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Fire Dragon Debut
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05-30-2014 12:18 PM

*The scene fades into an abandoned fuel depot somewhere in an unknown location. It is the dead of night and it is a full moon. A thick fog is rolling in over the depot as a light drizzle falls. Outside of the fence marked "NO TRESPASSING" sits a mysterious masked man wearing a pair of blue jeans, black Nike sneakers, and a black tee shirt. The mask is black and has orange and red flames imprinted onto it. The man is none other than The Fire Dragon. The Fire Dragon stands looking at the sign with a smug look on his face. He reaches into his left pants pocket and pulls out a pack of Marlboro cigarettes, he takes one out of the pack and lights it up. He takes a large soothing inhale of the cigarette and exhales a large cloud of smoke.*

Fire Dragon: I've laid low for quite sometime now, hell I thought this part of my life was over. After the last couple of federations I was in and how things ended I'm shocked that anyone was willing to give me a job. This whole damn industry is so political and intertwined I'm equally as shocked that none of my former bosses tried to put the kaebosh on this whole thing.

*The Fire Dragon takes another long drag of the cigarette and exhales out another large cloud of smoke. He then begins to inspect the fence, looking for any weaknesses or openings in it. He comes to the part of the fence covered by the "No Trespassing" sign. He lets out a soft sadistic chuckle under his breath and rips it off the chicken wire it is fixed to and tosses it aside.*

Fire Dragon: There, that looks much better.

*The Fire Dragon takes on final exhale of his cigarette and tosses it away. As he exhales his smoke he continues to think to himself.*

Fire Dragon: The XWF, haha. THE XWF! These idiots have no idea who they've signed up onto their Wednesday Night ranks, and who is still yet to come! But first thing is first, I seem to have a triple threat situation in front of me, a sort of proving ground of what I can do, and how I can compete. The brass is sitting back in their leather recliners thinking to themselves, lets throw the new guy into a ring with more than one opponent! He'll panic and no matter who comes out on top it will make for great TV!

*The Fire Dragon comes to a part of the fence that appears to be weakened by rust and corrosion from noone maintaining it for quite sometime. He reaches into his back right pocket and pulls out a pair of handheld bolt cutters. The Fire Dragon begins to snip the fence apart to gain entry into the fuel depot.*

Fire Dragon: A triple threat match is the easiest match to win, and these fools think they are putting me up against the ropes from the very start. Ill let these two no talent, no name, mid card wanna be fillers take each other out while I sit back and wait patiently. And when the time comes I will pounce on whichever of those two feeble excuses for competitors is still standing and hit him so HARD! WHOOOOO! Ha-ha, I'm getting goosebumps just thinking about it. There are very few things in this world I love, but the look on a man's face when I'm about to hurt him is one of those things.

*The Fire Dragon finishes snipping the hole in the fence and rips the remaining wire off creating a large hole in the fence for him to crawl through. He places the bolt cutters in his back pocket and crawls through the hole. When he gets to the other side he begins to slowly walk around, looking for anything he can take with him to aid him on his trip to Biloxi.*

Fire Dragon: Brodie Tyler and Christian Malice. BRODIE TYLER AND CHRISTIAN MALICE! Who are these two? It really makes no difference, because all they are to me are the first two steps I will climb on my way to the top of this federation, they're the first two examples I will make for the enemies I know I stand to make here, and most importantly they are the first two victims I get to send to a medical ward all while collecting a fat little paycheck for it from the XWF.

*The Fire Dragon continues walking forward and turns a corner,as he does his eyes widen and a sadistic smirk comes across his face. Across the path from where he his standing is an old fuel truck, with a fuel line still hooked into the tank. The Fire Dragon walks over to the control station for the pumps and sees a button labeled "Engage". He hits the button and loud motor can be heard kicking on as fuel begins to pump through the lines and into the back of the truck.*

Fire Dragon: Ahh, now this should really help me light a FIRE under these two come Wednesday.

*The pump continues to flow fuel into the back of the truck until it burps and begins to overflow out and all over the back of the truck into a puddle on the ground.*

Fire Dragon: Looks like I'm ready to roll!

*The Fire Dragon hops into the cab of the truck and looks under the visor, keys fall out and onto his lap. He puts them in the ignition and turns the engine over starting it up. The Fire Dragon takes out another cigarette and lights it up, taking a large drag of it and releasing a large cloud of smoke. The Fire Dragon releases the parking brake on the truck and throws it into drive speeding off, ripping the fuel hose out of the top of the fuel tank spilling fuel everywhere. He takes a final drag of his cigarette and tosses it out the driver side window, landing on top of the puddle of fuel sparking a large fire and a massive explosion. The Fire Dragon drives the truck right through the chicken wire fence surrounding the depot as another large explosion is triggered behind him. Flames erupt everywhere as The Fire Dragon speeds off cackling like a maniac, destination Mississippi. Scene fades to black.*
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