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BIG opponent, BIGGER impact.
01-30-2017, 10:31 AM
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[Image: eddie-hall-1020.gif?w=490][/align]

The scene opens in a junk yard, somewhere USA. Refrigerators, washing machines, rusting automobiles, and scrap metal of various shapes and sizes is all the eye can see. As the camera pans down, we find a VERY large man, carrying a ten foot long steel beam across his shoulders with ease. The man in question is Russell Edwards, the XWFs newest and possibly strongest star. Russell throws the beam atop a pile of junk. The ease in which he throws it would leave one to imagine that it must only weigh fifty or so pounds, but in reality it probably weighs somewhere in the neighborhood of three hundred pounds. Russell turns to face the camera.

Russell Edwards - Questions, questions, everyone has a question on their mind. The one that I've been hearing the most is, "what's your problem with Drezdin?" Well I'm going to answer that question right here and now. I don't have a beef with Drezdin, in fact I'm not even aware of who he is or what he may, or may not have done here in XWF. Drezdin has done nothing, and I mean nothing to draw my attention, other than exist. I can say with full confidence that I am the strongest man in the world today. Not just the XWF, but the entire world! When I decided to put that strength to use breaking necks for checks. I knew that I would have to find a big strong guy, and break him! That is where Drezdin fits into the equation. They don't come much bigger than Drez, he's seven foot two, and over three hundred pounds. I sure would be scared, if I didn't know that I could snap this asshole like a twig, and that's the point! I choose Drezdin as my first opponent because I'm going to come in here and set the standard for what to expect from me high, right out of the gate! When I step into the ring with this giant of a man, and I break him down piece by piece, you will all know that Russell Edwards must be the strongest man on earth.

Russell bends down, picking up a lead pipe that's roughly the length of a baseball bat, and the width of a broom handle. Holding it in both hands Russell almost effortlessly bends it into a U shape.

Russell Edwards - I'm going to start with your back Drezdin.

Russell's face begins to turn red as bends the bar straight, almost the shape it was to begin with.

Russell Edwards - I'm going to work it hard, and apply the pain Drezdin.

Russell bends the bar back into a U, and then pulls it back straight once more.

Russell Edwards - You're going to cry out, begging me to stop, but I will not show you mercy!

Russell is now bending the bar back and forth, almost like he is using a pair of hedge clippers. Suddenly the bar snaps in half.

Russell Edwards - Then just like that, you're going to be broken! I will have left you a a crippled mess, and proven that I am the strongest man here! Are you ready for pain, the likes of which you can't even imagine? Ready or not, I'm coming!

The camera zooms into the wild eyes of Russell Edwards as the scene fades out.
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