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Brawlin in the Buckeye State
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The Game Has Changed and So Have I

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04-29-2017 08:25 PM

The scene opens

It's the city of Columbus, Ohio

The warp pipe opens and Mario climbs up from it and looks around and reads a up on it to find out what makes THIS city so special
"So...your the capital and the 4th most populous capital in the U.S.A huh...impressive and the Ohio State University..well well!" he says as he looks to the skyline
[Image: 9th-Place-OA-Holiday_10_Cityscapes_ManhattanMagic.jpg]

"Well well Columbus, Ohio on a Saturday night not that far to Cleveland who until their Cavaliers finally WON one they were about as irrelevant as Mr. Irrelevant in the NFL DRAFT nobody gave a shit about them.

We're taking this to the streets Dolly Waters neither one afraid of the other you have your history I have mine!

31 years of stompin' people's heads, puttin' boots in asses and even going through the fires of hell to drown a fire breathing dragon turtle in molten lava you'd think it'd be getting old for me but I'll tell you never gets old, it only gets more fun!"

"They label you to be as sadistic and masochistic an X-TREME Champion as all there is here in the XWF but let me tell you something...when they made me they broke the mold! I may be up in age but I've proven I got what it takes to do what I do best and will crush anybody man or woman that wants to say otherwise

I've seen you and seen your matches and seen how truly murderous you can be well Dolly you better bring every single ounce of Murderous intent that you have in you because sister you are going to need it if you intend on getting rid of me because I wont go down easy if at all I will keep right on coming and charging and pounding and beating till my last heartbeat to win this tilt between us and win the title"

"Other men act as if they're tough stuff start to finish but facing you they get cold feet and it's a different story suddenly
with me however that shit ain't happening I got fireballs a plenty to dish out fists flying boots stompin' head in the game ready to take you and your Freddy and your Jason and your Chucky and Tiffany all on and even your Leatherhead too bring every bit of arsenal you got in the book I'm not about to quit I'm not about to stop I'm going to fight for what I want and what I want is your respect and friendship and to prove to you that there' men like me who aren't perverts but are genuine article nice guys doing nice things and the X-treme title second as another trophy to add to case along with my HMW gold."

"Come Saturday night Dolly Waters prepare yourself and all your forces from the deepest pit in all of hell to face the man who AIN'T AFRAID OF YOU and ain't afraid of an ass kicking by you but also ain't afraid to deliver one right the hell back and destroy you if I have to because I'll do that and then some plus more I'm not stopping until one of us either you or me is pushing daisies six feet deep as they play the funeral march in Columbus.

I wont quit I wont stop until my mission is accomplished and right now my mission is the take you down and show you that this man ain't afraid to get in your face one on one in the ring or out anytime anyplace I will go there and I'll force you to go there with me I'm gonna go all the way and I wont quit till I'm there and your broken battered bloody beaten beyond recognition body is lying under my boots as I stand on top of the mountain as the NEW XWF X-TREME CHAMPION I don't give a living fuck how long it takes".

"You made this personal when you called me out Dolly Waters and when you did what you did to me when I was only trying to be nice and do something nice for you so now I hope you're ready to die in the very same grave you just dug for yourself because come Saturday night I'm going to take this beyond good and evil I'm going to show you I can get just as sadistic, just as cruel, just as murderous, just as masochistic as you can PLUS MORE I'm not going to stop EVER until I win your respect as a man and until I win the X-TREME Title from you and prove my worth as a man and not just some fat Italian sleazeball that people like to make fun of me for being.

That shit ends right here and right now come Saturday night I'm prepared to go riding high through all of hell to take you on you demented she-devil I will not surrender ever until it's over I'm gagging the fat lady so she ain't singing no swan song except for you sister cause you are gonna reap what you sewed for doing what you did to me that much I'm going to ensure come Saturday night in Columbus."

"In other words Dolly waters if you want to keep that XWF X-treme title around your waist you better be willing to go all out to keep it because I'm going to be your single toughest opponent to date if ever there's one that can go as much the distance as you can and then some and who ain't gonna stop till the job is done it's me dammit I'm going to be the one opponent who if you don't ensure you crush ever single last one of the 206 bones in my body if you don't destroy every last one of the organs in my system if you don't ensure I'm not bleeding out every single last drop of my blood sweat and tears in my body if you don't ensure that you've broken my heart and made sure it stops beating as you stomp it with your foot flat if you don't crush my skull and destroy my brain inside with your sadistic ways overall Dolly waters if you don't ensure I'm dead if you don't ensure that my blood is on your hands and soaked over your entire body head to toe where you brutally murdered me before you leave with that title on your shoulder in the streets of Columbus, Ohio then guess fucking what?


"Come Saturday night it's on Dolly I've got a date with a she devil for the X-treme title and I'm not going to leave Columbus without it BITCH! if I even leave at all in which case I wont care I can rest easy just knowing that I did good..I went and did my job and did good and no one can take that shit away from me ever cause I'm not like everybody else I'm no pervert I may be fat I may be Italian I represent New York proudly I may be old but I know I still can get the job done and that is a fact and it's a fact that I intend to prove when I stomp you flat as a goomba and leave you to be...




The scene ends as he drops on the ground an autographed Picture of Dolly Waters and a lit cigar whose ashes catch hold to and burn the picture.

[Image: x32zqnaImAK9HjZlTkHXXA_r_zpsarsbjs3z.gif]

[Image: 7288a5ce883b155ddbaf03e64e671bd0.jpg]

This Ain't No Game!
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