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A LASTing Impact
01-09-2013, 11:33 AM
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***Sebastian Duke is walking through town. A small town in New England, founded before the birth of the nation. It's predominant Colonial architecture, evidence of it's heritage. He walks the sidewalk amongst some of the towns people. Many of whom, can't help but stare at him as he walks through town. Most of the time, he ignores it. It's common nature for a man of his size to be stared at. Sometimes though, he gets a sixth sense feeling when someone "of the cloth" is staring. He stares back. He enjoys it when these types become afraid of the evil that is evident in his eyes.

***He walks amongst the people and he becomes distracted by what he sees next. In the window of an old television store he sees Angelus' ugly mug staring at him. He walks inside the store so he can hear........

***Moments later, he exits the store. He gives a signal to the XWF camera man assigned to him. They round a corner onto an empty street.

"Angelus, what you need to know is that when you drop my name in a promo.... expect a response. I'm not a man that backs down.

"Indeed Angelus, things ARE changing. It's the nature of this business that things do change. What you fail to realize, Angelus, is that these changes that are occuring and the changes that come in the future.... Will not be a result of you.

"Your time at the back of the line is over and you're a revolutionary..... Nicely said..... But, if you're such a revolutionary, Angelus, why is your name not on the marquee next to mine on tonights Warfare? Tonights Warfare is the start of new beginnings here in the X-Treme Wrestling Federation. Why are you not on that train you speak so fondly of?

"While I agree with you that luck is for losers..... You also said that opportunity is earned......

"No, Angelus.... Opportunity is SEIZED! That's what I do, Angelus, I seize opportunity. When I arrived here I got under the skin of Unknown Soldier pretty quickly. He offered his title to get me in the ring, that was seizing opportunity. Fair enough, I lost... but the opportunity was there....

"Angelus.... I have no issues with you.... What reason would I have? You're a small fish in a large ocean of sharks. I want the sharks......

"However, Angelus, if you want problems, rest assured, Sebastian Duke will give you problems....

"Rest assured, I would give you way more then you're man enough to handle....

"Rest assured, Angelus, if you ever step in my way, I WILL move you out of it....

"When anyone drops my name, Angelus, I will respond....

"You should expect nothing less.....

"Angelus..... you...... have been warned...."

***Fade to black...


XWF Achievements:
  • 1x Universal Champion
  • 1x Intercontinental Champion
  • 1x United States Champion
  • 1x North Korean Champion
  • 1x Xtreme Champion
  • 1x Tag Team Champion
  • 2x Trios Champion
  • 1x FTW Champion
  • 1x 24/7 Briefcase Holder
  • World War X Winner
  • February 2013 SOTM

Other XWF Character Record:  31-14-1
Overall XWF Record:  82-38-2
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