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Savage Saturday Night 05/27/2017
05-27-2017, 10:26 PM
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MAY 27th, 2017


Xtreme Wrestling Federation Presents:

[Image: MMIM1Rv.png]

Jim Ross: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to what should prove to be a very eventful edition of Saturday night Savage! Last week saw the monumental return of James Raven to the XWF, and tonight he will face off against Peter Gilmour in the main event!

Huey D. Louie: We are also set to see Television Champion, Thomas Nixon defend his championship against Cadryn Tiberius in what should prove to be a very competitive match!

Jim Ross: We also have Doctor Louis D’Ville and Dolly Waters in action tonight!

Huey D. Louie: Yeah, but none of that compares to our opening match with the greatest stable in XWF history. A team of bonafide main eventers! B-X-3!

Jim Ross: Hold on Huey, I’m getting word that something is going on backstage!

The camera cuts backstage to the gorilla position where we see AX3 members Micheal Graves, Jim Caedus, and Robert Main arguing with Savage General Manager J.T. Washington!


Robert Main: Yeah, move it pal!

J.T. continues to block AX3 from walking out to the stage.

J.T. Washington: Guy, please… We’re scheduled to start the show with BX3 vs Triple Z. If you want interview time, I’ll make room for you later in the show.

Micheal Graves charges to the forefront, getting in the face of J.T. Washington. Washington backs up a little, more worried about what Graves may do if triggered than anything else.

Micheal Graves: INTERVIEW TIME!?! That’s what you think this is about? You think that we want to go out there and cry about something? Newsflash JT, AX3 isn’t here to talk…

Robert Main and Jim Caedus zero in on either side of JT as he begins to cower down.

Micheal Graves: WE’RE TAKING OVER!

Caedus and Main jump JT at the same time, laying into him with some clubbing blows that take him down to his knees. Caeuds and Main then proceed to drag JT out through the courtin as Graves follows.

Jim Ross: What is AX3 doing!?! They can’t possibly think that they are going to get away with attacking a member of management like this!

Robert Main and Jim Caedus drag JT over to the edge of the stage. They wave on Graves to come in. Graves slowly walks into position as the two men lift JT up to Graves and Graves follows through with a powerbomb off of the stage!


Graves, Caedus, and Main laugh at their handywork before proceeding down the ramp towards the ring. Caedus and Main climb into the ring while Graves walks over to Tigs and grabs a microphone. Graves rolls in through the bottom rope and joins his friends in the ring.

Robert Main: First and foremost, I have something to say to Danny Imperial! I told you that so long as I am Hart Champion you would never come anywhere near this title! The proof is in the pudding kid. Did I seem like a paper champion in our match? I said it before and I'll say it one more time, you Danny are nothing more than the flavor of the month. Your 15 minutes of fame are up! Brought to you by The Omega! Now onto other matters. After my first defense I didn't even have a split second to relish the moment! Before I knew it, two goons wearing mask giggled their way into the ring and attacked me. Well played Asylum, but don't think for one fucking second that I have forgot, or any member of AX3 for that matter. We will find out just who you are and when we do. Just like Danny Imperial, it’ll be lights out! We will get our retribution one way or the other! We are the most dominating group of men to ever step foot in this squared circle. If you don't believe us. Just look at the stats. Look at all of the gold in this ring right now. We hold almost every single fucking title that matters in this company, and we are still adding to the collection!

Robert laughs as he passes the microphone off to Jim Caedus. Jim takes a step forward with a very serious, very pissed off expression across his face.

Micheal Graves: There’s been a lot of talk lately about the status of AX3. Rumors of turmoil, misleadership, and distrust amongst the members of this family. Well, I’m telling everyone right now, that those rumors couldn’t be further from the truth! Is there some in bickering among a few of us? Sure, but that is to be expected anytime that you bring four of the biggest names in the company together. Right now Jim is the Universal Champion, but Chris Chaos wants to regain that particular title for himself. Everything that everyone is claiming stems from that fact right there. Well allow me to explain something to all of you right now. When we agreed to bring Chris Chaos into AX3 and hand him the reins to lead this group. We did so knowing that it was only a matter of time before Jim cashed in and won the Universal Title. We also realized that when he did, Chris Chaos would not be able to help himself from challenging for it. I mean, would I like a shot at the Universal title? Sure, but I’m not going to try and take it from a brother! Chris will, and that’s okay. It’s okay because it’s part of the package deal. We knew that if we were to recruit Chris Chaos into AX3 to lead us to new heights, we would have to accept that he would still be Chris Chaos. He would gun for the top, because the only thing that Chris Chaos knows, is being the absolute best! So, is there friction in the group right now? Yeah, a little. Is any of this friction going to lead to the demise of AX3? HELL NO! We are as united today as we were on day one, and we’re going to prove it!

Jim suddenly places a hand on Micheal's shoulder and protests inaudibly, shaking his head. He motions to Micheal for the mic. Graves obliges, looking confused.

Jim Caedus: "Ok, look, _Mikey_......I'm tired o' all this crystal-clearly contrived crap meant to misdirect and make marks suspend disbelief in a problem free Ax3. Christ Alfuckinmighty, at least the fans, the brass and the boys in the back know they can always count on _Caedus_ for honesty. It's time their theories and predictions were addressed truthfully, there's no point in denying anything. I mean for fucksake, take YOURSELF for example, Graves. Ax3 1/3 XWF Trio Tag Champion. You assault. You kidnap. You lust after SEVERELY underage pussy and deny it, claiming you're really only after the Unified Xtreme Title as if we can't all see your erection every time a female under five foot suckin' a Gogurt, wearin' a backpack and barrettes walks by. "That's not mayonnaise", Micheal? "That's not MAYONNAISE"!? And YOU Robert-" Jim nails Main with a look of irritation. "-walkin' around with both the XWF Hart and 1/3 of the Trio Titles, your arrogance and cocky attitude reaching heights _I_ never thought possible. And _ME_...THE Jim Caedus...the current reigning and FAR INTO THE FUTURE XWF UNIVERSAL CHAMPION surrounding himself with the likes of _you two_?? Yeah...somethin' needs to be said here that can't wait for Warfare."

Jim pauses and lowers the mic to gather his thoughts...though it would seem he and everyone in the arena, including Graves and Main, know exactly what he's about to say. He raises the mic.

Jim Caedus: "As far as Jim Caedus and AX3 go...

Things have never been better."

Jim laughs, as do Graves and Main, knowingly.

Jim Caedus: "These are my brothers, brothers. Two men that've had my back and vice versa for quite some time now. Doc and The Kings have done their best thus far to disrupt and destroy us from the inside out, well they've failed...and they always will. As much as our enemies, even some of our friends and associates, wish and/or believe us to be fallin' apart at the seams, Ax3 is as solid as ever and, uh...shit's only just begun to hit the fan. In short..." Jim loses any and all vestige of amusement. His eyes drain of emotion. "'re all fucked."

Caedus hands the microphone back to Graves.

Last month AX3, under my leadership, orchestrated what proved to be the damn near take over of Wednesday Warfare. Well tonight we’ve decided to take things a step further! Tonight, AX3 IS COMPLETELY TAKING OVER SAVAGE! What that means is that all decisions go through us, not that panty waist J.T. Washington, not the internet geek Mathews, and not that outdated rocker wannabe Vinnie Lane. Tonight, Savage is OUR SHOW!

Jim Ross: They’re taking over Savage, what in the hell does that mean?

Graves drops the microphone and the three men walk over to the ropes as Graves points out to the announce desk and instructs Ross and Louie to leave.

Huey D. Louie: This just in folks, it looks like it’s going to be a short day at work for JR and Huey D.

Huey D. Louie stands up and removes his headset.

Jim Ross: Huey, SIT DOWN! They can’t do this! They can really expect to take over the show can they?

Huey pleads with Ross to just give it up and leave. Ross stubbornly refuses. Graves and Main roll out of the ring, which prompts Huey D. Louie to take off and head up the ramp to the back. Graves and Main stand on either side of Ross, trying to intimidate him into leaving.


Ross stands up and removes his headset, defyingly spiking it off of the ground before adjusting his cowboy hat and walking towards the ramp. Graves and Main take their seats at the announce table as we cut to a commercial.





[Image: aQ65E2S.gif]


Micheal Graves: Thank you Robert, it’s a pleasure to be here tonight. You know, I took one look at the booking sheet for tonight’s show, and I knew there was something missing. Something that would cause the masses to change the channel in droves.

Robert Main: Oh yeah Mikey, what’s that?

Micheal Graves: AX3 ROBERT, DUH! That’s when I knew that we had to get on this show, but was a standard wrestling match going to be enough to cut it? I mean this is the final Savage before High Stakes, shouldn’t it go out with a bang!?

Robert Main: You’re damn right it should!

Micheal Graves: So here we are, live on your TV screens! AX3, all night, every match, and there isn’t a damn person in the back that can stop us!

Darren Zirado, Drezdin, and Mezian
- vs -
Bilbo Brommer Blumpkinz, John Blaq, Joshua Reno (Bx3)
Standard Match
Option 1 - 2000 Word Limit

Jim Caedus: "Ladies and jack-off-men, it is my extreme pleasure to inform you that, despite whatever rumors you may have heard, I, The "Star Killer" Jim Caedus, will be taking over ring announcing duties and the tasty Tig O'Bitties will not be in attendance tonight due to dehydration caused by seven hours of gettin' wrung out on my cock and so many orgasms the bitch wouldn't be able to walk down here right now anyway without dancin' and twitchin' at every motion and contact with that now über-sensitive clit. Guys, lemme tell ya, she's every bit as hardcore as you'd imagine. Girls...hit me up on @ JCfuckboy80. That's JCfuckboy80, dare you to outlast me.

Robert Main: Jim hasn’t found a girl yet that has been able to outlast Big Dick Daddy in the sack!

Jim Caedus: Now, without any much more interesting further ado, our opening contest for the evening...a Six Man Fap Match. Introducing the first trio o' jag-offs..."

Jim Caedus: "Technically from Virginia but spending the majority of his time on the road in that stupid fuckin' van, he is father to Cady-cat Tiberius, join me in not caring, folks, and ignore......"BIG DUMB GODDAMN" DARREN ZIRADO."

Micheal Graves: You know, for all of Zirado’s talk about Jesus this, heathens that. I once caught him in the restroom laying pipe to some random girl that he had just met.

Robert Main: Oh yeah? What did he say when you caught him?

Micheal Graves: This fucker looked at me with the straightest of faces and said, “I’m just trying to put a little Jesus in her”, can you believe that shit?

Rober Main: HaHa that’s pretty funny, but all in all, it’s not nearly as bad as some of the stuff that you’ve been upto lately.

Micheal Graves: I’m not the one preaching to others about how sinful they are now am I?

Robert Main: You’ve got me there!

Zirado makes his way to the ring, not very pleased with his introduction. He enters.

Jim Caedus: "Jag-off number two..."

The arena goes completely black for a moment, then the lights start to pulsate as the music starts to blare through the PA system.

Jim Caedus: "Strong enough and tall enough to make me think twice before talkin' REAL shit to 'im...the current reigning QOTM Kiiiiiing...he is the true reason behind Austin startin' that cancerous fuckin' "WHAT!?" bs....please welcome: "MR. F'IN FUCK DID I JUST SAY?" DREEEEEZDIIIIIIIN!!"

Micheal Graves: Don’t forget the fact that he is one of the main contributors to my newfound fluency in the language of retardation!

As soon as the pyro goes off the lights turn on, the people in the arena turn silent, the people are at awe and shock on how massive he is. He starts walking down the ramp, he yells out...IT'S GO TIME!, then he stops at the end of the ramp to take a deep breath. He approaches the ring, then he grabs the rope ring rope gets unto the ring aparon goes over the top rope then walks towards the middle of the ring. He raises his left hand as the pyro goes off.

Jim keeps a safe distance, tucking the mic under his arm so's he can applaud the big man. The music fades.

Jim Caedus: "Aaaaaaaand jag-off number three..."

Jim Caedus: "I like this next kid. From I don't know wheeeeere 'cause I don't caaaaaare, he lights up dark signings he's asked solely for directions to the bathroom...he's been heatin' up the lower division on _lukewarm_, give it up for MEZ- "PHONE IT" -IAAAAAAAAN!!"

Robert Main: Is is just me, or was this kid eyeballing my Hart championship as he climbed into the ring?

Micheal Graves: You know what they say Robert, the heart longs for that which it can not have!

Robert Main: Damn right!

Dim blue lights monopolize the arena as Mezian steps forth from the egress, an exquisite look of irritation on his face. He makes his way down to the ring, slapping the hands of fans extended his way, never removing his glare from Caedus. Eventually he marches up the steps and enters between the ropes, flipping Jim the bird.

Jim Caedus: "That's the spirit, Mez. And noooow, the second group of jag-ooooooooooffs..."

Jim Caedus: "The first representative of a group shat out by Ax3...the creature with the largest head and sturdiest neck on the planet...he's the crippled potato with a dick you shouldn't stop when he's on a roll- swerving into oncoming traffiiiiiic...Bx3's BILBO BROMMER "I DESERVE THIS" BLUMPKIIIIINZ!!!"

Bilbo slaps his balls on the side as he wheels down the ring in his chair, trying to make sure the beast stays awake. When in the ring, he rubs it for a minute before eyeballing his opponents. All three opponents curl their lips in disgust.

Micheal Graves: And the XWF had the nerve to fire me for content restrictions!

Jim Caedus: "Caedus slave number two..."

Jim Caedus: "He IS...the very same sack o' shit I've owned from the moment I stole his blunt then called his ass out on fakin' takin' molly to look edgy and cool...he slakes his thirst on the salty sac drippings from yours truly...the most unique man in America: an angry shittalking black guy with a chip on his shoulder...Bx3's JOHN "GIMME THAT WHITE DICK" BLAQ!!!!"

From the moment he parts the curtains, throughout his walk to the ring and continuing while IN the ring, John Blaq runs his mouth non-stop at Jim. The truly terrible entrance theme finally fades out...and John continues to talk.

Robert Main: Blaq had best watch his fucking mouth face to face with Jim! The last thing he wants is for Jim to get physical!

Jim Caedus: "Doesn't it suck that _I_ have the mic, John, fuckin' punk. No one can hear you. Nobody cares. Now allow me to introduce the final fag in your bitch by 3 trio..."

Jim Caedus: "Oh yes, here he comes...coerced off the little pink penis personals, his exclusive source for imbibing protein, less a BITCH than his older, gayer brother who doesn't have the balls to be a man and honorably take a quick beating he EARNED outta the ring but a BITCH nonetheless since he was born from my boot fuckin' Gabe's ass anyway...THE BASIC BITCHDOCTOR...JOSHUA RENOOOOO!!!!"

Robert Main: So these guys are BX3 huh? Do they really think they’re being funny with that name?

Micheal Graves: I think so Robert, what do ya say we show everyone what a real joke looks like?

The music continues as someone pushes Joshua out from backstage against his will through the egress. His eyes well with tears and he begins walking down to the ring sulking like a little girl. Once he enters, and his music fades, Graves and Main hit the ring! Graves goes straight for Reno and Main for Blumpkinz! Before they can react, AX3 are all over them with a flurry of wild punches, just beating the two men into submission. John Blaq charges in for the save, but he is blasted in the back of the head by a double axe handle from Jim Caedus! Caedus mounts Blaq and proceeds to hit him in the head repeatedly with the microphone! Main tips over Bilbos chair, dumping him to the mat. Graves backs Reno into the corner as Main grabs Blumpkinz by the ankles! Graves whips Reno towards Main. Main swings Blumpkinz like a baseball bat and levels Reno in the process! Caedus pulls John Blaq up to his feet and sets him up.


Graves pulls Reno up to his feet and hoist him high above his head. Graves walks around the ring with Reno in a crucifix before slamming him down direction on top of John Blaq with Grave Consequences! Jim and Graves stand over their victums with sick smiles on their faces as Robert Main lifts Bilbo up in a military press and walks over to the ropes. Robert launches Bilbo out of the ring and all the way into the thrid row! The fans make no effort to catch him as Blumpkinz crashes down hard on the steel chairs and concrete. Graves and Main high five each other and roll out of the ring. They both walk back over to the announcers table and assume their positions as Jim nods to the timekeeper for the bell before adding:

Jim Caedus: "Oh I forgot to mention: as far as my taking over responsibilities ALL night as GUEST Tig, I nailed Mika into lower body paralysis and Ax3 thought it'd be just swell to treat the rest of the officials to a night off. So don't just stand there hopin' for a silver lining, boys...get to fuckin' wrasslin'."


Mezian, Zirado, and Drezdin all look to each other confused.

Suddenly the arena lights flicker off. When they come back up we see Jody standing on the entrance way watching the match. Then he walks down to the ring with a lead pipe in hand. Jody rolls into the ring, his eyes locks with Jim Caedus’s. Jim ask him something. Jody points to the already broken carcuses that are BX3. Jim laughs before curtsying and waving Jody in to do his worst.

Robert Main: Hey, I’m all for a good beat down, but don’t you think that this is a bit much?

Micheal Graves: Let the buzzards have their scraps Robert!

Jody walks up to Reno and Blaq. Both men are just now starting to show signs of life.

Jody strikes Blaq in the head, followed by Reno.

Then Jody picks up Blaq, and he Irish whips him to the ropes and he and Mezian hit him with a double dropkick on the rebound!

Suddenly, the lights flickers off again, and when they return, Jody is gone.

Jim Caedus motions for someone to pin Reno and Blaq. Mezian steps forward and makes the cover on Blaq. Jim drops to the mat to make the count.


Jim jumps back to his feet and calls for the bell!

Robert Main: Oh for the love of God that was the slowest count I’ve ever seen!

Micheal Graves: Can’t blame Jim for having a big heart and giving the handicap a handicap. Unfortunately it still wasn’t enough for those retard to win!

Winners - Mezian, Dezdin, and Zirado!

Obsidian Air
- vs -
- vs -
Standard Match
Option 1 - 2000 Word Limit

Jim Caedus: "Our next match is a Triple Threat "Who The Fuck Are They?" Match and is scheduled for one faaaall..."

Jim Caedus: "He's over ten years younger than me yet inexplicably appears to be in his 70s...apparently he's homeless so be sure to feel GOOD about yourselves when you throw your pennies and recyclable bottles at 'iiiiiim...OBSIDIAN "I BETTER NOT BE SPOOFING HOMELESS CAEDUS OR I'M IN TROUBLE" AIIIIIIR!!!!"

On the XWFTron we see live footage of XWF security kicking at a pile of pissy rags, filthy flesh and wild hair. O.A. wakes with a start and a fart, hops to his feet and dashes inside the arena.

10 seconds later he comes running down the walkway toward the ring, slapping hands happily, before sliding in and raising his arms to a surprising ovation.

Jim Caedus: "Oh for fucksake, where was MY ovation when _I_ was just a hungry bum? Finicky pricks... And now...introducing the second spazz I've never heard of..."

The lights dim and "Until the world goes cold" by Trivium, hits the speakers.

Jim Caedus: "Hailing from somewhere and standing at an approximate height, as pretentious as he is unrecognizable, if ya gotta take a piss do it noooooooow..."WHO THE HELL IIIIIIS" TEMPLAAAAAAAAAR!!!!"

Slowly, Templar emerges from the entrance. He stops and gazes out onto the packed arena. Dressed in a black hooded cape, a black bandanna covers the lower portion of his face but his eyes see all and he observes everything. Allowing his eyes to pan the entire arena, he remains momentarily still. Then; almost instantaneously, he takes off towards the ring. Full on running, he leaps into the air and slides into the squared circle. Immediately rising to his feet, Templar takes his position in the ring and awaits his final opponent and the start of the fight.

Jim Caedus: "Easy, tiger. And the thiiiiiiird and finaaaaaaaal no oooooooone..."

Made Of Scars starts playing on the pa system as smoke fills the entrance way.

Jim Caedus: "He XWF veteran I've never heard ooooooof...sporting a name more suited to a less useful, secondary, crevasse-crossing specialist G.I. Joe character...unfortunately placing second to Adam Beach as "Slipknot" for the role of lamest villain to be made an example of in Suicide Squaaaaaad......"IT ECHOES IN MY ANAAAAAAAL" CHAAAAAASMMMMMM!!

Chasm walks out and looks around the area. He smiles and starts to walk down to the ring ignoring the fans who are mixed between boos and cheers . He slides under the bottom rope and quickly gets to his feet.

The bell sounds and away we go!

Michael Graves: Who are you taking in this match Robert?

Robert Main: Really? Who gives a shit?

Michael Graves: I’m sure Chasm cares, of course he probably is too excited seeing me out here to even think about his match right now. Seriously, dude, we had a few matches YEARS ago. Get over it, we’re not friends!

Immediately Air and Templar look to take the fight to Chasm charging him simultaneously. Chasm extends both arms and levels Air and Templar with a double clothesline sending them crashing to the mat. Chasm climbs out of the ring and walks over to the announcers table at ringside. Chasm reaches down and grabs a large double double from Tim Hortons and a box of Timbits!

Michael Graves: I take it back Chaz, hook me up with one of those double doubles buddy!

Robert Main: Wait, when did you start drinking coffee?

Michael Graves: When I started dating younger girls. I realized that I needed the caffeine boost to keep up with these pretty young things!

Chasm carefully climbs back in the ring, takes a seat in the corner and begins to drink his coffee and eat his donuts!

Michael Graves: Faggot!

Air and Templar manage to make it to their feet and observe Chasm in the corner chowing down! Air begins to take a step forward, but Templar grabs him from behind, locking in a sleeper hold! Air begins struggle as Templar tries to lock the sleeper hold in completely, but Templar is able to break free!

Meanwhile Chasm finishes up his Tim Horton’s and rejoins the battle! Quickly jumping to his feet, he charges the two men, looking for another double clothesline but both men duck underneath of his arms, sending him flying into the ropes behind them. Chasm bounces off the ropes and manages to return fire to Air by landing a running haymaker, leveling Air! Chasm turns his attention to Templar and begins landing blow after blow to the head of Templar, landing a final haymaker to send the stunned Templar to the mat!

Michael Graves: I have to admit, Chasm is looking pretty good out there tonight. Wouldn’t you agree?

Robert Main: No, he looks like shit! I would have put these two punks away in under a minute!

Chasm pulls Air to his feet and whips him into the ropes! Air attempts to leap over Chasm but Chasm catches him in midair and lands a vicious powerbomb on Air! Chasm hooks the leg and goes for the cover as Caedus slides in to make the count!



Caedus gets up and walks away before the count of three! Caedus climbs out of the ring, walks over to the announcers table and grabs a large double double for himself! Chasm can’t believe what he’s seeing!

Michael Graves: Hey, where in the fuck was that hiding!

Robert Main: I think that was your Double Double Mike!

Chasm climbs out of the ring and storms forward towards Caedus. Both men exchange words for a moment, when out of nowhere, Chasm grabs yet another coffee and begins drinking it! The two men casually talk outside of the ring for a few moments before putting their respective coffee’s down and climbing back in the ring. Once in the ring Chasm begins to go to work on Templar who has managed to make it to his feet. Chasm grabs the big man and and hurls him behind himself with ease landing a beautiful belly to back suplex that sends Templar sliding out of the ring and to the mat below!

Back in the ring, Caedus has his cellphone out, taking selfies of himself smiling and flexing! Chasm is trying to get him to begin counting, but Caedus is too busy being full of himself!

Michael Graves: Jim come on man, enough is enough. Just count the fucking pin and end this!

Robert Main: I have to agree. Why do the Savage GM’s even book these clowns?

Chasm turns his attention to Air who has managed to make it to his feet once more! Air takes a few steps forward and lands a massive haymaker on Chasm sending him stumbling back against the ropes! Air takes off running full speed towards Chasm but Chasm ducks, pulls the rope down, and sends Air over the top rope and to the mat below!

On the opposite side of the ring Templar has managed to slide back in, but Chasm sees him and charges him nailing him with a spear! Chasm goes for the pin but realizes Caedus isn’t paying much attention and decides against it! Chasm pulls Templar to his feet, manages to land a nice kick to the midsection, grabs Templar and hits him with a double arm DDT, leaving him laying on the mat lifeless!

Chasm climbs out of the ring and grabs Air. Chasm grabs Air by the arm and whips him into the barricade! Caedus finally notices and begins his count!


Templar is starting to stir in the ring.


On the outside Chasm is kicking the lifeless body of Air, trying his best to end it once and for all!


Chasm pulls Air to his feet and rolls him back into the ring!


Chasm rolls back into the ring himself and Caedus ends the count at 4.

Templar begins struggling to get off the mat, but as soon as he manages to make it to his knees Chasm comes out of nowhere and lands a stunning kick to the side of the head sending him right back to his stomach on the mat!

Chasm turns to Air who has also managed to get to his knees and lands a beautiful kick to the side of his head as well! Air falls back to the mat. Chasm bounces off the ropes and leaps into the air landing a falling elbow to the lower back of Air! Air writhes in pain on the mat as Chasm climbs to his feet.

Chasm pulls Air to the middle of the ring and lays him out flat!

Chasm turns his attention to Templar who is still out cold and begins dragging him to the middle of the ring!

Chasm lays him out flat right beside of Air!

Chasm climbs to the top turnbuckle and flys off!

Frog splash!

Chasm hit a frog splash on both men simultaneously!

Caedus can’t believe what he is seeing and quickly turns his cell phone to the situation and begins snapping pictures!

Chasm quickly jumps up and gets in Caedus face arguing about how he isn't doing his job and making the count! The two men begin shoving one another, back and forth the shoves go!

Air makes it to his feet!

Chasm has no idea!

Air spins Chasm around and lands a perfectly placed superkick to the chin of Chasm sending him crashing to the mat!

Caedus can't believe what has transpired!

But then, just as Obsidian is about to get the victory, Tommy Righteous appears on the tron to taunt Obsidian Air concerning his recent victory at last week's Saturday Savage show.

"Poor Obsidian...never could stand a chance against a real competitor..."

Tommy boasts over the tron and distracts Obsidian.

"You had no chance against a truly righteous man claim to be one of the best this place has to offer, but in reality you are just a stepping stone. A fool meant to carry on the task of wrestling the big boys in a non-stop losing effort...and this is no exception."

Obsidian stops what he is doing in the ring and looks at the tron. He begins to yell at the tron in retaliation, but because of the distraction that Tommy Righteous has caused, Obsidian is rolled up by Chasm!

Caedus drops to the mat and yawns before counting.




Winner - CHASM!!!

Michael Graves: Huh, what… WHAT HAPPENED!

Robert Main: I think it’s over!

Michael Graves: Thank God, who won?

Robert Main: One of the jackoff’s like I said!

[Image: xwfx.png]

Dolly Waters
- vs -
Bearded War Pig
XWF Xtreme Title Match
Option 1 - 2000 Word Limit

Jim Caedus: "The following contest is, in my opinion, the most highly anticipated bout of the evening, a MUTUAL DEATH MATCH pitting the two most deserving of a snuffing on the roster-"

Jim pauses to press a finger to the earpiece in his right ear. He looks disappointed.

Jim Caedus: "Ok, my mistake assuming the bookers know what they're doin' here. The following contest is scheduled NOT for twin caskets but instead for one fall and is for the XWF Xtreme Championship. Boo. Introducing first, the challenger..."

Jim Caedus: "Soon to be receiving an asskicking courtesy of Caedus at Warfare but sooner to be hoofin' it to the ring honest to God 69 1/2 IQ who thinks OINK OINK MOTHER FUCKERS is a cool catchphraaaaase...Purple Heart recipient and currently receiving government cheese for his balls bein' blown off...pat 'im on the head and tell 'im with that sarcastic tone he's doin' a great job, folks, The Ultimate Eunuch, the Castrated Cloooooown..._B_iiiiiiiiiig _W_eeeeeeeeeeak _P_uuuuussyyyyyyy!!"

BWP doesn't appear from the egress for a full fifteen seconds as his music plays on.

Jim Caedus: "_B_aaaabyyyyyyy _W_ieeeeneeeeered _P_iiiiiiiiissaaaaaaaaaaaaaaant!!"

Still no Bearded War Pig.

Jim Caedus: "Whadidisay, people, he's a fuckin' retard! Probably has no idea I've been callin' him this whole time-"

The fans suddenly electrify as BWP rolls out from beneath the ring unbeknownst to Caedus. Smoothly and without disturbing the mat, he slides into the ring behind Jim.

Jim Caedus: "I guess I gotta spell it out for this dizzy dimwitted droopy-eyed dolt. BEEEEEAAAARDEEEEEEED WAAAAAAAAAAR PI-"

Jim notices the fans in the front row reacting to something and spins, catching BWP mid-charge and quickly holding up his right index finger to halt the larger man.

Jim Caedus: "Hold it right there tough lay a finger on me and it'll cost you the match and your chance at the XWF Unified Xtreme Title."

BWP scoffs and looks to the crowd, shaking his head before holding up his hands.

Jim Caedus: "Yeah that's what I thought, fuckstick, now behave yourself while I call down your opponent..."

Jim Caedus: "From Punksville, Kentuckyyyyy...the very much still 12 YEARS OLD UNTIL NOVEMBER OF THIS YEAR lying little cunt my boy Thadly hilariously knocked the shit outtaaaaa...this little jailbait skank makes spank-on-crank bank under the bleachers and is kind enough to accept food staaaaaamps...XWF UNIFIED XTREME CHAMPION, "THE POWNED" DOLLYYYYYY WAAAAATEEEEEEEERS!!"

The stadium goes black as Cut The Cord rocks over the loud speakers. The camera pans onto the entrance way under the XTron as we can barely see a shadowy figure.

"CUT IT!!!"

Pink and black strobe lights begin flashing rapidly all over the arena as a huge white spotlight shines down onto Dolly Waters who is turned around backwards, her hands open and arms extended out. The back of her leather jacket reading:


Dolly spins around as a barrage of pink pyro explodes behind her on the stage, the reflection of the ring visible on her black sunglasses lenses as a little smirk comes across her face.

She runs down the rampway toward the ring, pyro exploding from either side of the runway as she slides under the bottom rope of the ring and walks toward the nearest turnbuckle, climbing it and removing the belt from her waist- holding it high above her head.

Dolly, clearly nervous by Grave's presence at the commentary table, takes her eye off BWP for a split second and he damn near takes her head off with a clothesline to start the match. War Pig, who grins at Graves, picks Dolly up by the hair and lifts her into a scoop slam and drops her hard onto her back on the mat. Dolly doesn't stay down long though and begins to stir. War Pig kicks her in the side and she rolls onto her back. He goes to lift her up by the neck and head when she delivers a finger poke to the eye, making him stumble back.

Robert Main: Hey Graves, are you taking notes?

Micheal Graves: Sure am Robert, but I already knew that Dolly knows how to use her hands!

She kicks War Pig in the shin, dropping him to one knee. She runs and bounces off the ropes and goes for a Running Waters;

Robery Main: That little cunt's trying to end it early!

but he catches her mid-air! BACK BODY DROP!




Micheal Graves: Come on Dolly!

Dolly kicks out.

Robert Main: Dolly kicks out at the last second! She doesn't seem to be on top of her game tonight Micheal. What exactly did you do to her while she was kidnapped?

Micheal Graves: A gentleman never kisses and tells Robert!

Grabbing a handfull of hair he slams her head back down onto the mat. Once, twice, three times. Letting go of her hair for a split second, he throws a fist in the air. Dolly rolls over and her eyes meet Graves's. She freezes. War Pig stomps the back of her head, driving her face into the pavement. Lifting Dolly up, he locks his arms around her stomach and hits a big German Suplex. Then another. Then another. Then another.

Micheal Graves: If anyone questioned why I would go through all of the trouble to kidnap Dolly, only to let her go. The reason is one display for the world to see. This girl is making a habit of under-performing around me!

On the last German, he bridges into a pin.



Dolly kicks out again!

Robert Main: Mike, I'm starting to worry that she is about to fuck up and lose the title.

Micheal Graves: Oh your mean this title? Sounds of Micheal slapping the metal plate. It's not hers to lose at this point, Robert. Even if BWP manages to beat Dolly Waters. He has to come and take this belt from me!

War Pig slaps the mat in frustration. He just can't seem to keep Dolly down. She is already starting to stir. Lifting her back up she elbows him in the gut, then kicks him hard by the belly button, and with a burst of speed off the ropes hits a drop kick! War Pig bounces back up and Dolly comes off the other side ropes, hitting another drop kick.

Robert Main: Dolly is starting to mount a comeback.

Micheal Graves: If only she could do that in the sack!

Then, amazingly, with a burst of strength, she is able to pick up BWP! It's pure adrenaline as flips him


Micheal Graves: Fun fact, I've seen the track marks on her ass. Dolly does, in fact, take steroids!

Robert Main: I fucking knew it! You've heard it here first people! Dolly Waters is a juicing cheater!



But BWP powers out after a one count. Dolly kicks him in the head. Just then Micheal Graves stands up at the announce table. She diverts her attention over to him and sees that he has the Xtreme Title belt, and he is hugging and petting it. He is rocking it like a child.

"Oh hell no!" She says and rolls out of the ring. Graves throws his hands up for her to stop and begins shouting.


Dolly starts towards Graves, but BWP has rolled out of the ring and spins her around. He grabs her and tosses her into the barricade, back first. A sickening thud as she crashes into it and cries out, holding her back. Picking her back up by the hair, he tosses her into the steps.

Robert Main: This chick needs to learn to keep her eye on the prize!

[lime]Micheal Graves: What are you talking about Robert? She was looking right at me!

Caedus gets to an 9 count. He looks to Graves, who shakes his head no. Caedus hesitates his count long enough to allow BWP to roll Dolly back into the ring.



Dolly kicks out!

War Pig grins, knowing he gets to punish her a little more. Picking her up by the hair she slaps him, which knocks him back and then hits a standing drop kick to send him stumbling into the corner. Running she splashes BWP, but then holds her back as that took a lot out of her as well. But she finds the courage to do it again. Another big splash she bounces off the ropes as he stumbles out. She jumps, spins around his shoulders......

Tilt-a-whirl DDT!





Dolly has a look of utter frustration as Graves signs "I love you" from the announce table.

Down on her knees now she begins punching furiously at War Pig, who is.....smiling?

Robert Main: This War Pig character isn't too bright! What kind of idiot smiles while getting their face caved in by a little girl?

Micheal Graves: Hey wait a minute!

Robert Main: Oh, well you didn't smile. You just fell in love with the bitch! haha

Dolly puts her all behind two hard shots, and he is full on laughing. She goes for another punch. He grabs her arm, and suddenly his expression turns to vile, as the look in his eyes is intense. He squeezes Dolly's hand stands up. She grimaces in pain as he gets to his feet and she goes down to one knee. He is twisting her hand/arm at a weird angle and with a grin elbows her hard in the face. A little blood trickles from her mouth/nose and he elbows her twice more, still twisting her arm. Lifting her up he goes for a spine buster, but Dolly puts her head close to his.....and...he yells out......


Robert Main: Ha! That kid's got spunk! If she were a little older, I'd almost say that I can see what you see in her.

Micheal Graves: I'm just wondering why I can't get her to nibble on me light that!

He drops her, and she kicks him in the gut. A scissors kick and he is down. Dolly has the crowd behind her as she climbs to the top rope. War Pig sits up.


Micheal Graves: It's all over! My Dolly Doll is about to retain!

Caedus is counting.



Jenny Myst pulls the Jim Caedus out! Jenny slaps him across the face, he falls to the mat outside more in shock than in pain. She then turns and flips a poker chip to Dolly. Dolly is leaning over the ropes yelling at Jenny, and throws it back at her....but doesn't see Chris Chaos in the corner a crazed look on his face.

[Image: TkiQI8Z.gif]

Micheal Graves: What is this mother fucker doing!

Robert Main: I thought you said that he wasn't going to be here tonight!

Dolly truns around and Chaos levels her with a spear!

Micheal Graves: SON OF A BITCH!

Graves leaves the announce table.

Caedus and Jenny are outside arguing. Caedus looks like he is about to flip his lid. Inside of the ring, Chaos dumps BWP on top of Dolly. Graves slides into the ring, Chaos slides out on the opposite side. Chaos starts walking up the ramp backward. Smiling at Graves. Graves slides under the bottom rope and gives chase. Jenny jumps out and stands in Graves way, trying to calm him down.

Suddenly Mika Hunt blast past all of them and slides into the ring. Mika counts!




Robert Main: Kick out, Dolly!


The bell sounds as Graves turns around in shock to find that Bearded War Pig has just won.

Robert Main: Chris, what in the fuck are you doing!?! You've just undone months of planning on Graves part! Fucking idiot!

Winner And New Xtreme Champion
Bearded War Pig!

We fade to commercial.

Doctor Louis D'Ville
- vs -
Micheal McBride
Standard Match
Option 2 - No Word Limit

Jim Caedus: "The following match WAS gonna be scheduled for one fall but one of the combatants has unfortunately fallen already. Ladies and gentlemen, sometimes in this business things happen that you never plan for, horrible things. I find myself now burdened with the responsibility of having to inform you all that Doctor Louis D'Ville, leader of The Kings, passed away in his dressing room only moments ago at the lively age of 103. He is survived by his wife Theo Pryce, their autistic son Madison and beloved black servant, John Samuels. Services will be held in the nearest alleyway after the show where the body of the good doctor will be lovingly lowered into the finest of local dumpsters. Michael McBride has been booked to play a bagpiped rendition of Amazing Grace as those in attendance each offer an upturned gallon of gasoline into the departed's burial receptacle before lighting Louis aflame. Donations can be made to-"

Jim Caedus: "Oh fine, give up your one Get-Outta-XWF-Free card and condemn yourself to inevitable slaughter at the hands of Ax3, that's just fine and dandy with Big Dick Daddy. Come on out, Doc."

The lights go out in the arena followed by an eerie red glow. Smoke rises from the entrance way and the Doctor emerges from it. He stands at the top of the ramp and looks out among the crowd, then slowly begins walking towards the ring. The Doctor climbs the ring steps and into the ring, he stands on the second turnbuckle and holds his arms into the air as the lights flash back on.

His attention then turns to Jim as he steps back down to the mat.

Jim Caedus: "Grab the O2 tank and take a breath, bitch, this may only be a singles match against Michael McBride but I'd wager you wouldn't be willing to have another loss added to that tally of yours just to TRY and put hands on me. The way I see it is, you have two choices, Doc: A. you make the mistake of comin' at me and take an official loss in retaliation after I kick your ass or B. McBride kicks your ass and you take a loss anyway. Now...I know you're a smart man who'd rather leave under his own power as opposed to in a coffin so I'll make the decision for you and introduce your opponent..."

Jim Caedus: "From Wicklow, Ireland, The Pride of the Irish, former member of the IRA and GodDAMMIT he better beat this old man's ass into the mat...MICHAEEEEEEEL MCBRIIIIIIIIIIIIDE!!!!"

Michael walks out ready to fight as he checks his gloves. He walks down the ramp. He walks to the steel stairs and walks up them. Once at the top he stops and turns around and looks at the crowd and smirks before he steps between the ropes and leans back on the nearest corner and looks at his opponent with a smirk on his face.

Doc and McBride stare at each other as the bell rings. Doc has a confident smirk on his face.

Doc advances towards McBride, and the Irishman rolls out of the ring to the outside. The crowd boos. Doc does not look amused. The referee begins his count.

Robert Main: McBride is playing mind games with D'Ville



Doc has an annoyed look on his face.

Micheal Graves: This isn't going to do anything ourside of piss D'Ville off. I've stood on both sides of the ring with Doc. We've been on a team, and we've fought against each other. Doc isn't somebody that you want to piss off. He's already a handful when he's calm, cool, and collected.




Doc throws his hands up in frustration.




McBride rolls back into the ring. Doc advances quick, kicking him in the back and proceeding to stomp on him. McBride is able to stand up, and Doc goes for a haymaker, McBride ducks and rolls back out of the ring.

The crowd boos again.

Jim Caedus rolls his eyes and begins counting much faster than normal.




Doc puts his hands on his hips and shakes his head.



McBride points at Doc, saying something incoherent.



Doc gives McBride the "come on" hand gesture.


Robert Main: McBride is too concerned with D'Ville. He doesn't realize that if he keeps playing games, it'll be Jim that knocks his fucking block off!

Finally rolling back into the ring at the 9 count, Doc decides to back off and let McBride advance. McBride finally walks over and locks up with Doc. Doc gets the upper hand and tosses him into the corner. McBride runs out of the corner for a clothesline but Doc ducks and suplexes McBride. He rolls out of the ring again to even more boos.

Jim Caedus rolls out of the ring and starts arguing with McBride.

Robert Main: I told you, Jim's not going to play these games.

McBride waves Jim off and turns to walk away. Jim spins McBride around and kicks him in the gut followed by a DDT! Caedus jumps to his feet and rolls McBride into the ring before sliding in himself.

Doc is on him immediately and grabs McBride by the head. Delivering a few swift knees to the head he jumps and drops McBride with a facebuster.




McBride gets a shoulder up. Doc bounces off the ropes and delivers a leg drop on McBride. Theo stays on the ramp side of the outside portion of the ring to make sure McBride doesn't roll out. Doc bounces off the other rope and drops a knee across the neck. Hooking the leg he goes for a pin.



Kick out.

Robert Main: I have to give credit where it's due. Michael McBride isn't going down easy!

Micheal Graves: McBride is a bitch!

Robert Main: Oh yeah, no doubt about it, total bitch, but this bitch isn't letting himself be easily put away!

Doc seems to be just toying with McBride now. Picking up McBride by the head, McBride tries to fight 0ut of it with a few blows to the gut, but Doc is able to withstand it and lift McBride for a sidewalk slam.

Stomping on him a few times, McBride tries to roll out of the ring and Theo pushes him back in, to the waiting arms of Doctor D'Ville.


But just then, the Jim Caedus is pulled out of the ring for the second straight match.

Micheal Graves: What in the fuck is this bitch doing out here again!

It's Jenny Myst! She throws a wild slap at Jim, but he catches her hand. She begins to back off and beg Jim not to hurt her as he walks forwards wagging his finger no. Jenny blast Jim in the eyes with her pepper spray and jumps up on the apron.

Robert Main: Oh what in the Hell, what did Jenny attack Caedus!?!

Micheal Graves: Enough is fucking enough!

Graves rips off his headset and throws it to the ground.

Doc turns and for the second time in two weeks runs into a blast of pepper spray. Doc yells and holds his eyes and stumbles back. She sees Graves coming, and jumps down off the apron. She runs around the ring and Theo Pryce, who seemingly just ran down the ramp, cuts her off. She has Theo on one side and Graves on the other. She turns, quickly, and slides into the ring and runs across, losing a shoe in the process, and manages to get to the ramp and runs up the ramp while Theo gives chase and Graves returns to the announce table.

Micheal Graves: Fucking bitch, I'm surprised that Chaos wasn't right behind her, hiding behind that worse out whore pussy!

In the ring, McBride rolls Doc up and the crowd chants 1! 2! 3! As McBride had a CLEAR three count but the Jim is still outside trying to clean the pepper spray from his eyes.

Jim slides into the ring, still partially blinded, and begins to count, Doc kicks out at a 1 count.

As Jenny turns the corner and runs behind the curtain, Theo reaches out to grab her by the hair. Just then, Chaos cracks a chair over Theo's head and lays him out.


Micheal Graves: Don't think for a minute that me and that assclown aren't having words after the show!

Dragging him back to the ramp entryway, he leaves the unconscious Theo on the ramp entrance. Jenny and Chris both grin and walk back behind the curtain.

In the ring, both men are beginning to stir.

Doc and Mcbride both manage to make it to their feet!

Mcbride sees an opening and charges Doc, looking for a clothesline, but Doc ducks under it! Mcbride goes flying into the ropes and bouncing back towards Doc! Doc lands a brutal kick to the midsection, grabs him by the arms and lands a double armed DDT!!!

Doc hops to his feet and pulls Mcbride to the center of the ring. Doc climbs the turnbuckle..


Doc covers Mcbride!

Caedus slides in for the count!





D'Ville is still in the ring after his match with McBride, laughing to himself while he dusts himself off...when suddenly TRAX appears directly behind him out of thin air using his teleportation power! TRAX whistles and Doc immediate-TRAP SILENCER! The Doctor is down and the fans go crazy as TRAX starts inaudibly trash talking the fallen King member!

Robert Main: I guess Trax just couldn’t wait until high Stakes to get his hands on the good doctor!

Back in the ring, TRAX has picked up D'Ville by his right arm and is mouthing off in his face some more, before TRAX pushes him away with one hand while still holding onto his arm with the other...Doc staggers backwards a few steps before TRAX reels him back in by pulling his arm back, Doc goes lurching forward and TRAX connects with a closed fist straight to the side of the head! TRAX then lets go of Doc's arm and the tag champion drops to the floor knocked out cold!

Robert Main: A hell of a knockout punch by our boy Trax!

Just then John Madison followed by John Samuels come running down the ramp! Samuels with a steel chair and Madison with brass knucks! TRAX sees them coming and fires an energy blast in their direction, it hits Madison in the chest and sends him flying backwards into Samuels and the two fall to the ground on the middle of the ramp. TRAX then looks down at D'Ville once again and smiles, before giving a peace sign and teleporting away as Samuels and Madison help each other to their feet.

Micheal Graves: Look at TRAX once again getting the better of The Kings! There’s a reason that the most dominant stable in the XWF get’s along with this man, and it’s all in his name. Mr. Fucking Dominance!

Robert Main: I can’t wait to see Trax take that old bastard out to pasture at High Stakes!

Madison and Samuels slide into the ring and help Doc to his feet. Jim Caedus stands in an opposite corner with his arms crossed and a smug look as the Kings exit the ring and limp of the ramp.

[Image: 8K9Z08s.png]

Thomas Nixon
- vs -
"The Essence Of Excellence" Cadryn Tiberius
XWF Television Title Match
15 Minute Time Limit
Option 1 - 2000 Word Limit

Jim Caedus: "And now...for the first of two main events... This match is scheduled for one fall with a 15 minute time limit and is for the belt I made famous, the XWF TELEVISION CHAMPIONSHIP!! Introducing the challenger..."

Jim Caedus: "Whoa, whoa, WHOA! Hold yer horses there soundguy, that ain't the right entrance mus- Aw, hell with it, it fits. He evil man of whom I have thwarted every professional and sexual advance...the shameless WAAAAAY weakest link dancin' fool o' four four-flushin' future fatalities...on loan to The Kings 'cause I'm kind enough to share what I own...and still my buddy..."TAKIN' IT UP THE ASS DOESN'T MAKE ME QUEER" CADRYYYYN TIIIIBERIUUUUUUUS!!!!"

Micheal Graves: HA! That is the most fitting song I have ever heard!

The overhead lights in the arena go dim as strobe lights begin to flash in rhythm to the sound of thunder crashing in the distance. The crowd goes wild as the fog rolls thickly from the top of the ramp as Cadryn Tiberius slowly makes his way out of the back. He stands tall in the midst of the fog as a storm rumbles behind him. Cadryn begins walking down the ramp, slapping the hands of fans on the way down. Cadryn climbs the apron and enters the ring, pausing for a moment in the middle before tossing his white Stetson cowboy hat into the crowd. For good measure, he flips Jim the bird, affectionately.

Jim Caedus: "And now the man of the hooooour..."

Jim Caedus: "This is a man whom I once called a slick dressed shitsack sleestak but am proud to now call slick dressed shitsack sleestak FRIEND...a warrior with whom I share mutual respect...he's the iguana with a heart o' gold pumpin' slain hooker blood...the current reigning XWF TELEVISION CHAMPIOOOOON...THOMAS "IT'S NOT PSORIASIS IT'S SCALES" NIXOOOOOOOOON!!!!"

Nixon appears on the stage wearing his black trunks and cape. What stands out to the crowd most is the green lizard insignia on the back of the cape that represents what Thomas is truly fighting for. Nixon races down the ramp, as the crowd applauds him and his cause, whether he is completely insane or not. Nixon hops on the and climbs up the far turnbuckle. Taking off his cape, he then holds it like a flag and gestures at the insignia. The crowd roars in approval before Thomas enters the ring.

Micheal Graves: Here's hoping that Cadryn can pull off the victory tonight!

Rober Main: Why do you care if Cadryn wins the TV title?

Micheal Graves: I don't really, but I can only stand to see this guy fall short so many times!

Jim Caedus holds the Television Championship high into the air before passing it back down to the timekeeper Nipsey Russell who has a seat and awaits the signal to ring the bell!

Ding! Ding! Ding!


Jim Caedus, the special guest official, dances back steps around the ring around the competitors as they both watch him as he signals for the two to battle!

Cadryn takes a few steps forward and extends his hand towards the TV Champion, Thomas Nixon. The crowd reacts with cheers as Caedus stands in the ring between them with a disgusted look. Nixon looks down at Cadryns hand and shakes his head no before stepping back and starting to circle the ring. They meet in the middle with a tie-up and Cadryn forces the champion into the corner.

Micheal Graves: Disgusting! Nixon couldn't even shake the mans hand!? What kind of crusader for lizard people doesn't shake a man's hand when it's offered to him!?!

Robert Main: Well to be fair, Nixon did say that he would not shake Cadryn's hand until Cadryn sought the help that he needs.

Micheal Graves: There's nothing wrong with Cadryn! He needs a psych about as much as I do!

Caedus immediately jumps in Cadryn's face and forces him right back out of the corner with a quick, forceful four-count! Cadryn, frustrated, shoves past Caedus and tries hitting an elbow on the leaning Nixon in the corner. Nixon spins out of the corner and out of the way and Cadryn nails the top turnbuckle. He holds his elbow in pain while Caedus scolds him for forcing himself past him.


Cadryn ignores Caedus's ranting, but walks right into Nixon who grabs him and flips him over in a fisherman suplex! Caedus drops to the mat for the quick pinfall!


Cadryn kicks out after a long one count! Caedus stands up to a not so impressed Television Champion who doesn't bother expressing his disappointment, rather he grabs Cadryn and pulls him back to his feet.

Robert Main: Do you think that Jim misses defending the Television Title?

Micheal Graves: I'm sure he does. Sure, he's currently carrying the top title in the company, but Jim has told me before that there is just something about the forced weekly defences that make the TV title special!

After an Irish-whip from Nixon, Cadryn bounces off the opposite ropes and ducks and knife edged chop! He bounces from the ropes behind Nixon, leaps in the air, and hits a jumping tornado DDT! Nixon's head bounces off the mat and he springs in the air onto his back! Cadryn jumps to his feet and drops a quick elbow onto the neck of the champ. Nixon wraps his hands around it and rolls away in pain. Cadryn follows up with a kick that assists Nixon's decent to the apron and onto the floor.


Cadryn takes a moment to tell the official a few things before he makes his way to the apron and down to the floor. Caedus doesn't hesitate to start counting the two competitors out.

Micheal Graves: If these idiots keep arguing with Jim, I can promise that things are going to end badly!


Cadryn grabs Nixon and helps him to his feet by his hair then buries a fist into Nixon's skull. Nixon snaps back, but quickly fires back with a shot of his own!


Another from Cadryn! Then another from Nixon! Cadryn manages to land a couple of consecutive shots and grabs Nixon by the back of the neck to throw him into the barricade, but Nixon reverses and tosses Cadryn OVER IT!


Cadryn tumbles heels in the air and lands into the crowd. Nixon rubs his chin and follows the path he sent his opponent. He jumps over the barricade and brings Cadryn to his feet!


He cracks Cadryn across the chest with a BIG open hand slap. The sound echoes through the arena as the crowd responds with an "Ohhhh!".


Nixon notices the no tolerance that the special guest official is allotting the competitors and grabs Cadryn by the head, smacks it off the barricade, and tosses him back over. He hops over again and slides into the ring and back out again resetting the count!

SI--- ONE!






Nixon grabs Cadryn and tosses him quickly into the ring and follows close behind. He slowly circles around close to the Universal Champion who doesn't back down.


Nixon picks up Cadryn from the mat but gets punched in the gut and staggers back. Caedus sticks a foot out and trips Nixon who falls to his back. He stares at Caedus for a moment then quickly to his opponent Cadryn who stands and waits for the champion to get back to his feet.

Micheal Graves: Come on Cadryn, make your Gravy pround!

Robert Main: Jesus man, he's the enemy!

Micheal Graves: What can I say, I have a soft spot of the kid. The only thing I enjoy more than kicking his ass, is watching him steadily improve.

The two competitors face off again while both keeping a close eye on the striped shirt Universal Champ. The go in for another tie-up and Cadryn throws Nixon right into a headlock. The two rush to the corner and Cadryn climbs to the middle turnbuckle and in an amazing show of athelticism catches Nixon and flips him around with a hurricanarana! Nixon doesn't just flip once, but twice across the ring and into the opposite corner. Cadryn rushes across the ring and somersaults in the air hitting a flying sentan in the corner! Nixon is crushed!


Cadryn signals for the end and drags Nixon to the center of the ring. He pulls Nixon up and sets him up for From Dusk Til Dawn! He hooks the arms and lifts him straight up into the air, before Caedus gives him a short shoulder bump which throws him off balance and both men fall sideways onto the mat. Cadryn stands up and shoves Caedus immediately, who does nothing but threatens to disqualify Cadryn from the match, thus ruining his Television Title chance.

Nixon sneaks up behind Cadryn and rolls him up!! Caedus leaps down to the mat!


Robert Main: Looks like Caedus is looking to end this one early, good, I'm getting hungry!

Cadryn kicks out after a very quick count! He rolls through and kicks Nixon in the side of the head before he can reach his feet. Nixon falls back to his knees and becomes victim to a swinging neckbreaker from Cadryn!


The challenger grabs hold of the champion by both arms and pulls him towards the center of the ring then rushes to the corner. Cadryn steps outside and climbs to the top turnbuckle. The fans are on their feet as Cadryn reaches the top and awaits the champion, Nixon, to reach his feet!

Nixon slowly makes it to a knee, oblivious to his opponent waiting for him... He finally reaches his feet and looks up as Caedryn leaps off the top rope and hits a missle dropkick on the champion! It connects square into Nixon's chest and he flies back several feet back onto his back! Cadryn took a beating from the fall, as well, but manages to crawl across the ring and pull a leg!

Caedus slowly bends down and makes the count......



Nixon kicks out before the slow two count and crawls a couple feet into the corner to use the turnbuckle to pull himself to his feet. A frustrated Cadryn reaches his as well and the two men stare each other down from their positions while Caedus stands between them grinning innocently.

Robert Main: You know, I don't even think Jim knows what he's doing right now. One minute it's a slow count, then next a fast count. What's the goal here!?

Micheal Graves: Jim is doing what Jim does best, Robert. He's getting into these guys heads!




Off and on off and on.......

Then OFF.

Darkness fills the arena as the crowd reacts in awe, anticipating the result of what happened when the lights come back.....!!!!


The lights begin to flicker again and return. Caedus is the only man left standing in the ring while the two competitors are face down on the mat.... Laid out.

Robert Main: What in the hell was that, The Asylum!?!

Micheal Graves: Not their style, somebody is just fucking with us! This is very similar to what happened last week on Warfare!

The Uni Champ stands beside himself in the ring, confused at what had just happened and playing innocent once again. Not knowing what to do, he shrugs, then he begins a count to ten for the two downed competitors.





Both men begin to stir!


Cadryn is on up to his feet! He grabs Nixon by the hair and pulls him up as well!

Cadryn manages to get some separation and stuns Nixon with a superkick! Nixon stumbles into the ropes but rebounds with a clothesline that sends Cadryn to the mat! Nixon rebounds off of the ropes. Cadryn doesn't even see it coming as he gets back to his feet...


Nixon bridges into a suplex for the pin!

The crowd chants




Caedus isn't making any effort to count the pin!

Robert Main: Yeah, fuck you Nixon! AX3 counts pins when WE want to count them, not when you do!


Cadryn kicks out and Nixon begins arguing with Jim! Jim gets fired up and threatens to DQ Nixon. Nixion turns around and walks right into a waiting Cadryn!


Cadryn ends the move with a pinning combination. However, Caedus still makes no effort to count the pin!

The crowd chants.




Micheal Graves: Awww!

Cadryn releases the pin and just like Nixon before he begins to argue with Caedus. Jim takes a step back. His face becoming red with anger, suddenly!

Purgatory Punch!!!!

Robert Main: Yep, now they've done it! HAHA!

Cadryn is out cold! Jim rushes over to Nixon lifting him up only to slam hiim back to the mat with a reverse STO!


Cadeus stomps around the ring fired up!

Micheal Graves: Any you huys act like I have issues. I'm just looking for love!

Robert Main: Yeah, in all the wrong places!

Caedus grabs Cadryn and drags him over Nixon and counts the fall!


Jim stands up and calls for the bell before grabbing a microphone!

Jim Caedus: You two jag-offs need to learn to show some respect! Cadryn, enjoy the title, I wouldn't want you to have to make another cardboard replica!

Winner and new TV Champ


Robert Main: Yeah sure, never in my life have I seen such a decisive victory!

Micheal Graves: I bet Thomas Nixon is wishing that he didn't talk unfavorably about my company, CANDY VAN DAYCARE now!

"Anti You" by Blue Stahli hits the speakers and the roof almost blows off the building as the fans go crazy. One of them even starts vomiting from excitement. AX3 all turns in unison to face the entry ramp as The Kings™ step out from the back. The Kings take a few steps forward down the ramp as the members of AX3 each step down from the ring apron and group back up at the end of the entry ramp. The fans continue to go batshit anticipating a battle between the two warring factions.

The Kings™ stop about halfway down the ramp while Theo Pryce pulls a microphone out of his pocket.

"You fellas didn't think we came here to give you clowns a beating did you?"

Theo's baiting draws some anger from AX3 who have all gathered inside of the ring, but none more so than Jim Caedus who leans against the ring ropes and motions for the Kings to bring it.

"Whoa calm down there JCFuckboy80, like I was trying to say, we didn't come here to give you guys a spanking. No, we came here to relieve you fellas of your duties. You guys have had your fun tonight but now that fun is over. Gentlemen if you please."

AX3 all take a step forward but before they strike, The Kings™ surprise everyone by stepping aside as an XWF Security team lead by Tommy Gunn walk down to the ring. It takes only a few seconds for Gunn and the Security team to get within arms length of AX3. Gunn steps forward eyeing up the members of AX3 but rather than striking first as is usually his policy he instead steps back and points towards the entryway.

Micheal Graves says something inaudible to the other members of the group and they all start walking up the ramp with Gunn and the Security Team behind them.

The Kings™ stand there somewhat surprised that there was no incident but it appears that AX3 is a whole different animal when Graves is calling the shots.

"Allow me to apologize to all of you the great fans of the XWF for what you had to go through tonight. AX3's takeover of tonight's edition of Savage was not sanctioned by XWF Management. With that being said, I can't stand by and allow a championship to change hands due to the actions of a crooked, unsanctioned referee. So I am hereby officially changing the ruling of the Television Title match to Cadryn Tiberius via disqualification. That also means that Thomas Nixon is still officially recognized as the TV Champion!

Winner via DQ - CADRYN TIBERIUS!!!

"Now, having said that and to ensure that this night closes out on a positive note I am hereby naming John Madison as the official referee for tonight's Main Event between James Raven and Peter Gilmour."

John Madison rips off his one piece suit revealing an official XWF referee shirt and matching pants as the crowd goes wild.

"John Samuels and Doctor D'Ville will be Ring Security for this match while I join Michael McBride on commentary. So without further delay, let's get this show on the road."

Cadryn poofs onto the scene...did anyone even see him leave...and places two wooden chairs down at the end of the entry way for D'Ville and Samuels. He then pulls two cigars out of God knows where and hands them to the aforementioned Kings™. Each men place the cigar in their mouths while Cadryn lights expensive Cubans that he no doubt borrowed from D'Ville's wrestling bag as John Madison climbs into the ring and Theo Pryce takes his seat at the announcer's table.

Main Event
Peter "F'n" Gilmour
- vs -
James Raven
Extreme Rules Match
Option 2 - No Word Limit

Tig O’Bitties: Ladies and gentlemen, it is now time for our MAIN EVENT of the evening!

Tig O’Bitties: Introducing first… from Los Angeles, California… currently weighing 260 pounds, he is the X-TREEEEEME GOD of the XWF… PETERRRRRRRRRRRRR GILMOURRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!

The lights in the arena dim, then go to full black. We then hear the eerie sounds of a bell being tolled and then an explosion of fire emitting from the entrance ramp. The beginning of COMANCHE by IN THIS MOMENT begins as the heavy guitar riffs kick in and red strobes dance around the stage. As soon as the verse kicks in, we see Peter Gilmour and his wife Maria Brink come out to the ramp. They smile at each other before going down the ramp hand in hand. Peter bobs his head to the song. They get in the ring together and Peter gets on the turnbuckle and throws up an "X" sign as pyro goes off above the ring. Peter hops down and kisses Maria as they wait his next victim.

Tig O’Bitties: and his opponent… from Toronto, Ontario, Canada… he is one of the most celebrated XWF wrestlers in history making his return after five years… JAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMES RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAVENNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!!!!

The entire arena slowly fades to black as the audience excitedly awaits the entrance of James Raven. The drum beat and guitar solo start and a series of white and blue spotlights come up and pan the crowd. Mike Shinoda’s voice is heard on the speakers singing.

“Now here we go for the hundredth time, hand grenade pins in every line, throw ‘em up and let something shine, going out of my fucking mind… filthy mouth, no excuse, find a new place to hang this noose, string me up from atop these roofs, high and tight so I won’t get loose.”

By now the fans are going wild and cheering as the spotlights slowly make their way to the top of the entrance ramp where a dim fog begins to form.

“Truth is you can stop and stare, rub myself out and no one cares, dug the trench out and lay down there with a shovel up, out of reach somewhere… yeah, someone pouring in, make it a dirt glass floor again, say your prayers and stomp it out when they bring that chorus in.”

The spotlights come together as one, and the fog fills the top of the ramp until the downbeat hits and a major blue and silver pyrotechnic display goes off and the rest of the arena lights turn up to full. When the smoke clears James Raven is seen on top of the ramp, his hands thrown up over his head and a huge smile on his face.

“I BLEED IT OUT!!! Diggin’ deeper just to throw it away, I BLEED IT OUT!!!”

Michael McBride: I don't know who this James Raven is but Peter Gilmour is more than human lads. Never count Gilmour out of anything.

James makes his way down the ramp, high fiving fans and posing for pictures with several of them until he reaches the base of the ramp. Then, he pauses for a few seconds and sprints for the ring, diving in under the bottom rope and sliding in to the center of the mat on his hands and knees. He poses for a second, then gets up and runs for the turnbuckle, climbing up and posing yet again for the fans before doing a 360 degree spin off and doing the same on the opposite turnbuckle. As his music fades out he stretches in his corner, and then waits for the bell as fans throughout the arena chant his name.

John Madison smiles and winks at Gilmour, who returns the camaraderie with a thumbs up and a playful thrust of his hips. Madison barely acknowledges Raven as he walks toward the timekeeper.

Jim Ross: Well the deck is clearly stacked here. This is more like a Peter Gilmour birthday party than a wrestling match.

McBride: What’s that supposed to mean? I’m just keeping an eye on my partner’s back.

Theo: And I am simply making sure my unhinged business partner, Vincent Lane, doesn’t try to make his new friend James Raven look strong at the expense of a loyal XWF star like Peter Gilmour.

Jim Ross: Right.

Just then, the X-Tron explodes in pinks and purples.


Vincent Lane storms down the ramp way, not bothering to pose and dance for the fans as he usually does. He barely gives a glance to Samuels and D’Ville, who merely smirk as the XWF CEO makes his way to the ring with a mic in his hand.

“No way dude!”

The crowd pops.

“I’m not letting Theo and his cronies come out here and try to load the dice, dude, not a chance! Theo... you have the authority to assign guest referees at your discretion. I get it. But dude, so do I. And that means that tonight, John Madison won’t be the only special guest referee in this historic match, because there’s going to be a second one as well.”

The crowd cheers hard and a half full Sbarro cup clocks Madison right in the face. Maddy greases his hair back with it like a boss.

“Nice shot kid! Someone get that kid in the third row a free James Raven tee shirt. Those things are flyin’ off the shelves!”

Someone from the back does indeed bring the kid a free shirt. The XWF makes its fans so happy!

“So as I was saying… this match is going to have a second special referee… and that referee’s name? Is VINCENT LANE. Ring the damn bell!”

Vincent Lane pulls off his tie and blazer, then unbuttons his shirt to reveal a referee’s shirt underneath! The bell sounds while John Madison stands in the ring with his mouth hanging open and James Raven runs across the ring, meeting Gilly in his corner with a flying forearm strike!

Theo: Lane has been a referee for ten seconds and he’s already the worst one we’ve ever employed. Raven should be DQ’d for the cheap shot.

Jim Ross: Cheap shot? What cheap shot?

McBride: Aye, I seen it too, JR. Gilmour is gettin’ railroaded, but you can't kill what you didn't create, James Raven will learn that lesson tonight."

In the ring, Raven is using his speed to outbox Peter Gilmour, who misses with a loping right hand before getting caught with a back kick to the midsection. Raven hits the ropes and comes off with a running ‘sick kick’ like dropkick, but he’s gotten himself a touch winded in the process. He drops to a knee behind Gilly and slaps on a chinlock.

Jim Ross: James Raven hasn’t wrestled in a long time, ladies and gentlemen. You can see a little bit of how conditioning might be a factor here.

Gilmour recovers from the kick and gets to his feet from the chinlock Raven has applied to him. He sends an elbow into Raven’s gut and then a follow up to his head. Grabbing a wrist, Gilmour whips Raven’s arm hard in an arm wringer, then twists it into a hammerlock while screaming about his amazing penis.


John Madison is all up in Raven’s grill, checking on if he wants to continue the match.

Jim Ross: Has anyone in the history of the world ever tapped out to a hammerlock? Come on, Madison.

Raven reaches into the ropes, but Madison doesn’t do anything to make Gilmour release his hold. Eventually, Vinnie Lane jumps onto the apron and shouts at him to let it go, which he does, but not without first sending a rough clubbing blow into the back of Raven’s head.

Jim Ross: There’s your cheap shot.

Theo: Perfectly legal maneuver, Ross. This isn’t ballet. So, McBride, How are you feeling about Gilmours chances tonight?

Micheal McBride: I have no doubt in me bones that me brother Gilmour will win this match. How could you even ask that? He's the God of xtreme. No one has held the Xtreme title more than him. James Raven isn't anywhere near the level of Gilly.

Gilmour rushes toward the still dazed James Raven and clobbers him with a hug clothesline from behind, spilling Raven out onto the floor. Gilmour follows, waiting on the apron as Raven collects himself before dropping onto him with a double ax handle, sending the XWF legend to the concrete.

Gilmour stomps and kicks at Raven, lifting him in a partial gorilla press and dropping him face first on the apron. He then irish whips Raven right into the ring steps!


Gilmour crashes into the steps, dislodging them and sending him somersaulting over onto the opposite side. Gilly grabs his knee and grimaces in pain while James Raven takes a moment to compose himself before re-entering the ring.

Gilmour eventually gets to his feet, and as he does, James Raven catapults himself over the top with a forward rolling suicide springboard! But Gilly catches him! Peter Gilmour resets his balance and then slams Raven back-first into the ring apron with a hard powerbomb!

Jim Ross: Gilmour is taking advantage of the fact that he’s been wrestling week in and week out for years while Raven was retired. This is a heck of a challenge for Raven, and he needs to step up his game!

Gilmour rummages around under the ring while Raven writhes in pain, and he comes up with a folding table! Gilmour sets the table up leaning on the ring apron and the barricade, then pulls Raven to his feet and sets him up for a second powerbomb through the table.

McBride: That's right Gilly! Take that son of a white down!!

James Raven throws a desperation uppercut right into the groin of Gilmour’s gym shorts. Gilly is staggered and releases Raven, who slams Gilmour face first into the table three times before climbing up onto it himself. Gilmour stumbles back, and when he clears the cobwebs and looks up he sees Raven flying right for him, catching him with a hurricanrana that sends Gilmour right into the guardrail!

Jim Ross: Raven picking up some momentum here!

James Raven grabs Gilmour and shoves him back-first into the apron, then clotheslines him against it. Raven rolls Gilmour into the ring and leaps over the top rope, landing a guillotine leg drop over the upper chest of Gilmour. Raven goes for a quick cover but Gilmour kicks out before even a count of one.

Jim Ross: James Raven forcing Gilmour to expend energy kicking out, there. He knew it was too early but he made Gilmour fight out of it anyway.

Raven pulls Gilmour up and they exchange right hands with Gilmour getting a slight advantage… at least until Raven goes for a low kick that Gilmour catches. Raven hops up and drops Gilmour with an enzuigiri kick! Raven then backs into the ropes and stalks Gilmour, waiting for him to get to his feet… when the woozy Gilmour does stand back up, Raven launches himself at him for a spear…

…. CAUGHT BY PETER GILMOUR! Gilmour swings Raven upside down and then crashes backward with an end of days move!

Jim Ross: That’s the Infection! He caught Raven with that one! He’s got the leg hooked!

Madison drops down!


James Raven kicks out fiercely, just in the nick of time to beat John Madison’s incredibly fast count. Vinnie Lane is on the apron screaming at Madison, but Madison is just ignoring him and watching while Gilmour pulls Raven to his feet and sets him up for a Gilmour Cutter! No! Raven shoves Gilmour off of him and runs him front first into the ropes… Raven holds his waist and tries an O’Connor roll, but Gilmour hangs onto the top strand and Raven rolls backward emptyhanded. He stands up and eats a huge superkick!

Jim Ross: I think Raven’s lights just went out!

Gilmour doesn’t go for the cover, though. Instead, he looks out onto the table still set up from earlier. He tosses Raven out onto the table and then climbs the turnbuckles to the top rope!

McBride: Oy, lad. This’ll kill ‘im for sure!

Gilmour leaps from the top, going high in the air and crashing down in a flying senton – splinters from the table fly everywhere!

But James Raven slid off the table just in time! Gilmour crashes through and onto the hard floor!

Jim Ross: My god! Peter Gilmour might have seriously injured himself going through that table that way! But… wait just a minute… what’s that in the crowd? Is that Barney Green?

McBride: Aye it is! Let me get down there, I know Barney Green can only be here for one reason, and that’s to screw over Peter!

There’s a hollow thunk as McBride tosses his headset off and then runs to ringside. Barney is crawling over the barricade with a chair, and he sees McBride coming! He cracks the Irishman over the head with his chair, and then pulls a flask out of his pocket and douses the steel… then holds a lighter to it!

Jim Ross: Barney Green has a flaming chair! What the hell is he doing!?

Green steps past McBride on the ground and heads right for James Raven! Raven doesn’t see him as he’s busy trying to get Gilmour’s body back into the ring!


Barney Green slams the fiery chair into James Raven’s back! The fire surges into a large burst, and Raven is laid out! Green continues wailing on him with the chair until Vinnie Lane runs over and grabs it from him. Luckily the swinging has put the fire out, but the damage is done. Lane admonishes Barney and shouts for him to get away from the ring, and Barney leaves the area with a smile on his face as Peter Gilmour starts to roll James Raven into the ring.

Gilmour gets Raven into the ring and pulls him up and into piledriver position… Gilmour gets Raven up for the ENDGAME!!!!

Raven kicks his feet, twists and manages to roll over out of the hold… and grabs Gilmour by the head…. FLIGHT OF THE RAVEN!!!!! Raven lands the modified RKO and Gilmour’s face bounces off the canvas! James Raven rolls Gilmour over for a cover!!







But Madison isn’t counting! Madison flopped onto the canvas and clutched his eyes instead, squirming in pain!

Jim Ross: What the hell is this? No one laid a finger on him!

Theo: He must have got something in his eyes. Maddy has extremely sensitive corneas. He has a weed prescription.

Jim Ross: Oh hogwash! He just didn’t want to make the count! I’m not buying it and neither is Vinnie Lane!

Lane slides into the ring after watching the sideshow going on, and he rushes over to where the pin is happening, making a count.




It took too long to get a count going, and Gilmour was able to recover. Raven looks frustrated but goes back to work, pulling Gilmour up and whipping him into the ropes. Raven runs the ropes the other way and leaps up onto the top, springboarding backwards in a huge high angled RAVENSAULT!


Gilmour didn’t bounce from the ropes, and Raven lands flat on his face in the center of the ring!

Gilly runs forward and drops a huge running senton onto Raven, then hooks a leg just as John Madison’s eye miraculously heals and he leaps to make the count!

1! 2!


Jim Ross: Vinnie Lane just prevented John Madison from screwing over Raven with another one of those high paced counts!

Theo: You mean he cheated. This is going to come up in board meetings. Guaranteed.

Lane drops down and makes a more reasonable count.



Raven kicks out, but looks like he possibly has internal injuries after that huge senton. He’s cradling his ribs and breathing shallow.

Gilmour sees an opportunity and he climbs the ropes again, looking to set up a frog splash or something similar. Raven composes himself and charges into the corner, knocking Gilmour off balance and crotching him on the top buckle! Raven then stands on the second rope in the corner, throwing punches into Gilmour’s skull. Gilmour returns the favor and we have an all-out brawl in the corner now!

Raven with a headbutt! And again! And a third one has Gilmour dazed… Raven pulls Gilmour’s arm up over his shoulders and he yanks him up for a superplex!

No, Gilmour held on… Raven tries again but the move is blocked a second time…

Gilmour now pulls Raven up and into a vertical suplex of his own! Raven’s feet are straight up in the air, and Gilmour shifts position for a fisherman’s buster from the top!




Raven reversed the move and Gilmour is out cold in the center of the ring! Raven rolls Gilmour onto his back and Lane makes the count!




Jim Ross: It’s all over! James Raven has defeated Peter Gilmour!

Winner - James Raven!

Theo: This has been fun, JR, but I have some business to attend to.

Pryce leaves the announcers’ area and heads for the ring, as do Doc D’Ville and John Samuels… but then someone else runs out from the backstage area.

Jim Ross: Oh my god, it’s Trax! What the heck is he doing here?

Trax clobbers Doc from behind, just as Samuels slides into the ring. Trax drags Doc back up the ramp and slams him into the stage area, sending him crashing into the production equipment with a massive TRAP SILENCER!!!!

Samuels turns and sees what’s happened, but before he can do anything about it, James Raven nails him with a swift superkick!

Jim Ross: He calls that the ‘FYS,’ I’ll let you viewers at home guess what those letters stand for…

Raven then gets decked from behind as Theo Pryce enters the ring, and Vinnie Lane tries to peel Theo off of Raven but gets caught with a low blow from a recovering John Madison. Lane falls to his knees and Theo and Madison wrestle Raven into the ropes, tying his arms in them and leaving him helpless. They take turns kicking and punching at Raven, and Samuels gets back to his feet and joins the action as well.

Vinnie Lane eventually gets back up and attacks Theo, but is quickly overwhelmed and subdued by the Three Kings.

Jim Ross: Here comes Shane Carver!

Shane runs down to the ring and spears Madison with the grace and athleticism of Lana spearing Summer Rae.


Shane bounces Maddy’s head on the canvas a few times, but Theo and Samuels pluck him off of Madison and set him up… MAGIC KILLER FROM THE KINGS! Shane Carver is out cold!

The Kings look to be fully in control over the decimation in the ring, and Gilmour takes the moment to slink away into the back with McBride, out of harm’s way.

Then, the lights go out.

And then…

Look at that, it's beautiful isn't it? So pure, clean, unblemished. This is my vision. This is what I see. Perfection. This is what I saw nearly twenty years ago when I took this company and made it into something amazing.

"We took good wrestlers and turned them into great wrestlers, we took great wrestlers and we turned them into icons. But how? How did we do it? Simple; heart, determination, dignity, and respect. Respect for ourselves, respect for each other. Sure, disagreements, disputes, anger, rage... of course all part of the journey. But underneath it all there was always a level of respect.

"That's why it MEANT something to win in the XWF. That's why people came to the XWF to prove themselves, to prove not only that they were ready but that they were the best.

"I look at what the XWF has become now, and can't even watch. There are those who say when I walked away all those qualities walked away with me; the dignity, the heart, the determination, the respect... it ALL went away with me, and all you're left with is a piece of paper that says 'yeah, you own the name, but you'll never own the legacy'.

"You'll never own the heart.

"That heart belongs to me.

"And believe it or not, that heart still beats. It beats with pride, with dignity, with determination, and with respect. All of those qualities you can't purchase, that you can't achieve by signing a document, they come from within and they are NEVER leaving me.

"You'll never own this.There's only one way for the XWF to ever be what it was meant to be, and we all know what that is; all the talent, the amazing men and women that came through these door and made themselves into something great, they've all moved on to bigger and better things.

"You know what breaks my heart about that statement? When I was here there was no bigger or better thing. THIS was the pinnacle. THIS was the mountain and being here was the achievement. Winning here was how you cemented your legacy.

"The XWF used to mean something. Now it's just a shell of it's former self and it always will be...

"... Unless of course...

"... Unless of course, I come back...

"And teach you all the meaning of the word 'Respect'."

When the lights come back up, a masked man is in the ring standing with Vinnie Lane, Shane Carver, and a freed James Raven.

Samuels, Pryce, and Madison all turn from the X-Tron and face down the three beaten and bloody men along with their new addition. They rush forward and stop in their tracks when the masked man reaches up and yanks the ski mask off of his face, revealing…

Jim Ross: Oh my lord…


Indeed, in the ring, Theo puts his hands out to prevent Samuels and Madison from advancing further. Even though Shane is barely able to stand and Raven has just gone through a brutal match, the Kings realize they are outnumbered and retreat from the ring. As they back up down the ramp, Vinnie Lane grabs a microphone and shouts after them.

“That’s right, dude… you cowards never do a thing unless you have a full assurance of victory, do you? You’ll jump me from behind, try to cheat a match away from my partner James Raven, and come down her trying to assault us all when you have an advantage in numbers… but look at you now when there’s a fair fight!”

Theo holds up four fingers, then three, then points at his own head and twirls his finger around, laughing at Vinnie in the ring.

“Yeah, yeah, of course… good business, right? Four against three, even when two of the four are already beat up. Well at High Stakes there’s no more running, dude! Your share of this company is coming back to me and Carver, because you and your do-boys John Samuels are going to get in the ring against myself, James Fucking Raven, and perhaps the biggest icon in the history of the XWF, JONATHYN BROWN. Get ready!”

Backstage Chris is in the locker room, presumably his dressing room, with Jenny sitting on his lap. They seem very happy about what they have done here tonight.

Just then the door flies open and Jenny jumps up. We get a view of her yellow underwear under her black mini dress. Who wears yellow with black?

Whores do.

It's Micheal Graves and he is fuming.

Graves: What THE FUCK was that out there?

Chris stands up and Graves gets face to face with Chaos.

Chaos: I made it VERY clear, Micheal, that if I was removed from the Pay Per View there would be chaos running rampant on Savage. I said I was going to be here, I said I was going to interfere in this match, and I did. Keeping your word is the sign of a good leader.

Graves huffs.

Graves: LEADER? You call what you are a LEADER? Look at what AX3 has done tonight WITHOUT you LEADING us! We took over the whole fucking show! We showed everybody in that locker room that doubted us that we are a cohesive unit! What did you do, huh? You interfered in presumably random matches. Except they weren’t random where they? Not all of them! You had NO BUSINESS getting involved with Dolly’s match! Now you’ve RUINED my date Chris, RUINED IT! And for what, huh? Because management barred you from competing at High Stakes? That happened because you’re a fucking idiot that didn’t think that the rules applied to you. Just like you must not have thought my threat really applied to you! What did I say was going to happen if you involved yourself in that match?

Chaos: Is that supposed to scare me? Need I remind you that the only reason anyone knows who the fuck Micheal Graves even is is because of ME! When I beat you on Savage, I revived your career. When I joined AX3, I made you all that much better. You know I am a man of my word. I hope you are also because dancing the tango with you again in the ring would be my pleasure. As far as I am concerned, you have nobody to blame for this but Theo. I gave him an option, and he decided not to budge. But look on the bright side, you're still a champion. You probably would have lost to Dolly anyway........

Jenny puts a hand over her mouth.

Graves closes his eyes and looks down to the floor. He begins to tremble from anger. Without warning, Graves leaps at Chaos, tackling him into the locker. Graves unleashes a wild flurry of punches, fighting like a man gone mad. Jim Caedus leans against the wall and observes the action with a smile. Robert Main on the other hand rushes in and struggles to pull Graves off of Chaos. As Robert manages to pull Graves back, Chaos jumps to his feet and fires off a big right hook to the side of Graves head.

Robert Main: Hey, what the fuck Chris!

Before Chris can reply, Graves fights free and charges at Chaos again. The two of them begin trading blows back and forth. A full on brawl has erupted in the locker room! Neither man is willing to give an inch. Caedus finally rushes into the locker room and Grabs Chaos from behind as Main once again grabs Graves. They pull the two men apart, holding them back from each other with everything they’ve got!

Chris looks back at Jim, who has a less than approving look on his face.

Chaos: I'm coming for that strap

He says panting

Chaos: The worst mistake you ever made was cashing in on Reno.

Caedus yokes him up a little tighters. Graves is still trying to break Main's grip on him. Just then Jenny comes back into the photo.

Jenny: Guys! Guys! Stop this! You have a trios title defense on Wedneday and this is how you're all going to act? We are here bickering while the kings are back there laughing at us!

She reaches, as she is talking, toward her chest. It is commons knowledge that she keeps the pepper spray she used on Doc in her bra....

Chaos: Let me go, Jim. I'll walk out of here on my own power. If that masked freak wants to stop me let him try.

Jim looks at Graves, and he nods.

Letting go of Chris, the former Universal Champion walks past Graves, never taking his eyes off him. The two stared each other down as he walked by, slapping the title over his shoulder.

Chaos: I'll see you Wednesday. We have belts to retain.

Jenny, not needing to intervene with mace now, brings her hands back down.

Jim Ross: MY GOD! The tension is so thick you can cut it with a knife! How are they ever going to co-exist on Warfare! Tune in Wednesday Night, this is gonna be explosive!

They walk off screen with the rest of AX3 standing there with their arms crossed as Savage fades out.

Special Thanks to:
Cadryn Tiberius
Doc D'Ville
Vinnie Lane

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I did it boys! For the first time in my career, I'm a winner!!!

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* Raised Cadryn to be the fine man that he is today.

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another bullshit beginning, middle and end to a match I should of won.. fuck vinny lane and his lame team.. I hope JB turns on them at HIGH STAKES..

speaking of that.. I think I might just take a better look at that matchup with the KINGS and Team Vincent..

*Peter laughs wickedly*

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05-27-2017, 11:52 PM
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Meanwhile backstage, TRAX is dragging an unconscious Doc around with a cocky grin on his face, TRAX then walks right up to The Kings locker room door and lets go of Doc so he's laying right outside of it, Doc begins to groan as he starts to come to as TRAX just looks down at him smiling.

OK Doc that's our session done for today, we will resume it at High Stakes, make sure you take your meds and get plenty of rest until then! Not that that's actually gonna do shit.

TRAX laughs niggerdly as he knocks on The Kings locker room door then teleports away

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Banner created by Gabe "The Radical" Reno

XWF Career accomplishments/Highlights:

One Time XWF Universal Champion
Two Time X-Treme Champion
One Time Intercontinental Champion
One Time World Tag Team Champion
XWF All Time Top 50 inductee
One Time 24/7 Briefcase Holder
Intercontinental Royal Rumble Winner
Captained the winning team "Team Dominance" at War Games '15
Lethal Lottery IV Finalist
July 2015 Superstar Of The Month
March 2017 Superstar Of The Month
October 2016 Promo Of The Month "Changes"

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05-28-2017, 12:38 AM
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That's the first time I tuned into Savage since Kato set himself on fire.

That was a good show!

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11 - 5
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XWF Accomplishments
  • 3x XWF Xtreme Champion (Current)
  • Unpinned Streak From 10/10/16 to 7/8/17 (Thanks Raven)

OOC: Overall XWF Record: 93-43-2
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JimCaedus (05-28-2017)
05-28-2017, 04:34 AM
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Trax is seen taking a victory crap in his ghetto hotel bathroom when Doc blasts through the wall holding a banana. Trax was in the middle of picking his nose and almost shoves his bony finger clear up into his brain from being startled.

How about a courtesy flush you ignorant fool.

Trax tries to get up but Doc kicks him in the chest back down onto the toilet.

Yeah, it's amazing what you can accomplish outside a match and behind someone's back, huh Trax? Do you feel all big and tough now? Do you feel like the doctor's fate is dangling from the strings on your fingertips? I would hold this night here dearly and as close to your heart as you can forever and ever, because after High Stakes all of this isn't going to matter. Try to make a fool of me? Fine and dandy. I'll make sure there's NO question after the PPV of who is truly greater and you'll be the one looking like the fool.

Doc shoves the banana into Trax's throat who starts asphyxiating on it while Doc steps back out through the hole in the wall that he made. He looks back one last time.

Oh and and I feel we missed out on an opportunity tonight. Next time if I have a little monkey following me around all night, I'll grab my music box and maybe we could make some money in the process.

Trax begins turning blue while gasping for air as he falls off the pot. Doc reaches a look of concern.

Well, I suppose....

Doc reaches over to the old rotary phone sitting on the desk outside the bathroom and dials "911" then rests the phone beside it.

Helps on the way.

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05-28-2017, 06:57 AM
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I new it right from the start this bxfreakin3!wernt going to last. Though I give them credit that they at least lasted to nearly 5 minute

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05-28-2017, 10:57 AM
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(05-28-2017 04:34 AM)Doctor Louis DVille Said:  Trax is seen taking a victory crap in his ghetto hotel bathroom when Doc blasts through the wall holding a banana. Trax was in the middle of picking his nose and almost shoves his bony finger clear up into his brain from being startled.

How about a courtesy flush you ignorant fool.

Trax tries to get up but Doc kicks him in the chest back down onto the toilet.

Yeah, it's amazing what you can accomplish outside a match and behind someone's back, huh Trax? Do you feel all big and tough now? Do you feel like the doctor's fate is dangling from the strings on your fingertips? I would hold this night here dearly and as close to your heart as you can forever and ever, because after High Stakes all of this isn't going to matter. Try to make a fool of me? Fine and dandy. I'll make sure there's NO question after the PPV of who is truly greater and you'll be the one looking like the fool.

Doc shoves the banana into Trax's throat who starts asphyxiating on it while Doc steps back out through the hole in the wall that he made. He looks back one last time.

Oh and and I feel we missed out on an opportunity tonight. Next time if I have a little monkey following me around all night, I'll grab my music box and maybe we could make some money in the process.

Trax begins turning blue while gasping for air as he falls off the pot. Doc reaches a look of concern.

Well, I suppose....

Doc reaches over to the old rotary phone sitting on the desk outside the bathroom and dials "911" then rests the phone beside it.

Helps on the way.

Still choking Trax fires an energy blast at Doc, it hits him square in the chest and sends him flying across the room, hitting the wall on the other side and falling to the ground. Trax spits out the banana and with his back turned to Doc, rips off some toilet paper from the roll and wipes his ass before flushing and pulling his pants up.

You know Doc I didn't think you'd be so eager to get a refill of that asswhoppin' subscription I gave you but no problem lemme sort that out for..

Trax turns around to see Doc is nowhere to be seen and the front door is open.

...You? Dammit.

Trax teleports outside the hotel room in the hallway below. No sign of Doc. Trax then teleports outside the hotel onto the street below and looks around the area at the passing pedestrians, still no sign of Doc. Trax's eyes flicker amber indicating he's focusing to use his aura sense, but then...they flicker back to normal. know what? Go ahead and run, I'll deal that additional asswhoppin' at High Stakes as prescribed, I'mma give you an extra dosage too.

Trax teleports back to his hotel room as the scene fades.

[Image: UbmSUem.jpg]

Banner created by Gabe "The Radical" Reno

XWF Career accomplishments/Highlights:

One Time XWF Universal Champion
Two Time X-Treme Champion
One Time Intercontinental Champion
One Time World Tag Team Champion
XWF All Time Top 50 inductee
One Time 24/7 Briefcase Holder
Intercontinental Royal Rumble Winner
Captained the winning team "Team Dominance" at War Games '15
Lethal Lottery IV Finalist
July 2015 Superstar Of The Month
March 2017 Superstar Of The Month
October 2016 Promo Of The Month "Changes"

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05-28-2017, 11:26 AM
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The scene lights back up as Trax enters his hotel room again. He sees the mangled banana on the floor where he had spit it out and picks it up. He shakes his head and is about to throw it in the garbage before he hears moans coming from the other room.

Doc, who apparently never left comes crawling out of the bathroom battered and bruised.... Inch by inch he crawls forward with his elbows with every ounce of strength he has. Trax smirls and approaches Doc.



Two Caucasian police officers stand in the doorway with their weapons drawn pointing at Trax. They must be responding to the phantom 911 call they received!! They notice the old man beaten on the floor and notice an object in Trax's hand....

"He's packing!!"

They immediatley open fire at Trax who does some crazy ass matrix bullshit before teleporting back to the homeland where its safe. They direct thwir attention to Doc who appeara to be fine now, looking and tapping his watch, shaking his head.

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JimCaedus (05-28-2017), Bearded War Pig (05-30-2017)
05-28-2017, 11:47 AM
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I stand by what I said earlier tonight. AX3 is united and strong. The question now is, is Chris Chaos really AX3, or just out for himself? His goals and ours don't seem to be aligned.

Spoiler :


XWF Unified Xtreme Champion
XWF World Heavyweight Champion
XWF Tag Team Champion (X2)
XWF Trio's Tag Team Champion w/ AX3
XWF Heavy MetalWeight Champion (X2)
XWF Federweight Champion (x2)

Other Feds

WPW Television Champion
NWO World Champion
NWO Tag Team Champion w/ The Baltimore Assassin
NWO US Champion (2x)
GWFO Universal Champion
GWFO Survival Champion

Superstar Of The Month April 2017

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05-28-2017, 03:45 PM
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Once again a great example of what I have been saying about Oligarchies. We should not have to be subject to the chaotic ramblings of one group. while having to be stuck in the middle of a power struggle of the owners.I have no doubts that this will be settled at High Stakes but I'm not sure I'll like the result either way.

A win is a win even if I didn't get a chance to really hurt BX3.I will be headhunting for BX3. I won't rest until they are all
dealt with in a way I deem suitable.

OOC: Great show, I loved it.

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05-28-2017, 04:03 PM
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(05-28-2017 03:45 PM)Mezian Said:  Once again a great example of what I have been saying about Oligarchies. We should not have to be subject to the chaotic ramblings of one group. while having to be stuck in the middle of a power struggle of the owners.I have no doubts that this will be settled at High Stakes but I'm not sure I'll like the result either way.

A win is a win even if I didn't get a chance to really hurt BX3.I will be headhunting for BX3. I won't rest until they are all
dealt with in a way I deem suitable.

OOC: Great show, I loved it.
It shouldn't be that hard to head hunt the bx3, I mean just smell the bull shit and you'll find them. Besides don't you waste your time with them, they ain't worth it.

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JimCaedus (05-28-2017)
05-28-2017, 06:25 PM
Post: #13
Eat a dick Drezdin, if that even is your real name. It's obvious we were fucked over once again. If it's not management it's these Ax3 assholes. Obviously people are threatened by our greatness.

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[Image: JlTCiVS.jpg]

Forever Federweight Champ
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05-28-2017, 07:36 PM
Post: #14
BX3 is still trash it was trash before this week's Savage. It will be trash from this point on. You guys dont know when to give up. So I'd advise you get more members to pick up the slack of your lack of talent. I mean that is what AX3 did.And we know how much you wanna be like those guys.

[Image: lXVtJMr.jpg]

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JimCaedus (05-28-2017)
05-28-2017, 07:44 PM
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(05-28-2017 07:36 PM)Mezian Said:  BX3 is still trash it was trash before this week's Savage. It will be trash from this point on. You guys dont know when to give up. So I'd advise you get more members to pick up the slack of your lack of talent. I mean that is what AX3 did.And we know how much you wanna be like those guys.

I'd suggest watching your mouth kid, right now you ain't even on the radar, and I can assure you that's the last place that you want to be.

Spoiler :


XWF Unified Xtreme Champion
XWF World Heavyweight Champion
XWF Tag Team Champion (X2)
XWF Trio's Tag Team Champion w/ AX3
XWF Heavy MetalWeight Champion (X2)
XWF Federweight Champion (x2)

Other Feds

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Superstar Of The Month April 2017

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JimCaedus (05-28-2017)
05-28-2017, 07:48 PM
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Oh is that a fact Micheal? What are you gonna do? I know you won't kidnap me or break into my house.I don't have the right parts.So all that is left is for you and your buddies try and beat me up and interfere with my matches.I'm not afraid of you or your buddies Micheal. Just know I'm not afraid of any of you.

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05-28-2017, 08:07 PM
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(05-28-2017 07:48 PM)Mezian Said:  Oh is that a fact Micheal? What are you gonna do? I know you won't kidnap me or break into my house.I don't have the right parts.So all that is left is for you and your buddies try and beat me up and interfere with my matches.I'm not afraid of you or your buddies Micheal. Just know I'm not afraid of any of you.

Don't say I didn't warn ya...

Spoiler :


XWF Unified Xtreme Champion
XWF World Heavyweight Champion
XWF Tag Team Champion (X2)
XWF Trio's Tag Team Champion w/ AX3
XWF Heavy MetalWeight Champion (X2)
XWF Federweight Champion (x2)

Other Feds

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NWO World Champion
NWO Tag Team Champion w/ The Baltimore Assassin
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Superstar Of The Month April 2017

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JimCaedus (05-28-2017)
05-28-2017, 08:39 PM
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(05-28-2017 08:07 PM)Micheal Graves Said:  
(05-28-2017 07:48 PM)Mezian Said:  Oh is that a fact Micheal? What are you gonna do? I know you won't kidnap me or break into my house.I don't have the right parts.So all that is left is for you and your buddies try and beat me up and interfere with my matches.I'm not afraid of you or your buddies Micheal. Just know I'm not afraid of any of you.

Don't say I didn't warn ya...


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05-28-2017, 08:41 PM
Post: #19
Do I look like I'm fucking Scared? Look I have a lot of respect for You and Caedus. Hell, I even respect Duke.But The fact I respect you doesn't mean I have to like you.You guys have definitely made life here more entertaining.You guys revitalized the tag/trio division, but the fact is you guys are no more than bullies.Using your clout to get things that make you look better.I mean honestly you guys hate the TheKings™, but you guys are the same. You're both no better than that one 12-year-old boy playing Call of duty and calling you a 'faggot" because you "stole" his kill.So before you say "Don't say I didn't warn you", you need to know one thing you and Ax3 are not big enough to stop me.You'll never be big enough to hurt me, You'll never break my will. I have stared death in the face and laughed.

So what makes you think I'm afraid of some Arrogant, Aggressive, Assholes. Huh?Tell Me motherfucker what makes me afraid of you.

[Image: lXVtJMr.jpg]

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JimCaedus (05-28-2017)
05-28-2017, 08:55 PM
Post: #20
Wait, was that you that stole my kill last night? What's your gamertag?


Spoiler :


XWF Unified Xtreme Champion
XWF World Heavyweight Champion
XWF Tag Team Champion (X2)
XWF Trio's Tag Team Champion w/ AX3
XWF Heavy MetalWeight Champion (X2)
XWF Federweight Champion (x2)

Other Feds

WPW Television Champion
NWO World Champion
NWO Tag Team Champion w/ The Baltimore Assassin
NWO US Champion (2x)
GWFO Universal Champion
GWFO Survival Champion

Superstar Of The Month April 2017

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05-30-2017, 11:09 AM
Post: #21
I cant believe Jon Brown is back. I also can't believe James Fuckin' Raven beat Peter Gilmour.

[Image: Xo5FQJZ.jpg]
"Straight Outta Boston"

Props to Cadryn Tiberius for this banner.
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Peter Fn Gilmour (06-02-2017)
05-30-2017, 01:18 PM
Post: #22
I never got the chance to see Jon as a wrestler so I am really looking forward to see what is in store for the XWF now that he is also back.

My match was interesting not what I expected but I won so I will take it

[Image: pupKDGC.jpg]
might as well throw another pin in here as well

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05-30-2017, 01:55 PM
Post: #23
**Jack Cain sits on a beaten up old armchair with a tube of Pringles and a Diet Coke**

Always knew those AX3 kids were like a bunch of crabby old women.

**Cain switches over to Netflix to watch Season 2 of Daredevil. He spies The Punisher on screen and put on a pair of glasses while leaning into the screen**

I look nothin' fuckin' like him...

OOC: Terrific show guys, sorry I couldn't be involved.

[Image: JackCain.jpg]
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Bearded War Pig (05-30-2017)
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