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Fire Dragon RP#1
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06-05-2014 05:21 PM

*The scene fades into a highway side truck stop somewhere along an Oklahoma interstate highway. The night is party cloudy and slightly chilly. Patches of scanty clouds block out the full moon and start light from shining through. Large spot lights beam down illuminating the truck stop parking lot and fueling pump stations. Parked next to one of the fuel pumps is none other than The Fire Dragon. The Fire Dragon is wearing his black mask with orange and red flames imprinted on it, black Nike sneakers and dirty blue coveralls that say "OK Fuel CO." across the back. He stands smoking a cigarette and filling up the large fuel tank on the stolen fuel truck he is driving. As the truck fills a gas station attendant walks over to see if The Dragon needs any assistance.*

Attendant: Uh, excuse me....

*The Fire Dragon takes a large drag of his cigarette and slowly exhales a large cloud of smoke into the night air. The attendant looks nervous about talking with this unknown man smoking while filling up a fuel truck. He has beads of sweat dripping down his forehead. He takes out a rag from his pocket and wipes his brow before speaking up.*

Attendant: Uh, sir. You really shouldn't be smoking over here its illegal and you REEK of gasoline...

Fire Dragon: Mmmm...I love the smell of gasoline. Don't you?

*The Fire Dragon then looks at the attendant and stares right through him, sizing him up. He takes another drag of his cigarette and exhales another cloud of smoke before flicking the still lit cigarette at the attendant narrowly missing him. The attendant after dodging the cigarette butt is visibly upset.*

Attendant: HEY! YOU CAN'T JUST!

*The Fire Dragon cuts him off, enraged that he is getting an attitude with him.*

Fire Dragon: I CAN'T? I CAN'T WHAT?!

*The Fire Dragon takes a step toward the attendant and he immediately begins to backtrack nervously. The Fire Dragon flashes a smug arrogant smile across his face.*

Fire Dragon: Yeah, that's right. Just walk away nice and slow and forget you ever saw me here. Because you see, people who run into me these days and try and push me around, or tell me what to do, or impose their will upon me just end up getting BURNT to a crisp. Ya see I don't care if what I do is illegal, and I don't care if what I do puts other people in danger or peril. Because quite frankly I like doing dangerous things, and its about to get a lot more dangerous REAL soon!

*The attendant takes the rag out of his pocket and wipes more sweat from his brow as he creates more distance between himself and The Fire Dragon.*

Attendant: I don't think you work for the OK Fuel Co. I'm going to have to call them and let them know you have their truck.

*As the attendant finishes his statement The Fire Dragon pounces on him like a jaguar pouncing onto it's prey and locks him up in a modified Dragon Sleeper hold cutting off his air supply. The attendant tries to struggle and strike The Dragon to free himself. The blows he lands don't have any effect on the locked on Fire Dragon and can't break the hold.*

Fire Dragon: That's it, go to sleep. Ha-ha.

*The attendant starts to weaken and eventually passes out from the lack of oxygen. The Fire Dragon releases the hold and stands over the knocked out gas attendant's body. He flashes a smug half smile across his face.*

Fire Dragon: That's it, lay there like the weak pathetic worm that you are. And this week Frost when I get done with you, you are going to feel the same suffocating deep penetrating burn that this fool just felt, and you will meet the same fate that he has, face down with no hope of getting up. The XWF got a glimpse of what I am capable of on Wednesday Night, and Frost I hope you were watching. Because I don't plan on letting anyone, especially someone like you get in my way as I climb the ranks here in the XWF all the way to the top of the hill!

*The Fire Dragon then leans down and grabs the attendants body and drags him away from the truck and over to some bushes on the side of the fueling depot. He tosses the body into the bushes and laughs arrogantly The Fire Dragon walks back over to the truck, which is done filling up with fuel and takes the hose out of the tank and drops it onto the ground carelessly. He hops into the cab of the truck and starts it up. Before putting it into drive he reaches into the glove box and pulls out a little black book. He flips through the pages checking on where his next destination will be. He tosses the book back into glove box throws the truck into drive. Scene fades to black as The Fire Dragon speeds out of the truck stop back onto the interstate highway.*
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