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Part Time/Floater: ONLY book me when/where I opt in The G.O.A.T.
05-28-2017, 03:25 PM
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In-Ring Name: James Raven
Wrestler's Real Name: James Raven

New to XWF or a returning roster member?: Bitch, please. I'm a Legend.

Wrestler Date of Birth: April 15, 1990

Height: 6' 3"
Weight: 222 lbs.

Hometown: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Personality: Confident, sarcastic, generous, loyal, morally strong, grudge-bearing, leader

Alignment (heel/face/tweener): Face in principle and fan support, the trashtalk can occassionally cross the line.

Looks Description: Ryan Reynolds

Ethnicity: Caucasian

Pic Base: Ryan Reynolds


Strengths: Everything. He's an incredible athlete with an immense amount of experience and training. He's fought the best of the best and beat them all. He's strong, agile, a high flyer with a brazilian jiu jitsu black belt on the ground. The bag of tricks is endless.

Weaknesses: James hasn't wrestled in 5 years, so his cardio is questionable at this point. He's also had a history of concussions, and significant surgeries on his right shoulder and right knee. His body is not where it was when he was the Universal Champion, and his mouth has already forced him into that level of competition.

Entrance Theme Music: "Bleed it Out" by Linkin Park

Entrance Description: The entire arena slowly fades to black as the audience excitedly awaits the entrance of "The Peoples GOAT". The drum beat and guitar solo start and a series of white and blue spotlights come up and pan the crowd. Mike Shinodas voice is heard on the speakers singing.

“Now here we go for the hundredth time, hand grenade pins in every line, throw ‘em up and let something shine, going out of my fucking mind… filthy mouth, no excuse, find a new place to hang this noose, string me up from atop these roofs, high and tight so I wont get loose.”

By now the fans are going wild and cheering as the spotlights slowly make their way to the top of the entrance ramp where a dim fog begins to form.

“Truth is you can stop and stare, rub myself out and no one cares, dug the trench out and lay down there with a shovel up, out of reach somewhere… yeah, someone pouring in, make it a dirt glass floor again, say your prayers and stomp it out when they bring that chorus in.”

The spotlights come together as one, and the fog fills the top of the ramp until the downbeat hits and a major blue and silver pyrotechnic display goes off and the rest of the arena lights turn up to full. When the smoke clears James Raven is seen on top of the ramp, his hands thrown up over his head and a huge smile on his face.

“I BLEED IT OUT!!! Diggin’ deeper just to throw it away, I BLEED IT OUT!!!”

James makes his way down the ramp, high fiving fans and posing for pictures with several of them until he reaches the base of the ramp. Then, he pauses for a few seconds and sprints for the ring, diving in under the bottom rope and sliding in to the center of the mat on his hands and knees. He poses for a second, then gets up and runs for the turnbuckle, climbing up and posing yet again for the fans before doing a 360 degree spin off and doing the same on the opposite turnbuckle. As his music fades out he stretches in his corner, and then waits for either his opponents entrance or the starting bell.

5 or More Commonly Used, Standard Moves: Swinging Neckbreaker, Flying Crossbody, Dropkick, any variety of Suplexes or DDT's, Hurricanrana. AJ Styles type.

Trademark Move(s): Divebomb
Description(s): A running spear to the midsection of a stunned or disoriented opponent. Usually following an enziguri or dropkick that sends his opponent to the mat, James retreats to the far side of the ring, stalking his "prey" and watching intently as his opponent struggles to his feet and turns to face him. He then charges full speed from his vantage point and dives across the ring and attempts to snap his opponent in half.

Trademark Move(s): The F.Y.S. (Fuck You Shank)
Description(s): A superkick, done with the exact same style and embellishments as when performed by rival turned ally "Big Shank".

Finishing Move(s): Flight of the Raven
Description(s): A modified RKO. James grabs his opponent by the neck and jumps up high in the air, but he spins himself at the height of his jump so that he is facing the mat, this way he can easily cover his opponent as they land and not waste any time before getting the pin.

Finishing Move(s): Ravensault
Description(s): James irish whips his opponent into the ropes, then turns and sprints to the opposite side of the ring where he leaps up onto the top rope, using it as a springboard to propell himself high in the air with a moonsault that connects with his opponent as they rebound into the center of the ring. He usually follows this up by hooking both legs for the pinfall, but when trying to show someone up or embarass them he will often allow his opponent to get to their feet and follow this move with a "Flight of the Raven".

Finishing Move(s): Ravenlock
Description(s): Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Triangle Choke

Favorite Hardcore Attacks: Nothing special, give me a chair or a bat. I'll get 'em with it somehow.

Additional notes: I've given you bitches enough.

[Image: RavenSig2013.jpg]


- Member of the XWF Hall of Legends (inducted 2011)
- #4 on the "Top 50 XWF Stars of All Time" List
- Former XWF Owner
- 2008/2009 Star of the Year
- Multiple time Star of the Month (incl. June '17)
- 2017 High Stakes Match Winner
- A Shit Ton More

- 3x XWF Universal Champion
- 3x XWF World Champion
- 9x XWF Xtreme Champin
- 4x XWF Tag Team Champion
(w/ Aiden "Blizzard" Collins, Roxy Nova, Mia Sanchez & Big Shank)
- 3x XWF Phoenix Champion
- 1x XWF Women’s Champion (disguised as ‘Miss Terry’)
- 1x XWF Hart Champion
- 1x XWF Federweight Champion
- 1x XWF Heavymetalweight Champion
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