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Family: Part 1 - Uncle Robert
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12-24-2016 12:24 PM

Family: Part 1 - Uncle Robert
01:23, December 24th, 2016
Fairview Memorial Gardens, Fayetteville, Arkansas

Ronnie didn't talk much about his family or his childhood, so not much about it was known, except to David. David was there. Hell, David was family. But for the rest of the XWF faithful, Ronnie was just a pissed off overgrown redneck gorilla, who may as well be a chimpanzee for all the shit he throws around. But he wasn't always that way. He was raised with strong morals and values by his mother, Marleen, and his paternal uncle, Robert Cage - a man Ronnie had not been to visit in far too long...

It was a cold night in Fayetteville, and surprise, surprise, Ronnie Cage was at a cemetery after closing. He ought to be careful, people might start to think he's a vampire, or zombie or something. But, of course, he's nothing of the kind. But this cemetery, this visit, this, this was different. As Ronnie walked through Fairview Memorial Gardens he gazed upon the rows of tombstones, markers and lasting tributes for the final resting places of the men and women who lay in the ground. He walked and walked through the endless rows. The wind knocked his Corral Stetson Cowboy hat off his head. He turned and bent down to pick it up and as he placed it back on top of his shaggy blonde hair, he saw that he had arrived at his destination.

Robert Cage - 1947-2005
Brother, Uncle, Husband, and Father-figure
"Follow your heart and nothing else, and be a simple kind of man"

During the summer of 1978, Marleen Clements, a soon to be Junior at the University of Arkansas, and her boyfriend Ronald Cage, a soon to be Senior, had a wild night in the back of Ronald's 1971 Dodge Charger. When it came time for the two to return to school, Marleen was pregnant, and Ronald had taken off. He loved Marleen, but he wasn't ready to give up his life and be a father. His family would have been furious at him for not doing the right thing, so his only choice was to leave town. That's when Robert Cage stepped up. A professor at the University of Arkansas, Robert was more than a decade older than his brother. No wife, no girlfriend, but he was a good man, an honourable man, and so when his brother disappeared, he did the right thing. He married Marleen so that she would be entitled to his benefits, and he helped her raise her son, his nephew. They were never intimate, but they did as good a job as they could in raising a good boy with strong morals and values.

In 2005, Ronnie was working for a European wrestling outfit, when he got news that his Uncle Robert had passed away. Ronnie was devastated. He couldn't get over the fact that he wasn't there. While he wasn't a kid anymore, he really felt that he never did right by his uncle. Robert was the best man that he knew, and deserved to live a long, full and rich life. While Robert certainly wasn't a young man anymore, he wasn't old either. Ronnie became angry, and he never really let that anger go, it consumed him. It began to drive his entire being. He decided he was going to be the best damn wrestler, ever. No matter what.

And here we are, eleven years later and Ronnie is still royally pissed off at all the injustices of his life. Ronnie pulled a small bouquet that he had had tucked under his arm and placed it in front of the grave. He knelt down, bowed his head and closed his eyes. He sat there, like that, for more than a few minutes. Finally he opened his eyes and lifted his head.

"Hey, Uncle Robbie...

Ah know it's been a while since Ah've come tew visit. It's not that Ah don't think of yew. But Ah just couldn't bring myself tew come. Ah'm sure yore not happy with the way Ah've been acting the last eleven years. But it's become who Ah am. Ah'm called Satan's Superior, now. David and Ah have been tew so many different places, with so many different companies, and there's a trail of blood and destruction that follows us. Recently, we've been wrestling in this place called Ex Dubya Eff. Joined up with one of our old rivals, Brandon Moore. We call ourselves Havoc. Cool name, right? David and Ah still wrestle under the name Bad Attitude. Ah know, that's not how yew and mom raised me, but being good, and nice. It doesn't get yew anywhere. Look at yew, yore in the fucking ground, and yew weren't just good, yew were the best. The best fucking man, Ah ever knew! Sorry. So Bad Attitude is undefeated. We've beaten Nami and Barney Green; Benito and Zach Gowen; Benito and Kurt Angle; Nami, Drezdin, and Lyanna, and Snow, Kid Kool and Broken Hart. Ah know those names probably don't mean much tew yew, but who knows, maybe yew watch wrestling up in heaven. Later tonight, we face that punk Drezdin again and some worthless pothead named Aldo.

We faced Drezdin last week. He was dropped on his head as a baby, Ah'm pretty sure of it. First off, he was so focused on his ex-girlfriend, he didn't even realize Nami wasn't a dude. Like yew could miss her giant tits. Now he thinks Bad Attitude is David's nickname. He also seems tew be under the impression that no one in the entire roster knows what this Aldo guy looks like. He must've missed the guy's match last week. Ah can tell yew fore a fact, the guy looks like a punk. Ah mean, he eats fucking funyons for fucks sake.

These two fuckwits won't be an issue. Drezdin thinks our beating him last week was a fluke. We're undefeated, and we're not looking tew start losing now. Ah'm really not concerned about this match, though. We'll go in there, dew what we dew, and come out the winners. We are the clear number one contenders fore the tag team championships.

It's meaningless though. That fucking guy, Paul Heyman, he promised that he would rebuild the tag team division, because right now it barely exists. But he hasn't done shit. He hasn't even listed the tag team titles on his little rankings list. And the teams we've been facing? They're not teams. They're random wrestlers that Vinnie Lane, that's our boss, has stupidly thrown together. Like they could possibly match the chemistry and ability tew anticipate each other's moves like the well oiled machine that David and Ah are. We've been doing this fore almost twenty years, and yet everyone here underestimates us. It doesn't matter. We will continue tew leave every opponent we face, bloody and broken. We don't need that idiot Paul Heyman and his stupid lists. We will face every team we can, and we will win.

The one team, the one person, Ah am slightly concerned about is mah match on the first Warfare of the new year. It's a week and a half away, but it'll be hard. The hardest match Ah've ever been in. Ah swear, mah opponent is even crazier than those goons, Rikter Caine and Chaz Penderton. Not that the XWF has any idea who they are. Ah challenged one of the tag team champions tew a one on one. We came up with conditions. If Ah win, Bad Attitude finally gets the title shot we deserve. The guy was crazy enough tew say if Ah beat him, he and his partner would take on all of Havoc. But if Ah lost, Havoc had tew sign over all of our XWF winnings. It's a joke really. He thinks we care about money. He's not unbeatable. Ah just need tew find his weaknesses, and protect mah own. But Ah don't just want tew beat him. Ah want tew crush him. Ah want tew make him suffer. Ah want tew make everyone suffer. No one deserves happiness. Not when there are people like me, who's fathers abandoned them, who's Uncles stepped up tew raise them and were taken from this life far tew soon, who's mothers who worked until their hands and feet bled, are dying from cancer. Yes, Uncle Robbie. It seems that what mah grandma had was hereditary. Mom's got it now tew.

Life isn't fair. Ah know that, Uncle Robbie. But there are still a great many people who don't. So Ah have taken it upon mahself tew teach them, one wrestling federation at a time, by decimating each and every person we face. Vampire, Zombie, Superhero, God, Drug Addict, Saint, Monster. It doesn't matter who yew are. Drezdin, and Aldo. Doctor Louis D'Ville and Unknown Soldier. Chris Chaos and Trax. Robbie Bourbon. In the end, yew will look right, and yew will look left, and when yew least expect it. BAM! Alabama-Rama.

Know why? Because this is Havoc, yew sons of bitches, and we're coming fore yew."

Ronnie puts the inside of his hand to his lips, and he kisses them, before pressing the same hand on his Uncle's tombstone. His uncle would never have condoned his behaviour, but he was dead, and so there wasn't much he could do about it. Ronnie would continue to destroy his opponents as revenge on the world for what happened to him. He didn't care what anyone thought, or said. This was just the beginning of Havoc's reign of terror on the XWF, and Drezdin and Aldo were just two future corpses that Havoc would leave in their wake.

[Image: newronniecage3.jpg]



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