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Disappointed Pt 2 (RP #6)
07-31-2014, 03:40 PM
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Just as quickly, Flynn stops whistling… And begins humming. His eyes shoot up… And he thinks… And is silent...

"Of course, as I said, your promo filled me with a sensation of BOTH sadness and disgust..."

“That part I just covered? That was the disgusting part of your last promo, Massy.”

“The part where you tried to pretend all your mistakes and gaffes and errors were all part of an elaborate nonsensical plan to master my mind when you could have spent any part of this week working towards beating me in a wrestling ring.”

“The part where you gave up on playing mental Twister, dodging my predictions for your logic and attack pattern this week, and just launched yourself into the line of fire, fulfilling every statement I made at the opening of the week as if I were god-damned Nostradamus…”

"I didn't think it could get worse from there..."


“Then came the sad part of your promo…”

“The one where you desperately try to sell your underwhelming career as a Hollywood success story…”

"This... This is sad, almost beyond words."



Replay:"Here's the elephant in the room. My losses. I'm talking about it now, because it was always the point in time that I was going to talk about, now you're thinking you persuaded me to, na ah. All my planning.

“Yes, yes, of course. You planned out everything this week, including the part where you embarrass yourself begging me to stop bringing up your losses and the part where you advertise rugby for half of a promo. All genius pieces in your sinister 25-piece jigsaw puzzle. Move on, please.”

Replay:"Let's start with Clyde Baker. Where's he now? He's around but he's not. Yes I lost to this upstart. He was my first match in the XWF. Loss Number 1 Match #1."

Mastermind looks up at the first two t-sh-

”Whoa, whoa, wait wait wait.”

Flynn laughs, shaking his head, holding up both arms, as if to get in the way of Mastermind’s train of thought, forcing it to come to a stop.

”That’s all you have to say about your first match? The guy is around but not really? This was your big debut!! Don’t sell yourself short, Mastermind. Let’s talk about your first ever challenge Clyde Baker a little bit.”

“About how he’s only had two other matches in his XWF career.”

“His debut match, beating a pair of no ones in a tag match. Then, beating you in your debut. Then, he lost to PETER GILMOUR.”


“A man whose name is synonymous with failure around here.”

“That’s how you came into this company. Two steps below the physical personification of failure.”










"My first two victories followed closely after the loss. I out thought both of them Joel and Avery. I easily dealt to them, but after all that was said and done, the reason was they turned up and they got dealt to by me. So the end result 2 Wins 1 Loss.

”Yeah, sure. Those two have a combined total of four matches and 0 wins. Why not make a t-shirt out of them losing, sell it on I ask again, to all the XWF marketeers out there…”

Flynn cups his hands around his mouth.

Replay:"And then I took on Waylon. He's still around. It was a close match, it could have gone either way. But he won it. End result 2 Wins 2 Losses."

”Again, the end result is any time you take someone on that may just have a large enough skill set to win a match, you lose. Your first four matches went that way… Oh, but then here’s where you turned it all around Massy!”

Flynn’s starts hammering on his knees with his palms, creating a drum-roll…

Replay:Mastermind looks up at the next t-shirt.





"This match was a triple threat match between myself, Vellore and Paolo Mancini. Now if I remember right, Flynny, Vellore is a member of the Heyman Alliance. He's still a round. Now to get a victory against a Heyman Alliance is a rare feet indeed, especially for a newbie like myself. So that's now 3 Wins 2 Losses.

”You beat Vellore Brommer! Congratulations, Massy! You lucked out, in the middle of a match, pushing one guy into another guy, knocking both of them unconscious by chance, and then made one tap out!”

“A match so shameful that since then we haven’t Vellore compete in an XWF-sanctioned match.”

Flynn delivers a thumbs-up.

”Bravo! Now, how far will this winning streak take you?

Replay:"My next match was against Frodo Smackins. Now I couldn't get a win against him…"

Flynn presses his palm into his face…
Replay: "My next match was at the Leap of Faith Pay Per View. It was for the championship scramble for the Ark of the Covenant which I'm proud to say I won twice. Because I am a:"

Mastermind pointed over to the other side of the clothes line where his t-shirt hung:








”You didn't quite set up that t-shirt reveal correctly... The way you presented it is 'I am a I AM A 2X Ark of the Covenant Champion."

"Of course, you're a 2-time Ark champion, so I guess just the fact that you can speak without drooling is impressive."

"I’ve spent plenty of time this week trashing the Ark belt, so I’m just going to let you, FROM ONE PROMO AGO, do it for me.”

Replay:For most people the Ark of The Covenant doesn't mean anything,

Replay:I know it's a weak title.

”Again, who’s contradicting themselves this week, Massy? Who seems to breaking down mentally so hard that they can't deliver a CONSISTENT FUCKING MESSAGE!!! For such a weak title, you sure did commemorate holding it for less than ten minutes on your fucking victory wall..."
Replay:"I still lost that championship scramble so my stats were 3 Wins 4 Losses."

Mastermind looked up and pointed to the next 4 Jerseys.

”JESUS CHRIST, Skip ahead... Looking at that line of t-shirts might be the saddest thing about this whole 'Victory' speech...”
Replay:"So after the Pay Per View I went on a 5 match winning streak, where I beat Ashe Dawson twice. Like I said I bet him once in a Steel Cage.”

”Again, Ashe Dawson hasn’t gone through a match in this organization without getting curb-stomped and pinned… Congratulations for beating someone that might legally be a vegetable...”

Replay:"I then bet Jeff Smith and Cosmic Charlie in a Triple Threat match at the same time…”

”Two men who had never been seen on XWF programming before that night and haven’t been seen since… Congratulations on that high-profile victory.”

Replay:"My next win was against Joseph Hawkins, If you look at it I was the one that made him quit the XWF, because that was his last straw losing to me. And I'm proud that he lost to me and walked out."

”Hey, way to go! You ended someone’s career! By making him quit. By making him ashamed of having lost to someone of your incredibly low-wrestling caliber. By making him realize that if he can’t beat you, maybe he should be considering a different career path…”

Flynn claps twice quietly and the shrugs, rolling his shoulders.

”Usually, when I end people’s careers, I do it by twisting their spinal column into a position it doesn’t immediately snap back into, and watch as gravity and muscle work against each other to wreak every inch of my opponent’s body through a sundering unimaginable agony.”

Flynn clicks his tongue.

”But your career-ending method sounds… fine. Different strokes for different folks, I suppose.”
"My last win was against Shelby Cobra. She's an easy beat Flynny. You can even beat her if you had the chance. She's a team Heyman wannabe. Another fact that you can consider it was a tag match.

”That was the night Joey Hawkins decided to abort his career. You’re bragging about winning a handicap match against someone even you claim yourself was 'an easy beat.' You disgust me.”
Replay: "But after my first win against Dawson, I did have a loss against Kraven. Again that was a close match, but I couldn't pull it my way. But I then went on a 3 match winning spree after that match.

”Ignoring the fact that if you lost in the middle of your 5-match winning streak, then you didn’t have a 5-match winning streak…”

"To review, your big five match (not-a-)winning-streak was against..."

"Ashe Dawson: 1 win, 5 losses."

"Jeff Smith: 0 wins, 1 loss."

"Cosmic Charlie: 0 wins, 1 loss."

"Joey Hawkins: 2 wins, 8 losses."

"And Shelby Cobra: 2 wins, 3 losses."

Flynn shakes his head, deeply puzzled...

"Sorry, the point of this whole thing is about persuasion, right? What are you trying to persuade me into believing? That you can't win a match against anyone worth a damn? That anyone who loses to you usually stops competing out of deep personal shame? NEWS FLASH, MASSY! That's what I've been saying all week!"

"No wonder you're a fucking master at the art of persuasion! You're telling me to believe things I ALREADY FUCKING KNEW FOR A FACT!!!"

Replay:"But my last two matches have ended in losses. Against Zoey Ryback, whilst I was essentially thinking about my match with you..."

"Again, Massy, if just thinking about taking me on puts you in a position to lose against ZOEY RYBACK?!? ... Believe me, you're not going to do much better against the genuine article."
"And speaking of my last match, I wasn't the one to cost us the first round trios match, it was Zoey's. It was Frodo's mistake from the get go to trust her. I had his back, he had mine. She was the one that got pinned. But that goes against my record.

"Throwing a more talented superstar under the bus when she already proved she's more talented than you."

"I wish I could say I was surprised."

"My record going into the match against you is 8 Wins 7 Losses. I'm ahead on points."

"Again, that's 8 wins, 7 losses against people like Jeff Smith and Cosmic Charlie..."

"Your record against people that have won a match in their XWF career? 4 wins, 7 losses."

"Your record in championship matches, counting the Trios tourney where your squad was eliminated first round? 0 wins, 2 losses."

"Your record going for my X-Treme Title belt?"

"13 tries."

"13 failures... And on Wednesday, it'll be 14.

"Still think you're ahead on points? Still think listing facts and statistics is a wise direction to take this discussion?"


"Then, believe or not, this is where things get even worse... This isn't sad. This isn't disgusting."

"I'm honestly not 100% sure this next part is in English."

Replay:"This Wednesday Night/slash Friday Night Warfare I will be one climbing out of the cage and getting the Extreme Championship put around my waist by the referee and becoming the next extreme championship..."

"... You're going to BECOME the X-Treme championship? Why do you need to specify that a referee is going to put the belt around your waist?"

"You're just an also ran that use to have a championship around your waist. More fool you. More fool you for thinking that you have out thought me, when I really had out thought you from the get go."

"I used to have a championship even though I'm currently the one holding a belt? I'm an 'also-ran'? 'More fool you?' You out-thought me by out-thinking my out-thought thoughts WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU SAYING?"

"See you in that cage. See you inside that cage, when I'm outside of it jumping down to win..."

"Wait, you're going to see me in the cage and then inside the cage but you'll be outside the cage and also on the cage jumping down outside to win..."



"..Are you having a stroke?"

"I hope the salvo's eat into your temper."

"That sentence doesn't mean anything. Seriously, are you having a stroke? Should I put something in your mouth so you don't swallow your tongue? What the fuck are you saying?"
Replay:Mastermind goes and sits down on his chair. He starts whistling, and then stops and starts humming, and then stops and gives the finger salute to the camera and turns his chair to face the wall.

Flynn shakes his head, grinning.

"And... That's a pitch-perfect way to end this promo for you, Massy."

"What a flawless snapshot, summing up your actions this week."

"Doing one thing, then switching, then getting angry and switching again. All while failing to maintain the illusion that you've got everything under control."

"Then, turning his back to me."

"To logic."

"To reason."

"To the truth."

"Mastermind. Follow one more of my orders. You've done so well at following my instructions this week to the letter. Heed one more."


"Keep fighting."

"Keep never giving up. Keep refusing to surrender."

"Keep struggling to free yourself my control as my teeth sink deeper into your flesh. As you sink further and further into my mouth..."

"The last meaningless movements as vermin slides down the throat of the predator... Make the taste of that morsel all the sweeter..."

"Keep helplessly flailing, Massy. Ignore the fact... That..."

Flynn slides on his shirt. His face on the front. Winking as his hand is pointed like a pistol.

"You're fucked."

"And that's how you set up a t-shirt."


1 x XWF United States Champion (Won on 1/31/12 - Lost on 3/31/12)

1 x XWF European Champion (Won on 12/3/12 - Lost on 1/21/12)

1 x XWF Tag Team Champion

4 x XWF X-Treme Champion
7/3/12-Against Psico, Disputed by Shane Carver (Zero Second Reign)
12/1/12-Against Johnny Madison at War Games Qualifier, Then Pinned by Tyler Decker (17 second reign)
1/31/13-Against Angelus in US Title Tournament, Pinned by Angelus (14 second reign)
6/21/14-Against Michael McBride at Leap of Faith (Current)

8x XWF Heavymetalweight Champion

Inaugural 24/7 FTW UFO E1999 Champion

1x XWF Champion

[Image: mf1h.png]
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