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The Thrill of Competition
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11-04-2014 03:32 AM

"Five men enter the arena on Wednesday. Some of them might walk out of the arena as the best of friends, others might walk out hating each other's guts. Will the champion retain his belt? Or will the Brit succumb to love and hand over the title to a proper successor? I can't predict the future, but I will not let any of the other challengers get close to championship glory. You can count on it."

Johnathan is on the phone with his sister, who is currently telling him about family life back in Baltimore. He has a nice smile on his face as he listens to his sister describe how they have been doing and what they've been putting his weekly paychecks to use for; paying off bills, putting food on the shelves, and buying themselves nicer clothes at their local Macy's. They've also been talking about how, despite his losses, his family are rooting for him all the way from Baltimore. The knight explains that he got a Cambot by convincing Shane that he was going to jump off the rafters as a promotional shot for War Games. Once Shane found out that he lied to him about the shot, he just gave him the hunk of metal no questions asked. Syndi asks if that was really a smart investment on the part of his boss, which is one of those questions he doesn't have an answer for.

He looks up at the flying little bot and realizes that he turned it on by merely calling out the name of the model. He is visibly annoyed at how the mere mention of it can turn it on, but he refuses to let the smile drop from his face. He tells her that he has to cut a promo against his opponents right about now and tells her that he'll talk again soon. He hangs up and sits down on his hotel bed, which is surprisingly firm. He winces for a bit before looking back at the little bot that films.

"Yeah, sleeping on these hard ass beds are bound to fuck anyone's back up. I swear, these things are never soft enough to give you a restful night's sleep."

He rubs his lower back for a bit, it was speared by GT and punched by a mugger, but now it's a victim of hotel bedding. He shrugs it off, thinking that it should heal itself overtime.

"I didn't dedicate this entire promo complaining about how the local Holiday Inn's bedding fucking sucks, because if I did, we'd get nowhere fast. No, you should already know that I'm fighting against four other men, only one of which, the champion, can be passed off as a credible threat. These are big words coming from the knight, the fighter most people on the XWF consider a joke, sure, but I wouldn't say these words if I didn't think they were true. I don't care if I'd be treated like yesterday's leftovers coming into this match. Their words won't matter once I step through that ring and take the title from right under their noses. Hell, in fifteen minutes, I bet I could hit Knightfall on all four of you."

The knight smirks.

"If you don't believe me, I can tell you that I've lost enough times to know what all of you could be capable of. I have fought against men much more powerful than me, men that are much more arrogant than me, men that have achieved much more success in this federation than I could have ever dreamed about, and I'm still here. What does that say about me? Does it say that I'm foolish because I keep fighting people much better than me thinking that I'd win? Perhaps. However, I like to view it as a sign showing people that I never, ever give up when presented with a golden opportunity. In this case, that belt Gator is currently holding."

The knight throws out his arms, as if issuing an open challenge to everyone involved in the match.

"You want to try and break the knight, do you? You want to be the one that jams the proverbial sword through my skull and put me out for the rest of the fight? Give it your all, because I'm not letting this moment slip through my fingers."

He lowers his arms, letting them rest on the mattress.

"Before talking to the champion directly, I might as well speak to the other challengers, starting from the least deserving. Yes, even less deserving than the underdog of the match."

He waves to the camera.

"Hello there, Manson. How's the sausage fest between you and your Asylum mates going? I hope it's going well, because while your stable mates are over there painting your face to make you look like those slack-jawed monsters from Amnesia, the actual fighters are inside the ring, trying to win a shot at glory. Now why do I think like this, exactly? Why am I acting like the way you act towards all of your opponents? Is it because we're having some sort of Freaky Friday swap with our personalities?"

The knight smirks.

"Not really, no. I'm just proving to you that, just like everyone else in this Earth, are flawed in some way. Where some people have great strengths, they have terrible flaws that drop them back down to reality. As much as we'd want to be Gods, we all can't have the abilities the spaceman or the face do. While you all are off having fun your initiations and frat house parties and whatever the fuck it is you seem to be wasting time with, we'll be training to fight each other inside that squared circle. We'll be using the weaknesses of everyone in that ring, including your reckless attitude towards your own life, against each other. At this moment in time, not only is your reliance of others showing, but you also choose to show off how much you just don't care about your life, this company, or even the match you're booked in."

The smirk drops

"You don't want to win? No worries, I don't think you'll be able to win anything for a while."

The knight stretches again by throwing his arms up into the air, trying to pop his back by using a completely different method. Some slight pops can be heard, but nothing that fixes his back completely.

"Now we have Mr. Imperfect himself, Maverick. How does it feel to be humiliated by a man that only fights in teams? To be proven wrong once again by the entire roster? I'm sure you'll dismiss it as nothing, but I like to view it as foreshadowing in our upcoming match. I don't have that much to say to you since, well, I pretty much said everything I had to say about you in that King of the Ring tournament. I doubt I need to say everything again, so I'll just paraphrase it.

The knight clears his throat as he tries to remember exactly what he said to Maverick for the King of the Ring Tournament.

"So what if I lost, blah blah blah, I'm determined in my task, blah blah blah, you're a fucking liar, blah blah blah, you can't keep me down for long because you're a terrible wrestler, blah blah blah."

The knight smiles a sheepish smile.

"Okay, so I added in that last part, but who the fuck cares? Everything I said still stands."

He drops it as quickly as it came.

"Then there was Sane in the Membrane. He has confidence built up inside of him because Evertrust saw something in him. Blind faith, perhaps, but let's assume that it's actual talent. Apparently, we're supposed to assume that with Evertrust coaching him and just being Evertrust, Justin is an unstoppable man worth messing with. If he actually did more than betray his own captain, allowing Azrael to win in a completely different fashion."

He cracks his neck; the hotel pillows haven't really been doing him any favors either. Loud and satisfying pops can be heard as he makes complete rotations.

"Well never mind the past, what about the recent? What has he done to warrant everyone's attention? Well, at the time of this promo, not a damn thing. Sure he's talked a lot of smack and traumatized a ton of therapists with wrestling talk, but all of that means fuck all in terms of wrestling ability. Prove to me that you are a credible threat, then I might waste more time on you. I might not, but it's the thought that counts."

The knight laughs a bit.

"And now we're left the champion himself! Hey there Gator, how goes life? I see that you got yourself a whore-I mean girlfriend. How's the crusade of killing all seven of her old boyfriends going, anyways? Did you put it to a halt to play more games with Todd like you always do? It wouldn't surprise me, but I know that you're deathly serious about that title of yours. I would think that you would actually take time out of your day to train against all four of us. You do remember the last time against more than one man at a time, correct? I don't think I need to remind you, even though you tend to forget a lot of things when you're having fun. But with the amount of times that you lost and the fact that your father is keen on calling you a disgrace, I'm sure you can remember that."

Johnathan smiles at his little remark.

"Well let me put it to you this way: I may have been sponsored into this match and I mostly lose many of the matches I'm put in, but I don't let that stop me. I get right back up and I fight harder to get to my goal, just like you did. You know what I'm going to do in that ring? Not play Rock Paper Scissors to win anything. Did you think I'd forget that? Fuck no I wouldn't. Not only was it hilarious, it's also pivotal evidence against you. If you won that belt out of the sheer luck of the draw, what makes you believe that you'll be able to keep that belt with that very same game, if you even have the chance to play it again? Well, you'll have to put us all down in order to find out. Shouldn't be too tall of an order for a man such as yourself, right?"

The knight smirks to himself.

"In any case, I have to turn this damned thing off before it runs out of battery power. I'll see all of you and the future knights in the ring. Cambot."


"Turn off."

The video cuts to black instantly.

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