 6'2" Weighing 252lbs Tommmmmy Righteous.

Tommy makes his way to the ring and rolls under the bottom rope to face his opponents.

Old Man Johnson: This is going to be good.

Luca Arzegotti: Or it could be absolute shit, let's find out

The bell rings and the men circle each other waiting for the first to make a move. Righteous, Engy and Luigi stop and look at each other.They signal each other and all men go for Chambers.They all take turns punching and kicking the taller man. It seems as if they may have the upper hand.

Luca Arzegotti: See, What did I tell you?

Old Man Johnson: The Numbers game is in their favor for now.

The Match seems to be more of a three on one more and more by the second.Then Chambers powers out and throws his opponents off of him.He first grabs Luigi and tosses him out of the ring. Landing hard on his back. Engy grabs Tommy and begins to punch him in the head tossing him into a corner. He grabs Tommy and flips him up on the top turnbuckle. Engy dangles Tommy as Marcus goes after Luigi on the outside.

Luca Arzegotti: Well this is better than I was expecting

Old Man Johnson: Well I said it was going to be good.

Engy while in the ring he is repeatedly drop kicking Tommy in the head while hanging in the tree of Woe. Marcus had Luigi Up in a choke slam.And with a crash, Luigi's body bounces off of the barrier after Marcus threw him into it.The ref is trying to get Tommy out of the tree of woe in the ring. Engy notices Chambers is standing outside of the ring. And with that, he runs and throws himself out of the ring and onto Chambers.

With every Punch he lands on chambers the big man crumples closer and closer to the ground.Engy has the Bigman on his knees. he looks to see if the ref is still busy, he takes the chance to gouge Chambers in the eyes while the ref is checking on Tommy Righteous.

Old Man Johnson: You can;t do that.

Luca Arzegotti: You can do anything if you don't get caught

Luigi moves the referee out of the way and grabs Tommy by the hair and stand him up. Luigi looks at him and punches him in the chest.


Luigi goes for the cover.Sholders down,he has a leg



Righteous Kicks out.Mauch to the dismay of Luigi. He looks at the referee yelling for him to count faster. Luigi picks up Tommy nd whips him into opposite side of the ring.Running towards him on the return he's going for the Luigi Lariat. Tommy ducks stop and hits Luigi with vicious Ensiguri. The two men lay in middle the of the ring.

While outside the fight between Engy and chambers is just heating up.The two men are busy trading blows Chambers grabs Engy and whips him into the barrier. Engy bounces off of the barrier with a loud thud. Engy gets up and charges the taller man. Chambers sees this and trys to hit him with a big boot. But Engy sidesteps the kick and grabs Chambers.He sinks in his grip and tries to pick up chambers. And with great effort he suplexes Chambers on to the floor.

Old Man Johnson: That has to be the Sloppiest suplex I have ever seen

Luca Arzegotti: Maybe, But it worked right?

Tommy Righteous is the first to get to his feet.He sees everyone is down, he rolls Luigi on to his back.

He goes for the cover.



Luigi gets his shoulder up before the count of two. Tommy is furious, he grabs Luigi and brings him to his feet punching him back into a corner.He continues to punch him.The referee breaks them up. Tommy walks away and returns to start stomping on the Downed man Luigi.On the outside, Engy and Chambers are stirring. Engy is the first to his feet. He watches as Tommy stomps on Luigi. Engy slides into the ring and stalks Righteous. He begins to talk to himself and mumble something. Then out of nowhere Chambers picks up Engy and hits him with a Sidewalk Slam.Chambers gets up and grabs Tommy off of Luigi.Chambers puts Righteous in a Sleeper hold.Righteous is dangling in the arms of Chambers. The harder Chambers squeezes and torques his body back the limper Tommy's body becomes. The Referee is talking to Tommy checking to see if he is out yet. He lifts his Arm.....And it goes limp.

Old Man Johnson: This could be it, Chambers could win it Here!

Luca Arzegotti:: Doubtful Luigi seems to be stirring.

Luigi kicks Chambers in the legs as Tommy's hand fall for the second time. Chambers is forced to break the hold. Tommy falls to the mat with a thud.Chambers switches his attention to Luigi He sets up a powerbomb, he lifts Luigi up and slams him to the mat, picks him up by the neck chokeslams the smaller man to the mat.

Old Man Johnson: He calls that The Big Dipper

Luca Arzegotti: I call it falling from seven feet twice.

Chambers stands over all of the men. Like the towering giant he is. He covers Luigi, His shoulders are down.



And Engy breaks it up. He starts to stomp on the torso and head of Chambers. Engy rolls Chambers out of the ring. He turns his efforts to Luigi Also stomping on his torso and head. And then rolls him out as well. Tommy Righteous Rolls out of the ring, hoping not to get stomped on. Engy is the only man standing in the ring.

Old Man Johnson: This could be the turning point of tonight's match

Luca Arzegotti: I was right, He is as crazy as Graves and Mezian

Engy surveys the ring looking for his next victim. He sets his sights on Marcus Chambers. He yanks the man up to his feet, tosses him into the ropes and on the return trip grabs him by the throat and then absolutely destroys him with his patented finisher Delirium Tremens. A devistating head drop powerbomb.

Engy then falls forward ontop of Chambers as the ref slides into position for the count...




Winner - Engy

We see Jenny Myst standing backstage, warming up in her gear, getting ready for her match with Thaddeus Duke. She suddenly stops and we see a man in a chintzy lucha mask in front of her, holding a pistol.

Bitch, this is a man's world and country, and you and all the rest of the bitches will stop taking it from us!

Suddenly, the lights go out. Six bangs ring out, six shots emptied from a revolver in the dark, the brief flash of each shot barely illuminating anything. The lights come back up, and we see Jenny Myst flinching, and looking down in wonder at what the gunman, now unmasked and revealed to be, well, no one recognizable, is looking at in horror, six dead bullets on the ground, as though they hit a kevlar wall and spent themselves on the floor. Realizing what is happening faster than her would be attacker, she punts the gunman in the groin, hooks the head, and delivers a decisive Pink Perfection onto the concrete! Security officials rush the scene and apprehend the would be attacker. Myst looks up and takes a deep breath, then walks away.


- vs -
40 Squirrels
Munchies Match
First to eat an entire trash bag of peanuts wins!

Tig O’Bitties
Introducing first weighing in at 210lbs, hailing from Huntington Beach, CA, David Mosier!

As David's theme hits over the P.A. System, he makes his way out from the back. He stands up at the top of the ramp as he takes a fat rip from his blunt. As he walks down to the ring, he shakes peoples hands and hugs them before walking up the steel steps and steps between the ropes. He takes another drag from his blunt before he sits up on the turnbuckle and continues to smoke away.

Tig O’Bitties
And the challenger(s) weighing in at a combined weight of 40 lbs, hailing from wherever the hell Squirrels typically come from, 40 “God Damned” Squirrels!

As the music gets into full swing, we see 4 lines of string have been attached to the ring posts from the scaffold. 40 Squirrels climb down the lines, which all light up bright neon purple as the arena lights all go crazy, flashing green, red, blue, yellow, purple, white, and even shutting off leaving the arena dark as the neon lines have a strobe effect due to the 40 squirrels. The 40 Squirrels group up on their corner.

Old Man Johnson: I’m going to be honest here, Luca. I ain’t never seen anything like this in all my years..

Luca Arezgotti: Shit, Johnny, this is about to be lit af.

Referee Mika Hunt begins setting up a large brown foldable table in the middle of the ring. Two crew members hand her two steel folding chairs, which she sets up on opposite sides of the table. Mika begins giving instructions to both competitors before instructing them to sit down at the table. As the two of them sit in their respective seats, another crew member climbs into the ring with two garbage bags full of peanuts! The crew member sets a single bag in front of each of the challengers and climbs back out of the ring.

Mika checks to make sure that both combatants are ready.

After a quick confirmation, Mika signals for the bell!

The bell sounds and away we go!

Mosier begins grabbing handfuls of peanuts and attempting to shove them into his mouth! As quick as he can, he tries his damndest to chew the nuts and spit swallow them.

Meanwhile 40 Squirrels is waiting patiently.

Mosier hasn’t even begun to put a dent in that large trash bag full of peanuts, but God Bless him, he’s giving it the old college try!


40 Squirrels picks up the large bag of peanuts and dumps the entire bag in his mouth! Within seconds the entire bag has been emptied of all peanuts!

Mika checks to ensure all peanuts have been eaten…


Old Man Johnson: ….I honestly have no words to explain to you what just happened….


We see Roxy Cotton, walking backstage after exiting Vinnie Lane's executive suite. She stretcher her neck and smiles and waves at some of the arena staff in the hall. She turns a corner, and enters the ladies room. As she does, she sees a revolver pointed right in her face as another gunman in a chintzy lucha mask is waiting, this time for Roxy Cotton. She looks in absolute horror as he smirks.

You're just a worthless cunt. You're lucky; you'll be dead before I fuck you.

The lights drop. We hear Roxy scream, then the report of six shots from the revolved.

Stupid bitch, trying some trick?!


A familiar voice replies, one definitely not of Roxy Cotton. The lights come up, and we see the same result as earlier. The gunman looks in horror at the used, pointless bullets, spent and shrapneled on the floor in front of him, then turns looking for the voice that replied to him, his mask off and also, insignifcant in appearance. Roxy kicks the would be attacker in the back of the knee, sending him down, his gun rattling across the floor, as she applies the Perfect 10 to her assailant! She wrenches in, and we hear his femur snap as security and staff run into the bathroom to clear this up.

"The Ultimate Outlaws"
The Ultimate & Outlaw Brian Harris
- vs -
Obsidian Air & Mezian
Tornado Tag Steel Cage Match

Tig O Bitties: Introducing first, with a combined weight of 505lbs, “The Outlaw” Brian Harris and The Ultimate, “The Ultimate Outlaws!”

Brian Harris and The Ultimate both emerge from the back riding Harley Davidson motorcycles with “The Ultimate Outlaws” written on each of the gas tanks. The two competitors slowly ride towards the ring, ignoring their haters and praising one another the entirety of the way down. They park their bikes and climb in the ring, standing side by side waiting for their opponents.

Tig O’Bitties: Next we have one half of the opposing team, weighing in at 230lbs, hailing from Cincinnati, OH, Mezian!

As Mezian makes his way from the back, smoke begins to spread throughout the arena. Blue lights begin pulsating to the rhythm of the music as Mezian crests the entrance ramp. Mezian begins making his way down the ramp, slapping hands, and enjoying himself. Mezian makes it to the bottom of the ramp and quickly slides into the ring.

Tig O’Bitties: Presenting the other half of the team, weighing in at 230lbs, hailing from the shadows apparently, Obsidian Air!

As the camera pans to outside of the arena, we see security knocking on a cardboard box, apparently trying to wake Obsidian Air. Obsidian quickly darts out of his box and into the arena! Obsidian comes flying down the entrance ramp and slides into the ring, awaiting his chance to prove himself once more!

Old Man Johnson: As the cage is lowered Luca, you have to wonder what is going through the minds of these four competitors.

Luca Arezgotti: Probably nothing. Buncha’ fuccboi’s if I’ve ever seen.

The cage is in place, surrounding and trapping the 4 competitors!

The bell sounds and away we go!

Immediately Ultimate charges Air and nails him with a clothesline that sends him crashing to the mat. Mezian quickly darts to the cage and begins trying to climb! Harris runs over to Mezian and pulls him off the cage, but Mezian lands on his feet. Mezian begins landing lefts and rights to the head of Harris, but it doesn’t seem to phase the big man. Harris grabs Mezian by the back of the head and nails him with a massive headbutt that sends Mezian stumbling backwards. Harris sprints forward and levels Mezian with a clothesline!

Old Man Johnson: What a clothesline from the big man, Brian Harris!

Luca Arezgotti: He ain’t got shit for brains, but he sees retard strong!

On the other side of the ring, Obsidian has made it to his feet. Ultimate has her back turned to Air, watching Harris and Mezian. Air takes a moment to collect himself before running full head of steam towards Ultimate, tackling her from behind and sending her face first to the mat! Air plants all of his weight on her lower back and begins throwing wild punches to the back of Ultimates head. Ultimate does her best to cover up, but Air is landing quite a few blows! Harris, seeing his partner in distress makes his way towards Air! Mezian has managed to make it to his feet, and cuts Harris off from behind, landing a well placed bulldog that sends Harris face first into the mat as well!

Old Man Johnson: What a bulldog from Mezian!

Luca Arezgotti: It’s pretty easy to land a move when they aren’t paying attention, old man.

Mezian and Air stand together in the center of the ring, both of them with the same idea!

Mezian sprints to one side, while Air sprints to the other. Both men begin to climb the cage together!

The Outlaws have made it to their feet and notice the two men climbing the cage!

They go their separate ways in order to stop Mezian and Air from scaling the cage! Harris climbs up behind Mezian and begins to try and pull him off of the cage. Both men are halfway up the cage and doing their best to hold on! Mezian begins to lose his grip on the cage and Harris capitalizes! Harris grabs Mezian from behind and rips at him with all of his might causing Mezian to let go of the cage, sending both men crashing to the mat below!

Old Man Johnson: Holy crap, Luca, that was impressive! Harris was able to break the grip of Mezian and basically execute an impromptu german suplex!

Luca Arezgotti: Stop talking.

On the opposite side of the cage, Ultimate and Air have made it ¾ of the way to the top! Air begins kicking at Ultimate who is on his side, doing her best to avoid or block the attacks! Air manages to make it to the top of the cage and throws one leg over! Ultimate makes it to the top as well! They begin exchanging blows with one another, doing their best to knock the other off of the cage and back into the ring! Air lands a vicious haymaker on Ultimate which leaves her stunned, Air draws back and lands yet another haymaker that sends her leaning over towards the ring below! Air attempts to put a final nail in the coffin of Ultimate, but she manages to grab his arm! With everything she has, she pulls on the arm of Air!

Both competitors lose their grip on the cage and fall!

Crashing to the mat right next to each other!

Mezian has made it to one knee, Harris is still laying on his back on the mat! Air and Ultimate haven’t moved since falling from the top of the cage!

Old Man Johnson: If Mezian can gather himself, he could win this for his team, Luca.

Luca Arezgotti: Bro, I ain’t payin this shit any attention. I’ve got like 10 new Tinder messages.

Harris begins to stir as Mezian finally makes it to a standing position. Mezian looks at the cage and then notices Harris beginning to stir. Mezian approaches Harris just as Harris makes it to a knee and lands a standing drop kick to the side of Harris’ head! Harris falls to the mat once again! Mezian mounts Harris and begins a barrage of punches, landing blow after blow! Mezian cocks his right arm back as far as it’ll go and lands one final blow to the forehead of Harris, resulting in a 2 inch gash across the forehead of Harris!

Blood begins pouring out of the big man's head, and all over the mat!

Mezian stands to his feet and looks to the cage once more.

Mezian smiles and takes a couple steps towards the cage, but stops dead in his tracks. Mezian turns his attention back towards Harris who is still lying on the mat, bleeding profusely, seemingly unconscious.

Mezian walks back to Harris, grabs him by the back of the head, and lifts him to his feet temporarily.

In one deft move Mezian picks Harris up…


Mezian nails Harris with his signature maneuver Winds Of Fate!

Old Man Johnson: That was the final nail in the coffin for The Outlaws! Mezian has this thing won!

Mezian approaches the cage and slowly begins to climb!

Air still hasn’t moved an inch, but Ultimate is trying to get to her feet to stop Mezian!


The lights in the arena go out, the arena becomes pitch black!

A single spotlight illuminates a small circle in the middle of the ring!

With a quick poof of smoke, Cadryn Tiberius appears in the middle of the ring, under the spotlight! Cadryn is dressed in full jester garb, complete with Cocksock Theo fitted perfectly over his mysteriously misshapen man meat! Mezian is completely caught off guard, so much so that he stops climbing and hangs stationary staring at Cadryn!

Old Man Johnson: Why in the hell is Cadryn out here?!


Microphone in hand, Cadryn raises it to his mouth and begins to speak.

Cadryn Tiberius: “Mezian my friend, you must have forgot! I assure you though kitten, Jester Cadryn has not. For you attacked me once, just a short time ago. So now it is Jester Cadryns turn to interrupt the show! You’ve fought well tonight, potentially besting these peasants! But now I return the gift you gave me, I hope you like your present!”

The spotlight shuts off leaving the arena in total darkness once more!

Mezian hops off the side of the cage and back to the mat below, doing his best to potentially counter anything Cadryn may have in store for him!

The lights in the arena come back on!

Mezian stands ready to defend himself, but Cadryn is nowhere to be found! Mezian begins looking around doing his best to spot Cadryn, but to no avail! It’s like Cadryn has vanished into thin air!

Mezian can’t believe it!

Old Man Johnson: It seems Cadryn may be playing mind games with Mezian!

Luca Arezgotti: Cadryn come back, you were the only decent part of this match!

Ultimate has made it to her feet and takes off charging Mezian, but he catches her out of the corner of his eye and manages to land a superkick, practically taking her head off and leveling her!

Mezian wastes no time and sprints towards the cage and begins climbing!

There is no movement from anyone in the ring as Mezian reaches the top of the cage and throws a leg over!

Out of nowhere the arena goes dark once more!

Old Man Johnson: What in the hell is going on now?

The arena illuminates once more!

Mezian is sitting on the top of the cage with one leg over each side when he realizes that directly in front of him is Cadryn Tiberius!

Cadryn winks at Mezian before grabbing him and in one deft move, launches Mezian off of the top of the cage!

Mezian crashes through the announce table and to the concrete below!



The arena goes silent.

The sound of 3 bell tolls can be heard across the arena..



Luca Arezgotti: That’s why Cadryn’s my boi, son!

Jenny Myst
- vs -
Thaddeus Duke
Ax3 Friendly Fire Match:
No exiting the ring, no diving, no closed hand strikes, no kicks

Luca Arzegotti: You don’t know either, just shut up.

Tig O’Bitties: Introducing first!

Tig O’Bitties: From Sin City! JENNYYYY MYYYYYYST!

Enters the arena when the Drums hit for the first time in her entrance music, Around the 20 second mark. Saunters to the ring elegantly until she gets to the front side of the ring. She hops up onto the Apron and leans back over the top rope while lifting a leg. She then throws a leg over the second rope and and bends at the waist (Stacey Keibler or Velvet Skye Style), She pauses between the ropes while bent over and since she typically wears short skirts she give the cameraman and that side of the crowd a nice show. She waves her backside back and forth a few times before kicking her leg up and finishing the step into the ring. She turns back to the side of the crowd that she entered on and shoots them a wink and slight smirk.

Luca Arzegotti: Did she get plastic surgery recently? She looks an awful lot like my main nig Theo Pryce's wife. Like...identical. I gotta call Theo...

Tig O’Bitties: Annnnd her opponent.

From Old Saybrook, Connecticut! Weighing 2 hundred 10 pounds! THADDEUUUS DUUUUKE!

Unlike his normally patient, slow burn style entrance demeanor, Thaddeus Duke enters the stage quickly. Rather than playing to the crowd like days of old, they boo him and he does his best to ignore it. As he advances down the entrance ramp he removes his AX3 hoodie and throws it into the crowd, not exactly intentionally, but the crowd throws it back at him.

Thaddeus rolls into the ring and gets ready to go.

Luca Arzegotti: God what a douche.

Old Man Johnson: But that’s like...

Luca Arzegotti: Shut up Johnson.

The bell rings and we’re set to get under way. Thaddeus reverts to his old ways out of habit and starts pumping his fists in an effort to get the crowd going. Much to his chagrin, the crowd starts a chant of: DOL-LY WA-TERS CLAP CLAP CLAPCLAPCLAP.


Old Man Johnson: You’re supposed to be impartial!

Luca Arzegotti: I am, but I like chanting.

And the clap.

With Thaddeus distracted and pleading with the fans to shut up, Jenny Myst sees a door and dives through it. She charges her distracted competitor and clubs him from behind. She continues clubbing away on Thaddeus’ back causing him to advance forward in a feeble attempt to get away from her. She soon abandons her clubbing and grabs Duke by the arm and whips him across the ring.

He bounces off the ropes and on the rebound, Myst lands a nicely placed dropkick. Not in the chest. Not in the face. But in the knee, causing it to hyper extend and him to crumble to the mat.

Luca Arzegotti: Wait! Doesn’t that count as a kick?

Old Man Johnson: No I don’t think a dropkick counts as a kick.

Wasting no time and seizing the opportunity with a downed Thaddeus Duke, Jenny Myst grabs his now ailing leg and drops her own leg on his knee, causing him to wince in pain and roll over on his stomach as he clutches his knee. With Duke down on his stomach, Myst again wastes no time. This time around, she lifts Duke’s injured leg and places her own knee inside of his, driving it into the mat.

Luca Arzegotti: Mr. Fucking show stealer is getting taken to task by Jenny Myst right now!

Old Man Johnson: He is, Luca!

Luca Arzegotti: Thank you for your contributions to this match.

With Jenny Myst in firm control and Thaddeus Duke reeling, Myst slaps Duke into a figure four and locks it in tight. Thaddeus yells out in pain and reaches for the ropes. Being to far away he recalculates. With Myst being less than half his body weight, he easily drags her the few feet he needs to get in order to reach the ropes.

The referee starts his five count.


She keeps it locked in, attempting to apply more pressure.


Trying to inflict as much damage as possible.


Within her short window.


Duke starts to pry her left leg off of his ankle.


She finally releases the hold.

Old Man Johnson: Jenny Myst was dangerously close to a disqualification!

Luca Arzegotti: It was a smart move regardless. She knows his knee is fucked right now and she’s taking full advantage of the rules afforded to her!

With Thaddeus still clutching the ropes, the referee backs Myst off as she tries to advance toward him. Duke utilizes the ropes to aid himself to his feet. Myst realizing her door is closing, she shoves the referee aside and charges toward Duke and leaps into the air with a cross body block.

Luca Arzegotti: Mid air catch by the Prince of Dukeness!

With Thaddeus catching the far lighter Jenny Myst, a look of “oh shit” appears on her face just before Thaddeus drives her to the mat with a power slam. Duke completes the slam with a hook of the leg.



Old Man Johnson: Myst kicks out!

Luca Arzegotti: Yeah but in a rare occurrence, Fuccboius Duke can use a power repertoire to dominate!

Thaddeus rolls off of Myst after the kick out and begins working his knee in order to shake the pain out and get the blood flowing again. Slowly, Thaddeus gets back to his feet, still shaking the pain from his knee. After doing so, he reaches down and grabs Myst by her hair and pulled her to her feet. Once she’s up, he pushes her back against the ropes and whips her to the far side. Thaddeus advances toward the center of the ring and on the rebound, lifts Myst into the air and delivers a ring rattling spinebuster.

Old Man Johnson: Double A spinebuster from Duke to Myst and now Jenny is in a bad way here!

Luca Arzegotti: Go for a cover!

Thaddeus gets back to his feet and once more, lifts Myst to hers. Once she’s up, he whips her into the corner rather viciously. She bounces off the turnbuckle and falls to the mat, clutching her neck. Thaddeus then grabs the referees attention, telling him to check on her.

Luca Arzegotti: Oh get off it fuccboi, you don’t really care.

After reassuring Thaddeus that Myst is in pain but not injured, he goes back to work by lifting her to her feet again and whipping her to the far corner. This time, no whiplash effect, but Thaddeus follows in with a running back elbow to the face causing Myst to stagger out of the corner. Duke runs off the ropes, leaps and drives Myst to the mat with a Bret Hart-esque bulldog headlock and follows up with a hook of the leg.



Old Man Johnson: Jenny kicks out and this match continues!

Luca Arzegotti: That’s a MYST opportunity from Fuccboius Duke. What would you really expect though?

Duke gets back to his feet and waits for Jenny to fight to hers. Once she does so, he moves in. He goes to whip her toward the ropes but Jenny reverses the attempt. Thaddeus plants his feet and counters her reversal, sending her toward the ropes like originally intended. Thaddeus though, runs toward the far side. On the rebound he leaps into the air and deliver a flying forearm clothesline, grounding both competitors.

Old Man Johnson: I don’t know who’s going to win this contest but you have to tip your hat to Jenny Myst here! She’s come to play with the big boys and tonight she’s stepping up her game!

Luca Arzegotti:Thaddeus is like 7 or some shit, Johnson!

Old Man Johnson:…….


Thaddeus is back to his feet…. But…

Old Man Johnson: Oh man! Duke’s knee just buckled underneath him!

Luca Arzegotti: Where else was it going to buckle? Over his head?

Duke is lying awkwardly on the mat, clutching his knee. Myst is recovering and doing it quickly. Noticing Duke is down, she dives toward him and rolls him to his back and hooks the leg.

Old Man Johnson: Very opportunistic from Myst!



Luca Arzegotti: Kick out by the Prince of Dukeness!

Myst sees a golden opportunity to inflict more damage to the already seemingly injured knee of Thaddeus Duke. With Duke on his side and clutching his knee, Myst moves in. She grabs him by the ankle of his injured knee and proceeds to “headlock” his knee, before falling to her back, effectively re-hyper extending his knee in a sort of DDT to the leg.

Myst jumps to her feet, feeling the adrenaline flowing through her veins. Duke though, is reeling and crawling toward the corner. Recognizing another opportunity, Myst charges toward Duke, now sitting in the corner, and delivers an ass first splash to his face.

Myst retreats to the center of the ring as Duke crawls to the middle along the ropes. He uses the ropes to aid him to his feet and he turns his attention to Myst. As he turns though, his met with a knee to the midsection and…


Luca Arzegotti: Holy shit! She really is going to pull off the upset!

She hooks the leg!





Luca Arzegotti:Much pin.

Many count.


Myst is beside herself and berating the referee. With Duke down and out, she certainly has the time. Myst calms herself and returns her attention to the task at hand: defeating Thaddeus Duke. Myst grabs the kid by his hair and pulls him to his feet while trapping him in a side headlock. She runs toward the ropes…



Luca Arzegotti: Seriously man, I’m right here. You don’t need to yell.

Old Man Johnson: What a match and what fight from Jenny Myst tonight!

Myst is back to her feet and smell the scent of victory. Either that or she needs a douche. Regardless, there’s a smell. Thaddeus Duke is down. He’s out. And seemingly on dream street. Jenny Myst walks toward Duke and stands over him, smiling from ear to ear. She bends down and rears back…

Luca Arzegotti: Oh here it comes!

Old Man Johnson: Get the fuck out!



Old Man Johnson: I’m right here...

Luca Arzegotti: Shut the fuck up Johnson! I haven’t seen this hold in two years!

Thaddeus Duke counters Jenny’s slap, trapping her into his fathers famed hells gate submission. She struggles against the grip but can’t fight him off. Obviously she’s fit and strong, but is really not a match compared to the strength of a trained man.

Old Man Johnson: Myst has no where to go, Luca!

Luca Arzegotti: He pulled that shit out of no where!

The more she struggles, the tighter he locks in the dangerous hold. With no where to go, Jenny Myst has no choice to tap out! The official calls for the bell!!

Winner - Thaddeus Duke

We see the same sedan from earlier, the driver in the chintzy lucha mask looking a little dismayed and antsy as he paces back and forth.

Where the fuck are those guys! We get in, we get out, that's it, no fucking around. How hard is it to kill two dumb bitches?

The lights go out, and all the fans in attendance who can see this on the XTron are now in a fervor. We hear a familiar voice.

Pretty fucking hard if I have anything to fucking say about it.


A brief silence, the air in the arena stands still.

Backstage, Jim Caedus is seen walking through the halls heading towards the ring alone for his match wearing his Universal Title belt around his waist and dangling the Trios Title around his shoulder. He throws his arms back and forth stretching as he passes by several security and backstage personel along the way before the lights begin flickering around him.

He stops and looks around and they stop. No one else has seemed to take notice of the small power failure, he shrugs and continues he way towards the ring.

Then the lights flicker again and go out for a couple of seconds and come back on. Caedus looks around and sees the security and backstage personel around him have all been laid out, him being the only one left standing in his vicinity backstage. He looks around once again giving a "What the fuck?!" look before shaking his head and continuing his march towards the stage.

XWF Universal Championship Match

[Image: 5627igA.png]

Jim Caedus ©
- vs -
Bearded War Pig
Standard Match

Alright, folks! It's time finally time for the MAIN EVENT of the evening!

The moment you've ALL been waiting for man!

Luca's excited!

Ladies and gentlemen, the following match is the MAIN EVENT for the evening and is for the XWF Universal Championship!! Introducing first, from Lake, Michigan.... Weighing 212 pounds.... He is the challenger.... Bearded War Pig!!!!

Bearded War Pig walks to the ring.

And his opponent.....

The now familiar opening notes to "Ready Steady Go" by Paul Oakenfold begin to blast from the PA moments before the ring announcer plugs. The fans erupt. As the spiel is unloaded the lights cut, plunging the arena in darkness before silver strobes begin to flash and silver spotlights begin to continuously wave from along the length of the entrance walkway to the crowd and back.

From the High Desert, California!! He is the XWF Universal Champion..... Jim Caedus!!!

Obviously practiced and well-timed, the moment the announcer finishes, "ready, steady, g-g-go!" is let fly by the song's vocalist and silver pyro erupts from the egress. Before the cloud of smoke dissipates, Mr. 24/7, the XWF Television Champion Jim Caedus, strap over one shoulder and briefcase in one hand, steps out as the house lights come up.

His hair hangs freely, his eyes devoid of emotion though he appears to be energized by the support. He glances around at the majority population of fans who now know exactly who he is. The small pockets of his smarks seem less enthused to be a part of the crowd but remain cheering nonetheless.

As the music continues he turns his attention to the ring and it's inhabitant(s) then starts an unconcerned slow walk, carefully gathering his long blonde hair into a secured samurai-style bun along the way. At ringside he removes his Dickies jacket, folds it carefully beside his corner's steps, places the Television Title lovingly upon it, hands the 24/7 Briefcase to an official then ascends to the apron, stepping through the ropes and into battle after nearly 2 minutes have elapsed.

The Xtron switches from Caedus entrance to............

The camera is facing AX3's dressing room. We can hear them all talking and celebrating their matches.the camera pans down to a hand. the hand is wearing a white glove rolling a small spherical ball in its fingers and palms. The ball stops between the middle finger and thumb as two buttons are pushed. The small ball begins to beep.Light begin to flash and the beeping happens more rapidly. Another white gloved hand opens the door.

We see the remaining members of AX3 standing there.

Micheal Graves yells "Hey get out of here" and begins to walk towards the camera.

We see the hand drop the ball. The ball explodes and smoke fills the dressing room.
The people in the dressing room are gasping for air and coughing. One by one they all pass out.
The gloved hand grabs the camera lens and pull into focus on to a white mask with black eyes,
There are no features and no place for a mouth to be. A voice comes from the Mask although distorted heavily it is still audible.

Jim Caedus this is your first and last warning.Keep your people in check or we Will end them.We spared you out of respect. Next time no one will be spared. The end of your short tyrannical rule begins now......Don't worry they are not dead, Just asleep for now. Let this be a lesson to you and your group. We are Legion and we Will destroy all of you.

The camera goes to a bright white and a Pyramid with a circle inside it displays on the screen.

[Image: Illuminati-symbols-harry-potter-eye-in-t...allows.jpg]

The bell rings and BWP beats on his chest and let's out a war cry to start the match while Jim Caedus tries figuring out what was just shown on the Xtron. He rushes ahead with a jumping knee that the Universal Champion side steps, spins around, and swings a powerful left handed back fist!

Purgatory Punch!!!

BWP ducks the signature punch!

Not today, Old Man!

BWP picks up Caedus and drops him on his back with a belly-to-back suplex! He then steps over and mounts the champion, delivering a left and a right and a left and a right before Caedus blocks and grabs BWP around the neck and flips him over!

Great counter from the Universal Champion!

Caedus and BWP both rise to their feet at the same time and study one and other.

The War Pig's coming strong tonight, Old Man. We could see a new champion before the night's over with.

It's not the first time that Bearded War Pig has had his chance to be the top dog around here. He participated in the Elimination Chamber match at Wild Card Weekend for the Universal Championship.

He didn't walk away with the title that night, but it's gotta be familiar territory for him!


The two begin circling the ring. Caedus takes a bump off the ropes and reaches for a tie-up! The two wrestle back and forth for an advantage when finally Jim Caedus pulls BWP in for a headlock. Pig falls back into the ropes and pushes Caedus off towards the opposite side.

Standard counter there, folks. Caedus bounces off the ropes and the two meet in the ring with a standing shoulder block!

Neither men budge.


Both of them look at each other, shrug, and each take bumps off the ropes and meet in the middle again to no avail! They do it again! This time BWP leaps in the air with a leaping shoulder block and knocks Caedus to his back! BWP jumps right back to his feet and bellows out another giant war cry! Caedus, not taking much from the bump slams the mat with both hands in frustration and climbs right to his feet. The two catch eyes again before Caedus rushes in but is met with a quick kick combo from the challenger. To the legs, to the ribs, back to the legs! BWP then grabs the champion, picks him up, and lands a picture pefect vertical suplex. Caedus suffers a bit from that one as he grabs his back and rolls off to the side of the ring.

Pigs on fire, meng!

BWP wastes no time with a war cry this time and grabs hold of the champion. He lifts him to his feet and lifts his knees into the skull of Caedus on his way up before burying back to the mat with a standing clothesline. Pig pulls the leg for a cover and the official abides.

Here's the first cover of our championship match up!



The champion kicks out with the two count.

There's no way Caedus is going down that quick, Old Man. Too much fight left in that guy, meng.

I can't disagree, Luca. BWP is keeping the pressure on here, lifting the champion back to his feet again.

He's going strike after strike here. He needs to wear Caedus down. The fucker can come outta nowhere with his shit, ya know.

As Luca finishes his sentence Jim Caedus doesn't disappoint and lifts BWP up in the air and slams him down with a spine buster! He rolls off the challenger and stays on the mat for a moment to catch his bearings before reaching his feet again. BWP rolls to the ropes and uses them to reach his feet. He rushes over to the champ but Caedus leaps in the air and hits Equal Ground! BWP flips around onto his head after the leaping round house kick and lands on his face.

Equal Ground!

Oh man! Here he goes!

Caedus grabs BWP on the ground and wraps his own body around him in a rear naked choke!

The champ just applied H.Y.B.! Hold your breath mother fucker!

BWP struggles in the move, but Caedus has it locked in tight! The official remains close, continuing to ask the challenger if he's giving up! Caedus pulls the hold even tighter as Bearded War Pig screams aloud!


He shouts and manages to roll both him and the champion over! Caedus keeps the hold!

Bearded War Pig is in a real bad position here folks.... The champion has his rear naked choke locked on and there aren't too many places to go here!

A couple more rolls and he's got the ropes, Old Man!

Pig screams aloud once more and rolls again and Caedus keeps it! Pig reaches out as far as he can and is inches away! His wide palm ready to slap the mat or grab the bottom rope!

Oh shit! He gonna tap!

He's gonna tap!

BWP let's out another war cry and his arm stretches out and finally grabs the bottom rope! The official immediately jumps in and breaks the hold. Caedus releases and rolls back towards the center of the ring gaining his feet.

Excellent ring navigation by Bearded War PIg there!

I thought that dude was fucked man. Caedus had that move locked tight!

Caedus catches BWP as he's catching his breath and using the ropes to rise with a mule kick! PIg falls over the middle rope and to the outside on the apron. The champ stomps over and reaches over the top rope after BWP. He pulls the challenger up, but is caught with a shoulder through the ropes! He staggers for a moment, but catches himself and delivers a hard forearm to the back of BWP. Caedus wraps PIg's arm around his shoulder and attempts to lift him up, but Pig holds his weight! Caedus tries again, but again, BWP holds his weight back while anchoring his right foot under the bottom rope. He then buries a knee into the gut of Caedus and breaks the hold, grabs the champ by the head and drops from the apron! Caedus's head snaps back off the top rope and he falls to the mat grabbing his neck!

Eye for an eye!

I'll say! Not sure which hurt worse... The top rope on the neck or the mat to the back of the head!

Apparently the mat because Caedus wrapped his arms around his head and rolls about the mat. BWP steps through the ropes and plants an elbow on the chest of the champ. He pulls a leg again.



A quick kickout by Caedus!

BWP taking another chance at the champion with a quick cover!

BWP steps back as Caedus rises to his feet, he moves in grabs the champ from behind and flips him over with a German suplex! Caedus bounces off his head and rolls backwards across the ring from the very powerful move! BWP catches his breath as he circles around and grabs the champion again. He lifts him up and keeps up with the knees to the mid section as he does so.

Pig keeps landing those knees, man. He's wearing the champion down with every blow. Great strategy, man.

Killing the momentum of the champion is number one, Luca. I've officiated PLENTY of Universal Title matches in my day and--

Caedus with a block! Fuck your day Old Man! Call the match!

Caedus grabs the last knee that was buried into his ribcage and rolls taking BWP down with a single leg takedown! He keeps the leg and buries an elbow into the crotch of BWP and rises back up again! He pulls BWP to the center of the ring by the ankle and stomps the side of the head of the challenger. Caedus paces a shot lap around the ring as BWP starts to stir.

The champion taking a moment here, not taking the advantage of a downed opponent.

He knows what he's doing, Old Man. You need to relax, yo.

BWP gets to one knee as Caedus moves in and tries a kick to the head. Pig drops to his side dodging the blow and sweeps the leg sending the champ to the mat. They both roll away and reach their feet together to the pleasing of the crowd.

Both men semi gassed, they circle the ring once more. They meet in the middle and the match turns into a boxing match. Precise exchanges to the face, one after another... Back and forth. BWP pulls a couple of consecutive shots off and sends Caedus off balance! He moves in for an uppercut and misses and Caedus pulls him into the ropes! BWP bounces off and gets a quick and powerful Yakuza kick to the midsection!

Wrexus Plexus!!

Caedus hits Wrexus Plexus out of nowhere as BWP rebounded from the ropes! He springs back and bounces from the ropes again as the champ spins around and hits the Purgatory Punch he attempted earlier square into the face of the challenger! Pig hits the mat hard and is out!

Oh shit! The pig just got knocked the FUCK out! He's out man!

Caedus collapses on the mat as well from exhaustion! He manages to pull enough strength to climb over top BWP for a cover! The official slides into position!

This has to be it!




How the fuck?

BWP isn't done yet! Two massive moves and the challenger isn't giving up!

Unfuckingreal man..

Caedus lies on his back looking up to the lights cursing the world. BWP breathes heavy next to him with is eyes barely open, trying to gain the momentum he once had in the match.

The official throws his hands in the air starting the count on both men on the mat.


The champ begins to fight and rolls over to his hands and knees while the challenger manages to roll towards the corner.


BWP grabs ahold of the middle turnbuckle and pulls himself up to a knee. Meanwhile, Caedus is now using the ropes to pull himself the rest of the way up. He sees his vulnerable opponent in the corner and takes advantage! He runs across and lifts a knee, but BWP moves at the last moment! Caedus crashes in the corner with the knee and bounces off in agony! Pig pushes him back into the corner and buries a couple of fists into the gut of the champion! He leans back and plants a big headbutt into the skull of Caedus that dazes him and sends him leaning against the turnbuckle. BWP delivers a couple of knees to the ribs and Muay Thai elbows to the temples of the champ!

Oh no!

I hear you, Luca! This could be the set up for a Wargasm!

You're a sick fucker, Old man!

Just watch!

He lifts Caedus to the top rope and rises up himself... BWP flips around, grabbing the champ around the waste looking for the backflip German suplex....


But Caedus holds the ropes!!! BWP pulls and pulls but Caedus is matching his strength and not letting go!

Holy fuck, Old Man! The fucker countered it!

Unbelievable from our champion, folks!

BWP steps up to the bottom turnbuckle for leverage, but it still doesn't work! Caedus looks back and buries a couple of elbows into the side of the head of Pig! Caedus lands a good one that sends BWP teetering, losing his grip. The champ reaches down around BWP's leg and lifts him to the air... spinning him around in one motion and........


My God!!

Holy shit!

Katabasis out of the corner from the middle rope! BWP is flattened in the middle of the ring!

Caedus is sprawled out, as well, but crawls over top of his opponent and throws an arm over!!!


Caedus reaches over and pulls the leg!!!!



He did it! Caedus defends the Universal Title!

Wow fuck dude.

Winner and STILL XWF Universal Champion - Jim Caedus

Instead of Caedus's own music playing, eliciting instant reactions from the fans who know goddamn well what this entrance music portends, "Domination" by Pantera blasts from the P.A. as Micheal Graves and Robert Main step forth from the egress, each with two titles over their shoulders: Main with the Hart and a Trio Tag, Graves with the Unified Xtreme and a Trio Tag.

Smug, cocky as fuck, the two make their way down the aisle and stop at the ring. While Graves and Main pull themselves up into the apron and enter between the ropes, Jim, sweaty and worn from his match, circles around to the timekeeper table and snatches a mic, his Universal Title, and his portion of the Trios Tag Titles before ascending the nearest corner stairs and entering the ring as well.

The three brothers-in-arms absorb both the boos and cheers from all in attendance, milking the attention as "Domination" plays on, exchanging lopsided shiteating grins and inaudible words with one another.

At long last, Graves makes the cut off sign across the throat to the camera and the music fades out. Receiving the lessening of the audio like they always do, the fans, whether booing or cheering, suddenly raise in volume. Again, the trio soak it in for a good 30 seconds before Jim raises the mic to speak.

Jim Caedus: I find it hilarious... The electricity in the air settles. Actually, WE find it hilarious...the absolute _height_ of hilarity horseshit's been gettin' flung around as to the cohesive status of Ax3. From Doc and The Kings to Cadryn to TV Champ Thomas Nixon to every. Single. Opponent I've had over the course of the last several weeks...all we've heard is how The Kings and inner turmoil will and ARE tearin' us apart. If the events of this past Savage Saturday Night didn't make it perfectly clear with our takeover, take a fuckin' gander at the XWF's TRIO OF DOUBLE CHAMPIONS brought to you by, good God, imagine that...why it'''s Ax3, isn't it? How's that grab ya for cohesion, cocksuckers? Not only do we, Ax3, control the Trip Tag straps... Jim smiles into the lens, patting the Trio title over his left shoulder. ...thought you wouldn't mind if I borrowed this by the way, Chaos. Gotta love those Freebird Rules. Anyway, as I was saying... Not ONLY do we control the Trip straps but we now have a firm stranglehold on the top three straps in the company! My brother Main with the XWF HART CHAMPIONSHIP!

Jim pauses as Bobby's fans, the "Mainiacs" erupt.

Jim Caedus: My brother Micheal Graves with the XWF UNIFIED XTREME CHAMPIONSHIP!

Micheal's fans, the "Gravesiders", ovate.

Jim Caedus: And yours truly with the motherfuckin' XWF UNIVERSAL CHAMPIONSHIP!

Jim pauses a third time as HIS fans, a good portion females and without a cool name since "Caedus" is tough to work with, pop for him.

Jim Caedus: In case our detractors don't realize what that means...Ax3 is now the superpower in this promotion. It doesn't matter who it is criticizing us now...the credibility remains in OUR court as it has the entire time. Hate to say we told you so but there you have it. There's no arguing with results. As for our "inner turmoil"...Thaddeus Duke, Chris Chaos...we have some unaddresed business to attend to. I'm callin' the two of you out.

Almost immediately, Thadly, oozing confidence with a complete lack of intimidation, steps through the egress and makes his way to the ring amidst the cheering of his fans, "Duke Nation". With class, he ascends the corner steps and enters.

No Chris Chaos.

Jim Caedus: Chaos, I'm not gonna ask a second time, I'll simply head on back there myself and see if I can't "persuade" you to make an appearance.

The instant Jim finishes the passive threat, a justifiably enraged Micheal Graves stomps over and grabs the mic. Jim can't help but allow a knowing smirk to cross his lips.

Micheal Graves: Hey Chris, maybe Jim didn't make this shit clear enough for you, but this isn't a fucking request. Either bring your ass to this ring right fucking now, or I'm going to come back there and show you how a real leader handles his business​!

Old Man Johnson: Tempers are really beginning to flare in the ring right now!

Luca Arzegotti: So wait, is Chaos the leader, or Caedus, or Graves? I really don't understand the hierarchy in this group!

Micheal Graves: You know, for a guy that spends all of his time running his mouth about how Goddamn great he THINKS he is, and how he's all about causing a little chaos, it never ceases to amaze me just how much of a chicken shit fuckboi bitch you really are!

Luca Arzegotti: Hey, fuckboi is my line!

Micheal Graves: So since you don't want to come out at Jim's request, I'm going to come back there and drag you and your filthy slut out here by force, and trust me when I say this Chris, what comes next is WELL deserved!

Graves spikes the microphone off the canvas and charges towards the ropes. As soon as Graves starts to exit the ring, Die Motherfucker Die blast over the sound system as steam covers the stage and a very cocksure Chris Chaos walks out, Jenny Myst handing off his arm. Graves walks back and picks up the microphone as Chris and Jenny slowly walk down the ramp.

Micheal Graves: Yeah, that's what I thought! Now wipe that goody smirk off of your face and get down here!

Chris stops about halfway down the ramp and motions for his music to be cut. As the audio fades out Chris brings a microphone up to his face.

Chris Chaos: Please Micheal, quit embarrassing yourself. I do what I want to do, when I want to do it! If I decide to come down to that ring, it's not because you, Jim or anyone else told me to, it's because I decided to! As far as your threats go, I would advise you to watch your mouth! We all know what happened the last time you thought that you could step up to my level.

Micheal Graves: Yeah, I beat your ass from pillar to post!

Chris Chaos: And you lost! You lost to me like you always lose! That's why I'm the leader of this group and you're just...

Jim Caedus: ENOUGH!

It seems that Jim has taken the mic from Graves, fed up with the situation as a whole.

Jim Caedus: Chaos, quit your fuckin' yappin' and get in the ring!

Chris remains stubbornly on the outside.

Jim Caedus: Sunuva-

Jim alarmingly dashes to the ropes and vaults OVER them to land on his feet at ringside. Jenny, startled, backpedals and drops to her ass. Chaos appears unfazed.

Simultaneously with the word "Get", Jim makes a bowed-up lunge punk-feint at the former Uni Champ, bringing his face in as close as possible.

Jim Caedus: _Get_ in that MOTHERFUCKIN' ring!

Chaos doesn't so much as blink but his brows do furrow into a frown. He and Jim maintain a very tense stare down before Chaos pulls himself onto the apron and cautiously enters the ring. Jim follows, noticing Jenny rising.

Jim Caedus: Stay your ass out here, you fuckin' slap-happy hooker. The next time you lay a hand on me, I'll be layin' a lot more across that pretty little face.

Jim hops up onto the apron and enters through the ropes. He immediately steps up to Chaos.

Jim Caedus: Let's get one thing perfectly straight: you ain't the fuckin' leader of Ax3. You never were. How the hell you got that into your head I find vexing to say the least. Mikey. Mikey is the leader. As he should be and has been since our inception. The oldest of us. The vet whose roots in this promotion predate almost all others. As for me, I'm the founder of Ax3 and I became the _sole_ founder the moment Mr. Tidbits had a change of heart and turned his back on us only to eventually disappear. You, Chris? You're merely a usurper who's been enjoying the protection we provide while he runs amok first hogging all the fuckin' glory, then hogging all the attention followed by this very disappointing and DANGEROUS defiance of Ax3's plans and goals. Twice. TWICE your in-house pussy interfered with our plans on Savage. TWICE she had the balls to defy ME with physicality. You're lucky I didn't snap her goddamn neck. And YOU...all these predictions of yours, all these promises, your pathetic expectations of defeating ME for MY title!?

Jim turns to Duke.

Jim Caedus: That goes for you as well. You've been far too fuckin' independent of this group and outspoken on the fact you _think_ you'll be taking my title as well. Not only that, if I'd known Theo was your uncle I never would've agreed to your inclusion in the first place. You HAVE been agreeable overall,'s Chaos here who's pleading for a beating.

Jim returns his angry stare to Chris who speaks into the mic moments before Jim is able.

Chris Chaos: No Jim. I AM the leader. The best of us. And I'll prove it when I face whoever it is holding that Universal Ti-

Jim Caedus: Interrupt me again and I'll rip your throat out here and now. Fuck prison. "Whoever" it is holding the title? It'll be me, don't delude yourself. And I'm gonna crush your skull like I should have done in the first place rather than align with you, a prick more reminiscent of Gabe Reno than I can stomach. Unfortunately, that'll hafta wait. For now, since you've proven incapable of playin' ball with the to your membership of Ax3...holy SHIT this is gonna feel good...Chris

"Anti You" by Blue Stahli hits the airwaves and the fans, most of which had been bored to sleep by the never ending Ax3 confab that was taking place in the ring jump to their feet, showing sings of life for the first time in 15 minutes.

Luca Arzegotti: Fine-a-fucking-ly!

All four members of The Kings™ walk out from the back but instead of walking down the entry ramp The Kings™ line up shoulder to shoulder at the top of the ramp.

The Kings™ pause for a moment taking in the cheers that rain down upon them before Theo Pryce places the mic to his lips and begins speaking.

"Sorry Jim I'mma let you finish but I have some important news that I need to share with you and the rest of the XWF Universe and well, if I waited until this little meeting of the AX3 book club ended

First I want to address Robert Main. I see that you and our jester have already agreed to a match at High Stakes for the Hart Title. I've also been told that there are a few stipulations that the two of you have agreed to. Namely Cadryn's Xbux being on the line as well as the match taking place in a three layered cage which honestly sound's like something I'd expect from an idiot like Peter Gilmour but since you guys want to force us to build the structure I am going to take advantage so here's what we are going to do. You guys can have your stipulations but I am going to add two of my own.

The first is that in order to win the match not only do you have to climb out from the top layer of the cage but you also have to be the first person to then climb down the cage and touch the ground.

The second stipulation, and you are really going to love this one Robert, is that your little band of merry assholes are banned from ring side. If I even get a whiff of AX3 anywhere near the ring not only will you lose the match but you will lose the title.

That is your punishment for what you and Caedus did last week during the Nixon and Tiberius match.

The fans go crazy again as Theo announces the upcoming Hart Title match at High Stakes.

And now for the news that I am sure is going to get everyone real excited and that's the Universal Title Match. Obviously we all know that the escaped bearded lady from Ringling Brothers Jim Caedus will be defending his Universal Title at the Pay Per View. We know this. What we don't know. What the General Managers have been trying to figure out is exactly who Jim would be facing.

Now the list of potential opponents isn't terribly long but there are options but there are a few. Obviously the most deserving man is the one to my right, Doctor Louis D'Ville. His resume is far and away the best. Not only is he a former Universal Champion, former undefeated Xtreme Champion and one of the current tag team champions but he has also beaten not one but two former Universal Champions in the last month. Victories that have vaulted him to the top of Paul Heyman's Super Official Rankings.

As much as I would love to put the Good Doctor in the ring with Jim Caedus, effectively putting the Universal Title back on a King, the Doctor already has a match scheduled with AX3's favorite fluff boy Trax, so D'Ville's date with the Universal Title will have to wait a little bit longer.

The next potential opponent for Jim would be AX3's newest member and my nephew, the one, the only, Little Lord Fuckpants Thaddeus Duke. Thad of course being the #1 contender to the Universal Title due to a match he won what feels like 3 months ago. Obviously Thad has a legit case to be made. But is it enough?

The yes. Yes it is.

At High Stakes, Jim Caedus will be defending his Universal Title against Thaddeus Duke...

But that's not all.

A few weeks ago I banned Chris Chaos from High Stakes. An action that was forced upon me by Chris' blatant disregard for the rules that were set forth for him. Chris does not deserve to wrestle at High Stakes. He has not earned that right.


I am a fair man and in the interest of fairness I am going to give Chris Chaos a match at High Stakes after all. In fact, I'm not just going to give Chris Chaos any match. No what I am going to do is put Chris Chaos in a match that makes the most sense for the XWF and that is to put Chris Chaos in the ring with Jim Caedus and Thaddeus Duke. An all AX3 Universal Title match.

Makes perfect sense right? What a better way for AX3 to show it's cohesiveness than to fight each other for the top prize in the fed. And if that isn't enough to really make things interesting I am going to be assigning a special guest referee to that match and his name is Micheal Graves. It only makes sense right?

Oh and Robert, I wouldn't want to leave you out in the cold completely, if you'd like to bring a chair to that match and sit at ring side by all means. I'm sure you'll want a front row seat to what is sure to be a match for the ages.

Theo looks down at his gold rolex and then back up to the ring.

"Well would you look at that, we're all out of time so I guess you ladies are going to have to finish your little bitch fest another time. Good luck at High Stakes. You all are gonna need."

Theo pockets the mic while The Kings™ theme hits the airwaves and Warfare goes off air.

Old Man Johnson: Thank you fans, and we will see you on June 13th in Las Vegas for High Stakes II!

Following the end of Warfare we see The Kings™ gathering up their bags and heading towards the exit of their locker room.




"Delivery for Mr. Theo Pryce." the somewhat muffled voice says.

"Finally! That Asian Hooker I ordered is here." Madison says as he drops his bags and licks his lips.

"You ordered an Asian Hooker?" Pryce says as he turns around to face John Madison.

"Yes. And I used your credit card to do it. Figured you wouldn't mind." Madison says as he starts unzipping his pants.

"You are a special individual my friend."

"You're damn right I am."

"Well you gonna open the door or what?" Samuels asks.

"Yeah Theo. Don't be rude. Open the door and let's get the party started."

Theo reaches towards the door knob and just as he gets to about a half inch from it the door flies off the hinges towards Theo knocking him down.

Within a second of Theo hitting the floor Vinnie Lane, James Raven, Jon Brown and Shane Carver pile into the room with lightning fast speed.

Theo pushes the door off of him only to be met with a boot to the face courtesy of Vinnie Lane.

James Raven dives at John Samuels taking him down while Jon Brown steps towards Doctor D'Ville.

Shane Carver and John Madison share an awkward stare before Carver starts wildly throwing fists that connect with nothing by the air.

D'Ville manages to get the upper hand on Jon Brown with a head first slam into the wall. Unfortunately the advantage is short lived as Vinnie Lane takes D'Ville out with a chair shot to the head.

"Shane it's John. Why are you doing this? Why are you helping that bitch Vinnie Lane?" Madison yells as he ducks another Carver fist.

"It has to be this way John."

Madison grabs Shane by the throat and tosses him over the couch only to get a chair to the back from Lane.

On the far side of the room James Raven and John Samuels are exchanging fists and just as Samuels is about to land one he is speared into a 6 foot mirror by Jon Brown.

Broken glass and broken bodies adorn the locker room floor as the four XWF Owners stand triumphant over The Kings™

"It didn't have to be this way dude."[/pink] Lane says as he spits at Theo's half conscious body on the floor. [pink]"It didn't have to be this way but you refusd to play nice. This ends at High Stakes."

Vinnie Lane tosses the bent up steel chair on the floor and walks out of the room with Raven, Brown and Carver in tow.

Fade to black[/quote]

[Image: ZPrmNMt.png]

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"Well, Mezian, I reckon that makes us about even now."

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It would seem so Cadryn, It would seem so.

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ooc: Bros...DOPE show, kickass matches, killer segs from top to fuckin bottom! Whoever wrote the BWP/Caedus match...that was an amazing match, thank you!

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"Good shit bro, way to keep my head on a swivel. Don't think we are done yet Jimmy Balls. Keep focused retain that title at High Stakes. I don't want to pry it from anyone else's dick mittens! Oh and remember Oink, Oink Mother Fucker!"

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