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my Impact RP
01-12-2013, 10:27 AM
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says nowt allow permission by RP Boards so I am here.

Scene opens with the dong meister just sitting on the coochie and whisltinw dixie.

DONG!: I heard this Saturday is last Impact. Can you tell me where that puss is. And more important Lee who will be winning this match?

DONG: Me. The crimson tong is the win.

Crimson dong closes his newspaper and shuffles to kitchenware he makes him self a drink of milk. He washes the dishes and continues to talk.

DONG: see me doing maid work? This is what it will look tonight when I bitchslaps Ursuala and Angela. I hear both are scheduled to make an appearance tonight so call crimson Dong a play boy for life playa playa playa where dat hit need dat puss dat puss'in' for tha cushion!


can not lose, former God, 12 time MLB champ, Olympina gold medalist here now gimme dat puss
[Image: 2e217jm.png]
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