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Wednesday Warfare: I want more frequent RPing, no limits Hello, my friends!
08-07-2014, 01:52 AM
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In-Ring Name:
Doctor Louis D'Ville

Wrestler's Real Name (if applicable):
Doctor Louis D'Ville

New to XWF or a returning roster member?:

Wrestler Date of Birth:


233 lbs.

It's been said that the Doctor could hail from the swamps of Sulphur, Louisiana, but it's never actually been proven.

A doctor of psychiatry, Doctor Louis D'Ville claims that every superstar in the XWF is one of his patients. He insists, with his own method of treatment, they can be cured from whatever mental illness he claims they have.

His intentions have been made clear, however, there is a faint essence of a much darker purpose about him.

Alignment (heel/face/tweener):

Physical Build Description:
Shaved head (bald) with spider-web tattoo across back of head. Glass eye in left eye socket. Not toned. Looks physically worn and old.

Ring Attire:
White dress pants, black boots, no shirt.

Out Of Ring/Casual Attire: Colonel Sanders white suit plus white derby hat.


Pic Base:
Hannibal Lecter

Wrestling Style:

Extremely brutal. Good speaker.

The hero.

Entrance Theme Music:
House of 1,0000 Corpses by Rob Zombie

Entrance Description:
The lights go out in the arena followed by an eerie red glow. Smoke rises from the entrance way and the Doctor emerges from it. He stands at the top of the ramp and looks out among the crowd, then slowly begins walking towards the ring. The Doctor climbs the ring steps and into the ring, he stands on the second turnbuckle and holds his arms into the air as the lights flash back on.

Manager (if applicable):
Manager's Pic Base:

Top 15-20 Commonly Used, Standard Moves:

Standing swinging neckbreaker
Lunging Clothesline
Stomps, punches, elbows, headbutts
Corner chokes, pummeling
Body slam
Submission sleepers, chokeholds
Throwing german suplex
Running elbow
Sidewalk slam
Side Russian Leg Sweep
Running bulldog
Standing leg drop
Knees to face
Oklahoma slam

Trademark Move(s):
A flying/diving headbutt from top rope.

Primary Finisher:
A swinging brainbuster leading to butterfly/sit-down (or knee) faceplant. A variation of Falcon Arrow.

Secondary Finisher if applicable:
the 302
kata-ha-jime (tazzmission)

Favorite Weapon if any: Baton Tazer (shock therapy)

Additional notes:
The Doctor holds most of his sessions in the ring, but also invites all of his patients to his office whenever they feel a need for an emergency session. As most Doctor's go by appointment only, this doctor's doors are always opens. Drop in anytime, friends.

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