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Patty Cakes
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04-12-2017 12:28 PM

Father Slathe is walking me down some unknown busy streets. Chain in hand as if I am his slave. Every soft often I get a prickle of joy by scaring the piss right out of the younger and more gullible looking pedestrians. Suddenly the chain connected to my iron cuffs is pulled hard to the right. Father Slathe drags me down a darkened alley where he stops and begins kicking a tipped over grocery cart that is covered with cardboard and old ripped tarps. Wondering why we are down in this shit hole and who the hell Father Slathe could need to talk to. Just before I grow the balls to ask what the hell we are doing Father Slathe begins to speak as he kicks the tipped over cart again.

Father Slathe: "Patty Cakes, wake the fuck up you two dollar toothless crack whore!? Daddy Slathe needs your assistance!"

Patty Cakes: "Oh sweetie my asshole is torn to shreds, college basketball team gangbang last night. Those, overly testosterone injected athletes really love the ass, almost as much as you doll! Maybe in a couple days?"

Father Slathe: "No not that, well maybe a quick gum job after you do me a favor. I need you to walk with us then for a couple rocks beat down a thirteen-year-old girl!"

Patty Cakes: "Woah there Daddy Slathe, I may suck dick for crack, and let plenty of men use my asshole like a cum dumpster. I am no child abuser though!"

Father Slathe shakes his head then pulls out a baggy with three of the largest crack rocks, Patty has ever seen. Her eyes widen like a religious nut being chosen by Jesus. Father Slathe then pulls one of the rocks out of the bag, crushing it in his hand and tossing the dust into the light breeze. Patty tries to climb to her feet from her grocery cart hut, attempting to catch some of the powdered crack. She fails and looks up at Father Slathe with regret and sadness seeping from her eyes like a wounded evergreen.

Father Slathe: "That is too bad because really it isn't assualt or anything either. She holds the Unified Xtreme Championship in XWF. Also I don't know what I am going to do with the rest of these rocks neither. Guess I could just crush them up and toss them in the wind like the third one."

Patty Cakes: "No, no, I'll do it. I'll do it. Just give me the crack, I'll need a few hits before I give this punk a licken she won't forget."

Father Slathe: "Now that is what I thought."

Father Slathe tosses Patty the bag with two decently large rocks of crack. She packs part of one of the rocks in her crack pipe and lights up. Taking a few drags one after another she tucks her bag of crack and pip down her low cut jean shorts.

Moments later...

Father Slathe points out Dolly Waters on a playground, most likely at her school playing hopscotch, foursquare, or jump rope. You know those children recess games. Patty Cakes pulls out her crack pipe and a little piece of the first rock and hits it two more times. Father Slathe just points again toward Dolly; Patty Cakes turns and begins to walk toward the playground. Once across the road she begins running toward Dolly. Passing a trashcan she grabs an empty forty out of the trash and continues the charge. Sprinting full speed, Patty Cakes blasts little poor thirteen-year-old Dolly Waters in the side of the head. Glass shards explode all over the playground as Dolly collapses to the ground. Children begin screaming like howling monkeys, running around like chickens with their heads cut off, and no sense of direction. Crack Whore Patty Cakes grabs Dolly bu the feet and begins dragging her blood stained head across the ground. Back across the street Dolly’s bloody head smears. Mr. Tidbits places his foot on her chest right out on the street sidewalk.


Father Slathe: “Ms. Waters please just stay down child, this is nothing personal. I promise.”


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04-12-2017 01:01 PM

Dolly slaps Tidbits' foot from her chest, kicking out and drags herself up by her shaky arms onto her knees, her head bleeding from the right temple as she holds her arms out- the cobwebs clearing as she starts piecing together what happened,

"What the fuck guys?"

She asks looking at the drool mouthed Slathe, Tidbits who's licking the back of his hand like a cat and the crack-whore Patty who is on her hands and knees scrounging through the gravel on the ground making sure nothing legit fell out of her pipe.

Dolly stands and dusts herself off,

"First a fat lesbian roller derby cunt, and now a goddamn AIDS infested lot lizard crack fiend? SLATHE?!"

Slathe looks at the ground kicking a few rocks with his feet,

"Why in the hell don't you just have Bitchtits take me out himself? I've seen him fight, he's more than capable. Do you not trust him?"

Tidbits looks over at Slathe scratching his head,

"Oh, Tiddy-baby... Are you too stupid to realize? Slathe values Pooky bitch over here more than you!"

Patty digs a finger into her ass crack to get at a nagging itch before giving it a good sniff.

"He thinks that she is better than you, Jet Li Unchained. This dumfounded junkie whore....


Dolly gets Patty's attention by holding a baggie with a powdery white substance inside. Patty reacts like a zombie noticing a lone human in an apocalyptic city and starts running toward Dolly. Slathe and Tidbits stand there watching as Dolly leads Patty across the street over to an open semi trailer and throws the baggie, which is really crushed up aspirin inside of the 53 foot trailer.

Dolly closes the semi doors and locks the latch, dusting her hands off and sighing long with a cute little chuckle as she walks back over to Tidbits.

"Awe... Maybe Slathe was right?"

Dolly kicks the fuck out of Tidbits' shin causing him to fall over as she grabs her title, flipping Slathe the bird as she walks off.

"Go fuck yourself boys!"

Her voice echoes from the distance,
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