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Here Are Your XWF Staff!
09-17-2016, 10:03 AM
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Shane Carver, ??????

Where is he? What does he do? The greatest mystery of the XWF is its secret benefactor.

[Image: 0LxgZHg.jpg]

Vincent Lane, XWF Owner and Chief Executive.

Former Universal Champion and Megastar, Vincent has hung
up the boots and gone behind the scenes full time to lead the XWF
into a new era of prosperity. Along with his Head Assistant, Roxy Cotton, he can be found in the big office on the top floor of the XWF HQ building.

Roxy Cotton, Administrative Assistant and Head of Bombshell Division

Roxy moved into the back office with her fiance, Vincent Lane, retiring from managing and valeting as well as in-ring competition to head the newest division in the XWF, the female-centric Bombshell Division. Though they are equals in business, Roxy can often be more difficult to deal with. She has a strong social media presence and can most easily be found on Twitter: @MyLoveOnTheRox

Jefferson Jackson, Financial Superintendent

Jackson was recently appointed to be Vincent's business partner and right hand man by the Japanese investors from IWGP. He tends to rub the talent the wrong way with his conservative ways, but he's just trying to do his job, folks.

Taylor Mayde, Director of Drug Testing and Analysis

The newest member of the XWF office, Taylor came in to stifle the epidemic of performance enhancing drug abuse in the XWF locker room, as well as administer concussion protocol. She assists Jefferson Jackson as well as Vincent Lane directly.

Luca Arzegotti, Warfare Color Commentator

Luca has done it all inside the XWF ring, and now chooses to take his talents to the announce booth. He also has a homosexual blog, which can be seen here.

Pip Collins, Warfare Play By Play

Pip came in to replace the erstwhile Beauregard "Old Man" Johnson, who had to go on extended medical leave due to cardiac issues. Though we wish Johnson the best, Pip is sure to steal the show and provide excellent analysis along with XWF legend Luca Arzegotti.

Brent Feetman and Audrey Dinklage - Savage Announce Team

The revolving door of Savage announcers finally landed on the duo of Feetman and Dinklage, who have thus far managed not to do anything offensive on-air. With Dinklage's knowledgeable play by play and Feetman's colorful wit, the broadcasts have been better than ever.

Steve Sayors, Interviewer.

This poor guy. Everyone seems to take out their aggression on Steve, and he's just trying to bring the fans of XWF the stories they crave! He's probably in the hospital as we speak.

Tig O'Bitties, Ring Announcer.

The newest XWF hire! She announces the entrants in each match and sometimes sings the national anthem before shows. Please don't rape her.

Nipsey Russell, Timekeeper.

A lot of people think Nipsey died in 2005. Turns out he's just been working as the XWF's official ringside timekeeper! Ring that bell, Nip!

Tommy Gunn, Head of "Pink Circle"

Tommy Gunn, XWF's resident vigilante, is on permanent retainer as leader of Vincent Lane's personal security team. At times Lane will lend the squad out to other GMs or VIPs of the XWF.

Little Feather, Chief of Security.

Little Feather does some modeling on the side, but is "chief" (get it?) source of income is as the XWF security headman. He's no-nonsense and leads a group of nameless people to keep order.

Chaz Bobo, Head Referee.

Chaz is just thrilled to be an XWF referee, and he may or may not be transgender. Obama made it illegal to ask him/her.

Mika Hunt, Referee.

The XWF is all about equality! One of the first female referees in the pro wrestling industry, Mika rarely fucks the performers.

Lawanda Sass, Referee

Lawanda is a proud, black woman who don't need no man, and she doesn't take shit from anybody in the ring.

Richard Wang, Referee

Ambiguously Asian, rumors have circulated that Wang is corrupt and open to bribes.

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