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I don't like the drugs, but...
02-04-2017, 08:34 PM
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“Walking, that seems to be all I do anymore.”

”That's because Robbie Bourbon pointed out that you never do anything.”

”Sure, but it's not like I'm really doing anything now. I'm just walking from event to event.”

”Then find something to do, you know that Vincent has cameras on us.”

Micheal surveys his surroundings. He doesn't see anything of interest.

”There's nothing exciting around here. Nobody is ever going to give a shit about these promos if I can't find something exciting to do!”

”Have you ever filmed from a club?”

Micheal strokes his chin as he searches for an answer.


”Okay, how did that work out for you?”

”I slit the femoral artery of this girl I met there. I then proceed to talk shit for a while with this girl sitting on my lap, slowly dying. By the end of it, I drank her blood from the wound I created, and then tossed her body to the floor and danced the night away. ”

”That sounds... AMAZING!”

”It was fun, but it was also the reason that I was stripped of the World Title and fired from that company.”

”Well this is the XWF and anything goes up in this bitch!”

”Why are you talking like that?”

”Never mind! Check that flier”

Micheal's wildly swings up, and to his side, pointing at a flier that is taped to the window of a gas station across the street.

”How can you even see that.”

”That's irrelevant, but we should go to the place listed on that advertisement.”

Micheal jogs across the street, narrowly avoiding traffic. He jogs up to the gas stations and stands in front of the sign reading it.

“Club 54, that's a really famous nightclub from the 70's isn't it?”

”You're thinking of Studio 54! I'm sure that this place is a hole in the wall, but we should be able to find something interesting to get into.”

Suddenly there is a tap tap tap on Micheal's shoulder. He turns around to see a suspicious looking young man, dressed in jeans and an Iron Maiden t-shirt.

”Hey man, if ya lookin for some fun tonight, I got you.”[/i]

“I don't swing that way, sorry.”

”Yeah, Mikey prefers only the finest cuts of meat!”

The suspicious character looks at Micheal with a bewildered look.

”Forgetting for a moment that you think I'm tryin' ta crawl in bed with yo nasty ass, what da fuck you talking about finest cuts of meat?”

“Nothing, it's nothing. It's fine, I'm fine, this is fine, we're fine.”

The guy takes a cautious step back, with an eyebrow raised.

”Listen man, I was juss gonna offer you up some shit to enhance yo mood, but I'm thinkin that ya already gotcha some good shit, so I'mma gonna just bounce.”


Micheal leans in closer and whispers with a big smile on his face.

”What are you holding?”

”Weed, shrooms, acid, co...”

”WAAAAAAIT! Give us acid!”

“What, NO!”

”Shut up Mike! Give us acid now!”

The guy motions for Micheal to quit yelling as he nervously looks around.

"Okay man, calm down. Toss me a Jefferson per.”

“No, we're not doing this!”

Micheal slips the guy a Benjamin in exchange for 5 hits of acid.

”Come now Mikey, you said that we were going to start having fun. Besides, this will make a great promo for the XWF!”

The drug dealer hastily walks away from Micheal (can you blame him) just as he puts all of the acid hits under his tongue.

“I think you may have just over dosed me!”

”Nah, we'll be fine!”

Fast Forward---->

We find Micheal sitting on the ground, his back leaned up against the brick wall of the gas station from earlier. People seem to be making an effort to avoid walking too close to him.

“I... I feel weird.”

Micheal twitches a little, The other voice seems to have trouble coming out now.

”Something... isn't... right...”

“Why in the fuck did I just say that?”

Micheal opens his eyes and looks around his surroundings. He seems a bit disoriented.

“Where am I?”

He mutters to himself as he pulls himself up from the ground, using the wall as a brace to help keep his balance. It's at this point that Cadryn Tiberius creeps up behind Micheal without him noticing.

“There you are sugar bear.”

Micheal cautiously turns to see who is talking to him. He seems a little surprised to see Cadryn.

”What are YOU doing here?”

Cadryn raises an eyebrow, a little confused by Gravy's question.

“I've been looking all over for you kitten. You slipped away after you tried to pin me at BK. By the way, dick move Gravy, dick move.”

Cadryn says that last part with a big smile on his face. He doesn't really hold it against Graves, he honestly would have tried it himself too. Micheal however seems to be having a rough time of it right now. He rest his brow in his hand, trying hard to remember what has transpired over the last couple of weeks.

”The last thing that I remember is...”

Micheal pauses for a second, concentrating really hard, before Cadryn interrupts.

“You powerbombing that small child in the ball put? That's pretty hard to forget.”

Micheal shakes his head no.

”Robbie Bourbon, I remember watching a Bourbon promo and...”

Micheal's eyes damn near pop out of his head when he remembers...

”CADRYN! Oh my God, I had to locked in the closet! W...why did I do that?”

“Oh that, that was just Satan Gravy. I don't hold it against you.”

Micheal stares at Cadryn with that “what the fuck” look. Micheal doesn't seem to remember anything from the last week or so. That means that for whatever reason, he doesn't remember the evil voice that he has been carrying on conversations with. Could LSD somehow be causing a reaction in Graves that is somehow the opposite of the typical reaction that one would experience? Normally LSD would cause you to trip and see some fucked up stuff, but Graves has been seeing, and hearing fucked up shit without tripping. It appears that acid may be Micheal's “cure” from insane demonic possession.

”W...what day is it?”

“Um, Saturday.”

Cadryn says, a little confused as to how Micheal could have forgotten considering they just had a tag team match together.

”Saturday? Did I beat Bourbon?”

Cadryn laughs before answering.

“That's cute Gravy. Robbie must have hurt you more than I thought. That match was last week. Robbie actually left the two of us...”


“Um, yeah last week. Robbie attacked you after the match, and I tried to save you. Then that fat bastard tore up my belt.”

Cadryn looks to his feet as he frowns.

Micheal pats his pockets, looking for his cell phone. He realizes fairly quickly that his tights don't have pockets.

”Why am I still in my wrestling gear?”

“Um, I've been meaning to talk to you about that actually. You haven't changed out of your gear since your match with Bourbon. I wasn't going to say anything, but you've really started to reek over the last few days. I con't know if I can deal with some spoiled Gravy for much longer.”

Micheal seems to ignore most of what Cadryn just said and fires back with.

”Do you have your phone on you?”

Cadryn reaches into his inner coat pocket and produces an iphone 7 wrapped in a bright pink and teal phone case that is adorned with rhinestones.

“Yeah I have it.”

Micheal snatches the phone out of Cadryns hand. Cadryn looks like he wants to say something about how rude that was, but decides against it. Micheal quickly dials a number into the phone and pulls it up to his ear.





”Stephanie! Listen I don't know what's going on, but I just woke up... somewhere, fuck if I know. Anyway I know that a a week or two has gone and...”

Micheal, realizing that the other end of the line sounds TOO quiet, pulls the phone away from his ear to see if he's still connected... He is not.

“Aw, did she hang up on you pookey? I can't say that I blame her. You haven't been home or even called her once the entire time that we've been hanging out.”

Micheal quickly hits redial.


The Verizon wireless customer that you are trying to reach has a voice mail box that is not set up... Goodbye.


Cadryn is standing there staring at Graves with a puzzled look on his face.

“You seem different.”

”Cadryn, I... I don't know what the fuck is going on. I've lost over a week of my life, and now Steph... My wife is pissed off. What have I been doing all this time?”

“That's an interesting story, lets discuss it between promos.”

Micheal looks confused, okay well maybe MORE confused.

”Promo? You're having this filmed right now?”

Cadryn shakes his head no and points to Micheal.

“No, you are.”

Micheal looks around, finally seeing the camera man who is filming him from about 20 or so feet away.

“Yeah it's low budget, you don't even have a boom mic guy. That might be why people seem to have trouble understanding you, ya know?”

Micheal motions for the cameraman to stop filming, and the scene ends.

Micheal is high, but seems to be functioning normal for the moment? How long will this last? What will come of Micheal's pissed off wife, who by the way is totally a real person. Find out in the next exciting chapter of crazy fucking demon guy who fucks lunch meat and his ambiguously maybe gay cereal killing friend.


Spoiler :


XWF Unified Xtreme Champion
XWF World Heavyweight Champion
XWF Tag Team Champion w/ The Engineer
XWF Tag Team Champion w/ Sean Graves
XWF Trio's Tag Team Champion w/ AX3
XWF Heavy MetalWeight Champion (X2)
XWF Federweight Champion (x2)

Other Feds

WPW Television Champion
NWO World Champion
NWO Tag Team Champion w/ The Baltimore Assassin
NWO US Champion (2x)
GWFO World Champion
GWFO Survival Champion

Superstar Of The Month April 2017

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