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Savage 5/13
05-13-2017, 09:06 PM
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MAY 13TH, 2017


Xtreme Wrestling Federation Presents:

[Image: MMIM1Rv.png]

Jim Ross - Ladies and Gentlemen, earlier tonight, before the show, there was an incident involving XWF’s head of human resources, Jane Carver. It seems that Jane, while on her way to the arena for tonight's show...

Huey D. Louie - Jim, are you going to be alright?

Jim Ross - This is just sick Huey, SICK! I can’t believe that I’m even reporting this mess!

Huey D. Louie - Maybe, uhh… Perhaps we should just roll the security footage?

The scene switches to a black and white video of the parking lot. A sedan pulls into a space and Jane Carver emerges out of the car. Jane begins walking towards the arena when suddenly the Donkey Kong Rape Van peels into the scene, missing Jane by mere inches as she dives out of the way. The side door flies open, and out walks Micheal Graves.

[Image: UC75b4x.jpg]

Jane Carver - Oh my God, OH MY GOD… HELP!!!

Graves grabs Jane and yanks her to her feet. Jane tries to fight and get away. The two struggle for a moment before Graves punches Jane in the eye, causing her to pass out. Graves throws Jane over his shoulder and walks her back to the van. Graves gently places Jane in the floor of the van and climbs in himself, shutting the door behind them. The van then revs up and peels off just a quickly as it showed up.

The footage cuts back live to Ross and Louie.

Jim Ross - This whole situation is absolutely disgusting Huey!

Huey D. Louie - You know Ross, I have to agree. Dr. Mathews promised last week that he had beefed up security in an effort to keep Micheal Graves out of the arena, but Micheal continues to find his way into the show. It’s just disrespectful to the authority of Dr. Milton Mathews!

Jim Ross - WHO GIVES A DAMN ABOUT MATHEWS! Jane Carver has been kidnaped by Micheal Graves, and there is no telling what that monster is going to do to her!

Huey D. Louie - I wouldn’t worry too much JR, I’m sure Micheal isn’t going to lay a finger on her.

Jim Ross - How can you be so sure Huey?

Huey D. Louie - Well Janes like what, 28? Graves is only interested in that baby butt!

Jim Ross - Huey, my Gawd, please. As if the situation isn’t bad enough already.

Huey D. Louie - Graves likes kids JR, it’s no secret!

Jim Ross - Anyway, hopefully XWF management, and the authorities can get a handle on this situation before something terrible happens.

Huey D. Louie - Well until we find out more on that situation, we have a hell of a Savage in store tonight!

Jim Ross - That’s right, Savage Battle Royal, the return of the Bitch Doctor Josh Reno, Mario vs Sonic, Doc vs Chaos, and Thomas Nixon defending the TV Title against Mezian!

Huey D. Louie - Hey you didn’t mention the Mr. Sex vs Bilbo Brommer Blumpkinz match!

Jim Ross - That’s because I’m hoping that one gets canceled!

Huey D. Louie - Fuck you JR! That match is stealing the show tonight. That is if our opening contest doesn’t do it first!

[Image: NATHANLUCAS_zps8vgnng1l.jpg][Image: smallVS_zpsvftl8yae.gif][Image: Brian%20Harris_zpsdcst7iqc.jpg]
Standard Match
2000 Word Limit

Jim Ross: Once again, welcome to Saturday Night Savage, I’m Jim Ross and with me is my colleague Huey D. Lo-

Huey D. Louie: I can introduce myself, thank you very much JR. Welcome to Saturday Night Savage, I’m your star on commentary, Huey D. Louie!

Jim Ross: Right, we’ve got a hell of a show for all of you today, so strap in because it’s going to get Savage folks.

Huey D. Louie: How long have ya had that saved under your belt JR?

Jim Ross: Longer than you been talking Huey. First up, we’ve got ourselves a singles match between two new signees. We have the Lucha extraordinaire, Nathan Lucas facing off against the Outlaw Brian Harris in a single bout.

Huey D. Louie: Nathan Lucas. That’s not a very Mexican name is it?

Jim Ross: Well, he might not be Mexican, he does wear a mask.

Huey D. Louie: Can you imagine Nathan Lucas serving you at Taco Bell? Madness.

Jim Ross: Taco Bell doesn’t just hire Mexicans. I actually don’t think I’ve ever been served by a Mexican.

Huey D. Louie: Natán Lucas would’ve made more sense.

Just as Huey finishes, “Oh… Canada” hits the system and the crowd looks to the stage expectantly. They expect to see Brian, the Canadian, come out, not having recalled what his entrance is, but instead see the Luchadore walk out to the song. Confused by his choice of theme, a few clap, the Canadians in the crowd cheer loudly. Lucas leaps into the air and does a backflip, his landing timed perfectly with a ray of fireworks from the top of the stage.

Tig O’ Bitties: The following match is set for one-fall. Arriving first, he hails from Tijuana, Mexico, weighing in at 222 pounds…. NATHAN LUCAS!

Lucas runs down the ramp with surprising speed, sliding under the third rope and coming to a stop in the middle of the ring. He rolls over onto his back and kips up, throwing his hands into the air.

Jim Ross: For a big guy, he sure can move!

Huey D. Louie: Tijuana, Mexico. You sure this guy didn’t jump the border?

Jim Ross: Your racism knows no limit, but if anyone jumped the border it’s this next guy, Huey.

The purr of a motorcycle can be heard over the blaring of his theme. Brian Harris pops up onto the stage on the back of a large, black Harley. He revs the engine a few times before making his way down the ramp on it. He keeps his eyes on Lucas bouncing about in the ring, before turning his bike off and parking it right in front of the ring.

Tig O’ Bitties: And his opponent, hailing from Toronto, Canada.. Weighing in at 245 pounds. He is known as The Outlaw… BRIAN HARRIS!

The two stand on either side of our referee Chaz Bobo, who checks both men for any weapons and making sure Harris gets rid of his leather vest. Bobo asks both men if they’re ready to begin and calls for the bell after receiving a positive nod.

Jim Ross: And Savage is officially underway folks! Both of these men have a lot to prove, Harris coming off from a loss really needs to take this pin.

Huey D. Louie: And if monkey boy doesn’t win here, we might just have to deport him back home.

The two men square up in the middle of the ring, wedging themselves into a classic elbow and collar tie up. Neither of them seems to be giving any ground, as they struggle right in the center of the ring. Brian tries to pull Lucas down and drives a hard knee into the man’s mask. The knee hits Lucas square in the forehead, breaking the hold and driving him stumbling back. Harris grins slightly, backs up two steps and bounces off the ropes. On the run up, Harris drives his forearm into Lucas’ face, sending him down into the mat.

Lucas bounces off the mat and quickly rolls away from Harris and onto his feet. He runs the back of his hand over his mouth, wiping away the sweat on his top lip. Lucas begins to hop from foot to foot, and inches back towards Harris. Harris reaches out and grabs the masked man by the wrist, whipping him into the ropes. Harris bends over, going to throw the man over his back, but Lucas athletically does a front flip over him. As Lucas flips over Harris, he wraps his arms around the big man’s waist, rolling him up into a pin. Bobo reacts quickly, dropping to the mat.




Jim Ross: Lucas almost had Harris there, caught him completely off guard.

Huey D. Louie: Probably how he got into our esteemed country too.

Harris curses loudly, and drives a foot into Nathan Lucas’ throwing the luchadore off him. Both men roll onto their feet, and square up once more. Harris whips Lucas into the ropes once more, and this time prepares for the front flip. He brings up his boot to catch Lucas in the jaw but no! Lucas slips athletically under the foot, and continues to the opposite ropes. Harris turns around quickly whilst Lucas leaps onto the second rope, he bounces off it and hits a springboard corkscrew elbow smash into the side of Harris’ face. Harris drops into the mat once more. Lucas is immediately on him, grabbing hold of Harris’ arm and applying an armbar. Bobo drops to one knee and check on the Outlaw.

Jim Ross: Lucas is all over the ring today, what athleticism!

Huey D. Louie: You think if I asked him for some guac he’d charge me a dollar for it?

Lucas wrenches hard on Harris’ wrist, threatening to break it through sheer strength. Harris struggles in the middle of the mat, flailing from side to side. He tries to flip his body towards his assailant, throwing feeble right arms into Lucas’ side. Lucas looks like he has the submission before pain shoots through him. He’d given some slack to the arm, letting Harris use the arm to elbow him in the jewels, away from Bobo’s sight. Lucas breaks the hold, trying to catch his breath through the searing pain coming from his precious parts.

Huey D. Louie: There ya go! Make sure that damn Mexican doesn’t make no babies.

Jim Ross: Really Huey?

Harris holds his arm, aching from being locked into the armbar for so long. He tries to use it to support himself, but it buckles and he fumbles into the mat. He rolls out of the ring, trying to recuperate outside. He shakes his head, walking towards his motorcycle and turns the ignition on. Bobo starts the count out.


Jim Ross: What’s Harris doing!

Huey D. Louie: Looks like Harris has had quite enough of this match.


Harris goes to swing a leg over the motorcycle and mount it, but Lucas is up! Lucas bounces off the far ropes, running towards the ring front. He leaps over the top rope, flipping in midair and extends his legs out to kick Harris clean off his bike. The two slam into the cold metal of the motorbike and they both lay on the outside of the ring. Lucas leaping out of the ring forces Bobo to restart the count.


Huey D. Louie: The damn foreigners have no control, do they?


Neither of them look to be in any shape to even move. The feint purring of the motorcycle can still be heard as it lies on its side and the crowd begins to clap for the competitors in rhythm.


Lucas rolls off from the wreckage, clutching his lower back and crawling towards the ring. Harris seems to stir as well, rolling on to his belly and reaching towards Lucas’ leg.


He manages to grab Lucas’ ankle, yanking at it and making a last-ditch effort towards the ring. Lucas hooks his leg between Harris’ tripping him and causing him to fall face first into the ring apron. His head bounces off the hard apron, busting his head open and spraying blood onto the bottom rope.


He drops to the outside mat, holding onto his face as Lucas gets to his feet. The masked man gets up on the ring apron and makes a move to enter the ring. He stops then, and looks behind him at the downed body of Harris. Lucas considers between crawling into the ring and attacking Harris.

Jim Ross: What is he thinking? He’s risking a count out.

Huey D. Louie: These hicks have no intelligence, none I say.


Harris begins to stir to his feet. Lucas grins to the friends, jumps into the air and bounces off the second rope. Harris just begins to stand up and is caught with a hurricanrana, that sends his back into the ringside. This gets a huge reaction from the fans as they cheer for his risky style. Lucas gets back on his feet and slips into the ring. Just as quickly, he mounts the top turnbuckle, stalking Harris outside the ring.


Harris groans loudly, using his bike to push himself onto his feet. He turns his head to just catch a glance at Lucas on the top rope before the luchadore launches himself off once more. However this time, the brief glimpse is all it took to let Harris roll out of the way and send Lucas crashing into the bike once more, but alone this time. The crowd screams in disapproval and concern for the man. Bobo restarts the count for the third time.


Jim Ross: These two new stars are really putting everything on the line today!

Huey D. Louie: You can call it what you want, if he was a little smarter Nathan Lucas would’ve had this match won by now.

Jim Ross: If this is what our new signees can do before the ink on their contracts even dry, XWF is headed places folks!

Huey D. Louie: Did you just completely ignore me, JR?


Harris has a sick smile on his face as he seems the mangled body of Nathan Lucas ontop of his bike. He pushes himself up onto his feet and advances towards Lucas. He picks up the downed man and begins to reign elbow strikes into his face. Blood pours down Harris’ own face from his meeting with the ring apron, he spits a wad of blood to the floor.

Jim Ross: Looks like Harris is hoping to open up Nathan Lucas similarly!


After the fifth right hand, Lucas finally manages to get a hand up to block a hit. He returns with a hard chop to his assailant’s chest, rocking Harris back a little. The fans in-turn cheer with a loud WOOH! Lucas blocks another right from Harris, hitting another chop to the man’s chest. Harris swears loudly and takes Lucas down with the thez press much to the crowd’s dismay. After a few rights and lefts into Lucas’ face, Harris gets up from the man. Grabbing Lucas by the ankle, he drags the man towards the ring.


Jim Ross: Looks like The Outlaw isn’t nearly down with Nathan Lucas.

Harris lifts up Lucas, wrapping his arms around his waist and throwing him into a suplex into the ring apron. Lucas slumps down to the ground after his back slams into the apron. Harris takes a few steps away from Lucas, standing by the barrier and boo’d loudly by fans who have bought into the match.


Lucas wobbles to his feet, shaking his head trying to clear his vision. Harris comes rushing in, leaping into the air at the last second and driving his elbow into Lucas’ face, dropping him back down to the ground with a thud.



Harris leans over Lucas’ head and leaps into the air. He drives his left knee into Lucas’ forehead. Harris laughs into the air, getting to his feet once more. He goes back to the barrier, gearing up for another roaring elbow. Lucas uses the side of the ring to help pull himself onto his feet again. Harris charges back down the outside and goes to jump into the air. Lucas drops back down to the mat, catching Harris in a toe hold and sending him face first into the side of the ring.


Huey D. Louie: You reckon Harris lost a tooth there, JR?

Harris’ head rocks off the ring apron and both superstars are back down to the outside of the mat. Lucas claws his way back onto his feet and goes to slip into the ring. Harris grabs the back of his tights and tries to drag him back down. Lucas drives the back of his heel into Harris face and manages to get away from him, into the ring.


Jim Ross: Looks like Harris is about to just escape the count out, talk about close!

Harris picks himself back to his feet as well, and pushes up on the apron and stands teetering on the ring apron, catching his breath. He uses a leg to push the middle rope down and enters the ring.






The heel of Lucas’ boot is driven into Harris’ chin, sending him sprawling out onto the outside of the ring. Blood spurts into the air from the open wound and Harris lands right beside his motorcycle.


Chaz signals for the ball, and it’s rung quickly. “Oh… Canada” hits the speakers once again.

Tig O’ Bitties: And your winner, by count out! Nathan Lucas!!

Winner: Nathan Lucas

**CCTV footages snowstorms into view. It’s the loading dock at the back of the Palace in Auburn Hill, Michigan, where tonight’s Savage Saturday Night is taking place. The hazy picture is centred on a dark corner of the grounds, where a man with a ponytail and fitted suit waits patiently, his hands clasped in front of him. Faint hints of his breath are visible against the cold night air. Approaching him from across the loading dock is a huge figure dressed in black. Jack Cain enters the poorly lit area, blotting out some of the meagre light with his imposing frame. Jackson Turi isn’t intimidated one bit, and doesn’t flinch**

Jackson: Didn't think you’d come.

Jack Cain: Wasn’t going to.

Jackson: So what changed your mind?

Jack Cain: Well you outrank me - even at your age - sorta figured it was an order.

Jackson: I did - long time ago now. You could have told me to - how do you like to put it - “fuck off”? But you’re here, so that tells me it’s a little more than military training that got your ass outside.

Jack Cain: Maybe I just wanted to hear you out before I did tell you to fuck off?

Jackson: No, I don't think so. You play the gorilla, the blunt instrument, but you’re smarter than that. I can tell. One of the needs of command: You have to know who’s expendable, and who’s not. You wouldn’t be the type of man I’d throw away on some pointless mission where no one comes back - you’re the guy I keep in reserve as a last resort, for when I need someone to go in, destroy everything, and then come back so he can do it again. Marine Recon wasn’t it?

Jack Cain: Two tours. But you already knew that didn't you?

Jackson: USMC in Albania, Bosnia, Special Forces Recon in Afghanistan and Iraq, and a few dirty little operations in Libya, North Korea and Chechnya. I did my reading Jack - you’re a nasty sonofabitch aren’t you? I heard of you before that of course. Anyone serving in any military unit anywhere in the world had heard of you. They called you “The Punisher” didn’t they, after that nut in the books? Course you made him look like a first rate pussy didn't you? That meat locker full of Libyan bomb makers they found - or what was left of them, that was you wasn’t it? And the little side action on the Ukrainian border? A straight evac that turned into a firefight and 25 Russians gutted like fucking fish? Need I go on?

Jack Cain: You made your point. Still doesn't explain why you dragged me out here ahead of tonight. Unless you got a hard on for ex-Marines in black?

Jackson: Well let me put it this way. You’re a problem solver. I have a problem that needs solving. Danny is a good kid. Little crazy, but a good kid. And he’s a fighter, and I know you recognise that. He beat the shit out of you didn't he?

Jack Cain: That what you call it?

Jackson: Come on Jack, that spear nailed your cranky old ass six ways to Sunday. You have to respect that. He knew if he didn't take you out, you’d take his head clean off. He still took that risk, was still prepared to risk you breaking him in half if you got up in time. That’s guts Jack. He still got you too, you can’t ever change that. The problem is, he doesn't know when to quit.

Jack Cain: Meaning?

Jackson: Meaning he keeps going even when he should think about himself. That match he went through with you, and the beating he took from Main - he should be in a damned hospital, never mind out there trying to compete. He needs someone to watch his back.

Jack Cain: I thought that was your job?

Jackson: I’m just one man - there’s enough people out to get him now he needs a small army to watch his back - or maybe just one man. I can make it worth your while.

Jack Cain: So that’s it? You want me to help your fruit loop to do what? Get back at those AX3 fucks who did him over? Sorry, I don't do hired gun work.

Jackson: I’m not talking about money Jack.

Jack Cain: That’s funny, ‘cos every other fucker I’ve heard this speech from talks about money.

Jackson: Well I didn't think that would hold much sway over you. I thought duty might have something to do with it.

**Cain laughs to himself**

Jackson: Don’t laugh, you know what I’m talking about. The big, bad Punisher, the man who would go that extra step to make the evil fuckers in this world feel pain. And why do you do that Jack, huh? Why not just do the bare minimum, carry out the ops as they should’ve been done, stuck to orders? You did it because the people you hurt fucked someone up, so you were gonna give it back a million times over.

Jack Cain: Don’t fuckin’ preach to me Colonel Jackson. You don’t know what I’ve been through. You people would sit there in your fuckin’ bunker and send people like me off to die.

Jackson: Fuck you Cain, I did my share of the dirty work, I’ve laid in fucking mud at 3am waiting for a killshot, I’ve battered some stinking terrorist with my bare hands to stop him blowing up a town square. I know what it’s about, and so do you. My point is that Danny doesn't. He’s going to keep going and he’s going to get destroyed by some very old heads, nasty motherfuckers who will exploit his heart and emotions and ruin him. Jesus, I don't want to see that happen to him, and neither should you. Haven’t you seen enough kids go off to fight and not realise what they were getting into? Haven’t you seen those kids faces not smile anymore - haven’t some of those been because of what you’ve done? You wanna see that again?

Jack Cain: What do you think?

Jackson: Then just keep your eye on Danny. I’m not asking you to fight his battles for him. I’m not asking you to hold his hand. I’m just asking you, for God’s sake, if you see something going South, then don’t just watch him get destroyed. Do what’s right.

Jack Cain: I stopped doing what was right along time ago. I do what I think will make people pay. But sorry Colonel - I got out of the habit of fighting for causes a long time ago. Danny may be a good kid, but he’s your fuckin’ problem as far as I’m concerned. Good luck with AX3, The Kings, and all the other scum he’s pissed off - if you need help, put up the fuckin’ Bat Signal, or hire The A-Team. Don’t come lookin’ for me, cos my answer then will be the same as it is now: No.

**Cain walks away into the shadows**

The camera cuts to the back where Jenny is stretching, getting ready for her match. The lollipop still in, she lays on her side and grabs her ankle.

[Image: S2FWfaY.jpg]

Huey D. Louie: "There she is! She's getting ready!"

Jim Ross: "Jezebel"

Just then you can hear mumbling on the screen.


While walking, he almost trips over Jenny, who has to move her legs.

"Ummm.......excuse me?!"

"Tv title......Reno.....change, I gotta change.....lost it...." he continues to mumble.

She gets up, in order to move out of the way quicker, snapping her fingers to get his attention so he doesn't slam into her.

"What, who are you, what do you want?!"

Danny whispers back in a strained tone. Then it hits him, he recognizes her from having watched AX3 segments, his eyebrows crinkle together and he advances right in front of her, their bodies almost touching.

"You're that little minx that's always dancing with that bucket of scum, AX3."

"You mean the stable that my boyfriend, the former UNIVERSAL champion, leads? A champion......mmmmm.......What's that belt you used to's......Oscars......, oh shucks, I'll get it....."

"Are. You. Mocking. Me." He utters, his hair slipping over his face and covering his eyes.

Jenny looks at the man with an eyebrow cock. Was he out of his mind? What the hell was wrong with him.

"No.....just observant. Your shoulder looks mighty bare".

Danny runs a hand along his shoulder, muttering curses under his breath. He shakes his head once, sending his hair flying everywhere as he tries to break out of his stupor.

Jenny's eyes light up in a wicked grin.

"I tell you what, hun. Why don't you, take that pretty little tush and go back to your boyfriend, I have a feeling they're the ones that need to... Watch out."

Danny gets his face up close as personal with Jenny's. He waits there for a second, before jerking his head forward and letting out a growl, trying to scare the girl.

Jenny backs up, cautious, but a little curious as well. Taking her lollipop out of her mouth she grins, rubbing it against her lips in a sensual motion. "You're obviously upset. Here, you need this more than I do." She shoves the lollipop in his mouth and pats him on the shoulder. "Good luck tonight". With a wink and a hair flip she walks past.

Danny stands there stunned, with the lollipop hanging out between his lips. He blinks twice, turning around to face the pink-laden swaying hips of Jenny as she walks away. Realization seems to dawn on him and he spits out the piece of candy, and storms away muttering to himself once more.

[Image: DICKETICKLER_zpss64gequj.jpg][Image: JUNI_zps3c44nurl.jpg][Image: JennyMyst_zpsvcgz6qgw.jpg]
[Image: RANDOM_zpswkhk1ccz.jpg][Image: THEULTIMATE_zpsllqvkg6v.jpg][Image: JackCain_zpsoogwvb2x.jpg]
Battle Royal
Over The Top Rope Elimination
No Word Limit

[quote='Chris Chaos']
Tig O’Bitties: This is the Savage Battle Royal! The winner of this match will be the last one in the ring when the bell rings. To eliminate your opponent you must throw them over the top rope so that both feet touch the floor!

Huey D. Louie: And here we go! The Savage Battle Royal! Woohoo!

Jim Ross: This one should be a slobberknocker

Tig O’Bitties: Introducing next, from the Land of the Unknown, The ULTIMATE

Jim Ross: This is a big woman. Mean, nasty. She could win this thing, Huey.

Huey D. Louis: She's definitely up there on the list. She scares me

Jim Ross: You're shadow scares you

The Ultimate walks to the ring, never taking her eyes off Jenny. She walks up the steps and stands against the turnbuckle, starring the much smaller blonde in the ring.

Tig O’Bitties: And the next competitor, RAAAANDOM

As the arena goes black, a spotlight hits the top of the ramp. Random's music plays but he is nowhere to be seen. Finally, after about 30 seconds, he shows up in the ring behind Jenny, wearing a Jason Vorhees mask and weilding a plastic toy knife. He slides the mask off, licking the plastic toy and sits down in the corner.

Tig O’Bitties: Introducing next, residing in Yeehaw Junction, Florida, accompanied by her translator Danny Lome, Juni, The Mutated JAPPPP.

Danny Lome, wearing a suit and cowboy hat leads his wife/pet, Juni The Mutated Jap, down to the ring on a leash. When they get to the steps, he unlocks it, and she slides into the ring, sitting in the far corner and tilting her head to the side while staring at Jenny.

Huey D. Louis: All of the competitors seem to be surrounding Jenny here.

Jim Ross] She's going to get what is coming to her.

Tig O’Bitties: From Albany, New York.......Dick E. Tickler!

He marches to the ring and gets into the ring, pointing at all the competitors and talking trash.

Tig O’Bitties: Introducing next.....from Queens, New York.........Jack.....CAIIIINNN

Jim Ross: Well folks, next up we have the valet turned wrestler, Jenny Myst making her way to ring.

Huey D. Louie: Mmmhm, I could look at that perfection all day, JR.

Tig O’Bitties: And finally, residing in Las Vegas, Nevada

“Sex Metal Barbie” Starts to play and the men in the crowd go crazy. They all lean forward in their seats, ready to catch a glimpse of the blonde bombshell. A few moments pass and Jenny still hasn’t made her way into the ring and the fans begin to get restless.

[color=white]Jim Ross: What’s going on? Did Jenny get lost or something?

Huey D. Louie: Just cos she’s beautiful doesn’t mean she’s stupid, JR. Probably just held up a little.

The X-Tron shows some static before hitting to a scene backstage, to the warmed-up Jenny Myst, bouncing and throwing odd jabs into the air as she makes her way to the curtain, right before her match. She cricks her neck to the side, eliciting some audible pops as the sweat from her warm-up makes her body glisten under the white light of the locker area. She finds herself in a narrow hallway, with stage equipment, sound systems and other junk lying about.

Suddenly the lights begin to flicker and a laugh comes through the speakers, Jenny furrows her eyebrows and look up towards the lights. She looks from right to left, and calls out for nobody. Through the X-Tron, the fans see a small figure running towards her, down the hall. Jenny doesn’t seem to be aware of this, and she turns around to look for help.

The lights cut right as the sound of hard metal slamming into the head of Jenny is heard. There’s a sound of scuffle, a few high-pitched grunts, and a satisfied feminine giggle. The lights come back on and Jenny is lying on the ground, body still but her chest still heaving with each breath. Beside her lies a steel chair, the center slightly caved in due to the impact with her head. Most obviously however, is the burlap sack covering her head, with the words:


Stitched in cursive.

A few seconds later, a backstage help walks down the hallway and finds Jenny lying down on the ground. He quickly rushes to her, and lifts her head up, removing the sack. He calls for help as the X-Tron fades to black.

Jim Ross: What in the world was that.. Who in the world was that?

Huey D. Louie: Whoever it was is going to pay for hurting that specimen of perfection!

Jim Ross: Does this mean that Jenny Myst is not going to be in the match?

Huey D. Louie: Gee Jim, ya think!?

Jim Ross: I’m not a fan of Jenny Myst, or anyone associated with AX3, but that surprise attack was completely uncalled for!

Huey D. Louie: I agree JR! Jenny Myst is the picture of perfection! Anyone who is willing to do her harm is complete and utter scum in my book!

Jim Ross: Well folks, it looks as though we are going to have to start this match without Jenny Myst.

Huey D. Louis: Oh my God, is Jenny Myst REALLY going to compete here tonight after that grueling attack backstage!?!

Jim Ross: Surely not!

A pink light encompases the arena. Jenny enters the arena when the drums hit for the first time in her entrance music, around the 20 second mark.

Tig O’Bitties: Introducing first, from Las Vegas, Nevada, she is the "First Lady of AX3.....The Diva of The Damned, JENNNNY MYYYYSTTTT"

Jenny walks out from behind the curtain holding the back of her head with a sour, but determined look on her face.

Huey D. Louis: Jenny Myst REALLY is going to compete! She’s showing guts that most of the male locker room lacks JR!

Jim Ross: I can’t argue that point Huey, but I still question how wise of a decision it is for her to come out here in the condition that she is in.

She marches down the the ring until she gets to the front side of the ring. She hops up onto the apron, pausing momentarily to try and clear the cobwebs. Jenny, ignoring the obvious pain, smiles to the camera and leans back over the top rope while lifting a leg. She then throws a leg over the second rope and and bends at the waist (Stacey Keibler or Velvet Skye Style), she pauses between the ropes while bent over and gives the cameraman and that side of the crowd a nice show of her ass and nether region in tight pink spandex.

She waves her backside back and forth a few times before kicking her leg up and finishing the step into the ring. She reaches up and cradles the back of her head once more after entering the ring.

Jim Ross: Jenny Myst trying to entertain the fans, but you can tell that she is still suffering from the effects of that attack.

Huey D. Louie: Sure she is Jim, who wouldn’t be? The fact that she is even out here, and ready to compete shows just how serious she is about her in ring career.

Jim Ross: Alright, well it looks like we are ready to get this match underway!

Jenny is back up and flies at Cain, who catches her and drops her with a scoop slam. The Ultimate and Juni trade blows and Random jumps on Dick E's back like a piggy back. Dick E flips him over onto the mat but then turns around to a HUGE boot from Cain! Dick E goes tumbling back over the ropes.

Eliminated: Dick E. Tickler

Jenny is back on her feet and is trading blows back and forth with Random. Cain and Ultimate tie up. Juni then steps in and both her and Cain double team the Ultimate. Jenny whips Random into the ropes and he bounces off she hits him with a drop kick. Random goes down and she grabs Juni by the hair, pulling her back into a DDT. Cain is hammering down on Ultimate in the corner. She grabs Cain by the back of the black wife beater and spins him around. She gets up in his face and he just laughs. He punches Jenny square in the face and she crumbles to the ground, holding her face. She looks back up and there is a small amount of blood trickling from her lip. She licks it, and smiles. Getting up, however, she is blindsided by Random with a big clothesline. She rolls out of the ring UNDER THE ROPE.

Juni flies off the top rope with a forearm on Random as Ultimate continues to scrap with Cain. Jenny is outside and slaps the apron before walking to the corner and removing the top step.

Jim Ross: What the hell is that little wench doing?!

Huey D. Louis: Being hot. Come on over here. I have a lap for you to sit on!

Jim Ross: Stop it.

She reaches under the steps and pulls out a little canister of her favorite weapon, pepper spray. She walks around the ring as Juni now has Random bent backwards over the ropes.

Jim Ross: Juni is going to eliminate Random here!

Just then, Jenny walks over to where Random is. The ref has his back turned towards Cain and Ultimate. Ultimate has a boot on Cain's neck as he sits in the corner. Jenny gets on the apron and takes the cannister, SPRAYING THE MACE IN RANDOM'S EYES. He yells and falls over the ropes!

Eliminated: RANDOM

Jim Ross: By gawd! Jenny just gave Random a face full of pepper spray and the ref didn't see a damn thing!

She puts the small cannister in her bra and enter the ring. She trades blows with Juni just as Ultimate walks over. She Great Khali style chops Jenny on the top of the head, knocking her down flat.

Cain flies out of the corner and clotheslines Ultimate as Juni locks the Juni Lock on Jenny!

Jim Ross: Juni Lock! Juni Lock! Look at the contortion! She's gonna break Jenny in by gawd half!

Huey D. Louis: It doesn't matter though! She has to get her over the top rope!

Myst refuses to tap and Juni pulls harder. Jenny's face is the same color as her top, but she refuses to tap! Ultimate roars and goes to lift Cain but he is wiggling, he reverses and suplex's her back.

Juni pulls harder and a crack can be heard. Myst goes limp in the lock.

Jim Ross: My gawd! Her back could be broken here!

Huey D. Louis: I bet she will have the hottest wheel chair in history! I bet it will be pink!

Juni doesn't break the hold until Cain grabs her by the hair and rips her off. Jack Cain lifts her up in a gorilla press. Juni wiggles and fights but Cain tosses her over the ropes, right onto Danny Lome who topples over as well.

Jim Ross: What power by Cain!

Eliminated: Juni The Mutated Jap

Ultimate is back up. The match is down to three!

Ultimate has Cain against the ropes, and begins Rick Flair style chopping him. He leans back, but isn't close to going over. Jenny still lies motionless in the center of the ring.

The camera cuts the the back, showing Chaos watching the match on TV and biting his nails, clearly worried about Jenny and her possibly snapped spine.

Back to the match a particularly hard chop makes Cain angry and he fires a shot back at Ultimate and whips her into the ropes. Going for the big boot she hangs onto the ropes. Cain steps on Jenny, making her arch, as he goes to Ultimate.

Jim Ross: He just stepped on top of Myst!

Cain shoves his head, shoulder into the gut of Ultimate. She falls through the middle rope. Cain grabs her ankles and lifts her up, slamming her midsection and neck into the middle rope. She tumbles to the mat outside.

Cain turns his attention to the downed Myst. She still hasn't moved. He smiles and kicks her over onto her back. Laughing again he stomps her midsection, getting an "ooooff" from her. Then another, then another. Cain kicks her legs apart, with a big smile, and signals like he is going to kick her right in the camel toe!

Jim Ross: Cain is going to get himself disqualified!

Just as he rears his leg back, Ultimate is back in the ring. She spins him around and chops the top of his head. Jenny exhales, relived, holding her crotch. Rolling towards the ropes she uses the bottom rope to try to get up. As soon as she gets to her feet, she collapses again. Her back gives out.

Jim Ross: Juni did some serious damage to Jenny Myst's back here. She can't even stand!

Huey D. Louis: I'll help you!

Ultimate and Cain tie up again. They lock up in the middle of the ring and Ultimate gets a knee to the gut of Cain. Back against the ropes she bends him over it again. A forearm to the neck, she pushes down. Cain is almost off his feet and over when Myst jumps on her back! A rake to the eyes and Ultimate stumbles back. Myst still attached to her back Cain knees her in the gut this time. She bends forward and Jenny goes with her and Cain grabs her by her blonde hair. Grabbing her into power bomb position he walks towards the ropes. Jenny begins punching down on his head and is able to wiggle off. Landing on her feet, however, she collapses again.

Jim Ross: Second effort from Myst but her back gave out again. She may be hurt worse than we thought here!

Ultimate grabs Cain's head. ULTIMATE DEATH GRIP. She has it locked in with her fingers hard in his nostrils. Cain flails his arms but then notices Jenny is on all fours. He shoves Ultimate hard, who falls over Jenny. Picking up Myst, Cain throws Myst AT Ultimate who catches her the n kicks Myst in the back and they both topple over the ropes!

But, Myst reaches out and hangs on to the top rope as Ultimate hits the mat!

Jim Ross: Jenny stays alive! A heads up move by the Diva of the Damned and she's still alive in this match!"

Eliminated: The Ultimate

Cain shakes his head and goes to knock Jenny off the apron but she ducks with an impressive show of speed. Sliding into the ring she kicks Cain in the back of the knee, once, twice three times. She takes the big man to one knee. The climbing to the middle rope she jumps. SHINING WIZARD!

Jim Ross: Where the hell did this come from!

Huey D. Louis: Jenny was playing possum! She was playing possum and now she's got the upper hand!

Using the rope to fire some stomps down on Cain she smiles, her lip still bleeding and her teeth a little red, she blows a kiss to the crowd then grabs her tits and runs her hands up her chest in a sensual manner. "Perfection!" she yells. She turns back and gets an elbow to the gut from Cain but knees him in the face on the rebound.

Just then she gets an idea......and grins a wicked grin. She reaches into her bra to make sure the pepper spray is there. She pulls out the canister.....looks at it, then puts it back in. Cain elbows out of the corner and Jenny oversells it, stumbling back holding her nose. The ref goes to check on her and she shoves his hand away. Cain, like an emotionless machine, walks over and grabs her by the hair. He lifts her up to toss her over the ropes and in a quickdraw movement pulls out the canister and sprays Cain. She drops the cannister and kicks it out of the ring and Cain goes down to one knee.

Jim Ross: Are you kidding? The ref didn't see that! Jenny just sprayed Cain with that mace. By god, does she have no integrity!

Huey D. Louis: She wants to win!

Grabbing Cain by the head, his eyes are now all red. She goes for her signature move, Gold Digger. Running for a stratusfaction off the ropes he jumps and Cain catches her in mid air. Out of instinct he spins and hits a spinebuster, laying her flat as he drops to one knee again, rubbing his eyes.

Jim Ross: Desperation move by Cain! His ring awareness is outstanding considering the fact that he currently can’t see!

Jenny begins to stir. She gets up to one knee. Cain is back to his feet, still trying to wipe the tears from his eyes. Jenny glances over and realizes that she still has the advantage. Jenny stands up, and sneakily tip toes over to Cain. Jenny silently points and laughs at Cain who still is unable to see. Jenny taps Cain on the shoulder and Cain swings wildly in that direction. Jenny fights back laughter. Jenny then taps on Cain's other shoulder and once again Cain throws a wild punch in that direction.

Jim Ross: She’s just playing games now!

Huey D. Louis: There's nothing wrong with having a little fun in the ring JR!

Jenny lunges at Cain, wrapping both of her tiny hands around his neck! Jenny starts screaming and cursing Cain and she attempts to choke the life out of him. Cain reaches out and grabs Jenny by the hair. He then pounds her on the top of the head with a clubbing right hand. Jenny loses her grip and looks dazed.

Jim Ross: Cain just attacked the same spot that Jenny was hit with that chair earlier tonight!

Huey D. Louis: Well.. he wants to win too JR!

Cain uses his size and weight advantage to push Jenny backwards and up against the ropes. Cain lifts her up. She is now teetering over the top rope. Jenny realizes that she is about to be eliminated and springs to life. She begins kicking and clawing and screaming to high hell in a desperate attempt to get out of this unfavorable situation. A stiff kick to the face causes Cain to stagger back. Jenny lands safely inside of the ring. Cain rushes forwards with a clothesline! Jenny manages to duck it sending Cain over the top rope!


Huey D. Louis: Not so fast JR!

Cain managed to hold onto the ropes. He pulls himself up to the apron Jenny looks pissed. Jenny hits the opposite rope and on the rebound she attempts an Enziguri! Cain manages to lean in and catch her, immediately dumping her to the outside!

Eliminated: Jenny Myst!

Cain steps through the ropes as the bell sounds.

Winner - Jack Cain!

Jim Ross: He just dumped Jenny like yesterday's trash!

Huey D. Louis: NOT FAIR, NOT FAIR! Jenny should be given a do over! She was attacked before this match even started!

Cain raises his right arm in victory as he continues to try and wipe the tears from his eyes. On the outside, Jenny is looking very upset and pouty. Sitting on her ass, she kicks her heels into the floor while huffing and puffing.


Where are you Kato!

Backstage we hear The Bitch Doctor Joshua Reno, brother from another mother to former Universal Champion Gabe Reno yelling at the top of his lungs for somewhat recently fired XWF General Manager Colton Kato.

Kato! Where the fuck you at man?

Bitch Doctor approaches a few no name XWF wrestlers like Bearded War Pig, Chris Chaos and his tranny girlfriend Jenny Myst asking about Kato but all of them ignore Bitch Doctor like he isn't even there.

Man fuck you guys. And I mean guys because Jenny that adam's apple is the biggest one I've ever seen.

Bitch Doctor pushes a curtain aside and opens a few doors looking for Kato but to no avail. Finally, he comes across a singular door with a piece of paper taped to it that says "Definitely not Colton Kato's Dressing Room".


Bitch Doctor opens the door and freezes in horror as he sees a room with Colton Kato's face as the wallpaper. Nothing else on the walls just the Kato wallpaper. In the center of the room is a small side table with a bright golden dildo in the center with a note attached to it that says "Definitely not Colton Kato's Golden Dildo."


Bitch Doctor takes one step forward into the room and starts yelling again.

Kato you in here? Look, man, I got my match coming up. I asked these fucking faggots to book me in the main event and they didn't. They told me they would at least let you be the guest commentator on my match and that shit is about to start so I'll see you there bro.

[Image: Danny%20Imperial_zpsbtasox8c.jpg][Image: smallVS_zpsvftl8yae.gif][Image: BITCHdoctor_zps6nf8wzkm.jpg]
Singles Match
Standard Rules
2000 Word Limit

Jim Ross: Well folks, our shooting star seems to have simmered away after two losses.

Huey D. Louie: What a load of disappointment eh?

Jim Ross: Yes, a week as Television Champion seems to have changed how management felt about this kid.

Huey D. Louie: And he’s facing none other than, brother of Gabe Reno, The Bitch Doctor, Josh Reno! He’s going to get another lesson taught to him, I reckon.

"Hail To The King" Blares through the speakers as laser multi-colored lights move haphazardly through the stadium. As the heavy guitar drops, two opposite flares shoot out from the base of the entrance. A crazed, grinning Danny Imperial walks out from behind the curtain. He runs a hand across his face, pulling back his hair.

Tig O’ Bitties: The following match is set for one fall, hailing from the streets of Brooklyn, New York, and weighing in at 215 pounds, he is the King of The Jungle…. DANNNNYYYY IMPEEEERIALLLL!!!

He strolls down the ramp towards the ring, impatiently glancing from side to side, keeping his eyes glued to the ring.. He slides smoothly into the ring, crawling up to the announcer, Tig O' Bitties. Climbing up one of the turnbuckles. He sticks both hands into the air and licks his lips in anticipation.

He leaps off the turnbuckle, walking to the center of the ring as a blue light shines on him. He simulates a crown on his head, lifting the imaginary crown and placing it at the center of the ring. He walks back to a turnbuckle, and lies across the ropes awaiting his opponent.

Jim Ross: Kid knows he needs to prove himself yet again after that Nixon debacle.

After Flo-Rida’s monologue, the high chorus of “I Cry” starts to play loudly through the system. Josh Reno steps out through the curtain and makes a straight line down to the ring. He walks up the stairs, ignoring any reaction from the fans. He flips them off as he slips into the ring, coming up close to Danny and asking him to fuck off as well.

Tig O’ Bitties: And his opponent, from San Francisco, California. He weighs in at an unknown weight, he is The Bitch Doctor, Joshuaaaa REEEENO!

Chaz Bobo is the referee for the match and he walks up to both superstars, checking them for any weapons. Satisfied that they’re clear and having been yelled at by Reno, he calls for the bell which is rung immediately.

Jim Ross: And we are underway folks.

Huey D. Louie: Josh is gonna rip Danny out, isn’t he?

Danny runs away from Josh, bouncing off the ropes and charging towards Josh. Josh arches an eyebrow, sticking his boot up to catch Danny in the chin. Danny slips under the waiting leg, crawling around Josh. Josh quickly turns around and throws a punch at Imperial. Danny slips around Josh one more time and pushing Josh in the back.

Josh turns around to face Danny, only to see Danny charging back down from the ropes towards him again. Danny leaps into the air this time, spinning in midair and catching Josh with a hard forearm. Josh hits the mat, but is quick to roll to the ropes, clinging on to them for support. Danny is bouncing from one foot to the other, his eyes are wide and hungry.

Josh picks himself up onto his feet, walking over to Danny. Danny keeps his eyes fixed on Reno, as Reno flips him off. The crowd bursts into boo’s at the blatant disrespect shown by Reno. Danny, looks at the two middle fingers pointed at him, he grins momentarily and then breaks into a resounding laugh. The audience stares back, stunned to silence.

Jim Ross: Josh Reno is not giving Danny any respect as a competitor.

Huey D. Louie: Well, Danny seem’s just a little too kooky to deserve respect, JR.

Josh turns away from Danny, going to make his way out of the ring. He seems to have had enough of this match already, it’s barely begun. Danny realizes this, charging the back of Josh and going for a inverted thez press. Josh, hearing the heavy footsteps, drops to the mat, forcing Danny into the ropes and gets himself entangled. Josh takes advantage of his predicament, sliding a hand between Danny’s legs and rolling him up into a cradle. Bobo drops to the mat.




Jim Ross: Reno trying to steal the win early on here with some quick thinking.

Following the kick out, Danny lies on his belly, fuming. He pushes himself up onto his feet and charges down the Doctor, who brings his hands up and cowers at the body. He squats down in the middle of the ring, almost crawling into fetal position. Danny begins to reign kicks and punches down to the figure and a slight whimper can be heard from the little body.

Huey D. Louie: Is he… Crying?

Danny stops his attack, taking a step back and arching an eyebrow at the fetal and crying body. He growls slightly, snarling and revealing his teeth. He runs towards the ropes, bouncing off them and going for a baseball slide onto Reno. Josh just drops to his side, tightening his curled up ball. Danny’s legs slam into his body, sending Josh out through the bottom rope and onto the floor outside. Reno lands with a thud, remains curled up and begins to cry even louder.

Danny stands in the middle of the ring, clearly flabbergasted. Bobo begins the count out.


Danny begins to pace around the ring impatiently.


Danny starts yelling at the referee, asking him to stop the crying and get the match back underway.


Jim Ross: Is he just going to stay out here?

Huey D. Louie: Let the poor lad cry, he’s having a tough night.


Danny has had enough, and slides out of the ring. He squats down and tries to pry the man open but Josh doesn’t seem to relent. Danny begins to coo to him, trying to lure him out slowly, which seems to get a little more response from Josh. However, the second Danny things he almost has him, Josh jabs his fingers out to poke Danny in the eyes. The move is behind the notice of the referee. Danny grabs at his eyes as he stumbles back into the ring apron. Josh uncurls and crawls into the ring, grabbing hold of Danny’s hair. Using his hold, he pulls Danny back into the ring and rolls him up for another cradle.




Danny kicks out furiously again, sending an unrelenting heel into the jaw of Joshua Reno. Josh rolls back, clutching his mouth and crying in full force. Danny rolls to his feet, still trying to get his vision back in line. He’s thoroughly fuming, as he charges towards Joshua. Joshua manages to get to his feet but is quickly caught by Danny. Danny wraps his legs around Joshua’s body and tucks the man’s head under one armpit. Danny leans back, slamming Joshua’s head into the hard mat. ON YOUR KNEES!

Jim Ross: Danny looks like he’s had enough and is ready to end this!

Danny gets to his feet, keeping one hand on Joshua’s long flowing hair. He pulls Joshua onto his feet by his hair and sends him flying into the ropes. On the rebound, Joshua is caught by Danny’s arms and thrown into the air. He’s spun in the air once before being sent crashing onto his back!!!


Jim Ross: Oh? This is a new one from Danny.

Danny pushes one leg up, forcing Joshua’s back onto the mat. Chaz drops for the count once again.




Jim Ross: What decimation by Danny, Joshua really needs to think about who he’s fighting.

Huey D. Louie: Danny’s just lucky that Joshua’s had a bad day, emotionally.

Winner: Danny Imperial

Not A Rape Match!!!
[Image: BilboBrommerBlumpkins_zpsdlfvncny.jpg][Image: smallVS_zpsvftl8yae.gif][Image: danny%20sex_zpsul1d6kxk.jpg]
Standard Rules
No Word Limit

Tig O’Bitties: The following match is scheduled for one fall. First, weighing in at 285 pounds… Danny Seeeeeeeeeeeeeexxxxx!!

Mr. Sex steps out onto the entrance way and he's humping the air, letting everybody know that he's going to have sex later. He air humps his way down to the ring, and everybody in the crowd goes nuts and starts having lots of sex. Male and female baby maker on baby maker friction. Mr. Sex enters the ring by kicking his right leg between the top and middle ropes, then his left, then he climbs the to the second turnbuckle in the near corner and humps the air as people continue to sex each other like crazy in the crowd over Mr. Sex.

Jim Ross: Look at Mr. Sex! He seems fired up for this one ladies and gentlemen! Folks this next match. Is going to be an odd one!

Huey D. Louie: An odd one? JR? Come on now! This next match is going to be a mess!

Tig O’Bitties: His opponent weighing in at 45 pounds… Bilbo Brommer Blumpkinsssssss!

Bilbo slaps his balls on the side as he wheels down to the ring in his chair, trying to make sure the beast stays awake. When in the ring, he rubs it for a minute before eyeballing his opponent.

Jim Ross: Bilbo is in a wheelchair for god sakes. The damn ref is helping him into the ring! How is this match going do work?

Huey D. Louie: Hey JR it truly is a handicap match. HA, Ha, Ha, HA!

Jim Ross: You know you truly are a terrible human being! Well, folks at home we are about to start this one right now! There’s the bell!

Bilbo is barley standing in the corner just staring at Sex. Sex looks over his shoulder and smiles walking over to the turnbuckle grabbing the top rope and violently thrusting his crotch into the middle turnbuckle. The crowd goes wild for SEX! Bilbo now licking his lips still stares at Sex not moving from his corner! Sex slowly humps his way towards Bilbo standing over the smaller wrestler. Sex laughs again before grinding his crotch right in Bilbo’s face!

Jim Ross: Would you look at Sex! What disrespect! That young man is disabled! OH wait a second, will you look at that!

Bilbo reaches out and grabs Sex by the crotch sending him to his knees. Not both wrestlers are about eye level. Bilbo pokes Sex in the eyes with a double eye poke. Sex immediately grabs both of his eyes dropping to all four’s. Bilbo then slides his erect member over the waistband of his joggers. Sex looks up holding his jaw. Bilbo slaps Sex across the cheek with his cock. Sex drops to the mat and violently wipes the "gay" from his cheek. Bilbo lets go of the ropes and topples down over Sex hitting an elbow drop on the small of Sex’s back. Bilbo then grabs ahold of Sex's tights and rolls them down exposing Sex's bare ass. Bilbo uses all of the strength in his oddly shaped baby arms to pull himself over top of Sex. Bilbo grabs his swollen cock and bites his bottom lip as he runs it down Danny Sex's ass crack. Danny's eyes fly open as he frantically fights to get to his feet, throwing Bilbo off of him in the process. Danny marches around the ring with a terrified look on his face as he adjusts his tights, covering his ass back up.

Jim Ross: What in the hell was that Huey!?!

Huey D. Louie: Bilbo said that he wanted a rape match! Since he didn't get one, it looks like he's trying to force his will on Danny Sex!

Jim Ross: Well... That is pretty much the definition of rape...

Danny Sex turns his attention to Bilbo who is still laying on the mat, seemingly amused by how dark of a shade of purple his penis is turning under his kung-fu grip. Danny's looking mad now. It seems that he's had enough of Bilbo's antics. Danny charges over and grabs Bilbo under the arms, lifting him up in the air. Bilbo reaches out with both arms and grabs the back of Danny's head. Bilbo pulls Danny's head to his erect penis and manages to get just the tip to break through Danny's lips.


Danny Sex panics and releases his grip on Bilbo. Bilbo falls backward to the mat but managed to keep hold of Danny's head on the way down. As Bilbo hits the mat, the impact from the bump forces a deep throat situation! Danny flies backward like he was just hit with the most powerful codebreaker in the history of man!

Jim Ross: I can't believe what I'm watching here!

[red]Huey D. Louie: That was an impactful move JR! Danny can barely breathe!

Bilbo crawls over to Danny Sex and throws his arm over him for the cover.



Sex kicks out sending Bilbo into the air. Bilbo lands on his feet, standing momentarily out of sheer luck before falling over. Sex trying to get off of the canvas manages to get to his knees before getting slapped in the face by Bilbo penis again. Sex this time doesn’t budge. Motioning for Bilbo to slap him again. Bilbo slaps sex once more! Sex starts shaking his head no. Bilbo squeezes his shaft tight and slaps Sex once more. Danny Sex climbs to his feet and begins marching around the ring shaking his head and fist! Danny Sex is "Hulking up"! Danny stretches the front of his tights out in front of him and motions that he is going to reach for something. Bilbo manages to pull himself up to a sitting position as Danny reaches into his tights and pulls out his fully erect penis!!!

Jim Ross: I may not agree with this match, but it has to be said... Ladies and gentlemen, BUSINESS IS ABOUT TO PICK UP!!!

Huey D. Louie: Sex is pumping up JR!

Danny is running his hand up and down the shaft of his cock as Bilbo watches on, oddly mesmerized. Danny thrust his hips towards Bilbo, pointing the head of his cock at Bilbo Blumpkinz as he shouts;

Mr. Sex: "YOU!!!!!"

Jim Ross: Bilbo has been in control since the start of the match! He has been all over Sex! But it looks like the tides are about to turn!!!

Danny Sex rushes over to Bilbo. He slides in on his knees and with a powerful thrust, Sex jams the head of his cock into the forehead of Bilbo Blumpkins!

Huey D. Louie: Last week we saw the finger poke of doom, this week it's the PENIS POKE OF DOOM!!!

Danny rest his cock on the fallen Bilbos chest and flexes as the ref drops in to count the pin!



Bilbo sort of kicks out as he grabs Danny Sex's penis and pulls the shaft to his mouth and bites into it!


Huey D. Louie: Disgusting or not, every move Bilbo has made has proven to be very effective JR!

Danny Sex lets out a painfull howl and jumps to his feet. Bilbo lays on the mat laughing historically as Sex massages his throbbing member. Sex glares at Bilbo for a moment. Suddenly Sex charges Bilbo, walking with a pelvic thrusting motion. Sex thrust over the fallen Bilbo stomping him in-between thrusts. Sex picks Bilbo up by the head and neck. Sex chops Bilbo in the chest while holding him in the air. Sex walks Bilbo to the corner and props him up. Sex takes a few steps back, then rushes in hitting a huge body splash! Bilbo remains in an upright position as he is held up by the ropes. Sex backs off going for his second huge body splash connecting this time sending Bilbo to the middle rope! Sex smiles quickly rushing over punching Bilbo in the head a few times. Sex grabs Bilbo legs setting him in the middle rope. Bilbo sits there in the middle rope almost out.

Jim Ross: Genitals Kick is coming up folks! If you are easily sickened looks away right NOW!

Danny Sex takes a few steps back, then rushes in like a punter for the NFL!

Huey D. Louie: Right on target! OUCH!

Bilbo crumples to the mat. Sex walks around the ring playing to the crowd thrusting about. Sex glances over and smiles at the fallen Bilbo. Sex motions for the end! Sex pulls Bilbo up from the canvas! Intergalactic Coitus!


Bilbo attaches the Facehugger and begins humping away!

Jim Ross: By god look at him go! Sex is fading!

Sex drops to one knee. The ref quickly checks in on Sex raising his hand into the air. Sex’s hand falls to the canvas. The ref again raises Sex’s hand into the air and again it falls to the canvas! The ref goes in for the third time and lifts Sex’s hand into the air. Sex gets up to his feet and begins thrusting wildly. Sex runs towards the ropes full speed. Unaware of where he is at launching Bilbo into the second row of the crowd! The fans do not catch the handicapped wrestler. Everyone instantly parts like the red sea. Bilbo crashes down onto the folding chairs and then the concrete floor beneath them! Sex points laughing thrusting a few more times!

Jim Ross: He’s broken in half! He may be dead!

The ref starts the 10 count.



Jim Ross: Bilbo isn't moving! He may be dead!

Huey D. Louie: I mean, even if he were moving, it's not like he could get very far.





Bilbo begins to stir...





Bilbo rolls over with a perverted smile on his face and his cock in his hand!



The bell rings signifying the end of the match. At that exact moment, Bilbo BOOMER Blumpkinz blows his load all over himself. The little fella lets out a sigh of relief as he seemingly passes out and his formally rock hard cock dwindles down in size.

Jim Ross: Thank God that's over!

Huey D. Louie: Well, it looks like Boomer got what he has been looking for since he first showed up in the XWF! Somebody put it in their mouth, and he finally shot is load! Even in defeat, this is a good day to be Bilbo Boomer Blumpkiz!

Winner via Countout: Danny Sex!

[Image: Mario_zpscepb1g86.jpg][Image: smallVS_zpsvftl8yae.gif][Image: SONIC_zpsih567zwq.jpg]
Standard Match
No Word Limit

Tig O’Bitties: Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, weighing in at 235 pounds and residing from Brooklyn, New York… SUUUUPER MAAAAAAAAARRRRIOOOOO!!!

Super Mario rises up from beneath the stage like out of the pipe with fog of smoke shadowing him as his music plays. The fans are going nuts for the red plumber! Mario nods to the crowd as he walks down the ramp. Mario slides into the ring and jumps up on the turnbuckle. He holds his right fist high in the air and the crowd begins to chant. *MARIO* *MARIO* *MARIO* Mario hops down from his perch and walks back to the center of the ring. He begins to adjust his gloves while waiting for his opponent to come out.

Jim Ross: Mario looks to be ready for a fight tonight Huey!

Huey D. Louie: If he brings it to Sonic the same way that he did with Dolly last week, then tonight will likely mark the end of the SEGA mascot JR!

Tig O’Bitties: And his opponent, weighing in at 255 pounds and residing from Green Hills Zone… SOOOOONIC THEEE HEEEEDGEHOOOOOOOOOGGG!!!

Jim Ross: Here he comes Huey! For the first time ever in an XWF ring, Sonic the Hedgehog will battle it out with long time nemesis Super Mario!

Huey D. Louie: Are you kidding me right now JR? Video game characters come to life? It’s painfully obvious that Sonic is nothing more than some guy in a poorly made Halloween costume!

The lights dim as footage from the first level of Sonic The Hedgehog plays in the background. A few moments go by with Sonic nowhere to be seen. Mario, getting impatient, walks closer to the ropes and begins jawing something inaudible as he motions for Sonic to get his ass out to the ring.

Jim Ross: I don’t understand! Sonic has talked a lot of smack leading into this match, so where is he?!

Huey D. Louie: I don’t know JR, maybe he chickened out and dropped out of the fight just like SEGA did sixteen years ago!

The Sonic music stops playing. Mario waves off the empty entrance ramp as he turns around laughing. Suddenly the arena lights shut down completely. All that you can see through the pitch black are cellphone screens lighting up in the crowd as the fans desperately search for some sort of light. Suddenly a spotlight fires up and shines down onto the entrance stage. Sonic The Hedgehog walks out from the back and just stands there in the light.

Jim Ross: Well there he is, but I’ve got to say, this is an odd entrance.

Huey D. Louie: I agree JR, something's not right about this!

Sonic reaches up and grabs his head with his right hand. He stands there motionless for a few seconds before finally ripping off the oversized costume head and revealing…

[Image: P0tsplq.jpg]


Huey D. Louie: Has he been Sonic The Hedgehog this entire time!?

Graves has a sinister grin on his face as he begins marching down the ramp with authority Cutting back to the ring, Mario seems to be caught completely off guard by this turn of events, but never the less he throws his dukes up and prepares for the inevitable fight that’s heading his way!

Jim Ross: Are we allowing this match to happen!? MICHEAL GRAVES DOESN’T WORK FOR THE XWF!!!

Suddenly a team of six security guards come running down the ramp behind Graves. They blast past him and form a wall at the bottom of the ramp to prevent Graves from making it to the ring.

Huey D. Louie: No JR, it doesn’t look like this match is happening after all!

Jim Ross: Instead of just blocking his way, how about we find out what in the hell Micheal did with Jane Carver earlier tonight!?

Graves stops just shy of the security guards. One of the guards takes a step forward and begins yelling at Graves to go back up the ramp. Without hesitation, Graves sends him crashing to the ground with a big right hand. The other five guards all move in on Graves together, Graves sends another one down with a swift roundhouse. The remaining four grab Graves up and wrestle him into submission. They begin to march Graves back up the ramp, but suddenly and without warning, Graves breaks free!

Jim Ross: Quick, we need more security out here NOW!!!

Graves begins throwing seemingly wild rights and lefts, but each one finds it’s target without fail, and before long all of the security guards are down and out. Graves turns his attention back to Mario. Mario is standing in the ring, and seemingly rolled out to get a chair while Graves was dealing with security. Graves is unphased by Mario and his newfound weapon. Graves charges to the ring and quickly slides in under the bottom rope.

Jim Ross: He shouldn’t even be here, but by damn, business is about to pick up!!

Huey D. Louie: It’s going to be a slobberknocker, right?


Graves is up to his feet, Mario rushes in with the chair. Graves takes a solid chair shot to the head. Graves stumbles back and hits the ropes. He recovers quickly and rebounds off of the ropes taking Mario off of his feet with a surprise clothesline! Graves mounts Mario, grabbing a fist full of hair in the process. Graves begins pounding away at Mario’s head with stiff right hands!

Jim Ross: This isn’t even a match! Micheal Graves has no business being out here! Somebody stop this!!!

Mario manages to push Graves off of him. Graves rolls across the ring and gets back to his feet. Mario is also quick to get back to his feet. The two men meet in the middle and begin exchanging blows.

A right from Graves!

Now a right from Mario!!

Graves stumbles, recovers, throws another right!

Mario’s arms drop, he’s out of his feet!

No, Mario fires back with a right!

A left!

Another right!

Graves backs into the corner.

Jim Ross: Super Mario beginning to gain the upper hand!

Mario charges into the corner, but is met by a boot to the face from Graves! Graves springs out of the corner and takes Mario off of his feet with an Axe Bomber! Graves tears open the front of his Sonic costume and reaches in, pulling out some sort of shank.


Huey D. Louie: It looks to be some sort of knife, or prison shank!

Graves mounts Mario once again, this time he takes that sharp object and drives it into Mario’s forehead! Blood immediately begins to pour from the open wound! Micheal continues to dig into Mario’s skull. Mario tries to fight back, but Graves just takes the blunt end of his shank and pounds Mario in the forehead with it a few times.


Huey D. Louie: Well JR, Graves did warn Mario to stay away from his woman now didn’t he?

Jim Ross: Oh give me a break!!!

Graves looks up to the booing crowd with a wild look in his eyes. He then brings the bloody blade to his mouth and licks it dry, laughing afterward as the crowd continues to boo. Graves climbs off of Mario and gets back to his feet. He leans over and grabs the half unconscious Mario by the hair and brings him up to his feet.


The arena is suddenly plunged into darkness, and silence sweeps the seats. An eerie smoke fills the stage area, pouring over down the ramp. A hushed, inaudible whisper breaks the silence, seemingly coming from every corner of the arena. The X-Tron lights up. A countdown begins to flicker.

Michael Graves remains standing in the ring, looking up at the screen, more curious than surprised he drops Mario, who slowly rolls out of the ring. The electric guitar hits right after the countdown and the lights through the arena begin the flash, the whispers seem to increase in volume. Graves begins to look to either side of him, making sure that nobody is sneaking up on him.

Jim Ross: What in the blue hell is going on here!

Huey D. Louie: I’m kinda scared JR, you think Tig O’ will cuddle with me?

A piece of text flickers onto the X-Tron.


The silhouette of a man appears against the smoke at the top of the ramp, in his hand is a what looks to be a long stick. The figure stands still for a few seconds, before sprinting with incredible speed towards the ring. Graves doesn’t know what to do and braces himself for a confrontation. The man slides into the ring, and he’s wearing a featureless golden metallic mask that covers his head completely. He stands in front of Graves, and extends his arm forward, like a handshake. The sentence on the screen flickers off and is replaced by another.


Graves looks at the hand, curiosity, and caution creeping into him. He glances from the hand to the face and back to the hand. Finally, he reaches out his hand to grasp it firmly. The man’s other hand extends out to caress the side of Grave’s face gently. He jerks his right hand towards his body, pulling Graves towards him hard and slamming his forehead into the bigger man's own. Stunned by the sudden headbutt, Graves stumbles back and clutches his head. The masked man immediately begins to overwhelm him with kendo hits and knee strikes.

Jim Ross: What just happened! I thought he was offering to help!

Huey D. Louie: Well I guess he knew the only way to help this sick bastard was to get rid of him.

Graves has his hands up, shielding his face from most of the hits. He lets out an unearthly grunt, before fighting back, using all his strength to shove the masked man off him and to the mat. The man bounces off the mat and is quick to his feet, returning to kicking and beating on Graves. However, the brief pause gave Graves enough time to gather his wits and fight back. The two men trade blows in the middle of the ring.

A crack of thunder erupts through the stadium.

Out of nowhere, a much larger man barrels down the ramp, his head is also covered in a mask, yet it was different. A black, full encompassing metallic mask designed to look like a skull. He had a pair of black knuckle-dusters on his hand. He slides into the ring behind the first man leaps into the air. The first man drops instinctively to the mat, allowing the second man to land an incredibly hard right hand into the forehead of Graves. Michael Graves drops to the mat with a thud, lying motionless.

The first man glances to the second, and the two just look at each other for a while. The smaller first man gets up from the mat, maintaining his distance from the bigger man.

Jim Ross: Looks to me like these two don’t even trust each other.

Huey D. Louie: You going to start trusting someone with a potato sack for a head, JR?

The smaller man takes out something from his cargo pants, another mask, and covers Grave’s head with it. On it, clear for the camera’s to see, are the words:


The two men then turn away from the ring, walking back up the ramp and to the backstage. Asylum by Disturbed continues to play until they leave the arena. The security guards from earlier enter the ring and collect Graves. Two uniformed police officers join them in the ring. They place Micheal Graves in handcuffs and escort him up the ramp.

Jim Ross: That’s right! Get that piece of trash out of here and find out what he did with Jane Carver!

Huey D. Louie: I told you JR, she’s fine. Jane is far beyond Micheal’s age limits!

Savage cuts to the back as JT Washington's office door can be seen. After about 10 seconds of showing the door, it opens and Jenny Myst walks out. Changed out of her wrestling gear and now in ripped jeans and a racing top.

[Image: xdxQcAh.jpg] She has a bottle of super glue in her hand and a little wrench. She had glued JT's chair and rigged the lock. She steps out, looks side to side, grins, then walks off screen.

Jim Ross: What in the hell was that all about?!

Savage goes to commercial.

Coming back on we see Jenny standing talking to what appears to be two male strippers.

"And if he makes it this far, distract him. That's what I'm paying you for", the two men nodded. "He's a good looking guy, you'll like him, plus I am pretty sure he swings in your it."

The two men nodded as Jenny patted on on the shoulder and walked by.

[Image: Doctor%20DVille_zpshjcfbkai.jpg][Image: smallVS_zpsvftl8yae.gif][Image: Chris%20Chaos_zpscme0kpih.jpg]
Standard Rules
No Word Limit
Ax3 and The Kings™ are banned from ringside per Dr. Matthews orders

Tig O’Bitties
Tonights contest is scheduled for one fall! As ordered by Dr. Milton Matthews, all members of The Kings™ and Ax3 are banned from ringside! Introducing first, hailing from Clearwater Beach, FL, weighing 240 lbs, CHRIS CHAOS!

Chris Chaos emerges from the back, onto the entrance ramp. Fog begins to roll around Chris Chaos as he slowly makes his way down the entrance ramp toward the ring. At the end of the entrance ramp Chris Chaos sprints towards the ring and slides under the bottom rope and into the ring. He walks around the ring methodically, waiting for his opponent!

Tig O’Bitties
And his opponent, hai…

Suddenly there is a poof of smoke in the middle of the ring! An immersion so powerful that it sends Tig O’Bitties falling through the middle rope and out to floor below! Uh oh, wardrobe malfunction!

As the smoke clears, we see Jester Cadryn standing in the middle of the ring holding a microphone!

Jester Cadryn
“The entrance of a King™ deserves much celebration, only Jester Cadryn can capture the nation! Milton thought he was coy, he thought he was slick. But Jester Cadryn isn’t a King™, so sucketh this dick! While the rest of you stand around in the back and squawk, Jester Cadryn will do what he does best, that’s talk! He will join the men sitting across from the ring, to tell us the story of the one he calls King™. King™ D’ville is on his way now, it shouldn’t be long. If I were you Chaos, I’d probably get gone…”

Another poof of smoke and Jester Cadryn has travelled from the middle of the ring, to the announce table, where he sits alongside Jim Ross and Huey D. Louie!

The lights go out in the arena followed by an eerie red glow. Smoke rises from the entrance way and the Doctor emerges from it. He stands at the top of the ramp and looks out among the crowd, then slowly begins walking towards the ring. The Doctor climbs the ring steps and into the ring, he stands on the second turnbuckle and holds his arms into the air as the lights flash back on.

Jim Ross: Welcome, Cadryn, it’s good to see you once more!

Cadryn Tiberius: Thanks, JR. I love your BBQ sauce, I put it on all my meat.

Huey D. Louie: I bet you do, fag.

Cadryn Tiberius: One more crack like that, partner, and I’ll put my meat on you.

The bell sounds and we’re off!

Both men stand ready in the ring. They continue to stare each other down as they slowly walk towards one another. As soon as they are in arms reach, they lockup!

Jim Ross: This match is going to be a slobberknocker!

Cadryn: You’re gonna do what to my knocker?!

Chaos quickly gains the upper hand, taking the arm of D’ville and locking it behind the back of D’ville. D’ville smiles sadistically and quickly reverses, showing his own power!

Huey D. Louie: Chaos is gonna make quick work of this old man, that’s for sure.

Cadryn: Highly unlikely. The first time was dumb luck, I doubt lightning will strike twice for Double C.

Chaos manages to break the hold!

Chaos grabs D’ville by the arm and whips him into the ropes. D’ville hits the ropes and bounces back, Chaos tries for a clothesline, but D’ville ducks under! D’ville hits the ropes on the opposite side of the ring and comes flying back towards Chaos once more, D’ville tries for a clothesline himself, but Chaos ducks! D’ville stops in his tracks and turns to grab Chaos. Chaos is too quick and manages to sidestep, nailing D’ville with a right hook that staggers him! Still on his feet D’ville marches forward once more, Chaos hits him with another shot to the chin! D’ville just won’t go down, Chaos bounces off the ropes and manages to hit D’ville with a missile drop kick that finally takes him off his feet and down to the mat!

Jim Ross: Can you believe the intensity? These men have a hatred for each other like you wouldn’t believe!

Cadryn: Oh, I believe it, Jimmy. I’ve been on the receiving end of the carnage Chaos can craft, definitely not hard to hate the guy.

D’ville quickly jumps back to his feet not letting Chaos gain any real momentum. D’ville charges Chaos but Chaos grabs referee Chaz Bobo and throws him in front of D’ville! D’ville puts on the brakes, coming to a quick stop before crashing into Bobo. Bobo turns to warn Chaos, but D’ville shoves him out of the way! Bobo stumbles a bit as D’ville begins landing blow after blow to the head of Chaos! Every punch landed sends Chaos backwards a few feet, eventually knocking him into the corner, against the turnbuckles!

D’ville kneels over and begins driving his shoulder into the abdomen of Chaos! Chaos bounces off the turnbuckles, but there is nowhere to go as D’ville relentlessly attacks his midsection! Finally Bobo steps in and pulls D’ville away, forcing the break. D’ville steps back and waits patiently for Chaos to come charging out of the corner.

Huey D. Louie: That old man needs to be careful, his brittle bones might crumble into dust!

Cadryn: Anyone ever tell you that you look like Will Ferrell?

Huey D. Louie: I get that a lot, actually.

Jim Ross: It wasn’t a compliment.

Chaos stands in the corner, realizing that D’ville is waiting for him, he takes his time and keeps his distance. D’ville grows tired of waiting and begins walking towards Chaos, Chaos out of nowhere sprints forward and manages to land a vicious clothesline on D’ville! D’ville crashes to the mat, holding his chest and lower back! Chaos walks around the ring, trying to gain his composure before going on the attack once more. Chaos pulls D’ville to a sitting position in the middle of the ring, runs, bounces off the ropes, and hits D’ville in the chest with a running kick! D’ville falls back to the mat once again, writhing in pain. Chaos begins to feel the momentum shift as he pulls D’ville to his feet by the back of his head. Chaos runs D’ville head first into the turnbuckle! Before D’ville can fall Chaos holds the back of his head, and begins slamming his head into the top turnbuckle once more!










Chaos pauses for a moment, says something inaudible to D’ville and proceeds to try and land the 10th blow!

D’ville manages to get his hands up and block! D’ville throws an elbow, hitting Chaos in the side of the head, forcing him back a few feet. D’ville turns around and lands a kick to the midsection! Chaos bends forward clutching his stomach, D’ville grabs Chaos by his arms, places his head under his arm…

Double arm DDT!

Jim Ross: What a move by the veteran Doctor D’ville!

Cadryn: There is a reason I befriend men like this, JR.

D’ville drives Chaos head first into the mat with force!

D’ville rolls him on his back and makes the cover! Chaz Bobo drops to the mat and begins to count!




Chaos kicks out before 3!

Huey D. Louie: Phew, I couldn’t live with myself if that old bastard won!

D’ville jumps to his feet and goes back on the offensive once more. D’ville grabs Chaos by the hair and begins dragging him to the center of the ring. D’ville begins stomping away at the body of Chaos! Chaos is flopping around like a fish out of water trying to get away from D’ville, but everytime he tries to get away D’ville follows and lands another stomp to his body! Chaos after a few seconds lays in the ring, lifeless. D’ville begins circling the ring, looking to capitalize.

D’ville begins climbing the turnbuckles, eventually making it to the top rope!

He pauses for a moment before jumping off!



Chaz Bobo drops to the mat once more and begins to count!




Chaos kicked out before the count of three!

Cadryn: Holy shit, I figured that was it.

Huey D. Louie: That’s my boy, still kickin!

D’ville shakes his head in frustration as he rolls off of Chaos and begins to stand up.

D’ville pulls Chaos to his feet and begins trying to lift him up..

Doc has Chaos up for a slam but the former Universal Champ begins to struggle. Doc stumbles back and Chaos's leg darts out and hits the ref.

Huey D. Louie: The ref is down! That looked pretty blatant from Chaos!

Jim Ross: You're damn right it was blatant! What the hell is this!!!!!

Jenny Myst, out of her wrestling gear and now in a pair of ripped jeans and a tight racing shirt, is walking down the aisle.

Chris and Doc are trading blows in the corner.

Jim Ross: AX3 and Kings are banned from ringside! What the hell is she doing?!

Doc suplex’s Chris out of the corner, just as Jenny gets up on the apron. She has something in her hand. She grabs Doc by the shoulder and he turns around. PEPPER SPRAY


He stumbles back holding his eyes.


Jim Ross: BAH GAWD! Jenny Myst, that wench! She just sprayed Doc and then Chaos damn near broke him in half!

Cadryn: Someone needs to stop these two. I may have to be the one to do it someday! It's getting out of control!

Chaos covers, hooks the leg. But the ref is down!

As he begins to stir, Jenny rolls out of the ring and hides under it.

The ref slides over for the count!




Huey D. Louie: Ref took too long to get there! That should have been 3!

Jim Ross: Should have been three? My ass. Chaos SHOULD BE disqualified!

Chris picks up Doc by the head but the old veteran gets a few elbows in, but his eyes still burn and Chaos takes advantage, raking them before clotheslining Doc.

Huey D. Louie: Chaos has taken control of Doc D'Ville! The homey is in trouble!

Jim Ross: This is elder abuse! I'm calling AARP!

Huey D. Louie: SMH nigga you old as fuh.

The crowd reacts to something off camera just as Chris Chaos is moving in for the kill on Doc, although D'Ville is still smiling as he lies on the canvas catching his breath.

Huey D. Louie: YO! Is that the boss's girl?

As Huey speculated, Roxy Cotton has indeed appeared on the ramp, and she has something in her hand that is hard to make out.

At ringside, Jenny Myst sees her High Stakes opponent making her way down the ramp, and she turns toward her and yammers. The two blonde bombshells jaw back and forth while Miss Cotton walks toward the ring... but then she breaks into a run!

Jim Ross: Son, do you have any idea how hard it is to run in heels that high?

Huey D. Louie: The fuck? Naw man I don't play like that.

Jim Ross: It's very, very difficult.

Jenny Myst, startled, tries to turn on her heels and run... but Roxy Cotton gets to her in long strides like a gazelle on the African savannah and spears her to the concrete!

Huey D. Louie: Oh damn!

Roxy drops Jenny and immediately straddles her, throwing punch after punch into Myst's face while the Sex Metal Barbie does her best to cover up.

Jenny tries to squirm away, rolling onto her belly. Roxy grabs two fistfuls of her hair and yanks quite a bit of it out at the root! Jenny screams and continues trying to wriggle free.

Huey D. Louie: Oh shit, son! Bottle Blonde #1 just yanked up Bottle Blonde #2's skirt!

Roxy has Myst's miniskirt yanked up over her hips now, completely exposing Myst's barely-there thong. Roxy grabs Myst by the back of her head again and slams her face first into the concrete floor, completely knocking her out. Roxy then spanks Myst's exposed ass cheeks until they are covered in bright red hand prints while the crowd cat calls and whistles in happiness.

After a second, Roxy reveals what she'd had in her hand at the top of the ramp. It looks like a mechanical gun of some kind.

Jim Ross: What's in the tramp's hand?


With a click and a hum, Roxy turns on the tattoo gun. In the ring, Chris Chaos has seen enough and heads to the side of the ring, taking a swipe at Roxy. He misses due to the height difference, even with him leaning as far over the ropes as he can.

After Chaos shouts a few choice misogynistic terms at Roxy Cotton, all of which get ignored with a straight middle finger and a pair of rolling eyes, the Chaotic One gets snatched up from behind!

Huey D. Louie: Took his eye off the ball! Now CC gonna get murked.

Jim Ross: I don't even know what you're saying half the time…

Doc lifts Chaos onto his shoulders in a torture rack position, then flips him over in an inverted Fireman's carry and drops him in a cutter! Chaos flops onto his back like a dead fish, but Doc chooses to stand and watch the action outside of the ring rather than go for a cover.

"Do continue, Miss Cotton. Don't mind him at all."

With a grin, Doc continues to watch while Roxy smirks and holds the tattoo gun up over her head for the crowd to cheer for... she then brings the gun down right onto Jenny Myst's ass! She scrawls the gun across Myst's ass cheek, and Myst starts to come to, feeling the pain of having her ass tattooed.

"Sit still, sugar, I'm almost done."

Jenny Myst screams and flails her arms and legs, but Roxy has her pinned down and helpless as she finishes up her work and admires it. Roxy beckons for a nearby cameraman to come and zoom in, and that's when the entire XWF Galaxy gets a good look at what it now says across Jenny Myst's backside:


Roxy hops up and gives Jenny a good kick in the stomach, making her curl up in a ball and exposing her newly branded ass for the world to see. Roxy then makes her way back up the ramp to cheers as Doc and Chaos continue to go at it in the ring.

Cadryn: This has been interesting, to say the least, JR.


Huey D. Louie: Oh look, JR is having another stroke, news at 11.

Back in the ring, D’ville goes to work on Chaos once more. D’ville has mounted Chaos, and begins landing slow, methodically placed blows to the head of Chaos. D’ville continues to wipe his eyes, trying his best to clear up his vision after the vicious pepper spray attack. D’ville gets to his feet, with a wild look in his eyes, he climbs to the top turnbuckle once more. He pauses for a moment on the top turnbuckle, taking in the cheers of his fans.

Out of nowhere, Chaos hops to his feet, seemingly faking the unconscious state that D’ville thought he was in! Chaos rush's D’ville in the corner before he even knows what is going on! Chaos grabs him from the top rope and places him in a fireman's carry!



D’ville and Chaos both hit the mat hard!

Cadryn: GET UP, DOC, GET UP!

Both men are on the mat! Chaos exhausted his last bit of energy to counter D’ville into The Equalizer!

Chaos begins to stir, and manages to throw an arm over the chest of D’ville!

Bobo begins to count!






Chaos throws his hands over his face, a look of disappointment adorns the former Universal Champions face. He can’t believe what has transpired so far tonight!

Cadryn: Doc is one of the toughest SOB’s I’ve ever met, this is incredible, JR.

Chaos slowly manages to make it to a standing position. His stamina is running low, but his determination is unflinching. Chaos pulls D’ville to his feet and takes a few steps back..









Huey D. Louie: Don’t go out like a bitch, Chaos, finish him off!












Huey D. Louie: FUCK YOU KINGS™!!


Jenny is consoling a sitting Chaos, who is clearly upset.

The X-Tron comes on.

Matthews is talking to JT who is now out of his office.

Dr. Milton Matthews: EITHER YOU TELL HER, OR I WILL!!!

J.T. Washinton: OKAY, OKAY!

Chris and Jenny look at each other, befuddled as JT Washington's music hits.

He has a mic in his hand.

J.T. Washinton: Jenny. Jenny, Jenny, Jenny. Nice little trick there, with the super-glue and the male strippers. Nice touch, but unfortunately for you it was money wasted. You see, you had explicit orders, as did the rest of AX3 and the Kings, that NOBODY from either faction was to interfere at all in this match. You broke that rule, and now, Jenny, you have to pay.

Chris and Jenny both point, trash-talking the GM.

J.T. Washinton: So after discussing it with Matthews, we have come to a conclusion. The match result is the match result, we cannot and will not change that. BUT, Jenny, next week on Savage YOU will face a member of the KINGS. This member will be of Matthews's choosing, stipulations and all!

Chris now has a mic.

Chris Chaos: NO! JT you can't do that! She's a woman, for god sakes! I'll take the match. It was my plan anyway, I orchestrated it. She came down because I told her to.

J.T. Washinton: That's just it, Chris. You WILL be involved. You see, Matthews knew you'd try to weasel your girlfriend out of this. So, if ANYONE, and I mean A-N-Y-O-N-E from AX3 gets involved in this match, including YOU, Chris, then you will NOT be competing at High Stakes! You will be out of the Pay Per View!

Chris is flipping out in the ring, pulling his hair out.

Chris Chaos: YOU CAN'T DO THAT!

J.T. Washinton: Funny thing Chris, I just did. So, Jenny, tell me, who's the bitch now?!

JT's music hits as he smiles and waves to the crowd before turning around and exiting. Jenny gulps and looks at a flipping out Chaos, who punches the turnbuckle.

[Image: 8K9Z08s.png]
TV Champion - Thomas Nixon

[Image: ThomasNixon_zpss1ooz3hy.jpg][Image: smallVS_zpsvftl8yae.gif][Image: Mezian_zpsigccbzqw.jpg]
Television Title Match
Standard Rules
2000 Word Limit
15 Minute Time Limit

Tig O’Bitties
Introducing first, the challenger, weighing in at 230 pounds, from Cincinnati, Ohio, MIIIZIAAAAAN!!!

Dim Blue light with smoke and flashes that flash in sync with the music. Mezian walks down to the ramp and rolls into the ring.

Jim Ross: No nonsense from Mezian tonight Huey!

Huey D. Louie: Of course not, he has a championship to win JR!

Tig O’Bitties
And the Champion, weighing in at 205 pounds, from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, THOMAAAAS NIIIIIXXOOOOOONNN!!!

"My Sacrifice" by Creed booms through the arena, and the crowd cheers in anticipation for the beloved Thomas Nixon. As Scott Stapp's voice plays over the PA, Nixon appears on the stage wearing his black trunks and cape. What stands out to the crowd most is the green lizard insignia on the back of the cape that represents what Thomas is truly fighting for. Nixon races down the ramp, as the crowd applauds him and his cause, whether he is completely insane or not. Nixon hops on the and climbs up the far turnbuckle. Taking off his cape, he then holds it like a flag and gestures at the insignia. The crowd roars in approval, before Thomas enters the ring and holds his TV Championship high above his head for the XWF Universe to see.

Jim Ross: Thomas Nixon is a proud champion. Mezian had best bring his A game if he hopes to take that title tonight!

Huey D. Louie: Would you expect Mezian to bring anything less?!

And the bell sounds...


Nixon and Mizian begin to circle one another. Mizian suddenly stops in his tracks and extends his hand to Nixon. Nixon looks down at Mizian’s gesture cautiously. Mizian places his left hand behind his back and ensures Nixon that it’s not a trick. Nixon slowly reaches out to shake Mizian’s hand, stopping just shy of the grip. Nixon looks out to the fans to judge their opinion on how he should proceed. Finally Nixon extends, grips, and shakes the hand of Mezian without incident. The two men separate, Nixon seems to be impressed with Mezian’s sportsmanship.

Jim Ross: A genuine show of respect that isn’t seen too often in this day and age. This match should prove to be a classic!

Huey D. Louie: Two men shaking hands suddenly makes this match a classic? You’re standards have fallen bud!

The two tie up, and Nixon executes a shin breaker suplex. He then grabs Mezian’s head in a front headlock, but Mezian hits some elbows to the abdomen to break it up, only to be cut off with a kick to the gut and a series of knife edged chops followed by a stiff DDT. Nixon drops an elbow to the chest of Mezian and follows it up with a headlock. Mezian begins kicking his feet and trying to squirm out of the hold. Nixon releases the hold and pulls Mezian up and Irish whips him into the ropes, catching him on the rebound with a twisting an exploder suplex. He then runs off of the ropes and hits a leaping knee drop to Mezian forehead. Mizian clinches his head and rolls under the bottom rope to catch a breather.

Jim Ross: Thomas Nixon is proving to be in rare form tonight!

Huey D. Louie: Yeah, well he had better be careful. Mezian may be playing nice for now, but let’s not forget that he isn’t the most well balanced guy on the roster. If Nixon continues to frustrate him, there’s no telling what he may do!

Nixon waits patently in the center of the ring for Mezian to return to action. Mezian paces around the ring, keeping his eyes on Nixon the entire time. Mezian has an odd smile on his face. Mezian rolls back into the ring and jumps to his feet. Nixon waves him on and Mezian rushes in with a clothesline. Nixon ducks. Mezian hits the ropes, and on the rebound Nixon leaps over him. Mezian hits the ropes again, and on the rebound, Nixon drops to the mat, but Mezian anticipated this move, and comes in with a baseball slide to Nixon’s rib cage! Mezian jumps to his feet and guides Nixon back to his as well. Nixon breaks free and throws a right hook! Mezian blocks the punch and returns fire with one of his own! Nixon staggers back. Mezian leaps in wrapping his arms around his waist. Mezian fires off with a belly to belly suplex!


Jim Ross: Mezian has gained the advantage in this match!

Huey D. Louie: Listen JR, Nixon is a great wrestler, there’s no doubt about that fact. However, no matter how great you are, you will always find someone who is just better. That may or may not be the case here tonight, we’ll just have to wait and see how this plays out.

Mezian charges in looking for a splash but Nixon manages to roll out of the way. Nixon gets back to his feet, but so does Mezian. Mezian takes control back by unleashing a series of kicks to Nixon’s mid-section causing him to double over. Mezian attempts a grabs Nixon’s head and raises his arm, calling for a DDT. Nixon wraps his arms around the waist of Mezian and bridges back into a suplex. Nixon maintains the bridge for the pin!




Jim Ross: That was a little too close for comfort for Mezian’s liking!

Huey D. Louie: It damn sure was JR, but Mezian kicked out, and right now that’s all that really matters!

Nixon is the first back to his feet. He grabs Mezian by the hair and starts to pull him up. On his knees, Mezian fires off a couple of shots to the abdomen of Thomas Nixon causing him to release his grip on Mezian’s hair. Mezian stands up and pushes Thomas Nixon back into the corner. Mezian delivers a chop to the chest, followed by another! Mezian then climbs to the second rope, mounting Nixon in the corner and delivering a series of punches to the top of the head! The crowd begins to count along with each punch!







Nixon grabs Mezian and runs out of the corner with a modified powerbomb!

Jim Ross: Desperation move on the part of Thomas Nixon!


Nixon begins to stir. He slowly crawls the few inches requires to drape his arm over Mezian. The ref slides in to count the fall!




Jim Ross: Mezian escapes the pinfall in the nick of time!

Huey D. Louie: It never ceases to amaze me just how fast paced and hard hitting these Television Title matches usually are JR!

Jim Ross: When you only have 15 minutes to get the job done, you really have no choice but to work a fast paced style!

Nixon makes it to his feet first and waits for Mezian to get back to his feet. As soon as Mezian is up, Nixon hits the ropes and charges across the ring with a crossbody.


Jim Ross: OH MY GAWD!! Mezian and Nixon just collided in mid air!

Mezian is quick to cover!




No, it’s a


Mezian sits up to his knees and pulls at the sides of his hair as he grits his teeth, unable to believe that he just came so close, only for Nixon to kick out at the last second!

Jim Ross: Mezian was so close that he can taste the gold!

Mezian’s demeanor changes to anger and frustration. He stands up and lays a couple of hard stomps to Nixon’s head. Mezian grabs Nixon and pulls him up to his feet, lifting him up to his shoulders for

Apocalypse Now!


Nixon kicks Mezian in the gut causing him to double over!

Nixon hits the ropes and charges forward!


Nixon bridges the suplex for the pin!




Mezian kicks out!


Jim Ross: I thought that was it! Mezian is proving to the world why he deserves to be in this main event tonight folks!

Huey D. Louie: Mezian has been very impressive tonight JR. Most people wouldn’t have given him a snowball's chance in hell tonight, but Mezian has proven to be capable of hanging with top tier talent like Thomas Nixon!

Both men lie motionless on the mat. The ref warns checks on each man before starting a ten count.





Jim Ross: This match could end as a draw if neither man can make the count!



Nixon manages to make it to a knee. Mezian is just starting to stir.



Nixon barely makes it to his feet. He stumbles around having a hard time keeping his balance at first.


Mezian makes it to his feet just in the nick of time! Mezian stumbles backward, leaning in the corner. Nixon stands across from him, struggling to maintain his vertical base.

Jim Ross: These two men look as though they have been through a war tonight! No matter who walks out the victor, once thing's for certain. Both of these men will have gained a deep respect for one another after this match!

Mezian pushes his way out of the corner. Nixon and Mezian waste no time meeting in the center of the ring. Mezian throws a right that staggers Nixon. Nixon recovers and throws a right of his own! Mezian returns fire with another right. Nixon throws another as well, but Mezian ducks it! Mezian lifts Nixon up!!!



Huey D. Louie: Not so fast JR! Mezian isn’t going for the pin!

Jim Ross: They move seemingly too every bit of energy that Mezian had left! He’s unable to capitalize!!!


Mezian rolls over to his stomach and locks his eyes on Nixon. Mezian begins to pull himself over to Nixon with sheer willpower alone!

Jim Ross: Mezian is desperately trying to get into position to make the cover!

Huey D. Louie: I applaud the effort JR, but he’s wasting too much time!

Mezian manages to drape his arm over Nixon!





Mezian slowly pulls himself up to his feet. He grabs Nixon by the hair and guides him up as well.


Jim Ross: One has to wonder where these men are even finding the strength to continue on!

Mezian whips Nixon into the ropes. Mezian readies himself as Nixon returns on the rebound.

Victory Roll

Jim Ross: Nixon with the Victory Roll!!!




Jim Ross: After a hard fought match, Thomas Nixon retains the Television Championship!!!

Huey D. Louie: Unbelievable JR, and to think, people were questioning J.T. Washington's decision to ALWAYS place the TV Title match in the main event!

Jim Ross: With competitive matches like the one that we just saw, it’s hard to argue!

Winner and still TV Champion

Suddenly the camera cuts to the parking lot. The Donkey Kong Rape Van is sitting there with the engine running. Suddenly one of the doors to the arena flies open, and out runs Micheal Graves with his hands cuffed behind his back! A couple of police officers run out the door behind him! Micheal Jumps head first into the open side door of the van!

"GO GO GO!!!"

The van's engine revs and it peels off before the police can catch up!

Jim Ross: What in the hell did we just see Huey? Please don't tell me that...

Huey D. Louie: Yes JR, Micheal Graves just escaped custody JR!!!


Huey D. Louie: Well, she's still too old for him, so... yeah

Jim Ross: Folks, we're out of time! Keep an eye on for any updates on this story!

OOC NOTE: "Next Savage card will be posted Sunday.

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strange ass way to pick up the W but I needed it! but this aint over Graves! cause my blood just signed your death warrant and I intend to carry out that sentence!

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This Ain't No Game!
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Sebasstian Dyke (05-15-2017)
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Chris Chaos did exactly what he said he was going to do and brought it all tonight. Actually, I think he left a bit back at that casket match we had last fall. I didn't. I'll be carrying it all with me to High Stakes, where I will not only be taking down Trax, but be the last man standing when the final bell rings at the end of the night, as well.

Chris Chaos, stay hungry, my friend. See you again, sooner or later. Wink.

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Post: #4
OOC: Great show. Great to be in the battle royal. Commiserations to Jenny who put in some great promos so unlucky not to win, and to The Ultimate who's stepped it up a gear too. Main event was also great.

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Well damn.

Danny Sex is having a lot of sex. Obviously with someone's mother on Mother's day. He's thrusting himself in and out with the might of ten, twenty, thirty, maybe even fourty men. Mr. Sex declares himself with a winning fashion, regardless of your mother.

Mr. Sex: Lookit me!

Mr. Sex continues to pelvicly thrust, regardless of how heteronomative, a word he came up with. Whatever that means is, looks. For Mother's Day, your mother is getting a hyuge dosage of Mr. Sex, courtesy of the XWF. Once upon a time there might have cared a man who how your mother was treated. Once upon a time there might have been a man who cared and treated your mother like the saint of a woman she deserved. This day, however, Mr. Sex obviously fucked your mother and walked walked away with it, leaving a salty taste in her mouth. She was happy with it, since it was Mr. Sex's semen. She will never forget the name of the man who came in her mouth right before Mother's Day. His name, you won't forget, is Mr. Sex.

At least somebody is satisfying her needs today.
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Jenny, honey, you're going to want to ice that thing down and make sure you keep it clean.

Last thing you need is another infection. Kisses.

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Hey there daddy...

Roxy's Backstage Pass?
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OOC; Great show I wish it ended differently but I gave it my all and I'm not upset. Grats to Nixon he did one hell of a job.Maybe next time .

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(05-13-2017 11:08 PM)JackCain Said:  OOC: Great show. Great to be in the battle royal. Commiserations to Jenny who put in some great promos so unlucky not to win, and to The Ultimate who's stepped it up a gear too. Main event was also great.

OOC: Thanks, I definitely got a kick out of your stone-cold serious character's response to TheUltimate's nuttiness. Thats the kinda stuff that makes e-fedding fun.
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Also who the hell are the ASYLUM I like these guys.

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"I approve of this show."

The Unchained Prince

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(05-13-2017 09:54 PM)Super Mario Said:  strange ass way to pick up the W but I needed it! but this aint over Graves! cause my blood just signed your death warrant and I intend to carry out that sentence!
Are you really so pathetic as the count that as a win? Explain to me exactly where it was that you won anything! Was it when I laid you out initially? Perhaps when I carved up you're ugly face like a Thanksgiving turkey? Or was it the fact that you were absolutely incapable of doing anything to stop me?

No Mario, that wasn't a win, that was a turtle shell ricocheting right back into your face!

One would think that you have learned your lesson, but we both know you're too stupid for that to be true.

I told you to stay away from Dolly! You chose not to heed my words and this was the consequences.

Now I will issue you one final warning. Hopefully you take this one a little bit more seriously. Stay out of my business, stay away from Dolly Waters, and tell your brother Luigi to shut his trap before he ends up bringing grave consequences upon you both! If you continue to push, I promise you won't like what pushes back.

Spoiler :


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XWF World Heavyweight Champion
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XWF Tag Team Champion w/ Sean Graves
XWF Trio's Tag Team Champion w/ AX3
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XWF Federweight Champion (x2)

Other Feds

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NWO Tag Team Champion w/ The Baltimore Assassin
NWO US Champion (2x)
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Superstar Of The Month April 2017

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What a bullshit match where the ref obviously had it in for me.

Does that fucker not know how to count to 3?

Fuck that guy and fuck you fucking fuckers for employing him.

What the fuck is the deal with Savage airing on Saturday? I expected that shit to hit the tv screens on Tuesday at the earliest just like my main nig KKkato used to do.

No wonder this show is such garbage.

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05-15-2017, 06:47 AM
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"Me and Bitch Doctor were robbed due to racist, ableist bullshit.

You guys are all so caught up in being special snowflakes that you just let a bunch of faggots win every match.

Super Mario? Faggot.

Jack Cain? Clearly faggot.

Mezian didn't even win but he's still gay as hell, dog.

Y'all all love dick way too much, but you won't even suck mine? Why? Because of the chair?


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[Image: AoQnIJt.jpg]
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Post: #14
Good show everyone. It was nice to be involved.
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05-15-2017, 11:54 AM
Post: #15
(05-14-2017 07:47 PM)Micheal Graves Said:  
(05-13-2017 09:54 PM)Super Mario Said:  strange ass way to pick up the W but I needed it! but this aint over Graves! cause my blood just signed your death warrant and I intend to carry out that sentence!
Are you really so pathetic as the count that as a win? Explain to me exactly where it was that you won anything! Was it when I laid you out initially? Perhaps when I carved up you're ugly face like a Thanksgiving turkey? Or was it the fact that you were absolutely incapable of doing anything to stop me?

No Mario, that wasn't a win, that was a turtle shell ricocheting right back into your face!

One would think that you have learned your lesson, but we both know you're too stupid for that to be true.

I told you to stay away from Dolly! You chose not to heed my words and this was the consequences.

Now I will issue you one final warning. Hopefully you take this one a little bit more seriously. Stay out of my business, stay away from Dolly Waters, and tell your brother Luigi to shut his trap before he ends up bringing grave consequences upon you both! If you continue to push, I promise you won't like what pushes back.

oh yeah well i got some words of my own for you too bud cause when i said THIS ISNT OVER BETWEEN ME AND YOU AND ALL OF US
IT WAS NOT A PETTY THREAT IT WAS A PROMISE you pathetic excuse for a hockey goalie!!!

i dont care what I have to do even if it means risking my very life to do it but by god as my witness I'm gonna rip you apart with my bare hands you sunuvabitch



so consider yourself pushed only dont look at this so much as a push rather as a GIANT SHOVE!

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This Ain't No Game!
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05-15-2017, 12:43 PM
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(05-15-2017 11:54 AM)Super Mario Said:  
(05-14-2017 07:47 PM)Micheal Graves Said:  
(05-13-2017 09:54 PM)Super Mario Said:  strange ass way to pick up the W but I needed it! but this aint over Graves! cause my blood just signed your death warrant and I intend to carry out that sentence!
Are you really so pathetic as the count that as a win? Explain to me exactly where it was that you won anything! Was it when I laid you out initially? Perhaps when I carved up you're ugly face like a Thanksgiving turkey? Or was it the fact that you were absolutely incapable of doing anything to stop me?

No Mario, that wasn't a win, that was a turtle shell ricocheting right back into your face!

One would think that you have learned your lesson, but we both know you're too stupid for that to be true.

I told you to stay away from Dolly! You chose not to heed my words and this was the consequences.

Now I will issue you one final warning. Hopefully you take this one a little bit more seriously. Stay out of my business, stay away from Dolly Waters, and tell your brother Luigi to shut his trap before he ends up bringing grave consequences upon you both! If you continue to push, I promise you won't like what pushes back.

oh yeah well i got some words of my own for you too bud cause when i said THIS ISNT OVER BETWEEN ME AND YOU AND ALL OF US
IT WAS NOT A PETTY THREAT IT WAS A PROMISE you pathetic excuse for a hockey goalie!!!

i dont care what I have to do even if it means risking my very life to do it but by god as my witness I'm gonna rip you apart with my bare hands you sunuvabitch



so consider yourself pushed only dont look at this so much as a push rather as a GIANT SHOVE!


Spoiler :


XWF Unified Xtreme Champion
XWF World Heavyweight Champion
XWF Tag Team Champion w/ The Engineer
XWF Tag Team Champion w/ Sean Graves
XWF Trio's Tag Team Champion w/ AX3
XWF Heavy MetalWeight Champion (X2)
XWF Federweight Champion (x2)

Other Feds

WPW Television Champion
NWO World Champion
NWO Tag Team Champion w/ The Baltimore Assassin
NWO US Champion (2x)
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Superstar Of The Month April 2017

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