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Blizzard -vs- Mr. WGWF -vs- Loverboy Vinnie Lane
09-05-2014, 04:08 PM
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Battle thread

Anytime anyone in the match replies, you can reply again too. You DO NOT need to wait for both opponents to reply before you can answer again.

Deadline is Thursday, 9/11 @ 12 noon PST.
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Vincent Lane (09-05-2014)
09-05-2014, 04:23 PM
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Oh, look what we have here, Pest!

Looks like you won't have your smart ass mouth to help you for much longer, man, and you won't be able to jump me from behind either!

This might not go into any record books as a match that matters, dude, but I'm gonna get my hands around your scrawny neck either way, and I'm not gonna stop squeezing until your dildo crown starts spurting blood, just like your actual tiny dick does twenty seconds after your girlfriend touches you with her scabby hands.

Look out for this one, Blizz, you'll probably catch the clap just by catching a whiff of him.

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Peter Fn Gilmour (09-05-2014),  Shane Carver  (09-05-2014), Gator (09-05-2014)
09-05-2014, 04:28 PM
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How cute, the little gender confused bum boy obsessed with other gender confused bum boys wants to discuss cocks and what they ejaculate. Who else is surprised the first words out his mouth involve cock? Good show, not only getting your ass kicked by me repeatedly, losing your belts to me, and now I'm going to do it in an official capacity. Blizzard doesn't even need to get involved to stop this, he can sit at home and ignore us for the week and things will end just the same. You getting your ass stomped again. How's that for an Anachronism? Or care to use another word incorrectly?

[Image: bRSFDcb.png?1]
Dominus patiens
[Image: VYaWjUm.png]
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 Shane Carver  (09-05-2014)
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Peter Fn Gilmour (09-05-2014)
09-05-2014, 04:34 PM
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Yeah, the guy with dicks on his head says I talk about cock too much. Makes about as much sense as anything else that comes out of your mouth, at least.

Sounds to me like you're hoping Blizzard won't get involved because you know he's just like everyone else here in the XWF and can't wait to see how much of a beating your skull can take before it cracks open like a rotten egg.

I agree that I'd like to do the dirty work on your ass myself, but if I have to end up with scabies Blizzard might as well get them from you too. Who knows? Maybe you'll like each other. You both specialize in cock-based offense.

Here's a word that you use wrong pretty often yourself, Pest - "winner." As in, I am one and you're just a loser on the outside looking in.

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Gator (09-05-2014), Peter Fn Gilmour (09-05-2014)
09-05-2014, 04:46 PM
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(I'm going to provide some audio)

Voice Recorder >>

So I'm facing a guy who's a literal dickhead and I'm facing a guy who wears pants so tight that he has the blood flow of Joan Rivers. This match is going to be easier for me to win than it was for me to bang both of your moms and I didn't have to do any work there to make that happen. Those saggy old bitches rolled up to my dressing room on their HoverRounds and gave me gummy head and loose skin titjobs before I came on their faces and removed 30 years of wrinkles. What can I say, my jizz is amazing.

The sexual tension between you guys is horrifying, by the way. You're both playing hard to get and it's hard for me to watch. Loverboy should just bend over so WGWF can charge him like a rhino, goring his butthole. Problem solved.

[Image: bZVT8bT.jpg]
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Tommy Gunn (09-05-2014),  Shane Carver  (09-05-2014), AerialKnight (09-05-2014), Gator (09-05-2014), Liz Hathaway (09-09-2014)
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Peter Fn Gilmour (09-05-2014)
09-05-2014, 04:54 PM
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Oh, wow, you banged my mom? Is our match taking place at a Middle School playground? You gonna use the old "rubber and glue" snaps on me next, dude?

It's a shame, Blizz, I was actually a fan of yours after watching some of your work, but it seems like your return to XWF isn't going exactly how you'd hoped, huh? Losing over and over? What's that feel like, anyway?

Are you trying to run a gauntlet of losses through all three Trios champions? Did Zoey give you brain damage enough to make you think that was a good idea?

Tell you what, dude, since you and Pest seem so interested in man sex, how about I'll give you two a few minutes of privacy at the start of the match so you can get it out of your system, and probably onto one another's chests?

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Peter Fn Gilmour (09-06-2014)
09-05-2014, 05:06 PM
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Record audio or upload mp3 >>

I think it’s ironic that Loverboy tries to chastise me for using a gay joke and then finishes his contrived-ass statement with another gay joke. At least have some consistency somewhere in your life. You are a part of a Trios team where you’re as popular as Peter Gilmour, your mascara is uneven, and your jokes stink. I know you’re trying to conceal your own buttlust for that buttslut, pest,but you’re doing a shitty job.
Fact is… Loverboy wants to take Pest down to Paradise city, where his butthole is lubed up and the sex gets shitty… as in literally involving shit because so many dudes have piped out Loverboy’s rectum that his O-Ring is weaker than Peter Gilmour’s sexual standards. Seriously, with all the whaling that mothafucka does, we should just start calling him Ahab.

[Image: bZVT8bT.jpg]
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Wallace Witasick (09-07-2014)
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Peter Fn Gilmour (09-06-2014)
09-05-2014, 05:13 PM
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Man, is Peter Gilmour in this match? You sure seem obsessed with the guy. You want to downgrade and get in the ring with him instead dude?

You talk a pretty good game for a guy who saw my name across from his on a booking sheet and hauled ass to Warfare.

You just sound jealous to me, man. Jealous of a guy who wins matches you'd lose, and jealous of a guy who gets truckloads of pussy dumped at his feet daily instead of having to max out his prepaid credit cards on Craigslist escorts. What do you go for on there, man? It's the trannies, isn't it?

Don't worry, Blizz, you're still cooler than Pest. The only dick on your head is the one growing out of the middle of your face.

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Peter Fn Gilmour (09-06-2014)
09-05-2014, 05:25 PM
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Online recording software >>

The reason I no longer compete on Madness was because the GMs had as much control of that show as Barney Green has over his left eye. If my first match was contested with dignity, I’d be the Universal Champion right now. I lost last week because you were dicking around with my business, my biznass and I think it’s ludicrous that you think I’d duck out of a fight with you. You do realize we’re still fighting at this house show, right? Or were you too busy backstage sharing needles and Vince Neil cum snowballs with Nikki-Six to know what the fuck is going on right now?

You can continue to mention my matches on Madness like they were legitimate but everyone knows that the only chance for #JusticeForAidan is on Wednesday. Doubt me all you want but the fact you’re so quick to return my messages is just proving that you clearly fear me. Not that I doubt you, because I’m clearly the most talented member of our roster, unfair treatment aside.

[Image: bZVT8bT.jpg]
09-05-2014, 05:34 PM
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Hey, no, I totally agree with you, Aidan!

If I couldn't hack it with the big boys on Madness I'd probably tuck my tail between my legs and run to Warfare too. Big fish in a little pond, right? Can't swim with the sharks? Yeah, we are still booked together for now, but it's only been on the big board for, what? Half an hour? Plenty of time for you to run away again. Speaking of Barney, he needs a match, maybe he'd be willing to give you your first win?

You're so blinded by your own body glitter that you can't even see I was helping you out in your match this week! Zoey used her entire 100 pound body to knock you slap out on the mat, dude, and if it weren't for me you'd have been the shortest match of the show. Yeah, you lost anyway, but I never claimed to be a miracle worker. I can only help so much, you know?

I think you've inhaled too much of that spray tanner, dude. You're obviously high.

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Peter Fn Gilmour (09-06-2014)
09-05-2014, 05:47 PM
Post: #11
You keep saying 'first win' like I didn't pin Eli James for over 3 seconds in my first match and like I didn't carry my team to a win at Relentless. If Paul Heyman didn't have such a vendetta against me, I'd probably be holding two title belts right now. I don't care about what my record looks like in an invalid record book, everyone in the world knows that I've been deprived of my basic human rights so far in this XWF. I promise you that at some point #JusticeForAidan will be had, as Martin Luther King, Mike Brown, and Trayvon Martin look down at me from heaven giving me thumbs up while basketballs spin on their fingers.

You're trying to put me down and yet you just stand there and keep rambling on about me. Then you insinuate that I'm making myself the center of attention when you literally won't stop talking about me. Notice how the conversation isn't about you? It will never be about you because you're fucking irrelevant. I don't need to ramble on about your limitations because they're obvious and uninteresting. You have no way to criticize me without bring up this false fantasy that I'm bad.

[Image: bZVT8bT.jpg]
09-05-2014, 05:55 PM
Post: #12
We can talk about me if you want to buddy, I just didn't want to make you feel any worse about yourself.

Let's see, what are the important bullet points about me... hmm..

Well, how about that, with three competitors in this match, there are a grand total of four victories - and that all four of them are mine?

You carried your team to victory at Relentless? What a surprise! So did I! You must have a pair of belts just like I do!

No? Strange... not your fault though, really, it's tough to beat a guy like Azrael in a title match. I ought to know, since I did just that the day before you failed to. Hell, Blizz, I just keep wearing your opponents down for you and you just keep not winning anyway!

You have a cold or something, Aidan? You sound like a little kid his first time in front of the class for show and tell. Do I make you nervous? Is that way your voice keeps cracking?

Put some bass in that voice and talk like a man, or I'll mess that pretty face up so bad they'll need to use the dental records from Pest's dildos to identify you.

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Gator (09-05-2014), Guppy Parsh (09-05-2014)
09-05-2014, 06:07 PM
Post: #13
I have no interest in discussing your "accomplishments" because not a single thing you've listed is impressive. I understand that you're trying to drag me down to your level because if we were to list my accomplishments in the XWF, I'd drown you out so bad that you'd think that they just fished you out from the bottom of Tommy Lee's pool. You think I have less than 4 wins as an XWF competitor? Are you retarded?

If we were going to talk about you, I'd rather we point the attention towards the fact that you're trying to parody 80s glam rock with the consistency that Paul Heyman urinates (dude has some major blockage). It seems like you don't know what the fuck you're doing, as you go back and forth between different personality types like Pest goes back and forth while getting pegged by that meth head he calls a girlfriend.

Thanks for giving me advice on how to speak while you pinch your nutsack so your voice sounds high and girly while singing. You're truly a bastion of manliness wearing assless chaps and rhinestoned pleather jackets.

[Image: bZVT8bT.jpg]
09-05-2014, 06:33 PM
Post: #14
You sounds more and more like Pest every time you open your ball-scented mouth.

You were good once? You used to win matches? When? Before WiFi? Two popes ago?

You guys are more stuck in the past than I am, but at least I do it by choice. All those bad ass musicians you keep name dropping wouldn't be caught dead in a bathtub talking to you, and most of them have been dead in a bathtub a few times.

Man, nobody cares what you did before - you and Pest need to get that straight. Whatever you did here together 10 years ago or together in WG WF either. Yeah, I know you're a part of that shitty fed's history. Are you as good at not winning titles there too?

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Peter Fn Gilmour (09-06-2014)
09-05-2014, 06:51 PM
Post: #15
I was actually the first person in history to have held the Universal Title here and the W.G.W.F World title there. Not that I really care but since you're so inquisitive about my accomplishments, I figure I'd mention that. It's silly that you're so quick to point out that past accomplishments don't matter after you spent a bunch of energy earlier explaining why your past accomplishments matter. So are you admitting that what you said earlier was a load of shit or are you just a hypocrite? It's also highly suspicious that you insist on criticizing my accomplishments for occurring three to five years ago while simultaneously worshiping musical artists that stopped being relevant twenty five years ago. So why does time not matter when you want it to but does matter when you want it to? I'm starting to notice a pattern with your horse shit bro. I don't know if there are more holes in your logic or more holes in bathroom stall walls that you've sucked a dick through.

[Image: bZVT8bT.jpg]
09-05-2014, 07:00 PM
Post: #16
What's wrong, Aidan, did your voice get hoarse? Need another Pest-Sperm smoothie?

Whatever you've been sucking and swallowing in the meantime has definitely affected your brain, dude. I'm talking about past accolades? I'm a CURRENT champion, man. You were the first this and that, and the first yadda yadda, but ll that means is you've lost them. You didn't maintain that level of ability, and now guys like me are here to do it for you. I don't live off of what I did in the past, I'm winning every week right now.

Or are you talking about my cool VH1 special? The one where I described how everything I've done led me to be ready for today? How all that really matters is right now? And then trying to tell me I live in the past musically after I just said that exact same thing, explaining why?

Are you out of gas already, Aidan? You old vets need to take it easy when dealing with the young guys, you know. Pop yourself a Viagra for some more endurance, like you do at home when you fuck your sister.

09-05-2014, 07:25 PM
Post: #17

Record and upload audio >>

Now we have Loverboy backtracking like Pest does with his ass out whenever he thinks a dude with a boner is standing behind him....

Loverboy, you had an entire rant about how many matches you've won and who you've beaten and you were basically begging us to accept you as legitimate. After I pointed out that you were a hypocrite you changed your tune and I don't mean that musically because your voice has less range than Stephen Hawkins after his wheelchair runs out of power. Now, you're claiming that you only live in the moment which is obvious because if you were someone who had any vision of the future, you would stop acting like such a fucking idiot all the time. You'd actually research opponents instead of needing them to explain stuff that can easily be accessed on the internet. For example, describing me as an old-timer when I'm less than two years older than you.

Which one of your shows on VH1 are you talking about anyway? Behind the Music or RuPaul's Drag Race?

[Image: bZVT8bT.jpg]
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Wallace Witasick (09-07-2014)
09-05-2014, 07:49 PM
Post: #18
Yeah, you still sound like a kid reading from a cue card right after one of his balls finally drops.

Man, listen. The only matches you hear me talking about are matches here in the XWF. They've all been within the last month. That's current events, Blizzard. You talking about being the first Uni champ? That's living in the past. That's something you no longer are, no longer have and never will have again.

Maybe you should have stuck to WG WF, Blizzard? You're probably good enough to keep winning there.

09-05-2014, 08:07 PM
Post: #19

Audio and voice recording >>

When did I ever say that I was the first Universal Champion, shit for brains? This place has been in operation since 1999 which is coincidentally a full decade after the music you like was relevant. I first became Universal Champion in 2007, 8 years later. I was also Universal Champion in 2009. Here's more fun facts: I've never lost a Universal Championship match. I relinquished the belt twice, for reasons I'll leave you to guess wrong and look like a moron for.

If you want me to list current events, if that counts as shit that has happened in the last month, then fine. I pinned Universal Champion Eli James for more than 3 seconds while Paul Heyman distracted John Madison, who has no talent as a referee. I also had the official referee in the tag title match at the PPV declare my team as the winners of the Tag Team Titles before Paul Heyman once again got involved. I don't give a shit about you beating nobodies in the same time frame because you're not important enough for Paul Heyman to cost you matches.

And no matter how scared you are of me and no matter how much you beg, I will not leave the XWF before I stomp your hairsprayed head in.

[Image: bZVT8bT.jpg]
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Wallace Witasick (09-07-2014)
09-05-2014, 08:33 PM
Post: #20
You pinned Eli James, but you didn't win, did you? In fact, is there anyone on this roster you've beaten?

Maybe Pest, since he says he's been around forever and you both had your little circle jerk time together in the WG WF too. You've probably beaten one another a bunch of times. Bottom one day, top the next. Story of your life, right Aidan?

You know who walks away from championships, Collins? Quitters. Losers. What, you couldn't deal with the pressure? You needed some you-time?

Not that it matters. Five years ago may have been a different planet here in the XWF, everything has changed. Five years? Seven years? Your window closed, Aidan. Mine just opened. Why did you even come back here? Did you have dreams of winning and running from the title again, only to see them crushed by Eli? Or are you just out of money? Paternity suits can be a bitch, man.

You're just another one of these run of the mill wrestlers who claims that every loss was part of his master plan. What will your excuse be when I pin you on Thursday, Aidan? Cramps?

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Peter Fn Gilmour (09-05-2014)
09-05-2014, 09:36 PM
Post: #21
Once again I'll return to the fact that you live and operate in the present and past but have no vision of the future. Do you really think I'm going to let a shithead like Paul Heyman stop me from reaching my goals for this company? No, I did the smart thing for my career and went to Warfare, which is flagship show of this company anyway. You can try to dispute that but that's something established by Shane Carver, who's the head honcho.

You know who walks away from championships? People who don't need the belts to validate their career. I look at someone like you, who's treating the fucking Trios title like it's not a meaningless piece of trash, and laugh. Nothing is more "run of the mill" than latching onto a midcard belt and thinking it makes you hot shit. I accept the fact that I am nowhere near where I want to be but you seem to be proud of where you are and that's pathetic. I want more from myself, expect for myself, and I'll eventually get where I want to be. You're exactly where you want to be and where you deserve to be... the fucking bottom. You epitomize mediocrity.

[Image: bZVT8bT.jpg]
09-05-2014, 09:47 PM
Post: #22
Dude, I've got plenty to be proud of!

You want to trash my championship like it's meaningless? Well if it's meaningless then why did three huge stars hold them until I came along and took them? Three huge stars who, I might add, each one of would beat you in a heartbeat! If my title is meaningless, then why are so many people lining up to contend for them? From newcomers like Gunnar and D'Ville all the way up to whomever Eli James has got in mind? You know Eli, right? The Universal Champion? The guy that beat you a couple weeks ago? If my title is so meaningless, then why couldn't you beat Zoey Ryback this week? Even with ME helping you, you couldn't get it done - and yet you think you're above all of that?

You wanna talk about the future, dude? Here's a news flash - I AM the future. You're the past. Our present is something we're crossing paths in, but sooner than later I'm going to be so far above you you won't be able to see me. And you? You'll be forgotten.

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Peter Fn Gilmour (09-06-2014)
09-05-2014, 10:02 PM
Post: #23

Online recording software >>

That's a lot of conjecture for a guy who looks like he has Down's Syndrome. Seriously, did Matt Groening draw your face? It lacks any sort of definition, almost like someone sculpted it out of silly putty. Was your Make-a-Wish Dream to have your extra chromosome kicked off your body by Aidan Collins? Because that's something that I'm about to make happen.

You're just begging for people to consider you as important. "Look at me, everyone wants my belt! I'm the future! Please pay attention to me, my pants are shiny! I have glittery nipple tassles!"

I don't need to tell people that I'm the shit for people to know that. I haven't even won a match, as you've said, yet you're still huffing and puffing and getting all worked up at everything I say. You've said that I'm the past and yet your actions are proving that you desperately want validation from Big Daddy Bliz. Well, I hate to break it to you, cupcake, you aren't going to get me backing you because I flat out don't believe in your sorry ass. And for all the shit you've attempted to toss my way, you started all of this by identifying yourself as a fan. Total homo-tier shit, bro.

[Image: bZVT8bT.jpg]
09-05-2014, 10:22 PM
Post: #24
No, dude, that's where you're wrong... I couldn't care less about you. You're just the guy here flapping his gingivitis gums at me. You see I came in here aiming every bit of my attention at Pest. I even told you to take the night off. You don't matter to me, but Pest? Pest has got an ass kicking coming. You can either join in on it and get a few boots on him too, or you can try to make this all about you and end up getting exposed as a has-been.

Funny, a guy who just got his face rearranged by a 100 pound girl in his last match talking trash about my looks? Especially considering that Zoey breaking your nose was a huge improvement. You might want to get a little physical therapy for that Bell's Palsy you've got going on before saying anything about anybody's else's looks, dude.

Look man, like I said - make it easy on yourself. Don't get any excess sweat on yourself or, in Pest's case, any smegma or bloody semen. Step aside, let me take care of the dildo queen, and you won't get hurt. Deal?

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Peter Fn Gilmour (09-06-2014)
09-05-2014, 10:41 PM
Post: #25
I understand why you're begging for me to "step aside" as it's completely obvious that I'm about to beat your ass just like I've been beating your ass in this trash talk session. Sadly for you, I don't care about your lover's quarrels with Pest, nor do I care about your well-being after you've disrespected me. I'm going to roll into this house show and bend your arm so far behind your fucking head that you'll finally hit those high notes you've been trying to serenade Pest with while you sing outside his window at night.

By the way, my nose wasn't broken, and I don't consider my match with Zoey as a loss. I clearly outperformed her and I thought the match was ruled a no-contest after you got involved. When she was "pinning" me, I thought she was just getting on top for some post-match fucking. I was going to make her pregnant like she clearly desired, there was no reason to believe that the match was still going. Madness is honestly the most pathetically run show I've ever seen in the XWF and that's part of the reason why I will never compete on it again.

[Image: bZVT8bT.jpg]
09-05-2014, 10:58 PM
Post: #26
Yeah yeah, of course. I bet none of your losses have ever been real, right? You either let them happen or "walked away?"

You can stick around in the match all you want, Aidan! I'm not ducking you, that's for sure. I was trying to do you a favor and save you the trouble of pretending not to lose again.

Eventually you're going to have to face reality, man. Hopefully while you're still young enough to make a few bucks doing something else. The only thing sadder than an old, washed up wrestler is an old, washed up stripper - so why not give that a try? Come on, dude, get up on that stage and make it clap for me like every daughter you'll ever have will end up doing with the sort of daddy issues you'll give them.

You're so god damn pathetic even the king of verbal diarrhea, Mister Shit Fed himself, hasn't bothered to do anything but sit in a corner and shake his dildo-head since you showed up. Of course, all he'd do is call everyone a fag a few times and then pull his pud to an issue of National Geographic.

09-06-2014, 12:27 AM
Post: #27

Record music with Vocaroo >>

This thirsty ass tranny is so drunk with lust towards me that he's seriously recommending that I become a stripper. I don't think it's a coincidence that Loverboy is a slang for someone who lures someone into prostitution, according to wikipedia. This gay motherfucker is seriously hoping that I'll whip my dick out so he can try to tuck a hundie in the spot that's between my balls and leg. Once again, not that I blame him because I'm so attractive that every female who hears my voice spontaneously come-busts... as in comes and busts at the same time.

I really hope I'm not slurring my words because I've been drinking heavily tonight but it's Saturday night and I'm cutting this promo at 3 AM after releasing seed into three separate shorties... well two normal sized bitches and one midget. What can I say, I'm trying to impregnate the most diverse crop of sluts that I can. It's the American way and my boy Barry Obama has been flooding me with me texts, telling me how proud of me he is. I'm all like "dude, worry about Syria" and he's like, "the only way to make America great in the future is if you knock up a midget tonight. Yes You Can."

Fuck you, Loverboy!

[Image: bZVT8bT.jpg]
09-06-2014, 01:23 AM
Post: #28
I'm not the tranny, Aidan, the tranny is fighting Heartsford. Pay attention. I'm just trying to give you some solid career advice, man.

You spend too much time in the salon and not enough time in the ring, you know? Your muscles are all for show, not substance. This business isn't about who looks the best shirtless while riding a horse, dude, it's about winning and losing in that ring.

I win, you don't.

That's the stat that matters, man. Whatever else your botox mouth wants to throw at me is meaningless.

But hey man, you don't seem like that bad of a guy really... maybe after you retire from embarrassment I'll buy you a drink, or at least give you a dollar when I see you on the corner.

09-06-2014, 07:22 AM
Post: #29
Hey, look. I leave to go push Barbie down a flight of stairs a few times, come back and the Guns N Roses knock off is still going on about cocks, fags, and ass sex. While simultaneously trying his hardest to blow himself. Good game, son. You're acting just like one of Peter Gilmour's old year old lovers. Do you want a juice box and a blankie for nap naps? Or would you rather stop throwing tantrums like a child and man the fuck up? Perhaps you could stop trying to make us notice your shiny belt? We know, you took your belt from Duke and Enigma. Azrael didn't even give enough of a shit about that title to really defend it. You'll notice he does that frequently. Look at his Unoversal reign. He dropped it to Morbid as a joke, like he did to you.

Duke, though? Your claim to fame is currently beating Sebastian, I let my son die, Duke? The man is a fucking joke. He hasn't been the same since he set Rhys MacAllister on fire. Way to go, beating a has been. Not a star, a has been. And you wanted to pump Lucena up as well? Do you know Lucena's claim to fame is? Do some research, he beat Michael Radio, once. The rumor was that Radio was actually an autistic dog in a human suit, and Lucena brags about that win. And you fell into his hype. Good on you, dumbass.

[Image: bRSFDcb.png?1]
Dominus patiens
[Image: VYaWjUm.png]
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Blizzard (09-06-2014)
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Peter Fn Gilmour (09-06-2014)
09-06-2014, 10:44 AM
Post: #30

Audio recording software >>

Now this hermaphrodite is telling me that I spend too much time in the salon while his hair has a fucking ludicrous amount of hairspray in it. I will not stand for such roguery. We spend the same amount of time to look like what we do except I come out looking like a Roman God while you come out looking like someone who snorts lines of meth out of Sammy Hagar’s ass crack. Maybe you should spend more time in the salon, brah.

And stop offering to do shit for me like buy me drinks, you’re starting to creep me out. I don’t have anything against the gays but Bliz don’t swing that way. I mack bitches and go Captain Planet, releasing seed, into mad poonani.

You're so pathetic that Pest comes out of nowhere and explains why your "accomplishments" are total doodoo without even addressing me. You're such a fraud that Mr. WGWF seemed to forget that the biggest threat in this match even exists.

You're pathetic, Loverboy.

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Peter Fn Gilmour (09-06-2014)
09-06-2014, 11:32 AM
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Aw, how cute!

Two clumps of shit circling the drain stuck together to try and overcome the odds as a power couple. You're like TomKat without the scientology, or BrAngelina without the good looks and success.

How god damn funny is it that a guy wearing a tiara made out of dicks five times the size of his own thinks I talk about cock too much? Or that he wants to diminish my victories by calling my opponents weak? A dude in a mask who swears he used to matter here wants to put down a guy like Duke, who would rape Pest to death with one thrust if he felt like it? And trashing Clean too, as if he didn't know you on your ass just a few days ago?

Of course, Blizzard's right there to lap at Pest's balls as if he'd covered them in peanut butter for him. Good boy, Blizzard, now sit and let him rub your belly, too.

I'm the only one here that's done anything that anyone can remember, but I'm pathetic? Please, guys, you're making it too easy. You really should bow out now and take the extra time to chase each other's ass gerbils.

09-06-2014, 12:04 PM
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You're like a fresh fart in the wind bragging that you're still lingering, ignoring the fact that you're fading quickly and that you still stink. Is that all you're going to go on about, how you won a belt where you were less than 40 percent responsible for the championship match's outcome?

I also like that I'm apparently friends with Pest even though I came out of the gates insulting him equally. You're just trying to play the victim, Vinnie, which is a common occurrence for transgenders. You want us to all feel like you're a special little snowflake and when you don't get the attention that you're crying out for, you try to make it seem like you're being bullied. Tearing your ass up with logic isn't bullying, dude. Stop being such a bitch about it.

I think Pest is an annoying little rat but since he hasn't slandered my name, I don't see the purpose in pointing out the obvious. He respects me like you should. I'm still going roundhouse that nigga so hard that dildos go flying like they would if a bomb went off in Clean Lucena's bedroom.

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09-06-2014, 12:09 PM
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Hold up, Aidan. I didn't need to put you down, you seem to know your place pretty well. I'm talking about the dude who stole his name from the worst and gayest band this side of Wham! The dude who fails to understand fucking English. Yet constantly tries to run his mouth in his retard homo tongue. SPIT THE DICK OUT AND TALK TO US!!

I said you're obsessed with cock and funky butt loving. Almost as if you're trying to tell us something. I also did not say your opponents were weak, you uneducated lump of dried jizz.i said Azrael drops titles to lower life forms for fucking fun. He let Duke cash in on the Universal Title, he let Morbid take the Universal Title, and he let Mandii beat him twice. It's funny for him to let you think you're on his level. And Duke has not been the same since burning Rhys. What has he done since? Lose his half of the tag titles, to Griffin, barely scrape by with a cash in. And abandon Steve Davids to join Madison, only to leave Madison for Cain. Check out your facts before bragging. Dumbass. No wonder you hid from Cain.

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Dominus patiens
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09-06-2014, 12:22 PM
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See, Vinnie, Pest acknowledges that I know my place as the most important member of the XWF roster. You should bow down in front of me... Actually, I take that back because if you tried to bow down in front of me, you'd probably try to put your mouth on my dick.

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09-06-2014, 12:35 PM
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I won't say most important, but top two. And I want to further add, when this fight happens, I'm going to go all out on both of you. Aidan is the obvious threat here. Gary Glitter is more of a gnat flying in my face. Did you happen to notice, Collins, that he kept us this whole "Fight me!" routine, until I reffed the Lucena match, and he got his ass knocked the fuck out? Again. Now he's just crying that I'm a crooked authority figure. I think he's just trying to find reasons to hate me. Deep down, he wishes he could be like ai am.

He's jealous of the Dildo Crown, and Barbie. He wants to fill his ass with the biggest Crown Jewel I have while he sucks my cock until I shoot my load down his throat. It's why even when I was off shoving Barbs down stairs he couldn't keep my name out his mouth.

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Dominus patiens
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09-06-2014, 12:44 PM
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Oh, of course, I'd forgotten the epidemic of everyone in the XWF only losing when they choose to. Azrael decided to let Duke beat him, of course, just like they both agreed I should beat them.

I suppose you were just in a giving mood when you laid down for Gilmour and Dim a few weeks ago too?

You and Aidan really do make a good couple, Pest, since you both let other people beat you so often. I can't really tell which one of you would be the man, though. Really it's more like two old lesbians trying desperately to find one more drop of moisture in each other's piss flaps. Well, if you two could take a second from sitting on one another's faces we might be able to get to the point here -

That being you Pest, and you Aidan, getting put in your real place. Last place. It'd going to be a tight race for dead last, at least. Much tighter than your gaping assholes after a you go back to your joint dressing room to shish-kebab together.

09-06-2014, 12:57 PM
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Thank you for the respect, Pest. You're an annoying little twat and I'm sure you appreciate the compliment.

Vinnie, we might as well call you Contradiction instead of Loverboy with that amount of bullshit that you've tossed around so far. You call me gay but you're someone who's offered to take me out for drinks, asked that I become a stripper, and identified yourself as one of my biggest fans. You claim past accomplishments don't matter... only to turn around brag about hollow victories against nobodies. You've called us pathetic but you're in a Trios team where both of your other teammates hate you. By the end of the month, you'll have lost that piece of shit title and you'll find yourself where you belong, at the bottom of this roster.

Just stop trying, ya fucking loser.

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09-06-2014, 12:59 PM
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This dumb motherfucker. This incredibly dumb mother fucker. Azrael admits beforehand that he does this shit. He brags about it repeatedly. As for Duke, no. He and Enigma actually put up fights. But again, Duke hasn't been himself. Are you intentionally not getting this, or has all the cock and hairspray made you retarded? Probably going to have to say the latter

Now, ask yourself something important. Why is it that people have no issue identifying me, but get you confused for the dead guy from Warrant? If they even make that connection. You're not a mega star that people remember and admire. You're a fly by night wannabe. Me? Not only am I a legacy when I use my real name, but I'm also one of the most infamous names in this company. Love me, or hate me people know me. You're proof of that, you supposedly hate me, yet you cannot stop talking about me. You want me so bad. You're my biggest fan. When you're not beating your meat to Gilly, that is.

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Dominus patiens
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09-06-2014, 01:05 PM
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I'm glad you decided to step up and refer to yourself and Pest as an "us" finally. It's 2014 you know, you guys don't have anything to be ashamed of. Keep reaching for that rainbow!

Pest, you might want to go check your TiVo again, dude, because last I checked I asked you for a where and when and you disappeared faster than Aidan's mother's dignity after she found out her partial birth abortion failed.

If you two guys are done swapping spunk from mouth to mouth, we can talk about which one of you can have the honor of being beat down first, okay?

09-06-2014, 01:12 PM
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Well, looks like Thursday at the house show. But congrats on finally being able to not parrot the "Fight me" cry. It only took a week, and two ass kickings. One of which, you initiated. A bit odd of you to challenge me to name a time and place as we're already booked in a match. But then, I'm fairly certain you were too busy eating paint chops to notice that. Or even understand what it meant. Now, go tell Aidan how he has the body to be a stripper again. He needs your compliments.

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