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You Poor Bastard, You Think You Won
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02-23-2015 11:32 PM

"I'm nothing more than a bump in the road, huh, Justin? Alright, I'll play along. Since I'm nothing more than a measly bump, you're the dipshit that decided to ride on the road with a fucking motorcycle. Trust me when I say that you didn't see that bump coming. Be mindful of the road ahead of you next time and maybe, just maybe, you will be able to earn a title without paying a single cent for it."

Johnathan chuckles.

"And somehow, you think that paying 30K to not fight the kings and win the belts that are as useful as the Heavy Metal Championship now is worse than me being handed the belt because I was the number one contender? May I remind you, I paid nothing for that belt. I was handed the damn thing because Gator was in the hospital and the federation needed a fighting champ. Jacob must have done something to fry your brain that badly, because I thought for sure you were better than that. Guess not. I also guess that no one in their right mind wants those belts because they've been reduced to a value lower than Maverick's shit. You heard right, those belts are so useless, Maverick doesn't see a need to shit on them. You proud of yourself? Was it worth every worthless penny?

"It better be. If not, I'll make sure that you and everyone else back in that locker room makes you wish you kept the receipt."

We fade in on the knight in an underground fighting arena somewhere in Wisconsin. The rowdy crowd of fighters and observers can be seen wielding weapons of some sort for themselves or others to use. There's a fight going on in front of the knight, where it looks like a much smaller man is getting the shit beaten out of him by a giant of a man, who's holding a bent and bloodied aluminum bat. The nearly dead, small man is left unresponsive after a good swing to the head from the seven footer, where he his then dragged away from the fight to prevent him from getting massacred even more from the giant of a man. The giant celebrates his brutal assault by raising his bat into the air, as if it's some sort of prized possession of his. The crowd roars in approval, amazed by the beating that the viewers at home didn't get to see.

"Where else would Heyman send me to train for the First Blood match?" he thinks to himself. With his right hand, he palms his face and rubs his temples, knowing that he should have seen this coming from a mile away. "Let me guess, I'm going to be fighting that gargantuan beast of a man because Heyman signed me up for a match with him."

As if answering his questions, a group of men shove the knight into the fighting area where the large man is standing. The giant looks at the much smaller knight, sizing him up to see how long he'll last in a fight like this. The larger man smiles and cracks his neck, popping some bones in the process. The giant has the feeling that this fight won't take very long. Johnathan hops up and down to loosen his muscles and, effectively, make himself more agile to escape from his grasps and dodge any of his incoming strikes. The crowd, obviously not wanting to side with the new guy, begins to chant for the giant by repeating his name and clapping at the same time.


"Goliath, huh? Fitting name for a giant of a man. All I have to do is avoid the strikes and make sure this crowd doesn't get involved."

"This man will last as long as my ex wife in bed."

Johnathan could barely hear through his thick Austrian accent to make out the insult. Johnathan shakes his head out of annoyance, since he knows that's a very low class insult that only the most desperate of men would use in order to assert dominance.

"With quips like those, I feel like this match will drag on forever."

The makeshift bell rings and Goliath dashes toward Johnathan with his arms outstretched, as if he's about to crush him with his football sized hands. Sensing the danger, the knight rolls out of the way of the oncoming charge and lets the giant run straight into the crowd ahead of him. He manages to knock down a couple of people before being pushed back into the arena with the knight. Johnathan laughs at the large man before motioning him to come back at him with another charge. The giant dashes straight at him once more, which leads to the knight rolling out of the way again and the giant running into more people. Goliath, catching on to Johnathan's game, glares at the knight as he smiles a very toothy grin.

Goliath charges at the knight again, but stops when the knight does a third somersault. As soon as the knight pops back up to his feet, the giant grabs him from behind and slams him down to the floor with a simple take-down maneuver. He then stomps on the knight's neck before turning back to the crowd and feeding off their energies. Johnathan rubs his neck a bit before popping back up to his feet.

"Well, he's smarter than I first thought. I'll give him credit for that, but the fucker is still a gloating son of bitch that needs to be put down. Reminds me of a larger, more dimwitted version of Austin."

Johnathan carefully steps forward and kicks Goliath in the shin as hard as he possibly can. The giant grimaces a little, but otherwise shows no signs of pain. The knight's eyes widen as Goliath turns around and shoves down the puny man with one hand. The knight rolls back up to his feet and notices that Goliath is about to run forward with a huge haymaker. It connects to his jaw and Johnathan sells it like he's been kicked in the face on a trampoline. Not wanting to let up on the smaller man, Goliath picks him up by the hair and headbutts him on the nose. Amazingly, it stays in tact after a vicious blow from a man that size. He headbutts his nose again and, once again, no blood, just an intensely dazed knight.

Goliath tosses the knight into the crowd, where they hold him down while the giant looks for a weapon to beat the shit out of the knight with. As the knight manages to shake the cobwebs out of his head, the giant is seen picking up various weapons scattered about all over the floor and raising them high into the air while the crowd boos or cheers as a response. Goliath picks up a chain, which draws massive boos from the audience. He throws it down to the floor and picks up the head of a stop sign, which gains just as much boos as the chain. He drops that as well. Johnathan tries to free his arms from the crowd, but they have him held down tightly and there doesn't seem to be any sign of escape.

"Get the bat, Goliath!"

"Yeah, get the fucking bat!"

Goliath throws down the red octagon and looks at the crowd surrounding him.

"You want the bat?"


The knight starts to stomp on the people's feet to try and escape their grasp. During this, Goliath has picked up the bat and has raised it into the air, high and proud.

"You want the bat?!"


Before the giant could do anything with the bat, however, the knight has managed to slip free from the hands of the audience and hit Goliath in the back of the head with a shovel, dropping him to the floor. The knight breathes heavily as the crowd falls to a hush. Enraged, the knight raises the shovel once again and hits his head with it once more. Something deep in the back of his mind is telling him to keep going, to keep hitting him with the shovel until he bleeds. Almost having his head taken off by this gargantuan beast, he doesn't try to restrain those feelings and proceeds to smash Goliath's face in with nobody trying to stop him. He smashes it over his head again...

...and again...

...and again...

...until the scene fades to something much more peaceful.


"That felt...amazing. I managed to find some sort of outlet to release my anger. What you just saw was unlike anything I've ever really done before, but it just felt so natural to me. I should be fucking terrified about this, but I'm not. At the moment, I haven't been able to remove the frustrations of losing to no names and cowards that can't finish the job themselves. Being able to take it out on someone just feels so good, you know?

"If I could somehow do that again to Justin, the man who's about as successful as I am when trying to win titles. Hey, at least I don't try to buy them off of champions. I actually go and fight them in order to win it. Unlike you, I don't buy the right to call any belt mine. You know what's even sadder? You paid $30 K for your first ever title. If that doesn't speak magnitudes about your abilities and self-confidence, I don't know how you manage to get through every day of your life without lying to yourself. Next thing you're going to tell me is that you aren't really from Pennsylvania and that face of yours is a mask.

"Justin, you and I are going to fight one on one for the first time ever on Warfare, and to be honest, it seems fair to take on the man who lost to all the men he beat once before. You beat me and a couple of other people in War Games, your debut match mind you, so it only seems fair to play out this pattern until you decide to do something about it. You beat Vinnie, only to lose to him not too long after that. You beat Frodo after losing to him twice. And soon, you'll know what it feels like to fall after rising so high up in your career. You had the taste of success. Now it's time to feel what it's like to lose to a man that you claim to be a cakewalk.

"I wish it ended there, but no, it doesn't. Everyone's siding with the coward who never even fought the kings. If that's the case, Steve Irkel could beat Rocky Balboa in a fist fight. It's hard to say that no team has the balls to face you if you never grew any to begin with. Did you feel that? Did you feel the sudden increase in temperature? That's the feeling you have when you know you've been proven wrong. You should be familiar with that. You've only been proven wrong every other day in your career."

The knight proceeds to laugh a bit before continuing on with his speech.

"Now we get to the second round, where I have the chance to fight either Aaron Underwood or Ricky Desmond and Frodo Smackins or Austin Fernando. Since I know that there's no way Aaron has a chance of making it to the second round, even with the help of his Asylum buddies, I might as well focus on the other three. Starting with the man who doesn't seem to understand how to admit when he lost."

Johnathan waves to the camera.

"Hello Austin. I heard that you were bitching about how I didn't really beat you, even though both members of a tag team share the win and the loss. I told you Heyman could be wrong, didn't I? Here you are bragging about a piece of shit title thinking like it still means something, even though it's been rendered defunct due to lack of interest and how it doesn't benefit the careers of anyone involved at all. Being the last ever holder of the belt means that you're really the only person who still gives enough of a shit to view it as more than trash. Maybe in Australia, metal is so rare, that when it's recycled, one person becomes a millionaire. Oh wait, that would be fucking stupid, in no reality would that ever come to pass as a likely story.

"Hey, you were the one that wanted to knock out the referee, you fucking idiot. If you hadn't maybe things would've gone differently for you and your C-List partner. Lane wouldn't have hit you with the chair, Heyman would see no need to get involved and make things even worse for you, and I still would've beat your ass to the blue moon and back. You'd like to think differently, but you're nothing more than a stupid kid. Even compared to the likes of the Heyman Alliance, you're still acting like a fucking child, even more so now that you can't accept your loss and shut up.

"You destroyed me? No, you set me back by knocking me out. Destroying me would be killing me, and you're not man enough to kill me when I'm doing your job for you. Now you have a real chance to 'destroy' me, 'break' me, whatever the fuck you want to call it in the second round, if you even get there, that is. I know the dwarf's been dying to get a shot to shut your fucking trap up. But if you do, go ahead, see if you could make me bleed without the help of Ricky. I bet you can't do it, because you're a dependent little shit that needs everything handed to him.

"Speaking of dwarves, there's Frodo, who probably doesn't care much about winning this tournament than he does making sure his girl delivers her baby safe and sound. Good on him. I'll give him a pass this time around just because of the occasion. Granted, she's a little too young to be experiencing this, but without teenagers getting knocked up, reality TV would be dead, and none of the brain-dead drones want that happening anytime soon."

Johnathan smiles.

"And now we come to a businessman who owns it all without even doing anything at all, Ricky Desmond. It's embarrassing to lose to someone on their first match, isn't it? Well that's what life is like on ground floor. Losing to the most green of faces because they give a better BJ. Am I saying this company is corrupt? Hell, what company isn't corrupt? I'm sure yours doesn't shy away from shoddy business practices and fraudulent claims. But I'm not here to mock your company, even if I just did, I'm here to talk to you as an opponent. You might be a veteran that I haven't seen in action because I can't be bothered to watch your archives, but it doesn't matter if you're fresh or not, you'll still have to face me sooner or later.

"Then again, you call Austin an intelligent man, so I'm sure that you've taken quite a few blows to the head at some point in your life."

The knight shrugs.

"Whatever, let's just get you out of the way, alright? Yes, not every man is as pure or as evil as they make themselves out to be. Yes, I know I'm a misogynist that apparently needs to give a bone to a bitch, because that's pretty much what most of them are. And yes, I know that I'm not above cheating, but who isn't? We've all cheated at some point or another in order to get what we want. You probably had to cheat your fellow employees in order to get the budget for your disgusting tower. And as wrestlers, we have to cheat to get what we want. Here, I have an inquiry for you, name one wrestler that has never cheated to pick up a victory to win. If you can, I'll shoot myself in the foot. It's probably never going to happen, since every wrestler known around the world has cheated. Suck it up, will you.

"Besides, when your opponent has resorted to bullshit like that, it's only fair if they find out what it feels like to be cheated back. If anything, you're just bitching because I'm showing them what it feel like to be screwed. It's your problem, not mine."

The knight looks like he's about to turn off the Cambot, but stops to utter one final line.

"Oh, and Desmond? I don't take advice from drunkards of any class. So you can just fuck yourself with your glasses of tequila."

With that, the scene cuts to black.

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