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Fire Dragon RP #2
05-30-2014, 07:23 PM
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*The scene fades in on the outside of the stolen fuel truck last scene being driven off by The Fire Dragon. The truck is speeding down a back woods Mississippi country road in the dead of night. The night sky is concealed by heavy storm clouds as a storm appears to be rolling in. Light rain drizzle is starting to fall onto the windshield of the truck as it zooms down the road kicking up dirt as it goes. Inside the cab of the truck is none other than The Fire Dragon. The Dragon has on his black sneakers, blue jeans, grey tee shirt and his black mask with orange and red flames imprinted on it. The Fire Dragon reaches down and flips the radio on to a local station, as he does a commercial for the upcoming Wednesday Night War is playing over the air.*


Fire Dragon: Ha, its almost time. It is almost time for my to take my reign of terror and unleash it upon the XWF and watch as all those under me squirm as they burn in the inferno I will unleash on this federation. Every single federation I have been a part of has gone the same way. I start off as the unknown against a couple of losers who won't ever be heard from again. But after I make this initial point the real work begins, the real climb to the top commences, and with the plans I have ready to unleash this entire federation better be on their toes and keep a fire lit underneath them. Ha, because lord knows I ALWAYS have a fire lit!

*The Fire Dragon reaches down and flips the radio dial off killing the noise. The cab of the truck falls to a dead silence. The Fire Dragon reaches onto the dash and grabs the last cigarette out of his pack of Newport's. He puts it in his mouth, lights it up and takes a long drag. He rolls the window down and tosses the empty pack out into the night and onto the road as he continues to speed toward his destination The Fire Dragon takes his eyes off the road for a moment to reach into the glove box next to him. From inside the glove box he pulls out a small black book and opens up to a page with information about his upcoming match.*

Fire Dragon: Brodie Taylor, I've been doing some research on you, and I know quite a bit about you. I know more about you than you realize and I know more about you than you even know about yourself. After all this research I have to be honest, I am starting to like what I see. I think you and I may even end up working well together because of one simple fundamental reason. One single idiosyncratic fact that links you and I in a way that you don't even realize!

*The Fire Dragon takes a long drag of his smoke and exhales out a large cloud of smoke into the cab of the truck slowly, as he flashes a sick sadistic smile across his face.*

Fire Dragon: It seems that your sadistic twisted style of receiving and taking punishment and pain fits my love of administering pain upon whoever steps to me inside the squared circle. Ya know, I've come across "maniacs" like you plenty of times and I find that one thing always holds true when it comes to how to take you down.

*The Fire Dragon takes another long drag of his cigarette and exhales the smoke out once more. He then looks at the lit tip of the cigarette and flashes a smug half grin across his face. He then takes the lit tip of the cigarette and touches it to his forearm as he takes both hands off the wheel of the truck. The Fire Dragon lets loose with a scream of excitement as the pain sets in, while the fuel truck speeds down the road through the night with noone behind the wheel. The Fire Dragon regains his composure and tosses the cigarette out the window before taking control of the steering wheel once more.*

Fire Dragon: That one thing is just continue to bash and beat and MAIM you until you physically can not continue. Because your mind may be telling you yes, but Brodie by the time I am done with you your body will have no choice but to say no! i am making you a promise when it comes to our first encounter. That promise is that all that psycho bull spit hype that you may have everyone else fooled with, that you may have conned the administration with, is going to be the same thing that leads to your DESTRUCTION before you tenure here in the XWF even gets a chance to get up off the ground. You have a target on your back my friend, and lets just say I'm a HELL of a shot.

*The Fire Dragon bursts into maniacal laughter a he continues to speed the fuel truck down the road. The rain begins to fall harder as a crash of thunder is heard crashing in the background. A fork of lightning illuminates the night sky for a moment as it cuts through the night before going out*

Fire Dragon: I can't wait to put this truck to good use, I wonder where Brodie will be parking his car Wednesday Night?

*The Dragon continues to laugh like a hyena and merges off the road he is on and onto the interstate highway. A sign on the entrance ramp reads "Mississippi Coast Coliseum 25 miles"*

Fire Dragon: I'll be seeing you VERY soon Brodie! Ha-ha-ha! Oh I will be seeing you VERY VERY soon.

*Scene fades to black as the lighting flashes back across the sky and a booming roar of thunder shakes the landscape.*
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