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The Princess and the Problem with two's
05-14-2017, 01:15 PM
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the scene...The Hideout in the Harbor

"so you're telling Bowser time and again.....mmhmm mmmhmm yeah I get it well listen me an' Mario got another problem with a troublemaking Princess whose been giving everybody hell so they called on us to handle it! we got that!"

Luigi Hangs up....

Jenny Myst....(Luigi Chuckles) the names of people you've victimized with no mercy whose lives you've ruined whose matches you've interfered in and cost them the win all to further the agenda of AX3 and your boyfriend Chaos the Cowardly Chickenshit
reads like a laundry list dont it?


Steve "Kingslayer" Davids

"Isabella Ravenwolf"

"Drake and The Revival"

but there's two Names ya forgot about Sister....

names who aint about to be on that list


yeah we've been watching you we seen how you roll dirty when you're with your boyfriend but alone except for the occasional 1 or 2 you're really very weak relying on dirty tricks to win

but against us...brothers who've been around the block and seen it all before and know the ins and outs you better bring your A-GAME cause that sorry shit wont work with us sister that's a fact

we were assigned by Ms Carver with a mission to take you down and take you out and there aint nobody not Bobby Main, not Mikey Graves, Not Jimmy Caedus and most certainly NOT CHRIS CHAOS your boyfriend we'll bring our whole crew to step with yours and stomp yours flat so BRING IT ON if you got the guts to take on the terrifying twosome known as The Super Mario Bros

[Image: profilepic_1870.jpg?dateline=1493537634]

This ain't no game!

[Image: DAZG3Kg.jpg]
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