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I'm back... but not for long
11-10-2016, 01:51 AM
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As the scene opens, we catch a glimpse of Alexis Riot leaning against a white brick wall. The camera only shows her head and upper chest, allowing us to see her face despite the hood she has pulled over her head. Instead of the usual swagger and energy, Riot's face seems filled with uncertainty and gloom. Her head is tilted to the left, looking down at the floor, eyes closed, as though she's about to share some terrible secret. After a few moments of this strange silence, Riot sighs and looks directly at the camera, a sad smile on her face.

"Hello again Rioters,"

Alexis lightly chuckles before continuing,

"It's been awhile, hasn't it? Old championships have been reinstated, superstars from the past have made their tremendous comebacks, the new generation has taken the XWF by storm, Loverboy's seemingly unending reign as Universal Champion has finally ended, and the authority crisis seems to have been resolved, at least for now."

Alexis then stops and looks down at the ground for a moment, obviously trying to keep her composure.

"And as all of this has been happening, a few of you XWF fans have noticed my absence. Wasn't I supposed to be helping out the rWo? What happened to the Anarchy championship? Why wasn't I getting involved in all these major events?"

"Well... there was a reason for my sudden disappearance as well as my reappearance, and no, it isn't because I was embarrassed about almost getting my own clothes shoved up where the sun don't shine by Unknown Solider."

"You see... In my relatively short time here in the XWF, I've been through a lot. I've been thrown off scaffolds, set on fire, sent head first into concrete, crucified, and have had brutal matches with some of the sickest bastards the XWF can provide. Us XWF superstars go through all of these painful experiences and more for the entertainment of all of you, and we all understand that it takes just one bad landing, just one dangerous stunt too many, to end our careers in this business."

Alexis tone begins to grow more somber, and her eyes show signs of holding back tears.

"Well, just four months ago after my, quite frankly bizarre, match with Unknown Solider, I walked backstage."

"That's the last thing I remembered before everything went black,"

"When I regained consciousness, I found myself in a hospital bed, a doctor and his assistants watching over me. They let me know that due to my actions in the XWF, all the dives, hardcore matches, and stiff battles, I had developed post-concussion syndrome. The reason I blacked out after my match with Unknown Solider was due to a severe seizure, a side effect of the syndrome. I'll be the first to admit, I knew something was wrong with my head way earlier. I remember my first concussion after my match for the X-Treme Title against the man now known as Austin Fernando in the beginning of 2016, and it was a very painful experience. I couldn't see straight, my head felt fuzzy, and when I left to the arena and went back to my hotel, I vomited. Yet even then I didn't speak up about my injury, you want to know why?"

Alexis then pauses again, and this time we can see a tear slip down her right cheek, she begins choking up as she continues.

"Because I... I didn't want to be known as a quitter. This business is all about respect and... and I knew being a woman, much less a woman from the streets, was going to make that difficult. I wanted to prove to everyone that I could take the hits even the toughest and sickest of men in the XWF could. I wanted to be seen as not a female XWF superstar, but as an XWF superstar period who deserved a shot at the top like anybody else. If I said I wanted time off to heal from my injures, I knew what they would call me. "A weakling". "A disgrace". "A complete bitch". Someone not worthy of even lacign the boots of an XWF wrestler. And so I kept going, aggravating my injures and suffering even more concussions, even when I couldn't sleep from the pain in my skull, even when I was beginning to suffer from dizziness at random points of the day, even as I... I... began to lose my short term memory, to the point where I would forget the names of new people I met and even where the next XWF show was being held, I kept going. Looking back, I do wish I got medical attention, but back then I was too obsessed with being accepted by the locker room. Eventually, of course, the constant damage to my head became too much for my body to take, leading to my hospitalization."

"What sucks the most about this shit, however, is what the doctor told me. He looked me in the eye and said these words..."

Alexis takes a deep breath and looks into the sky, trying her damnedest not to crack.

"If you want to live past your 30's, stop wrestling."

This time, Alexis can't hold the tears back, and she begins to silently weep, covering her face with her hands. Tears stream down her face and fall onto the cold concrete below, along with all her hopes and dreams. The XWF had become her home, and soon she would have to leave it behind. All the bizarre and violent men and women who make up the fed in a strange way became a family to her.

Wait... her family!

After a couple of minutes, Alexis eventually gains the courage to continue speaking.

"Y... you know what... I want to be real for a second. Alexis Riot is going to shut up for a bit and allow Alexis Richards to speak up."

Alexis then takes off her hood, but instead of the dyed bright pink hair we're used to, Alexis's hair is in its natural shade, brown.

"There, now you know my real name, but do you really know Alexis Richards? Alexis Richards was raised in the streets of Chicago, and she had a rough upbringing. Her father left her, her mother abused her, and she had to deal with gangs and thugs during her youth. Unlike Alexis Riot, however, she eventually rose above her upbringing. She graduated from both high school and college with top honors and became a secretary for a small business. She married her high school sweetheart, Ron Richards, and had a child with him, Jack, aged 4. After hitting some financial woes and losing her job, she decided to follow her dream of becoming a professional wrestler, both to provide greater financial support for her family and to show the poor children in her area that there was hope outside of their circumstances, that they could be whatever they wanted if they worked hard enough. So she said goodbye to her family, joined the XWF, and came up with a persona for herself, Alexis Riot."

"Right now, she is looking at you. I am looking right at you. My son is the absolute joy of my life, and I want to be there for him. I want to help him grow up and achieve great things, greater things than me or Ron could ever imagine, and to put it bluntly, continuing to wrestle would mean that I wouldn't get to be there for him or my husband."

"This path can only take me to an early grave."

Richards stops speaking for a moment and pauses, almost as if she's pondering what to say next. Suddenly, her countenance begins to change.

"But don't think I'm just going to go out with a whimper. Oh no... if I'm going down, I'm going to take some sorry SOB's down with me!"

Alexis's eyes light up with a new fire and determination. Alexis Richards is gone for now, replaced with Alexis Riot.

"Listen. While the doctor said it would be in my best interests to not wrestle, he did also say my body was still in well enough condition for... let's say... two more matches. Match one will be taking place this Sunday in Boston, Massachusetts, but my second and final match will be taking place in none other than my hometown of Chicago. Who's my opponent for that night?"

Riot then flashes her trademark sinister simile.

"Believe me, you'll find out soon enough, but let's focus on the present for now. This will be my second to last match in the XWF, and it's going to be against a lizard man."


"No, not Tush, the other one,"

"That's right, Thomas Nixon! Now I'll admit, I can't really say much about this guy. I did see his little debut promo, but other than that I haven't really done much research. I could just call him an insane bastard for believing that he was raised by reptilians, but didn't the XWF legitimately go to hell a few days ago?"

"Honestly, the sky's the limit at this point."

"In the end, Nixon, it really doesn't matter if you're just another crazy dude or an actual alien from outer space, the result will be the same. If my body holds out, I'll kick your ass and send you crawling back to the mothership you say you came from! You said I have no reason to fight? No reason to get up after being knocked down?"

"Well lizard brains, I think I've just proved you wrong there, and just in case you were busy catching flies and didn't listen, I'll summarize my reason for wanting to take you out on Savage Sunday Night."

"Three words. Family. Legacy. Glory."

"Your "Lizard Lives Matter" movement can't hold a goddamn candle to that, because even if you lose, you can rest easy knowing you still have a long career ahead of you. More chances to avenge the death of your beloved Hodiah will come."

"I don't have that luxury anymore. This is my last stand."

"My body may not be at 100%, but my soul, spirit and mind still have enough vile venom, evil intent, and cruel ideas left in them to take you out."

Alexis then laughs and shakes her head,

"Do you know when an wild animal is at it's most dangerous Thomas?"

She then switches to a dead serious expression.

"When it's wounded."

With this proverb, Alexis Riot walks off camera, bringing this confusing and shocking scene to a close.



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