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The Black Wind Howls
12-03-2015, 10:51 PM
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The scene is clouded with darkness as footsteps are heard. We hear a deep voice in the darkness.

"Are you afraid? You should be. You all should be. After all, I heard the laughing; I felt the pointing fingers and gazing eyes upon me as I lay there with the taste of Orangutan shit in my mouth."

"You thought is was funny. After all, why wouldn't you? A seven foot monster, an immortal ..."

A sigh is heard in the darkness.

"... Embarassed. I was humiliated for you, for your entertainment. You see, that is all well because this laughter...the laughter I heard that night; this laughter drives a new Era of bloodshed in my life. A new Era of destruction which will cause any before it pale in comparison to me."

"I am the innovator of murder, the face of death. I am that which no man can escape. No man escapes my grasp."

" The Xtreme Wrestling Federation will finally learn to take me seriously, they will learn to speak my name with fear in their voice."

"I am fear."

"I am death."

"I am..."

Click. A light suddenly clicks on and we see the death stare of the last son of Eden, the human deathmachine himself...


The light flickers momentarily before going dark again, leaving us with a set of glowing red eyes and a graphic on the screen.  Just a series of words, in sanguine font...

The Black Wind Howls.
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