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Good evening, ladies and gentleman..
05-03-2017, 07:30 PM
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As the camera begins rolling, and the picture becomes clear, we see a man standing behind a podium. The man looks to be in his late twenties, to early thirties. He has dark hair, and a freshly shaven five o'clock shadow. A tailor made suit, fits the young man like a glove. As the gentleman adjusts his tie, he is handed a piece of paper, that he gently places on the podium in front of him. As he pulls the microphone into position, the room becomes quiet with anticipation.

Good evening, ladies and gentlemen.

My name is Dr. Milton Matthews.

Tonight, I am here to address the company as a whole. The XWF Management Staff has recently had an issue with content distribution on their company website "". A multitude of pictures, animations, and unacceptable messages have been transmitted between multiple roster members, across multiple servers with the company, throughout the course of the past few days. I come before you today, to relay some information. As you can imagine, this is completely unacceptable, and will not be tolerated. I was approached by one Vincent Lane, who took time out of his day to explain the situation to me and ask my professional opinion. As I bestowed upon him a few solutions to his problems, we came to an agreement, and I was interjected into the XWF Management Staff shortly there after. I am an MIT graduate, twice over. I have a PhD in Information Technology and a Master's Degree in Cyber Security. If there is a man on this planet capable of removing a trace of data from existence, it is I. Furthermore, this is a warning to all those who are "known" for inherently breaking rules, and forcing their vile content upon the populous. Be it blantent defiance, or gross negligence, it will not be tolerated.

Dr. Matthews steps away from the podium, and begins walking toward the camera. He stands face to face with the camera and smiles.

I now own the digital footprint of every person that has ever been employed within this company. If you cross me, you will regret it, this I can assure you.

Dr. Matthews backs away from the camera, and begins walking back towards the podium. The audience still quiet, not a whisper to be heard..

"Mens et Manus" - "Mind and Hand"

XWF Director Of Information Technology and Cyber Security
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The Sugay Sisters (08-14-2017)
05-03-2017, 08:02 PM
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Jefferson Jackson approaches from the back room and shouts.

Welcome aboard!

JJ smirks.


JJ chuckles as he walks towards the podium and stands beside the new GM.

Jefferson Jackson, Business and Financial Superintendent, as well as Wednesday Warfare General Manager. Pleasure.

JJ holds out his hand, but removes it before Dr. M can reach out.

I just wanted to run by you, before you go doing any software upgrades or any crap like that... Be sure to run them by ME first. We have a budget to maintain, you know. Geek.

JJ gets dirty looks by some on-lookers.

What? Hey, I'm just doing my job.

[Image: ZPrmNMt.png]

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The Essence Of Excellence - CT (05-03-2017), The Sugay Sisters (08-14-2017)
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