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Savage Saturday Night: I want less RPing + limits in place "Loverboy" Vinnie Lane
07-20-2014, 01:31 PM
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In-Ring Name: "Loverboy" Vinnie Lane

Wrestler's Real Name (if applicable):

New to XWF or a returning roster member?: New (Not anymore!)

Wrestler Date of Birth: 2/16/1978

Height: 6'3"

Weight: 230

Hometown: Tampa, Florida (Now residing in Los Angeles, California!)

Personality: Somewhat goofy, starstruck, huge fanboy for rock stars and wrestlers alike.

Alignment (heel/face/tweener): Face. Am I the only one?

Physical Build Description: In shape,but not overly muscular.

Ring Attire: Skin tight vinyl pants or silver tights, his "lucky" shiny silver boots, chopped up hair band tee (usually Faster Pussycat) headbands, etc.

Out Of Ring/Casual Attire: Casual. Jeans, shades, t-shirts, etc.

Ethnicity: Wonder bread white.

Pic Base: Early 90s Jani Lane.

Wrestling Style: Vinnie is capable of a lot of styles, but prefers to counter-wrestle. He likes to pull reversals and use surprise tactics, such as playing possum. Also, since he is such fanboy, he will often mimic an opponent's mannerisms and steal their moves, especially signatures and finishers.

Strengths: Vinnie can really take a beating, and he has a lot of stamina (likely built from long nights with groupies) A lot often times he wins matches simply by frustrating his opponents with his refusal to stay down, leading them to make mistakes.

Weaknesses: Easily distracted. Not much of a high flyer, so will often botch risky moves.

Entrance Theme Music: "I Wanna Rock" by Twisted Sister
Entrance Description:

Normal -

"I Wanna Rock!"

The high pitched wail of Dee Snider pierces the air as the Twisted Sister classic pumps through the PA system. As two big pyro towers shoot off on either side of the stage, "Loverboy" Vinnie Lane spins out of the entrance ramp, wearing his favorite t-shirt, a cutoff Faster Pussycat screen print, long silver tights and shining silver boots. The crowd pops as Loverboy struts down the aisle, strumming the air guitar (across his championship belt, if applicable) and leaping into the air with a jumping split. As he hops onto the ring apron, he swings around, facing the crowd, and pumps his fist along to the music, singing along and inciting the crowd to do so as well.

For Bad Medicine -

"I Wanna Rock!"

The high pitched wail of Dee Snider pierces the air as the Twisted Sister classic pumps through the PA system. Pyro and fireworks shoot off in dazzling arrangements of pink and purple as spotlights dance around the ring entrance area.

Then, as the crowd works itself into a crescendo of frenzy, the spotlights move upwards until they rest on top of the X-Tron. There, dressed in his best wrestling gear as well as a sequined, heart shaped cape, stands "Loverboy" Vinnie Lane, holding onto a zip line.

As the song plays on and more fireworks light off, Loverboy holds his hands over his head (displaying his title belt, if applicable) and then leaps down onto the zip line, flying down over the heads of the cheering fans and landing just outside the ring with a flourish.

As Loverboy steps inside of the cage and into the ring, he spins around and poses for all of the adoring fans as they chant his name and scream their adulation of him.

Manager (if applicable): Roxy Cotton is often his valet.

Manager's Pic Base: Ivy Ferguson

Top 15-20 Commonly Used, Standard Moves:

Inverted (faceplant) suplex
Pumphandle driver (often into a pin combo)
DDT (into turnbuckles, sometimes)
Spinning spinebuster
Scoop piledriver
High knee
Snap powerslam
Face-up Samoan drop
Second-rope legdrop
Sit-out/spinning sleeper slam
Headlock driver
Death Valley driver
Rocker dropper

Trademark Move(s):

Bad Medicine Knee-Driver
Description(s): Similar to a curb-stomp but minus the run from the ropes. This is from an arm wrench, then a knee is placed to the back of the head, and Vinnie jumps high in the air and drives the knee (and the head) into the mat.

Moonsaulting fallaway slam

AJ Styles' Styles Clash - often from the top or second buckle. Look!

Operation: Mindcrime
Steiner Screwdriver - also often from the top or second buckle. Look!

Primary Finisher: Black Label Driver
Description: Vertebreaker/Kudome Valentine - Look!

Secondary Finisher if applicable: Dragon Clutch Sleeper
Description: Look!

Favorite Weapon if any: Tables (See 'stage diving' below.)

Additional notes: Vinnie really tries to get the environment involved to his advantage. He will utilize the buckles, ropes, apron and ring posts as tools in his variations to moves as often as possible.

Also, something he incorporates into most matches is what he calls "Stage Diving" - he will set up several tables outside of the ring and try to get his opponent into position for him to splash or elbow them through them from the apron. He likes the crowd to clap him on when he does it.

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