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So Fresh.. So Clean (rp 1/3)
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07-13-2014 06:05 PM

We open the scene on a sunny day in New York City. The temperature is a comfortable 84 degrees with hardly a cloud in the sky. People of all ages and sizes walk down the streets of the city at a reasonable pace as they go into different shops, restaurants and even go to see a Broadway show. Cars and buses go down the streets of the city at a snail's pace as it's always a traffic nightmare in the city that never sleeps.

We now switch to a local television studio somewhere in the heart of Times Square. A black backdrop is shown in the middle of the room and a spotlight hits it but nobody is there. We hear somebody coming into the scene and he stands with his back towards us. It's none other than Peter Gilmour!! Peter has his half of the XWF Tag Team Titles slung over his right shoulder as he is wearing a black shirt and blue jeans. He has his head down and then begins to adjust his blue sunglasses as he turns to face the camera. Peter then flashes a sick, sinister smile and then begins to talk to us.

Peter: Last week on WARFARE I had a night from hell. I had to face Clyde Baker one on one. Now I went into this match thinking it would be easy. But boy was I wrong. Before the match even happened, I was brutally attacked by some idiot named DOCA HVP in the back. I"ll get to you in a minute DOCA. In any event, I went into the match, after getting attacked and I still had the advantage and I knew I could beat Clyde rather easily. But as we all saw, he put up a decent fight. I have to admit it Clyde, you got some skills and almost pinned me. Key word.. ALMOST! All it took was one mistake and BAM! I hit you with the ENDGAME and it was all she wrote. I admire your tenacity but like I told you before, you wouldn't stand a chance against a champion like myself.

But after the match, DOCA returned and attacked me again laying me out. Now DOCA you said the first attack was done via proxy which means that somebody other than you put it out. But the second time you attacked me, it pissed me off. You said that my good friend, SID FEDER put out the hit. Well, I had a nice talk with Sid earlier this week and he told me PERSONALLY that he did not put out the hit on me. So try again bitch! I don't know who hired you to beat me up, but I assure you I will find them and I will kill them. But as for you, how dare you. HOW DARE YOU ATTACK ME FROM BEHIND AND THEN AFTER MY MATCH! Who the fuck do you think you are? You think you can come in here and on your first night in the company, try to make a name for yourself but carrying out a hit from some coward who sees fit to want me "taken out"? Does that make you happy? Does it make you a star here in the XWF? FUCK NO! It makes you a marked man DOCA. I saw your match you had and I wasn't impressed. So what you murdered Slade. So what you beat two members of the Mafia Men, a joke of a group mind you. You sir are not a star. You are now on my hit list and the next time I see you, rest assured I am going to break your fuckin' neck! You see this? DO YOU FUCKIN SEE THIS?

Peter rips off his sunglasses to show the black eyes he received from DOCA's attack after his match with Clyde Baker. Peter looks right into the camera and he doesn't look happy.

Peter: You did this to me you son of a bitch! You messed up my beautiful face. Now I can't get movie roles or do photo shoots because of what you did. I'm losing out on a ton of money from this. Are you happy you did this DOCA? Are you happy you did somebody else's dirty work when you could've done it yourself? You are just like the people who hired you to put out the hits. COWARDS! They couldn't do it themselves becuase they know I would kill them or at least be ready for the attacks. But noooo.. they had to hire some loser like you to carry it out. But it's ok, I'll find who put the hits out on me and I will destroy them in due time. But like I said, if I see you or your little manager "The Troll" in the same arena as me, I will not hesitate to put my own hit on the both of you. And believe me, if I find the both of you, it's game over. I'll hit the ENDGAME on both of you and end your careers. So I hope you both have eyes in the back of your head because I'll be everywhere. When you think you see me, I'll be right behind you to snap your neck. You messed with the wrong motherfucker DOCA, and very soon you and the people who hired you will pay dearly.

Peter stares a hole right into the camera as he seems determined to find out who put the hits out on him. He puts back on his sunglasses as the light begins to get into his eyes making him squint a little. Seems Peter is still in a bit of pain from receiving two black eyes. After adjusting his sunglasses, Peter is ready to speak again.

Peter: I now come to my match this week on WARFARE. I get to fight a man who was in a tag match with my good friend SID FEDER two weeks ago, CLEAN LUCENA. So Mr. Lucena, we meet again. Only this time it's one on one. You know Mr. Lucena, two weeks ago you and Sid teamed up against me and Barney Green. You guys won the match since I didn't bother to help that fat fuck Barney Green. And let's be honest I never wanted Barney as my partner. I left him for dead so you and Sid could get the win. Now Barney is retired for good and I could care less if he comes back or dies. He is a waste of time just like Rayne, Reeve, whomever the fuck he is this week. Rayne is another waste of time and I hope somebody ends his career because he has the be the worst wrestler in the world. Hell, he makes CYREN look good and that's sad. But I digress.

Lucena, you think you're special aren't you? You change your style from Dirty to Clean and think the fans are going to cheer for you. Sorry, you lose! The fans don't give a shit about you. I sure as hell don't. You haven't done shit here in the XWF so why should we care? I'm going to have fun whipping your ass all over the ring. And when you beg me for mercy I won't give you any. You know, a lot of guys in the back like Tommy Gunn and that cunt Shelby Cobra are claiming I can't win on my own and need people like John Madison, Sid Feder and Soldier to bail me out. I guess they forgot that I won 11 Xtreme Titles, the tag titles by myself before winning them with my good friend Dimallisher. I also won the Hart and Trios Tag Titles BY MYSELF! How can you say I needed help? I EARNED THEM BY MYSELF! So go fuck yourselves! I can win matches by myself. I don't need anybody to help me out. Sometimes I win, sometimes I lose and my record isn't as great as it should be, but hey I never said I was perfect. But I give it my all every single night, week in and week out. I know I may never be Universal or TV champ like Azrael or Santos are but I'll be damned if I don't give them the fight of their lives. Azrael already knows how far I took him, even if he doesn't want to admit it. I took Theo Pryce to his limits. I took John Madison and Sebastian Duke to their limits. They all know I will not go down quietly and without a fight. If i win, great and if I lose, I won't be mad about it because at least I tried. I dust myself off and move on. But if you people want to cast me out as a guy who'll never win the big one, then that's fine. But when I DO win the big one, I will stick it in all your faces so FUCK YOU!

Lucena, I can play dirty and I can play by the rules. You just won't know which side of me you'll see on Wednesday night. But one thing is for sure, I am going to beat you like the BITCH you are and I continue to move on and soon I will get my shot at the Television and Universal Titles and I will give it my all and I will win those titles. I will not be labeled as a guy who can't win the big one any longer. I will become the Universal Champion even if I have to kill myself! But first things first, and that is beating you Clean Lucena. I hope you come prepared to get your ass kicked because I am not in a great mood and I am going to take out all my anger, all my rage on your punk ass! You will not be able to walk out of Miami alive. Clean Lucena, this Wednesday night, you will be taken..

Peter gets up close to the camera, takes his sunglasses off again and then flashes a very sick and evil smile.

Peter: TO THE XTREEEEEEEEEME! See you in the ring boy!

Peter winks at the camera and then blows us a kiss with his lips before smiling wickedly and leaving the scene. The spotlight shuts off and we are suspended in total darkness as we then fade out!


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3X Star of the Month
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