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The Fear of Losing Myself...
02-10-2015, 09:08 PM
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"A man lost in thought is a man that refuses to accept things for what they are. Johnathan is currently suffering from that after an attack from the Heyman Alliance. He's too busy trying to plot his revenge on everyone in that Alliance to focus on the real issues. He can't seem to keep us under control while thinking about Heyman and his cronies. When he's trying to shove us aside, we only become more active. It's strange how that works, isn't it? Everyone around him thinks that he's a deranged psychopath that begs himself to leave him alone. The only thing that points evidence against him is the large gash that was left on him in a meeting with his sister. Things will go differently this time, however.

"This time, we're showing Johnathan everyone that he's been neglecting. This time, you won't just see me and Anger going off on the failure of a man. You'll be able to see everyone that just wants one good shot at the man who's been neglecting them this whole time. And then maybe, just maybe, will you be able to see Johnathan come back alive. However, we won't let him go softly."

We see nothing, just pure darkness. There is no sort of light to give us any sort of clue or understanding as to where we are and there are no sounds of footsteps cracking or hitting anything either. That is, until the Cambot beeps, which echos out through the nothingness of the setting around us. As if on cue, footsteps and panicked breathing can be heard not too far away from the bot picking up the sound. The footsteps come to a gradual stop as the person breathing manages to calm down. The viewer still can't see shit, leaving the people behind their monitors wondering just what the fuck is going on that they can't see. They're also probably wondering if it's anything sexual, but one can hope their minds don't take that route. The breathing can't be heard anymore, giving us the assumption that he's either dead or breathing through his nose.

Just then, a match is struck, giving us a little bit of light for us. We can now see the face and chest of Johnathan Heartsford. We can't see anything nearby him to understand why he's acting this way, so that's currently up to the viewer to guess. He looks over to the Cambot, but says nothing, as if something is keeping him from speaking. All he can manage to do is breathe. Just then, a pair of bright, orange eyes flash open behind Johnathan's person, sending a cold shiver down his spine. The creature blinks, somehow blowing the match out in the process. Once again, we are left in pure darkness; only this time, the eyes give us barely enough light to see just what it's looking at.

Panicked breathing can be heard once more as the strange creature continues to stare a hole through Johnathan's head. Neither one of them look like they want to make the first move. The creature seems to wait for Johnathan to speak up while the knight doesn't want to provoke it. This awkward stare down continues for a bit until a familiar voice can be heard ringing throughout the mysterious location.

"I see you have met Fear, Johnathan. Usually we'd avoid this being like the plague, but your recent actions forced us to let this being loose."

Another few seconds of silence pass before Johnathan can respond.

"What does it want from me?"

"We don't know. It hasn't spoken to any of us since you were born. So as far as we're concerned, it just wants you dead."

Johnathan seemingly freezes in place as it continues to stare at him. It hasn't done anything other than stare at him for the past few minutes now.

"Wh-...What do you want from me?"

Fear blinks at the knight as a setting unfolds around him. It looks like everything around him is changing from the vast nothingness we've just been trapped in to an apartment complex with no truly special features. As everything fades into existence right before the knight's very eyes, we manage to get a good view at what Fear truly looks like. It wears a pointed brown hat with a charred blue robe. Underneath the hat is a being of pure shadow with only two glowing orange eyes giving us any indication of it having a face. It also has no arms, but in the situation presented before us, it doesn't need them. It's also wearing striped leggings, white and green, making everything the strange creature is wearing clash. Somewhere, a teenage girl is crying at this being's fashion choice.

The creature tilts it's head in a questionable manner, wondering if Johnathan recognizes exactly where he is. Johnathan shakes his head in disbelief, giving the shadow creature all it wanted to know.

"I remember this place. This is where my aunt and uncle used to live when I was still going to elementary school. I haven't heard from them after that."

Johnathan opens the door and looks around the entire room. His neck-bearded uncle can be seen preparing breakfast for his aunt, who looks on with a smile. The pancakes are on the top of the oven along with some bacon sizzling and eggs boiling. Toast can be heard...toasting in the toaster, filling the room with an interesting, yet familiar scent brings Johnathan back to the Saturday mornings of his childhood. The only difference is that he's not there, meaning that it probably isn't Saturday. Regardless, Johnathan seems happy to be back here, listening to his aunt and uncle sing along to the Allman Brothers Band and many one hit wonder bands at the time. Johnathan has the rose tinted glasses on, currently enjoying the time he's spending here instead of wondering why he was brought here in the first place.

"Before you get too comfortable, Johnathan, look at the being that brought you to this point."

The knight turns around and, sure enough, the shadow creature is still standing there, watching his every action. The glasses fall off when he remembers that, yes, this is all just a blast from the past.

"With this being watching over you, you know that something's bound to go wrong somehow."

Johnathan turns back around and watches his aunt and uncle, wondering just how and when they fuck up. The uncle has pulled the eggs and the bacon off the oven top andget the toast out of the toaster. However, he forgets to flip the pancakes, instead going to place what he currently has on the plates before him. Suddenly, the pancakes catch fire. The begin to panic, as does the knight, who's still watching from the sidelines. Not wanting the fire to spread, they pick up the burning pancakes by the pan handle and rush outside with them. Unfortunately, Johnathan's uncle is a clumsy son of a bitch and ends up tripping over nothing, causing the flames to spread to the curtains, which freaks out his aunt even more. They don't have a fire extinguisher or a hose and the bucket is too far away and probably won't do shit to save them. They decide to forget about their apartment and call the fire department from a neighbor's. Carbon monoxide is spreading all throughout the room now, making Johnathan cough and close the door. He continues to cough as the gas continues to spread everywhere.

"Fuck!" *cough cough* "I can't breathe!"

He coughs some more as Fear stares him down with those menacing orange eyes of his. Johnathan slumps to his knees as he gasps for breath, looking at the entity that brought him here with malice and tears in his eyes. Just before his vision fades out, the being walks towards him and kneels down.


He then jolts awake in a bed in Virginia. His eyes are wide and he's still coughing up a storm. Soot can be seen leaving his mouth as he does so, as if he recently ran out of a burning building. The coughing fit continues for a bit until a small section of the white blanket can be seen turning black. The knight notices this and rushes to the restroom, where he grabs a plastic cup of water and rinses out his mouth. He spits out the water in the sink, which is also completely black with soot. He does this a couple more times before turning the sink on and diluting the soot into mostly water. It drains into the sink, making Johnathan sigh out of relief. He looks back up at the mirror, seeing the reflection of Doubt and Fear in the mirror. He jumps a little in response, making Doubt laugh at the knight.

"Did you enjoy your time with Fear? Because you'll be reliving every bitter moment of your life alongside it. I'm sure you two will keep each other company while everyone else comes by and demolishes your very soul."

Johnathan turns around and looks straight at Doubt, eye to mask.

"I don't know how you think you can break me, but go ahead, do your worst."

"My worst?"

The masked being laughs at his expense.

"No matter what you end up saying to yourself, you are never ready for my worst."

Johnathan groans out of annoyance.

"You know what? Fuck you. I have a match with Gator to focus on anyways."

The knight storms out of the room, making the scene fade out to something completely different.


"You know something, Gator? You're right. It is getting boring having to face you week after week nonstop. I know I had some of my best matches with you, but this shit needs to stop. I mean, I can only talk shit about you and your hobbies so many times until I run out of material for you. Now, I know you must be thinking 'The dumb bitch admitted that I'm right again! I'll have his number again this time for sure!' No, not really. I plan on walking out of this fight the winner, even if it's going to take fifteen long, arduous minutes to take you down. See, you already have your shot to take on any champion you'd want to fight, except yourself, obviously, and I see no need for you to hold yourself back with that belt. No, I'm not saying you don't deserve it, believe me, you do, it's just that I want you to move on to greener and tastier pastures, like the cash cow you've grown to become for the XWF as of late.

"Just fall down for the three count and you'll be able to not only lift the burden of having to fight me again and again, over and over, every single day of your life, but you'll also be able to enjoy the high life like you were supposed to. You know, before you had to have Cor-Vus watch over your beloved dog while you think you're the next Aladdin. Before you made friends with a Greek that sold out and left you high and dry. Before you crashed into some loser's three dollar mansion with go karts that cost much more than his house. I think you get my point by now.

"While you complain about my show, you forget to mention that you fucking won tickets to Tokyo Disneyland. I would've expected people like Barney Green and Justin Sane to bitch and moan about how they lost and how my show sucks the anal beads out of a woman's ass, but a winner like you? What, do you hate your prize and anything associated with Walt Disney? Did you not have a childhood while growing up? You spent your early life in Japan, so you must have some sort of fond memories while over there. Oh wait, most of that life was spent with your dad through training and wrestling. Well, maybe while on a couple of the more famous rides, you can remember what it feels like to truly enjoy yourself. Go ahead, interrupt your neighbors by yelling about how much your prize sucks and that you'd give it away for free if you could. See how many people that have no wrestling knowledge suddenly flock towards you. Maybe then you'll understand just what your father wanted you to be if you manage to do that.

"So go on, Gator, go ahead and tell me about how much of a horrible person I am by breaking the bank and giving you a prize like that. You mad that you didn't get a trip to Cancun like Caroline? Hell, in Takeshi's Castle, you don't even get a prize for conquering the castle. Just some pyrotechnics and a few handshakes behind the cameras. Consider yourself lucky that I gave you anything more than that because I wanted to be nice for you. Go ahead and tell everyone how much I suck after pinning you to the mat fair and square. How fucking dare I manage to beat you fair and square?

"But, you're currently not my main priority. No, that spot's reserved for Mr. Heyman. You're currently the guy shoved to the sidelines that thinks he's still important somehow. But hey, at least I graced you with a response."

He clears his throat.

"I knew I had a good reason not to trust Swann. Coward of a man didn't like how he wasn't being treated fairly so he flanked over to the other side to earn the same amount of notoriety while he was in the Underground. He always has and always will be that guy that remains in the background while the bigger, better talents step all over his head. You hear that, Swann? Now that you're gone, you've managed to weigh down the Heyman Alliance more than we ever could. Good fucking job."

He smirks.

"So, Gator, I'll be seeing you, and more than likely the rest of the outdated individuals in the Heyman Alliance on Wednesday. Do shine that belt for me. I want to let you look at it while you lay in the ring, wondering what the hell just happened. And with that, I'll walk out the T.V. Champion. Cambot."


"Turn off."

The scene cuts to black.

Singles Win/Lose/Draw

Tag Win/Lose/Draw

“Knighthood lies above eternity; it does not live off fame, but rather deeds.” - Dejan Stojanovic

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