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Setting the Record Straight aka Don't do drugs.
02-03-2015, 06:45 PM
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A hand reaches forward and grabs the cell phone which was vibrating it's way off of the small table that it had been resting on undisturbed for the last 20 minutes.

"Go for Theo Pryce."

The camera backs up to reveal Theo Pryce sitting in an extremely spacious chair located inside his personal jet. Why a guy who has a ring that can transport him anywhere he wants in seconds still has a personal jet is anyones guess but here we are.

"Theo this is Steve Sayors, is now a good time?"

"Steve Sayors." Theo says with great excitement. "How the hell have you been? It feels like it's been forever since we last spoke."

"That's because you've refused to take my call the last few months. Or respond to my emails."

"I'm sorry Steve but I'm kind of a busy guy these days. You know, ridding the world of terrorists and all. It's not all board meetings and 18 holes of golf like in the old days." Theo says as a grin forms across his face.

"Be that as it may it is in your contract that at least once a month you will do an interview with me."

"It is? Still? I thought I told Madison to get that taken out of my contract. Can't trust him to do anything." Theo says as he takes a bite out of his turkey club sandwich which had been resting on the table next to his cell phone.

"So lets talk about your upcoming match with The Underground. This will be The Kings second title defense since winning the titles in December. How do you feel about this match?"

"How do I feel about this match? That's what you are opening with? Oh well, damage is done. Truth is I feel great about this match. Why wouldn't it? It's The Kings against 3 discarded cumrags. Why wouldn't I feel great about this match?"

"Well so far both of your partners have been rather quiet about the match, whereas each of your opponents have had something to say. Do you have any thoughts about that?"

"Sure I do Steve." Theo says as he takes a sip from his white can of Sugar Free Vegas Fuel. Product placement for the win. "My partners, The Kings in general, we aren't the kinds of guys who feel the need to talk nonstop to try and get our point across. Nor are we the kind of guys who need to get involved in the comings and goings of everyone in the federation like some. We pick our spots. No doubt that is exactly what John Samuels and John Madison are doing."

"Well then I guess we'll just have to wait to see what they have to say."

"I guess we will Steve. You know, since I don't have ESP and all." Theo says as he rolls his eyes.

"Alright, alright. Well how about you, what have you got to say? TJ Wallace did a promo a few days ago and he had some pretty harsh things to say about you. Would you like to take this time to respond?"

"Well first I think your and my definition of harsh are vastly different. See I consider harsh to be synonymous with cruel or severe but based on how you are using it you seem to think that harsh means weak, pathetic, inaccurate. But since you brought it up I did in fact see TJ Weaksauce's promo and it was about what I expected from an ungrateful and uneducated wanna be gangsta. And I want to emphasis that I said gangsta with an a at the end and not an er so as to not be culturealley insensitive. But anyway, I saw the promo. I commend Wallace's effort even if it was only marginally better than that of Xavier Swann's."

"What do you mean by that? If I recall you essentially blew off Swann in your first promo."

"Of course I did. Why would I spend any time talking about a guy who is clearly too caught up in himself to actually do any research on his opponent? But here is what I will say about Swann and it won't be much seeing as how the guy has predictably gone mute ever since he shit the bed in his last promo. Here's what I will say to Swann, and really this goes for the whole of Team Neverwas and that's this, it's really bad form to call out someone for being a former champion when the person doing the calling out isn't a present champion, or a former champion and based on what I've seen not likely to be a future champion either. Especially when the person being called out is one of three, let me repeat that, three people to win every single title in the fed. The fact that Xavier Swann thought that highlighting the fact that I am the former Universal Champion was a good idea shows just how clueless the guy is. For a man who claims to be the "Reflection of Perfection" he's really anything but."

"Ok and what about TJ Wallace since he was the person I specifically asked about?"

"Damn Steve. You in a rush? You would think that since you haven't talked to me in months you'd be itching to spend as much time with me on the phone as possible. But since you asked, Wallace is just another asskiss who thinks he's earned the right to address me when the reality is he should stick to fighting guys like Frodo and Maverick. For starters the guy is not only a shit wrestler but he's an idiot as well."

"What makes you say that?"

"Have you not been paying attention Steve? The guy lack the ability to comprehend even the simplest of things. For instance I spent a good few minutes in my first promo outlining all the ways in which The Underground is a collection of terrible wrestlers who despite accomplishing nothing feel entitled to everything and yet all Wallace took out of that rendition of historical fact was "they suck". Which tells me not only is Wallace an idiot but he doesn't even understand what he heard. He may have literally heard the words but his brain is so stunted that he can't process it and then turn around and fire back a response. Sure he'll try. Just like he tries to win matches but in the end he'll fail because that's what he does."

"Another example of that would be Wallace not understanding the difference between a statement and a question."

"How do you figure that?"

"Simple. I asked the question has Wallace ever won a match and Wallace mistook that for me making a statement that Wallace has never won a match. And then he used that misunderstanding to launch into a diatribe in which he actually did more to hurt himself with his own words than he did me. He went so far as to say that I was incorrect. Incorrect about what I'm not really sure. One can't be incorrect when asking a question which is what I did. I didn't say that Wallace hasn't won a match. I asked if he's ever won a match because the truth is until I saw Wallace's name listed as one of my opponents for this week's match I didn't even know the guy existed. So I was genuinely curious when I asked the question. I was hoping Wallace would respond by listing out all of the big time wins he's had, maybe even talk about the title's he won. I gave the guy an open forum to prop himself up and instead he showed the world why he should just sit the fuck down and shut up."

"A little harsh don't you think?"

"See, now you're using the word properly. But to answer your question I would say no. It's not too harsh, in fact it's not harsh enough. The truth is Wallace didn't list out all of his big wins or his title's won because he has none...of either. Because...and I know this is going to surprise you Steve but it's because TJ Wallace sucks. And he knows it. He knows it so much that he tried to call me out for telling the world that he and the rest of his team sucks but in the end only succeeded in making himself look like a fool. And yet this guy thinks he's going to take the trios titles from me? Vinnie Lane, easily the best wrestler in that faction tried to keep The Kings from winning those titles and failed. Hard. And this guy thinks that he can beat me? A guy who lost more matches in one day, two, at Turning Point than I have in the 4 months I've been back. Come on now. Let's not kid ourselves."

"Wallace and his team has as much of a chance of taking the trios titles from The Kings as Barney Green does of winning The Biggest Loser contest. Wallace is so desperate to try and get a word in edgewise that he borrowed from "The Book of Gilmour" and decided to put together two contradictory sentences back to back. First he said I lost the tag team titles then in the very next sentence bitched and moaned because we sold the titles. Mind you he didn't seem to have an issue with it when he tried in vain to purchase the titles. You see Samuels and I selling the titles was only bullshit to Wallace because he was not the benefactor of the transaction. Rest assured that if Samuels and I had just given him the titles like he had hoped we would he would be hanging from our nuts just like he is MacClay's."

"And what of Wallace's comments regarding your Universal Title reign? He said that if you truly didn't care about it you would have just handed the title off or sold it like you did the tag team titles."

"Well Steve as has been the case for everything Wallace has said so far he was wrong yet again. Just because I didn't give the Universal Title away or sell it doesn't mean that I cared about it. In fact it means just the opposite. My plan all along was to cash in, take the title from Eli, beat him again when he demanded his rematch, which I did by the way and then once that happened I was going to hold a tournament to crown the next Universal Champion but then Steve Davids decided to cash in on me before I could hold said tournament. I held the Universal Title just long enough to prove to Eli James once more that he can't beat me. I'm sure Wallace will call bullshit. Bull fucking shit as he likes to say and that's fine. At that point it will be his word against mine. And let's be honest with each other, who are people going to believe? A legend or an entitled dipshit who can't get out of his own way to earn a shot at the Universal Title let alone win the damn thing?"

"And last but not least there's Aerial Knight. Do you have anything to say about him that you haven't already?"

"Last yes, least? No that distinction definitely belongs to Wallace. At least Knight is a former Television Champion. Even if he was literally handed the title by Kirk MacClay. Honestly Steve there isn't really anything else I can say about Knight that I haven't already. The guy came out firing early and then after I verbally abused him like a drunken father figure he went into hiding like Osama Bin Laden. Seriously this guy thinks he can beat me? Or any of the Kings? This guy can't even get a Shove It out on time. What is it a day late already? Two days?"

"Two days late."

"Right two days late. I was a GM for a short time period Steve as you know. When Paul decided to take some time off from being a GM he gave me a call and asked if I would run Madness for a few weeks. He knew that with my solid business background as well as being one of the faces of the company that I would do a good job and low and behold that's exactly what I did. Not only that but every single week that I was in charge my show aired on time. Not a day late. Or two days late. On time. Because that's what the fans expect. It's what they deserve. But Knight he doesn't care about the fans. Not like I care about the fans. And that's why he will always be a failure. Whether that's at trying to win wrestling matches or producing Shove It's. Aerial Knight is and will always be synonymous with failure. Today. Tomorrow and everyday until he dies."

"Now Steve if you don't mind I have somethings I need to finish up before my plane lands and I'm sure you've got some other folks to speak to so why don't you go and bug my opponents? Maybe they will give you something useless since they haven't done me that courtesy."

Theo hits the small end button on his phone and then places it onto the table in front of him as the scene fades to black.

[Image: yOyxz0G.gif]

All the fucking titles ever. I've won em all. (King of the XWF, Universal, Xtreme, United States, TV, Tag Team x2 and Trios x3)
Captain of the winning team at World War X
Triple Champion (King of the XWF, X-Treme Title and United States Title) on April 4,2014
January 2014 SOTM
XWF All Time Top 50

OOC: Many thanks to my main funny man The Jester™ for the banner.
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