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PlaceMarker Ophelia's 11 Pt. 1.
11-04-2016, 11:41 PM
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The camera opens to see Ophelia laying in bed asleep as Nico sits on the edge tying his tie. He taps on the pale foot sticking out of the bottom of the blanket to wake her up.
She stirs a little, but stays asleep. Nico smirks and chuckles air out of his nose. He grabs her foot and starts massaging it with one hand.

“Cutie, wake up.”

Ophelia slowly wakes up with moans of pleasure. When her eyes are fully opens she smiles at her beloved.

“You're always great at that.”

“I know. I'm going in early.”

“Meeting with the Luxor reps?”

“Yeah. You don't have to be in for another two hours.”

“I'll be in sooner than that. Now go and work your magic.”

Nico stops massaging and crawls over the bed to kiss her. The two look at each other for a moment before Nico gets off the bed. Ophelia lies there until she hears the door close, and then the curvaceous beauty gets out of bed, wearing a tight, midriff revealing NOFX shirt and equally tight black plaid pajama pants. She stretches a bit, scratches at the scar on her stomach and heads to the bathroom.

We see her brushing her teeth, making a little bit of froth dribble onto her chin. She spits out the toothpaste and looks up into the mirror.

“Jeez, that looks dirty.”

Next, we see a shoulder-up side shot of Ophelia washing her hair.

“...translate your documents into Swahili, make your TV record Gigli, neuter your-Ow!”

Ophelia grabs her eye. Next, we see her applying her makeup, which is only mascara and black lipstick. She applies the lipstick and makes a kiss at the mirror. Then she looks at the mirror slyly while squeezing her breasts together as if she's trying to seduce someone.

“I promise, sir. You won't get a better offer than this.”

We see her fully dressed as she walks towards the fridge. When she opens it, she's met with three mason jars of cold brew coffee with different strips of tape on them. She looks through them until she sees one behind the rest of the jars that has Nico's handwriting. “Seasonal” with a smiley next to it. She opens the jar and immediately recognizes the smell as Pumpkin Spice. Ophelia smiles and takes it with her to the garage, where the couple's red Coupe De Ville waits. She starts the car, and we get a shot of her face as she adjusts the mirror. After she adjusts it, we see a part of the left side of her face in the mirror, and we notice her earrings that day. Inverted Crosses with rubies in them.

“Hey, ladykiller.”

We see Nico at his desk writing something on his computer before he looks up at the door to see his beloved standing there.

“How'd it go?”

“Oh, perfectly! We got them a five year deal to get all our newest slot machines the day they come out.”

“Great! Did you try to include the new cards?”

“1,000 packs.”

“Good. I'll go get the reports started.”

Ophelia leaves and heads to the front desk to officially start her day. She sits, takes a sip of her cold brew, and logs into her computer. A few minutes later, a thin middle aged woman walks in with a purse adorned with crosses. She looks around a bit and walks up to the front desk. Ophelia looks up from her computer to greet the woman.

“Hi, do you have an appointment?”

“Yes, with…”

The woman takes a piece of paper out of her bra.

“...Nico LaVey? It's about the grand opening of the new hospital.”

“Yes, we've been planning it for a while. Have a seat and he'll be available soon.”

The woman nods and takes a seat. Ophelia tells Nico that the woman's waiting, and when she looks up, she sees the woman reading what looks like a heavily bookmarked bible. Ophelia cheekily, condescendingly smiles at the woman's choice of literature. The two sit act from each other until another man walks in and asks Ophelia about miscellaneous business, which is when the woman starts staring at the side of Ophelia's face. She keeps staring her until Ophelia feels her gaze and looks at the woman.

“Um...can I help you?”

The woman puts down her bible, gets up, walks over to Ophelia, and gives her an extremely brisk slap across the cheek.

“How dare you disrespect what Jesus has done for you?!”

The man in the room starts recording as soon as possible.

“...I’m sorry, Miss, what exactly is wrong?

“Those blasphemous earrings! Jesus died on the cross for you, and you wear those? You bought those earrings?”

Ophelia looks flabbergasted at the woman, and attempts to just ignore her by looking at the computer screen in front of her, but a devilish grin comes to her face. Ophelia stands in front of the woman, her 2 inch heels putting her at a lofty 6’3, easily dwarfing the woman in front of her.

“I didn't just buy them, I had them custom made.”

The camera opens on a closeup of a makeup-free Ophelia with a heavily bruised eye.

“The overzealous Mrs. Haggerty then smacked Mrs. LaVey with her purse and proceeded to continue to lecture her and smack her until Mr. LaVey himself had to come in and stop Haggerty from causing any more damage. In the hours that followed, the video spread all over social media, causing a widespread argument over the morality of Mrs. Haggerty’s attack and whether it was okay for Mrs. LaVey to be wearing the earrings she was wearing. On the brighter side of the news, many people sent support and compliments Mrs. LaVey’s way, including many messages related to her looks. A press conference about the event is planned for Monday, as well as an interview on Entertainment Tonight on Sunday.”

Ophelia shuts off the TV and sits for a second. She removes the earrings and looks at them before picking up her phone and dialing a number.

“Hey Perry! Didn't you say you loved those Inverted Cross earrings?”

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Overall Record: 2-8-1.

1x Federweight Champion.

Shitlist: Izzy Ravenwolf, Nate Higgers.

“We have never heard the devil's side of the story, God wrote all the book.”
― Anatole France
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