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Back in Black: FUCK TITLES I'M THE CHAMP (RP #4 for the X-Treme Title Defense)
12-13-2015, 03:32 PM
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Seattle, Washington
4:01 AM


The camera starts filming, but it’s shaky and bumping all over the place. Occasionally you can catch a glimpse of someone the cameraman is following, but the camera’s too shaky to make him out completely.

Scratch Scratch Scuffle…

They both sprint up a flight of stairs and launch right into a hotel’s hallway and a familiar voice sounds off with an eloquent…


Smack Smash Skitskit…

They get to a room in which the figure off to the side whips open the door and grabs the cameraman’s arm, pulling him inside.

“Get the fuck in here! G-Get in!”


The door suddenly slams shut and for a couple seconds, the camera sees nothing but darkness. The lights turn on shortly after and there the viewer sees a somewhat messy room with comic books and video games strewn throughout the place. Panning around, Mason Prince is shown leaning against the door with something in his hands. He is wearing a hoodie, his singlet, his kneepads, and his boots.

“Hooooo ho holy shit…. I can’t believe this… I cannot…”

Mason turns around and the object he is holding is revealed. The X-Treme Championship is in his hands, the gold glinting from the warm light shown from above. He holds it with one hand and pulls down his hood, smiling like a fat kid at a candy shop.

“Christmas came early, kids…”

His eyes widen and he throws both arms up in the air, celebrating and yelling out in victory. He stomps around, struts around and elbow drops nearby jackets like a certain someone, and finally he gets to his feet and addresses the camera.

“You see this? You fucking see this!?”

He shakes the title at the camera and then shoves it in there, showing a way-too-close shot of his new championship.

“I fucking won this. I did it. I won a championship within my first fucking week of being here. How? Oh it’s simple, having gotten here for Back in Black where I will be taking Drezdin’s and Cain’s asses to fucking school in less than a week from now, I figured that people were out for the night. Including Steve Davids, the former X-Treme Champion.

But there’d be a lot of people out and I could get caught easily if one of his friends saw me, so I waited. I got my hoodie on and I fucking waited for him to have his guard down. I ate pork rinds and played Smash for a whole night, it was awesome.

And when I was able to, I ambushed him with a corkscrew roundhouse kick from FUCKING HELL.”

Mason throws out a corkscrew roundhouse kick and lands it, continuing with the story.

“But he… he did kick out of that one I’ll admit… but then me, being a crafty little nugget, I tried to congratulate him on his defense and then I HIT HIM WITH ANOTHER.”

All of a sudden he throws another corkscrew roundhouse kick and, once again, continues the story as if nothing happened.

“He was out for the count then and was down for the count! Mattael, mah boi Matty Matt was there for some reason, not sure why, but he made it official! I’m the champ! I won this championship!”

And then Mason gets weirdly serious.

“Then some new guy, not even part of the roster yet I don’t think, just jumped me and hit me with a cutter! Oh it was good cutter, I’ll admit but I KICKED THE FUCK OUT OF THAT SHIT. NOT IN MY HOUSE.”

He swipes the air Dikembe Mutombo-style and wags his finger.

“All to show that I am… a wrestling… God! This is the greatest night in the history of our sport, Magg-ahem-Sayors!”

Holding out his arms for a moment in a reverent fashion, he then stops.

“Wait… I just realized something…”

He stops for a sec and turns to the viewer and smiles a little bit.

“Those were my first two matches. And I won both… 2-0. I’m undefeated…”

Proceeding to hold both arms high up in the air, one of them holding his new title, he takes a deep breath.

“This is the greatest streak in sports entertainment history!”

Mason starts yelling out his next words.

“I know I have two matches coming up, but I’ll just keep fighting and fighting. I’ll just keep pushing onward until no one can stop me. This streak won’t end here. I will fight. I will win. I am a goddamn giant slayer. It’s just a matter of time till I win the Universal Title too and I’m running this place!

I'll take on all comers! Cain, Drezdin, Davids, Frodo, Trax, Lane, anyone who wants a piece o' me can try and come get some!

And even now… I am the man. I am the man and a great man once said to be the man, you gotta beat the man and I am… the man! And not only that…

I am the King of Wrestling!

And if you come at the king?”

Mason leans into the camera with his championship.

“You best not miss.”

The camera cuts out.

[Image: 4cDcn2D.jpg]


1x X-Treme Champion
1x Federweight Champion
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