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Doves to Vultures
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08-10-2014 11:28 PM

The scene opens up to Atomsk pacing back and forth a torch lit stone corridor. The hood of his winged coat shroud's most of his facing, leaving only a partial segment of his mask to be seen. The light of the torch reflects a blood red glare.

Atomsk: The path of hate is such a ceaseless cycle. Breeding war, slaughter, broken bonds, and misfortune. Caused by the greed and corruption that subdues the weak-minded. How long will bloodshed result in one's desires? Since when did one's luxury conquer one's necessities?

Atomsk stops and takes off his hood revealing his whole mask. The only visible part of his eyes are stained with blood.

Atomsk: When one channels there innocence...When they strive to unlock their truest potential is when one sees the answers...That is when the honorable path of enlightenment will be exposed.

Atomsk continues to pace the corridor.

Atomsk: Phoenix Death. My victory was of no surprise to me. I was right when I told you your senses weren't as keen as mine. But at the same time, that does not mean you didn't have the potential to walk down the same path as I. You could have risen from your ashes and unlock that potential. Yet, the ashes, as I had foreseen, were dispersed in the wind. It is quite the shame.

Atomsk stops again at the end of the corridor.

Atomsk: Clear Lucena...Gabriel Adams...This Wednesday you will understand that you two have not quite achieved the level of fortitude that I have. You will realize how sound a body and mind can be. But it wont be the end. There is always a chance that you can walk down the path of enlightenment. A first step would be to correct Phoenix's mistake of throwing all chances of an honorable match into the fire. Don't succumb to the corruption. I will offer a pre-and-post-bout handshake to test your honor. I hope that you dont disappoint and except the offer and learn from your loss. Maybe then will you walk the same path of greatness like myself.

Atomsk grabs his red bo staff. He twirls it under the left side of his body and unleashes an overhead swipe. All the torches went out in a split second one after the other.

The Enlightened Always Prevail
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